A Need for Heroes (MM)

The Triple Towers 3

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,590
0 Ratings (0.0)

Welcome to the new world...

Lorn Brusk is now president of the Triple Towers. With the help of his lover, Kallen, they discover a traitor and survive exile in the wastrel camps. Now comes the biggest challenge of their lives.

There are dark forces trying to tear the two men apart. Together they must thwart assassination attempts and kidnappings while finding time to bond sexually in a variety of new positions and places. However, secrets threaten not only the safety of the triple towers but the lives of the two soul mates.

The new world has a need for heroes but will it cost Lorn and Kallen their lives?

Be Warned: m/m sex, menage sex (MMMM), rimming, bondage

A Need for Heroes (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

A Need for Heroes (MM)

The Triple Towers 3

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,590
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs

The white lace wrapped around his balls and then the base of his dick. It was like a fucked up leash just for his penis.

Then Rohan stood and pulled the extra lace toward him.

Kallen let out a groan and thrust his hips. This was going to be a disaster. The tug on his cock, the feel of that lace, he’d fucking come in the middle of his bonding ceremony.

“You know, if you start fucking the air in this thing I’m going to have to laugh for the entire ceremony,” Rohan stated with a grin.

“Thanks a lot.” Kallen tugged the leash from Rohan’s hands and held it as still as possible. “Do I have to walk down there like this?”

“Oh, hell yes!”

Fucking fantastic. At least the cape covered his ass. Too bad he couldn’t find a mask for his face. He looked so unbelievably ridiculous. Stupid fucking ceremony. Kallen cursed and grumbled as they left the room and headed down the transport. The doors opened and at that moment, Kallen wanted to take back his answer to bond with Lorn. Before him was a horde of friends and strangers. They were all standing to the left and right of the transporter so there was a clear path to the platform. He had to walk through that, naked with a leash around his dick. “Fuck no.”

Lorn stuck his head in the transporter. “Be a good boy and I’ll lick your entire body after this.”

“Fuck.” Kalen took a breath and stepped out. Lorn was wearing the same lace leash and his cock was only at half mast. He was basically naked and it made Kallen’s dick all the more excited. “Hey, why aren’t you wearing a damn cape!” Kallen flicked the material over his back for emphasis.

Lorn lifted a brow, “Because...we don’t wear capes in the ceremony.” He frowned and looked back at Rohan.

The wicked redhead began laughing so hard he hunched over.

“Oh, that is fucking perfect!” Kallen pulled the cape off and threw it at Rohan, all the while Lorn tried to hide his amusement. Great, now he was the moronic wastrel who wore a cape to his own bonding ceremony. Kallen felt his cheeks heating as the crowd kept staring. He was fucking naked as the day he was born.

“Come on.” Lorn grabbed his hand.

Rohan moved before him, still smiling as he took the leash to Kallen’s cock. Donton was the one who took Lorn’s leash and together the four of them made their way through the path.

Kallen couldn’t stop from blushing as all eyes were on his package or his ass. Either one didn’t sit well in his gut. He felt vulnerable as they neared the platform. Rohan stopped and handed Kallen’s leash to Lorn. Donton did the same thing for Lorn’s leash. The silky white material felt soft in Kallen’s fingertips.

Lorn bowed to the crowd before stepping up the platform.

Kallen was all set to do the same but Lorn was too quick to tug on that leash. The silk tightened sending his cock in a frenzy of lust. Pre-cum beaded out the top like a pearl from the ocean’s depths. He hopped up on the platform and tried his best to conceal the drop. Being that he wore fucking nothing it was hard to do. Very hard. Damn it!

Rohan was suddenly behind him, placing a white fluffy robe over his shoulders. At first he thought it was another trick but then Donton placed one over Lorn.

Still holding each other’s cock leashes, they were given a ceremonial cup. It was filled with a liquid that sloshed at the bottom. Kallen watched as Lorn grabbed his dick and placed the tip of his cock in. It came out shiny and wet. Was he supposed to do the same? Lorn nodded at him. Kallen leaned over so that not everyone could see him grab his dick as if he was about to masturbate. He dipped the tip of his cock and some foreskin into the warmed liquid and pulled it back out.

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