Love in the Land of Blood and Bones (MM)

The Triple Towers 2

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,262
1 Ratings (5.0)

They are no longer heroes...

The survivors of the Great End were on the brink of death. Three towers were built with the last of the government’s money and power. The wealthiest survivors were given residence within the Triple Towers. A wall of steel was constructed to surround them.

Lorn is now exiled over that wall and his lover Kallen courageously follows. Kallen knows the dangers and violence that awaits them. He managed to survive a terrifying childhood in the wastrel camps. It’s not just the sand that threatens their love—old enemies, former lovers and the traitor from the triple towers returns.

Can they find love in the land of blood and bones?

Be Warned: m/m sex, sex toys, bondage, menage sex (MMM)

Love in the Land of Blood and Bones (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Love in the Land of Blood and Bones (MM)

The Triple Towers 2

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,262
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs
This is the second book in The Triple Towers Series. I absolutely adore James Cox. The first book was a little different for me but this one brought it back for me full circle!
Lorn is now exiled from The Towers and Kallen is not letting him go alone. The sexy Master Sargeant has stolen his heart and that is more important then the comfort of the towers.
Living like a wastrel is very eye opening for Lorn. Thankfully Kallen is able to ease him into it and find old friends. When The Towers get attacked, Lorn can't help himself from becoming a hero again.
With Kallen at his side and the help of a new friend, he can't go wrong.
This book is in true James Cox style! Makes you laugh, makes you hot and bothered, and makes you want to search for a hero of your own!
Shirley W.

“This is a private game.” Lorn’s chest rumbled with his words.

“Just wanting to watch, my friend.” Rohan held out the bottle. “I have not had Kallen’s cock in my mouth for a long time.” Rohan took a swig and licked his lips.

Lorn growled.

Kallen wanted to scream. What did it matter if Rohan watched? Kallen was rather keen on the idea but if his lover, the holder of his heart said no, well then that would be fine too. “Come on, big boy.” Kallen pulled open his Velcro pants, so the nest of blond hair was showing. He tugged down so that just the base of his cock was visible to both men.

“You want this. Him?” Lorn grabbed the bottle and took a healthy gulp.

“Us.” Kallen wanted three. His cock was raging in his pants. “If you want,” he added not wanting to alienate Lorn.

Lorn grumbled something and then handed the bottle to Rohan. “You do not get to penetrate him. Kallen’s butt is mine.”

“Deal.” Rohan was quick to agree. He took another drink and then dropped the bottle in the sand. It landed with a plop but didn’t tip over.

Kallen was giddy at the thought of a threesome. His new lover with his old one. He pulled his pants down lower, so his cock sprang up like a phoenix from the ashes. Lorn was breathing heavy, frowning of course. Rohan inched closer to him, placing a hand on his bare shoulder and sliding his fingers down to Lorn’s crotch. Kallen watched it all with anticipation. Would Lorn really try this? He briefly wondered about the big boy’s jealous streak when Rohan began cupping Lorn’s cock. The muscular man groaned and growled.

Rohan pulled his shirt off. The redheaded man had gained some weight since Kallen had last seen him. He wasn’t all skin and bones. Rohan actually had some meat on him and a few lean muscles on his frame. Then he wiggled out of his pants, and they dropped to the floor.

Kallen didn’t stare at Rohan’s penis. Instead, his eyes went to Lorn who glanced at the man with an appreciative grin. Good, seems like this would be a fine time. Kallen glanced at Rohan’s cock as he shifted and undressed. Rohan was uncut like him. The foreskin pulled away from the blushed head of his dick. It was curved slightly to the right. The skin was a bit lighter than the rest of his body. Apparently working outside naked wasn’t on Rohan’s list of duties in the camp. His erection looked luscious.

They now watched him, so Kallen put on a show. He grabbed his cock and pumped it. Pleasure seeped through his body. He tucked his clothes behind his head, propping it up so he could watch Lorn remove the rest of his attire. “He’s fucking gorgeous,” Kallen said.

Lorn seemed to blush a bit, losing his pants and revealing his thick erection.

Rohan chuckled. “Well, fuck me. He is a big boy.”

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