Jordan's Desires (MM)

Brac Village 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,393
59 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Bailey Fester has been burned by a lover he thought he could trust. Now jaded, Bailey refuses to let anyone in, including the dark and handsome stranger who keeps showing up in Bailey’s life. He isn’t ready to love again, and he definitely isn’t ready to give his heart away. But Jordan seems determined to show Bailey that he is there to stay.

Jordan Sommers is the new mechanic at Mark’s Garage. He knows he has his work cut out for him when he meets his mate and realizes that Bailey has been scorned. The guy is adamant about remaining friends, and shows up at the most inopportune moments. Bailey has already seen Jordan kill two men.

But when someone poisons Jordan and shoots at Bailey, Jordan is determined to keep Bailey safe while showing the man what love truly means. But will Bailey accept what Jordan has to offer, or will he turn Jordan away, too cynical to understand that giving his heart does not equal betrayal?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Jordan's Desires (MM)
59 Ratings (4.7)

Jordan's Desires (MM)

Brac Village 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,393
59 Ratings (4.7)
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5 SWEET PEAS: "This is book # 9 in the Brac Village which is a spinoff of the Brac Pack and gives us Jordan and Bailey. Jordan is a Black Panther shifter who finds out that Bailey, a human is his mate. Bailey has been hurt badly by a former boyfriend and is nursing a broken heart and refuses to open himself up to another man. Jordan takes his time with Bailey and just when it looked like Bailey was going to give Jordan a chance, he witnesses Jordan killing a rogue vampire. Of course, Bailey not having any knowledge of the paranormal creatures that inhabit Brac Village completely misunderstands the situation and shuts down any idea of getting to know Jordan. The funniest gag in this story is Jordan always killing someone before he and Bailey can go out on a date. Not only is that, but Mark (owner of the town’s auto garage) a little too proficient in getting rid of dead bodies. His constant, “Don’t worry, I’ll get rid of the body,” makes you wonder what he did for a living prior to owning a tattoo shop and garage. I’m enjoying the direction this author is going with this series. As always, this is not a standalone read. It must be read in sequential order as there are characters from other series and often cross over between books. I definitely recommend this book in addition to the others in her series." -- Kiwi, Mrs. Condit & Friends Read Books

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Turning away from his car, Bailey began to walk down the street. The diner wasn’t that far from the bar. It was a nice, warm night anyway. The walk would help him clear his mind as well. Maybe Travis was right. Maybe Bailey needed to get laid. He wasn’t going to let his heart become vested in another man, but sex was just sex.

Bailey rubbed his sternum, feeling that familiar ache whenever he thought about Harley. He wished to god he had never met the guy. To have a person give him everything he could ever desire in a man and then rip that false dream away was something Bailey never wanted to experience again.

Fuck love and fuck committing himself to another. Sex was it for him, nothing more. He wasn’t going to allow himself to care for anyone else. If he didn’t care, he couldn’t be hurt again. It sounded very logical to him.

Bailey came up short when a pretty tall guy walked out of Mark’s Garage, the two nearly colliding. When the muscular stranger turned to look at him, Bailey almost gaped at the guy.


The stranger had smoldering amber eyes that took Bailey's breath away. They were worldly and sharply intelligent. Bailey felt drawn to him in a way he'd never experienced before.

 “Sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going.” The stranger stuck out his beefy hand. It looked like it could swallow Bailey’s whole. But Bailey was only half paying attention to the man's hand. The voice was so rich, so deep that his insides quivered. It was cultured and smooth as the man gazed at him with a sparkle of merriment in those bedroom eyes. “I’m Jordan Sommers, the new mechanic here.”

Without thought, Bailey shook the man’s hand, shivering at the warmth that enveloped him as something passed in the air between them. “Bailey Fester, fireman.”

Jordan gave him a dazzling smile as he pulled his hand free. Bailey just couldn’t get over how large and handsome the man was. Fate was a cruel, cruel bitch because Bailey couldn’t get over how fascinated he was, either. “I’m new in town. Is there someplace I can go for dinner?”

Bailey felt a bit panicked when his heart leapt at the thought of going to dinner with Jordan. The man was not supposed to interest him. Hadn’t Bailey sworn off dating? Yeah, Jordan could be a one-night stand, but damn, the man was smoking hot! His fingers itched to reach out and touch the guy’s raven-colored hair, letting the shoulder-length black strands slip through his fingers. His teeth ached to take a nibble at the man's jaw that held just a small amount of shadow from a beard. The stranger was ruggedly handsome.

“There’s a couple places to go,” Bailey answered as he blinked out of his semi-daze. “There’s The Pit, Lucky Clover, or the diner.”

“Have you eaten?” Jordan asked, the timbre in his voice vibrating inside Bailey. It was an invitation to seduction, pure and simple. Jordan’s voice was nothing short of liquid heat that could probably make Bailey orgasm if he listened to it long enough.

Bailey stopped himself from shuddering at the sound. He had to get out of there because his cock was reacting to this guy. He could just imagine having all that muscle wrapped around him. The guy was like a huge teddy bear and Bailey was not about to snuggle with him—no matter how tempting he was.

“Yep. Have a nice night.” He began to walk away. He knew he was being a prick, but he wasn’t about to get involved with someone else. Harley had trained him well in the art of broken hearts and Bailey wasn’t willing to have another lesson with this guy.

And Jordan was hot enough for Bailey to want more than just sex. The guy was well over six foot five, nicely built in all the right places—that he could see—and his attributes were stuff legends were made of. Bailey didn’t need the temptation. Hadn’t he already learned not to trust a good-looking face?

He put as much distance as he could between him and the striking man. Bailey knew that there were more than good looks that made up the man’s package. He wasn’t willing to find out if Jordan’s personality matched his amazing physique.

Pulling the door open to the diner, Bailey stepped in and spotted Reno and Baker just finishing up their dinner. Perfect. “Hey guys,” he said as he slid in next to Reno. “Mind giving me a ride home?”

Reno quirked a brow. “Had one too many?” he asked as he wiped his hands on a napkin.

“How do you know?”

“I can smell the beer on your breath.”

Bailey grabbed Reno’s cup of coffee, draining the mug. He winced. How had he forgotten that Reno liked a little coffee with his sugar? Bailey might as well have unscrewed the lid on the sugar container and taken a drink.

Baker chuckled. “Too sweet?”

“And then some,” Bailey said as he set the cup down. “I’m surprised you don’t have diabetes by now.”

“I can take you home,” Reno said as he polished off the rest of his food. “Although a buddy of mine wants me to pick his cousin up, so you’ll have company in the back seat.”

Bailey stood, moving out of the way as Reno pushed from the booth. His friend grabbed the check and took it to the counter to pay for his meal. Bailey and Baker headed toward the door.

He didn’t care about Rio picking up some friend’s cousin. The only thing Bailey wanted to do was go home and take a hot shower. It had been a long day and hanging out with Travis, listening to the man badger him about dating wasn’t a great way to end his night.

Leaning his head back and closing his eyes, Bailey relaxed as Reno drove. He didn’t even bother to open his eyes when his friend stopped. They must be picking up the cousin Reno had mentioned. He heard the back door open and close and then the car began to move again.

“We meet again.”




Bailey pulled back. “As much as I love kissing you, you really need to brush your teeth.”

Jordan laughed as he hugged Bailey to him. “Then get me a toothbrush. And get naked while you’re at it.”

“Relentless,” Bailey said as he pulled away and walked toward the hallway.

Jordan may not be at full strength, but he wasn’t so weak that he couldn’t kick his boxers off. He tossed the covers aside, waiting for his mate’s return. Bailey walked back in, naked as the day he was born, a toothbrush and a bowl in his hand, his folded clothes tucked under his arm.

If the man only knew just how stunning he truly was. The thought of anyone hurting Bailey—even emotionally—made Jordan want to growl. He managed to sit up and brush his teeth. It felt like he had days’ worth of growth on his tongue.

He handed the toothbrush and bowl of water back to Bailey. “Any more demands?”

Bailey set the items on the coffee table. “I’m not sucking your cock until you take a shower, that’s for sure.”

Groaning at the image of Bailey’s lips wrapped around his dick, Jordan held out his hand. “Then I guess you’ll just have to ride me.” His shaft jerked at the thought of Bailey sinking onto Jordan’s cock. He was telling the truth when he told his mate that he could be dying and still want the man.

Only death would rob Jordan of that desire.

Grabbing Jordan’s hand, Bailey cautiously straddled his hips. “If this sets you back, I’m going to kick your ass when you get better.”

Jordan ran the palms of his hands up Bailey’s chest and pinched both nipples. He shivered when his mate’s lips parted and a moan escaped his lips. Jordan was fascinated by the sight. He gripped the back of Bailey’s neck, pulling his mate down, his lips taking Bailey’s, his tongue plunging forcefully into his mate’s mouth.

Bailey tasted so damn good. Eagerly, Bailey’s tongue mated with his, the spicy taste of man making Jordan grow harder. Like a drug addict in the first seconds of his fix, Jordan tried to devour Bailey.

Bailey’s hands gripped Jordan’s hair, holding Jordan to him as their teeth and tongues clashed. The kiss was hard, hungry, and Jordan urged his mate closer, deepening the kiss. Jordan’s arms wrapped around Bailey, blunt nails scraping along Bailey’s back as his mate arched into Jordan, his nude body twisting closer, as if desperate to mate every cell in their bodies together.

Jordan licked at Bailey’s lips, nibbled at them, drew Bailey’s tongue into his mouth and sucked at it. Bailey arched even closer, the bare flesh of his cock jerking against the long, hot thickness of Jordan’s erection as his mate’s soft flesh laid against him.

“I want to ride your cock,” Bailey whispered against Jordan’s lips. The rumble of pleasure that echoed through his chest made Jordan shiver.

“Then ride me,” Jordan gasped, his head arching back as that rough, raspy tongue stroked over his neck. Jordan twisted in a grip of an erotic heat that was burning him alive. He reached behind Bailey, ready to slip his fingers into his mate’s ass when he felt something hard lying between the man’s ass cheeks.

Bailey blushed deeply as he bit at his bottom lip. “I wasn’t sure, so I wanted to be ready.”

Jordan wiggled the butt plug, watching as Bailey fell apart in his arms. His mate’s fingers dug deeply into Jordan’s biceps as he swiveled his hips, grinding his erection into Jordan’s abdomen. “Don’t stop,” Bailey begged. “F–feels so good.”

In that moment, Jordan knew that he would give Bailey anything the man asked for. He was totally lost in his mate. Jordan would capture the stars and lay them out at Bailey’s feet if that’s what his mate wanted. He was hopelessly and irrevocably in love with Bailey.

Since Bailey’s legs were on either side of Jordan’s, he pushed his legs further apart, opening Bailey wider for him. Jordan used the plug to fuck his mate before removing the hard plastic. “Ride my cock, sweetheart.”

Using Jordan’s biceps as leverage, Bailey lifted his hips as Jordan guided his cock to his mate’s hole. He hissed when the head of his shaft touched Bailey’s entrance, his body growing tense as his mate began slowly lowering himself.

His hands gripped Bailey’s buttocks as his mate seated himself. His cat yowled in enjoyment, the man trembled in pleasure. He held tight to Bailey’s ass as Jordan pulled back, leaving only the head inside before plunging his full length up into Bailey’s ass once again.

Bailey’s body arched, his mouth opening on a low cry as he shuddered with the pleasure Jordan brought him. His mate’s nails pierced Jordan’s arms, his legs tightening around Jordan’s hips as Jordan plunged in and out of the silken grasp encasing his cock.

Bailey was breathing hard, his chest rising and falling in hard breaths.

“Harder, Jordan.” Sultry, Bailey’s voice low and husky, his body hot and wild as he raked his nails down Jordan’s chest, watching him through half closed eyes. “Or should you just lay back while I have my way with you?”

Jordan stopped moving, a sly smile emerging. “Do your worst,” he challenged.

He had said the words, but was not prepared when Bailey began to bounce on his cock, his own shaft jumping around freely. Jordan held the man’s ass, cupped his cheeks, as his mate took his pleasure from Jordan’s body.

“That’s it, sweetheart. Pleasure yourself.” Jordan’s fingers dug into Bailey’s ass as his mate gyrated his hips, his movements now slow and measured. Bailey was spurring Jordan’s need higher. He wasn’t sure what drove him more insane, the fast bouncing or the leisure movements.

“Gods, you feel so damn good buried in my ass.” Bailey swiveled his hips, dropping down onto Jordan’s cock over and over again. Jordan was coming unglued, falling apart at the seams, as Bailey took what he wanted, what he needed.

Jordan opened his eyes, seeing Bailey’s grimace of pleasure, the raw lust that transformed his handsome face. Jordan hadn’t thought his mate could get any better looking, but staring up at the man, he knew he had been wrong. The strange scent in the air was wild, untamed, and pulled at Jordan’s heart.

“You are a beautiful creature,” Jordan said as he brushed his knuckles over Bailey’s cheek. He was fighting not to plunge deep inside Bailey. Jordan could feel his beast rising, trying to take over, but he refused to allow this to happen. And then Jordan almost lost his mind when Bailey clenched his inner muscles, encasing Jordan’s cock in a tight vise-like grip.

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