Bound by Temptation (MM)

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Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,696
15 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Sci-Fi Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, HEA]

Temptation stripped away their masks… Supreme ruler of his planet, Zigog Claelyan, was kept so frantically busy he had no time to be tempted, until an admirer gives him a rare and expensive earthling. When the arrogant creature seems to have no interest in him, Zigog is furious and reluctantly intrigued. There is nothing Dalton Boyd hates more than feeling powerless. When he’s caged and given as a gift to an alien who clearly has everything, he’s willing to do anything to torment him—even ignore him. When his strategy works a little too well, Dalton discovers he’s just as captivated as his new master. As their masks fall away and they succumb to temptation, can Zigog and Dalton face one another with honesty? Or will they allow dark secrets and deep-seated fears to ruin their chance at the mystical soul resonance?

Note: Each book in the Owned series is stand-alone and can be read in any order.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Anitra Lynn McLeod is a Siren-exclusive author.

Bound by Temptation (MM)
15 Ratings (4.2)

Bound by Temptation (MM)

Owned 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,696
15 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Could this book get any hotter. I love the storyline and such detail. So looking forward to reading more in this hot series. BRAVO! I cant wait for another. loving these aliens.
Barefoot Okie
I was looking forward to reading what happened to Dalton but it wasn't quite as hot as the previous two stories, still good though.
Professional Reviews

"While this is not a sequel to the first book of the series, and stands completely on its own, it is linked since it tells the story of Dalton, Hunter's best friend. They got separated after both being selected by the Eoean's lottery, and I was happy that I'd find out what happened to Dalton. I didn't expect him to have an easy time, since he is a Dom, yet he was shipped off to be a king's birthday present and slave. Fortunately, things aren’t always what they seem, and seeing him learning the ways of the planet Vegoth and its supreme ruler, King Zigog, was absolutely fascinating. Dalton has issues with emotional attachments. That became clear in the way he connects to his best friend Hunter, yet doesn't want to admit he loves him. He does, in the end, but only under duress. His new home, the planet Vegoth, is very different from Earth, and none of the patterns he looks for seem to fit. Not their music, or their visual art, or their buildings. When he does figure it out, it's a major revelation and paves the way to understanding much of their cultural beliefs as well. Figuring out himself and his needs is a different matter, that is a little more complicated. Zigog may be the supreme ruler of an entire planet, but he is a virtual prisoner to his duties. We do find out why later on, and it's very clever, but it would spoil the surprise to explain it here. Zigogis an interesting mix of shy, innocent, and powerfully aware of the emotions swirling around him. He is attracted to Dalton, but trusting him is a bit of a problem. Dalton's initial behavior wasn't exactly encouraging. Thankfully, Zigog perseveres. The alien culture created in this book is amazing. The process of discovery the two men go through is both made easier and infinitely more complicated because of it, but Dalton is intelligent enough to figure it out, and Zigog is curious and open-minded enough to bear with him. As for me? I was swept away by the ideas and concepts and would love to read more about the planet Vegoth and its fascinating inhabitants. If you like science fiction stories with men from two vastly different cultures exploring the similarities and differences in their way of seeing the world, if you enjoy reading about truly alien planets, customs, and physiologies, and if you're looking for a hot read that offers a sweet romance on top of some interesting between-the-sheets action, then you will probably like this novella as much as I did. For me, it was an absolute delight to read." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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“He is an Earthling.”

There were so many gasps they practically made a new kind of music.

Dalton grinned. He had no clue how the hell he could understand their language because he knew for a fact they weren’t speaking English. Something in his head was altering what he heard into words he could understand. Not that it mattered. All that concerned him at the moment was that he needed to keep projecting the macho disinterested sex god image he’d chosen. Dalton stood a little taller, puffed out his chest a little more, and tried to make danger ooze out his pores.

“Is he sentient?”

Dalton almost winced. Golden Guy was asking if he was intelligent and that fucking embarrassed the hell out of him. Did he look stupid? Dalton had been assured by literally hundreds of people—male and female—that he was attractive. Unfortunately, no one ever said anything about the fact he had brains to go with his brawn. It was as if Golden Guy had found Dalton’s greatest weakness and kicked it. Hard. But then Dalton realized why Golden Guy had asked. He was pissed that Dalton hadn’t once bothered to look at him.

Aha. It’s like that, is it?

Apparently, little Mr. Ego didn’t like not being the center of attention. The more Dalton ignored him, the more furious he became. Dalton considered the wisdom of pissing the guy off, but then realized that he might be on the right track to getting what he wanted, which was in the man’s bed. Golden Guy wasn’t bored anymore. He’d been slumping down into his throne with his head cradled in his hand, but now he was straining forward. He was pissed and curious in fairly equal amounts.

“He is sentient, Your Grace.”

Dalton didn’t bother to look at the guy who was gifting him or the man he was being given to. He settled his gaze on the nearest woman. She was very short and pleasantly chubby. Her face was pretty, her eyes were gleaming, and when she realized Dalton was looking at her, she smiled. Her white teeth were bright against her sage-green skin. She, like the rest of the people present, was wearing very little, but her skin was completely covered with shiny sage-green paint.

“Why doesn’t he speak?”

“I do not know.”

When the two men seemed to realize that Dalton was staring at someone, he turned his attention to another guest. He didn’t want to inadvertently get some innocent lady in trouble. The next person he looked at was male. It didn’t take long for Dalton to realize that despite the height, the guy was really a kid. He had that lean kind of geekiness that most men mercifully left behind once they abandoned their teenaged years. Dalton grinned again. It was nice to know that the trials of adolescence were universal.

The next man Dalton considered was older, possibly twice as old as the gangly youth. He was dressed head to toe in royal purple. Whoever he was, he looked deeply concerned about the turn of events. Purple Man was darting his gaze from Dalton to the other two men with a kind of hinting head twitching almost as if he was desperately trying to tell Dalton to look at Golden Guy. From his behavior and the excessive finery on him, Dalton had a gut feeling he was either the coordinator of the evening’s events or he had some high-level position on Golden Guy’s staff.

As Dalton stood there, looking at everyone except the two who most wanted his attention, he kept them in his peripheral vision. When the guy giving him away had apparently had enough, he stomped over to the cage and grasped the bars.

“You there!”

Dalton deliberately took the time to smile and give a little nod to another one of the revelers then turned his attention to the rude fuck at the side of his cage. After looking him up and down and making a face that he hoped conveyed his utter disregard, Dalton asked, “What?”

The man frowned and took his hands off the bars. “What is your name?”

“What’s yours?”

Clearly not accustomed to having anyone challenge him in any way, the guy just stood there shooting daggers at Dalton with his gaze. He was all blue and wore a tiny pair of underwear similar to the king’s. His body wasn’t nearly as nice as Golden Guy’s, but it wasn’t hideous, either. What was very strange to Dalton was to see so many people barely dressed yet covered in bright paint.

Dalton stopped looking at Blue Balls and went back to assessing the crowd. If not for the line of guards, he would have had a much better view of the revelers, but it wasn’t like they were going to move out of his way. Just at the very brink of his peripheral vision he noticed that Golden Guy was now quite literally on the edge of his garish throne. He was tapping his fingers in a fast and furious beat.

Knowing that he had Golden Guy’s undivided attention, Dalton finally turned his gaze toward him. Golden Guy was so startled he moved back as if pushed. Dalton allowed a slow, wicked smile to lift the edges of his lips. He didn’t bare his teeth. That was too often seen as a show of aggression. What he did was project to his new owner that he wasn’t a cowering creature who would submit to his every demand.

After his initial shock wore off, Golden Guy moved forward again. Now his gaze traveled over Dalton’s form. His once-tapping fingers now traced over the armrest of the throne almost as if he were imagining touching Dalton’s body.




When Zig emerged from the bathroom, he practically ran into Dalton’s arms, thoroughly distracting him. And then a veritable feast was brought in, further delaying their discussion. By the time they got around to talking, Dalton was sleepy from his massive meal. Tucked into the center of the palace, he had no concept of day or night. His circadian rhythms were all messed up, and he felt another wave of claustrophobia sweep over him. He pushed it away by reminding himself the walls were most certainly not closing in on the supreme ruler of the planet.

And then suddenly Dalton was back in bed with Zig where nothing mattered. He was kissing him, stroking him, and ultimately burying his cock deep into the snug heat of his ass. It was delicious. This time though, Zig refused to stay passive. He managed to get Dalton on his back then rode on top of him like a man desperate to tame a wild bull. Watching him stroke over his cock and pleasure pocket turned Dalton on to the point he bucked so violently he almost threw Zig off. But Zig just clamped his legs around Dalton’s hips and kept right on going until they both climaxed.



“Your ejaculate is pink.” He hadn’t noticed last night, probably because the color looked different against Zig’s skin rather than his own. It was a very light pink that reminded Dalton of dishwashing liquid.

“What color is yours?”


“Does it matter?”

“No. Like I told you before, I’m just curious about everything. I figured out the loose skin around your shaft is so your cock can expand right before your release because it’s holding all that pink cream.”

After another brief shower, they were back at it, but this time Dalton was taking Zig from behind. His ass was utter perfection. Dalton found himself stroking over his pale flesh, contemplating what it would feel like to smack him and watch his globes shake.

“Go ahead.” Zig wiggled his butt. “I know you want to.”

Dalton tried to resist and wasn’t even sure why. Zig wanted him to. He wanted to. It was safe, sane, and consensual. Hell, it was just a light paddling not a full on whipping or anything painful. But something was preventing Dalton from raising his hand to Zig.

“I can’t.”

“Why?” Zig looked back over his shoulder. “I thought this was what you liked?”

“I thought so, too. But it’s different now.” Dalton realized what had changed was something inside himself. “It’s not you. It’s me. I’m not the same guy I was yesterday.”

Zig turned around and settled on the bed so he could look at Dalton. “Have I angered you?”

“I think if you had I’d be more inclined to want to punish you.” Dalton sat on the bed across from Zig feeling very strange. “Last night when we—I had total control over your pleasure. That excited the hell out of me. It was like all my dreams of being some scary badass were nothing compared to that.”

Surprisingly, Zig looked disappointed.

“Do you want me to hit you?”

“It wasn’t about hitting me. It was about…something else.”

“Me being in control.”

“Yes. But aggressively in control.” Zig blushed a bit but then forcefully said, “I like the idea of you overpowering me.”

“Like this?” Dalton rose up and pushed Zig down on the bed. He pinned his arms above his head then forced his legs apart with his knee so he could settle between them.

“Yes.” Zig’s eyes were big, and his breath trembled.

“I think we can find a compromise.” Dalton kissed him hard, thrusting his tongue into Zig’s mouth. When he struggled, Dalton held his arms more firmly to the mattress. It seemed the more passionate he was, the more Zig seemed to enjoy himself. Below him, Zig squirmed and moaned. His pseudostruggle was arousing as hell. Dalton felt powerful in a new and profoundly erotic way.

When he pressed their cocks together, Dalton discovered he could thrust up against his amoram, making his golden king cry out with ecstasy.

“Is it too much?”

“No. Please keep going. I feel that curious lightness slipping over my body again.”

Dalton worked his hips faster, loving Zig’s squirming body and his lusty cries. He wasn’t even inside him when he felt his balls tightening, lifting, signaling that his orgasm was so very close. As he hit that precipice and tumbled over, Zig uttered a loud and lusty cry that was followed by an astonishing release. Together, they’d made quite a mess on Zig’s belly. White and pink strands of pleasure made a rather beautiful decoration.

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