Lone Wolf Ranger (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,525
25 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Interracial Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

A lifetime of torment led him to the perfect man… Lonely Park Ranger William Jain hates dealing with complaint calls, but when he finds a naked, chanting Piute Indian, he’s captivated. When the man turns into a raven and flies away, he’s heartbroken, but then convinced he’s been tricked. Determined to find out who played a joke on him, William is stunned when he sees the same man at the local grocery store. After struggling to overcome racial prejudice, Raven Feather has built a respected construction company. When a compellingly attractive man accuses him of a strange prank, Raven tries to flee, but he’s unprepared for the man’s determination. Ignorance is bliss, but getting to the truth can be dangerous. Secrets that are generations deep shock both men, but the real question is can they overcome the past or are they destined to be forever lost to happiness?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Anitra Lynn McLeod is a Siren-exclusive author.

Lone Wolf Ranger (MM)
25 Ratings (4.4)

Lone Wolf Ranger (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,525
25 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley



When the soft chanting started up again, all the short hairs at the nape of William’s neck stood on end. Now he knew the sound was coming from behind him. As slowly as he could, he backed away from his Jeep and turned.

Crouched down by the fire was a man with long, glistening black hair. His head was bowed, obscuring his features, but it was clear from looking at the rest of him that he was completely naked. In his right hand he held a short, fat stick that was about the length of his forearm. In his left hand he held a thinner stick that he used to strike against the thicker stick. Each strike he made punctuated one of the low guttural chants of his song.

Spellbound, William moved toward the man. He’d never been much into music, preferring instead the sounds of nature, but this somehow spoke to his very soul. The chant pulled him closer but not against his will. It was as if everything inside had somehow been waiting for this very moment. As crazy as the notion seemed, William couldn’t shake the intensity of the feeling.

He knew this song.

Beats pulsed through his form, making his heart rate slow down to pace the rhythm. Each strike against the stick resonated through him. Every call of the man’s soothing voice compelled him closer. When William stood on the edge of the fire, he wavered. Fearing that he was going to fall forward, he lifted his arms to protect himself. In doing so, he dropped the tin cup. In slow motion he watched it fall down to the hard-packed ground.

The song stopped as the man dropped his sticks.

With the slow movements of a dream figure, the man looked up.

His eyes were as black as his hair, glittering as the flames danced in their depths. Heat flowed outward from him, enveloping William as sweetly as a blanket. The man’s features were sharp, angular, almost harsh, but there was a tilt to his lips that indicated he was a bit of a prankster. Was that all this was? Just a joke to be played on the lonely ranger? It wouldn’t be the first, and it probably wouldn’t be the last. Even though William’s territory was spread out over the southwest section of the state, there were only so many places for him to go to purchase supplies. After a few visits, people remembered him. Tongues began to wag when it was evident he didn’t wear a wedding ring and showed no interest in finding himself a wife. Friendships that may have gotten forged were quickly truncated when it was clear William wasn’t a member of the dominant religion. One call to the main LDS office in Salt Lake City and they would know of his shame. He was shunned altogether when they realized he had no interest in doing what they deemed necessary to reinsert himself into the fold.

William opened his mouth to ask the man who he was and just what in the world he thought he was doing, but the man lifted his hand and pressed a finger to his dusky lips.

Silenced as much by sheer shock as he was by the gesture, William stood there, staring, unsure what in the world was going on. His eyes widened and he leaned back just a bit as the man slowly rose to his full height. William had always been big at six six and two seventy. This man, this stunningly perfect bronzed man, was only two inches shorter and perhaps twenty pounds lighter. In all his life, William had never seen a more perfectly sculpted male body. His shoulders were wide, his nipples high and tight. His belly button was a sleek inney above a cock that…

Oh, God.

His cock was long, thick, and uncut.

William swallowed hard. He had a sudden and totally insane urge to get down on his knees and worship that cock with his lips, teeth, and tongue. He’d never been one to play with words, but he could write poetry to praise a prick like that.

A voice rose up in his mind that he should never have a thought like that. It was sick and wrong, but William was able to fight past the shame. He wasn’t that teenaged boy anymore.

Unbidden, a dream of a time long ago came to William. He’d been a boy and so had this man. They’d been holding hands, talking without saying a word, and someone had found them. Pain flared over the vision like red paint splashed on a white wall, destroying the image. 

When William looked down and saw the fire was all that stood between him and the compelling man, he felt an insane urge to walk right through the flames. He didn’t want to take the extra step or two that going around would entail. Walking though burning coals would mean nothing if that man waited for him on the other end of his journey.

Just as he was ready to stride forward, the man lowered his head, making his eyes seem a million times more mysterious. The flames continued to dance in the dark depths, making William think of the stars strewn over the winter sky above. There was a connection between William and the man. He not only knew him but he knew him intimately. Each moment he spent staring into his eyes, he remembered moments they’d been together, stolen moments, precious moments, all of them cut too short by…by…

The answer hovered just out of reach. As William struggled to grasp the solution that would make sense of everything in his lonely life, his beautiful bronzed lover clapped his hands. In a flash, he disappeared. Or so William thought. When he blinked, he realized the man had transformed into an enormous raven that screeched as it shot into the sky.




Raven kissed him until William was moaning softly for more. Eventually, Raven’s hand slid down to William’s prick, but this time his grip was slippery. William had no idea what it was, but it must have come from the bottle Raven got out of his grocery bags. Not that it mattered. All William could really focus on was how good his fist felt as it stroked up and down the length of his shaft. Raven left the head of William’s cock alone. It seemed the more he didn’t touch him there, the more William desperately wanted him to.

After kissing him senseless, Raven worked his way down from William’s face to his nipples. When he licked them, William arched up. He thought only women would like to be touched there, but he was totally wrong. Each pass of Raven’s tongue sent him higher into ecstasy. And then he went lower, kissing along the center of William’s chest.

When William figured out where Raven was going, he stared up at the ceiling, terrified that something or someone would interrupt. No way would he be allowed to feel something so sinful. Again, when the thoughts of shame tried to take command of his mental landscape, William fought back with the chant and banished them. There was no sin here. He was willing. Raven was willing. They were sharing intimacy that was bringing both of them pleasure. Never in his life had he done something so right.

Raven breathed out against the tip of William’s cock, causing him to inadvertently thrust up. In doing so, he almost rammed his prick right into Raven’s mouth.

“I’m sorry! Oh, man, I just—that felt so good I—” William looked down right as Raven looked up at him. Raven grinned and then licked the tip of William’s cock. William’s eyes went so wide he was surprised his eyes didn’t tumble right out of his head. The feel of his hot, wet tongue combined with the visual of him licking—William practically shot into orbit. His eyes rolled back as he slumped boneless on the couch. Again and again, Raven licked across the oh-so-sensitive tip, and then he slurped his mouth over the entire crown.

William swore he was going to climax. He tried to warn Raven, but his mouth just couldn’t form the words. He need not have bothered. Raven seemed to sense that William was far too close to the edge, so he stopped teasing the tip and turned his attention back to stroking along the shaft.

“Lift your leg just a bit.”

William did as Raven suggested even though he had no idea why he wanted him to move. When he felt Raven’s other hand sliding between his legs, he panicked again. He was going to touch him there. The very idea was terrifying. That area was strictly for excretory purposes, not pleasure. William was about to yank his legs closed when Raven’s slick finger brushed over the puckered flesh of William’s ass. His mouth fell open. Wicked pleasure surged across his nerves, urging him to part his legs wider than they already were. Now he understood the need for the dishtowel. Raven didn’t want whatever that slick lotion was to get all over William’s couch. Not that he would care at the moment. What Raven was doing to him felt so mind-bendingly good he wouldn’t care if Raven dumped ice cream in the center of William’s chest and proceeded to eat it while it melted everywhere.

Each touch, every kiss, all the strokes added to the sense of bliss. Raven was playing William like some kind of complicated musical instrument. William became a symphony of lust and longing. All thoughts of shame tumbled away, leaving him alone with only the most profound pleasure. When Raven slid his finger inside William’s ass, he uttered a cry of shock that quickly turned into a guttural moan for more.

“More?” Raven asked playfully.

“Yes.” William was barely able to form one coherent word.

Just when he didn’t think it could get any better, Raven put everything together. His mouth sucked determinedly at the tip of William’s cock as his fist slid faster up and down the shaft and his one finger became two thrusting deeply into William’s ass. At first he didn’t understand exactly what was happening to him because this wasn’t at all like what had happened when he and that boy had touched each other. As more pleasure built, William suddenly realized that he wasn’t just going to climax, as he sometimes did in his sleep, but he was going to orgasm. Physically, mentally, and even spiritually everything was working in synch and striving toward a release that when it hit was so profound William uttered a cry of triumph.

Slowly, so slowly, he returned to reality. He was on his couch with Raven kneeling beside him. He was looking up at William’s face, a little grin lifting the edge of his lips. Cupping his chin with his hand, William drew him close and kissed him deeply. He was afraid the taste of his release would be unpleasant, but it wasn’t. His essence mixed with the flavor of Raven was ambrosia.

Moving carefully, William got Raven’s pants off and then traded places with him. Raven resisted until William made it clear he wasn’t going to be told no. Once he had Raven on the couch, he proceeded to do to Raven exactly what Raven had done to him. Somehow, having a template actually took a lot of his awkwardness away. Raven had set out a clear plan of seduction that William mimicked. He kissed and teased then worked his way down to Raven’s cock.




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