[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Blue has never been anything other than a servant, a slave to cruel masters. When rescued accidentally, he didn't expect his new good life to last, and it didn't. Returned to his former masters, who want their property, Blue doesn't expect to even survive the night.
He especially doesn't expect dragon warrior Lightning to come for him. Blue is nothing, and yet Lightning refuses to leave without Blue at his side, even if it means causing a war between the humans and the dragons.
Lightning has been in love with Blue ever since he first saw the man, though because of Blue's former life, he kept his distance. Lightning didn't want to risk that Blue would see Lightning's attention as another form of manipulation, but now there is no choice. Someone took Blue from the nest, and Lightning will destroy everything in his path if it means getting his blue-haired mate back where he belongs.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Half-Blood Dragon (MM)
9 Ratings (3.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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"The saga of the ‘Dragon Hearts’ continues in this story full of action, adventure, and heartbreaking realizations as yet another human finds his destiny with a dragon warrior. Neither of them expected the other to be interested in him, but when Lightning is the warrior to go after Blue when the half-human, half-dragon is kidnapped, they both come to see that they are not as alone in their interests as they assumed. And even though the evil human, David, crazed werewolves, and severe injuries attempt to stop Blue and Lightning from being together, neither of them is willing to give up. Blue doesn’t expect much from life. He has learned the hard way that nothing good ever lasts. Even though Athy insists he go with her when the dragons come to free her, and even though they tell him he is a half dragon and has a right to live with them, Blue can’t imagine he is rid of his cruel human master. So when he is kidnapped and returned to the village, he isn’t even shocked. But when Lightning, one of the dragon warriors whom Blue has secretly admired while living in the dragon nest, comes after him and gets him out of there, Blue begins to hope for more. I loved seeing how his courage and self-confidence grow, and how he begins to go after what he wants. Never mind that they are on the run and both wounded, Blue is determined to show how much he likes Lightning. Lightning is a tough warrior, but he has had a soft spot for Blue ever since he first saw him. He just doesn’t want to push himself on a man who as always been a slave. But when Blue is taken by misguided humans and returned to the place where he was horribly abused, Lightning has had enough, Never mind the details he cannot stand by and let Blue be mistreated again. Lightning is still hesitant about taking Blue as his lover, but what is a dragon to do when one very determined little human keeps insisting? If you like stories about dragons and their determined human mates, if you enjoy a strong warrior falling for a weaker but no less courageous ex-servant, and if you’re looking for a read that is full of danger, discoveries, and some very hot action between the sheets, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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None of this would have happened if Blue was allowed to remain in the nest with the other dragons. He'd liked it there better. His heart was back there.

“Well? David asked, waiting for a response still.

Blue shrugged. “I didn't see her when I was taken. If he says she's on her way, then she must be on her way.”

That wasn't the answer David was looking for. His fists clenched, the man bit his lips together as his skin changed color like a lobster when put into hot water, and then he struck out.

Blue didn't fall to the ground this time. The blow wasn't that harsh, but a warm trickling down his nose told him that he had started to bleed.

David was too preoccupied in taking his anger out on everything else in the wide and spacious room.

The family dog quickly scrambled to get out of his way before David could kick it, and he picked up several items and flung them either at the brick wall or into the fireplace.

Glasses, vases, pitchers with alcohol of some sort inside. Nothing that was within grabbing distance was safe from his wrath.

And Blue knew he was going to die for this.

David was the richest and most powerful man in the village. If there was something he wanted, he got it, and when Blue had run away with the man's wife, that made him a traitor in David's eyes.

He wouldn't be working in the man's kitchen's anymore. Hell, now that the people of this village knew that the dragons weren't killing the humans they'd been taking for all of these years, Blue couldn't get lucky and be sacrificed to them.

He'd probably be tied to a pole and burned alive.

All right, that part made him shiver. Blue was comfortable enough with the idea of death. Everything inevitably died, and servants were no exception.

He just didn't want his death to be something so morbidly painful that he would find himself screaming for death to finally take him.

When David finished his cursing and stomping around the parlour room, he turned his attention back to the dragon he had for a captive.

There had been others who had taken Blue. At least two more, but they had made their escape while this one was being held down, hands behind his back and naked. Blue had watched as a dozen or more humans had climbed on top of him and cut away at his wings, preventing him from flying off, and the brute strength of so many on one was enough to keep him down.

Now he was helpless as David spat and raged at him, wanting to know where his wife was, and if the dragons were serious about bringing her back.

“She's coming!” screamed the dragon shifter. Blue didn't even know the man's name. “I promise you! The entire nest wanted her and that one out when they were taken. She should be brought here any minute now!”

Blue hoped not. His insides clenched and hardened, clenched and hardened, again and again as if someone was kneading bread dough in there, but he told himself over and over that this man must be mistaken.

Had any other dragons taken Athy, she would have been here by now. They would have delivered her, and it had been hours and no one had come.

No one at all.

“She'd better be. If she's not,” David said, and he pulled a long dagger from a sheath at his hip, holding the tip to the young dragon's eye. “Then I swear my angered face will be the last thing you ever see.”

Blue watched the heavy bump of the man's adam's apple bob as he swallowed. A bead of sweat actually dripped down the side of his face. Blue shivered at the threat,sympathy swelling inside of him for the other man.

He was young, perhaps twenty or so. This clearly hadn't been what he'd signed on for.

David turned back to Blue, and the sight of those angry eyes, now directed toward him, was enough to make his spine stiffen and lock into place.

“As for this little blue haired, traitor freak,” he said, and with the blade in his hands, marched toward Blue with such a confidence and quickness that Blue knew what his fate was going to be.

He squeezed his eyes shut when David's arm lifted, like he was about to bring down the pointed end hard and fast. Blue couldn't bear to watch, even when he winced, yelled and jumped back when the door to the parlour cracked off of its hinges in a loud and terrible noise before flying forward and landing on David's expensive rug.

Everyone held still and David lowered his blade so he could turn all of his attention toward the door.

A tall man with broad shoulders, soft brunet hair that was cut so short it almost wasn't there at all marched into the parlour.

Grey eyes scanned his surroundings, and when his eyes landed on Blue, his bladder nearly released as he recognized who had come, and what this meant.

Lightning had come to save him?




So, Blue kissed him.

It was a bad kiss. He knew that. Their mouths were pressed hard together, and Blue had seen enough kisses to know that this probably wasn't the way it was meant to be. It had to be softer than this, and both of their eyes needed to be closed, instead of the way they were both staring at each other as they were.

Blue pulled back, and he already missed the warmth of Lightning's mouth on his.

“Was that okay?” he asked.

Why did Lightning have to flinch like that. “If you don't stop, I won't be able to.”

Ah, so that was it.

And exactly what Blue wanted to hear the man say.

He looked down at Lightning's cock. If Blue really was a half dragon, then he did not get the benefits of having something as wonderful as this.

Blue's cock was like that of a human man's, but Lightning's was something else.

It was slightly thicker, for one thing, and definitely longer. The head ended in a swollen bulb that was probably a little less than half the size of Blue's fist, but it was still there, and that wasn't even the amazing thing about it.

At the slit, where the head was at its most red, there was a little fleshy spike.

Blue took the base of Lightning's cock in his hand and gripped tight enough to let Lightning know that he had no intention of letting go of his prize, but at the same time, he kept his grip gentle enough so that there would be no pain either.

Lightning's eyes fell to half mast, his pink lips parted, revealing his tongue, and an expulsion of air left his throat. A sighing moan.

“I don't want you to stop,” Blue said, letting his hand move up to the swollen head of Lightning's dick, and he made sure his hands were even more gentle this time as he cupped the head in hand.

It seemed to be even more sensitive than the shaft itself, and Lightning shivered, letting his head fall back briefly before quickly looking back at what Blue was doing to him. “Oh, God.”

Blue was thrilled, absolutely thrilled to hear noises such as those leaving Lightning's mouth. It was exactly what he wanted to hear, to know that, even if he wasn't attractive, that he could still offer Lightning something that would make him want to be with him.

Blue was also very interested in that little spike.

He flicked his fingers gently over it, watching Lightning's reactions to his movements, and feeling the way Lightning shivered and spasmed.

Blue felt every motion through the man's cock that he was still holding onto.

And he suddenly wanted nothing more than to put the head of Lightning's cock into his mouth and suck on it.

He leaned in, licking his tongue along the base. He turned his eyes up to see Lightning's reactions, his own erection pulsing and throbbing now, more because of what he was doing for Lightning than anything else.

Blue felt as though if he tried hard enough at this, and made Lightning pant and moan enough, that he could come just from that alone and he wouldn't even have to touch himself.

Lightning's eyes were wide as Blue ran his tongue over the length of the other man's cock, from the very bottom, right where the man's testicles were, all the way to the bulbous top.

Blue let his tongue swirl around that head, and then touched his tongue to that little soft spike, but only then realized that he didn't think he could comfortably get the man's dick in his mouth.

How was he supposed to suck on him with that bulbous head? Blue imagined there might be some people in the world who could do it, but he didn't think he was one of them.

At least not without completely cutting off his air supply and choking himself.

He pulled back and looked up just as Lightning reached his hand down and grabbed onto Blue's shoulder. “I know what you're thinking, don't try it.”

“But why? I want to make you feel good,” Blue said.

Lightning's chest continued to heave as he panted. There was a thin sheen of sweat on his body that Blue hadn't noticed before. Had it just appeared there now?

The corner of Lightning's mouth turned up in a grin that showed off the whites of his teeth.

“I know you want to, and trust me, no one appreciates that more than me right now, but you won't be able to do. I tried it once on a guy when I was pretty young and it was the worst. I couldn't get it all in without putting too much teeth into it, and you can bet he didn't much like it because of that either.”

Blue frowned, looking back down at Lightning's penis, which was still hard, and Blue could feel each throb of the man's heartbeat within it.

He felt like he was being denied something.

“I know humans do it to each other, but dragons don't. Seriously, we can't,” Lightning said. “A lot of dragons hate the idea of it, too.”

Blue let go of Lightning's cock immediately, as if it was a hot poker he'd held in his hand and not someone's body part. “Don't like it?” he asked, then shook his head. “I don't want to do anything you don't like.”

That was the absolute last thing he wanted. He didn't want Lightning to feel like that.

Blue's anxiety over the entire thing, however, lasted barely two seconds before Lighting was laughing out loud. “No, trust me, I was liking what you were doing just now a lot. You can keep doing that if you want. I love the feeling of your warm tongue sliding along the shaft of my cock. Trust me, there's nothing not to love about that.”

Blue smiled, and he decided right then that he was going to believe the other man.

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