The Gladiator's Prize (MM)

Warriors of the World 1

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,600
2 Ratings (5.0)

Book One of the Warriors of the World Series
It used to be that those who entered the arena would fight to the death, but on the planet A’lton the winner is the male who can make the other submit…
Logan A’lars has won every contest he has ever entered in the A’lton arena. Male after male have fallen to their knees before him, he has become rich beyond his wildest dreams and is ready to hang up his whip for good. But when Logan finds out that the next male to enter the arena is a human, one of the last, he cannot resist the challenge of claiming that male for himself.
Matt James is being forced into the arena against his will. As a human he is highly prized and the aliens of A’lton will pay good money to see him claimed. Only Matt has no intention of allowing any alien to master him. He plans to fight like his ancestors once did…until he meets Logan and realizes that it may not be that simple after all…
Warning: Dubious Consent

The Gladiator's Prize (MM)
2 Ratings (5.0)

The Gladiator's Prize (MM)

Warriors of the World 1

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,600
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Before he could say another word Matt was pushed up against the wall and Logan was grinding his cock against him. “Do you think I am a fool?” he hissed. “I help you escape and then you disappear. Never to be seen again. You are no boy and yet you have managed to stay hidden for so long. You must be crafty. Sly. Smart.”

“I have to be!” Matt gasped. “You bastards make us so.”

“And yet you want ‘this bastard’,” Logan said. “I can feel your cock against me. Feel it thickening. You want this, human, you want me.”

“Fuck you!” Matt roared and Logan laughed.

“No one fucks me, human. No male ever has.”

He took Matt’s hands and pushed them above his head, covering the human’s smaller body with his big one. Matt struggled and bucked, but Logan simply laughed again and closed one of his hands around Matt’s wrists. His other ran down Matt’s chest, exploring every single inch. His eyes were glittering, his breathing heavy and the moment he found Matt’s cock he let out a growl of approval.

“You may not be long by our standards,” he breathed. “But you are nice and thick.”

“What do you care?” Matt snapped, trying desperately not to groan as Logan cupped his heavy balls. “Since no one fucks you.”

“You like that,” Logan whispered, ignoring his question. “You like my touch. Gods, you are going to like it more come tomorrow.”

“I am not entering that arena!”

Logan gripped him around the jaw and lifted his head. Before Matt could stop him the alien took his mouth and kissed him hard. His lips were everywhere, covering Matt’s, his tongue plunging in, a blatant example of what he wanted to be doing with his cock. Matt tried to resist, tried to tell himself that this was all wrong, but it had been so long since he’d felt the lips of another, so long since anyone had taken him in such a forceful way, that he felt himself sagging against the wall, Logan’s rock iron grip the only thing keeping him standing.

By the time they pulled apart Logan was panting and Matt was both aching with need and drowning in shame.

“You need not fear,” Logan whispered against his lips. “I will not hurt you.”

“Hurt me?” Matt dropped his gaze. “You’re going to try to fuck me.”

“I will fuck you,” Logan promised.


“I long for the moment when I can bury myself in your sweet little ass,” he added. “Since the moment I heard of you I have thought of it over and over, and now it is worse, because I know just how sweet your lips are and just how hard I can make you.”

“This means nothing!” Matt hissed. “It was just—”

“A prelude,” Logan said, relaxing his grip on Matt’s wrists.

Matt pulled his arms free and lifted his head. That was a mistake. The desire and blatant need on the alien’s face was enough to make Matt tremble.

“I am going to bend you over in front of the whole arena and fuck you until you beg me never to stop,” he said. “I will make you come so hard you will wonder how you ever came before you met me.”

“I will never allow it,” Matt said, with far more confidence than he felt.

Logan laughed and took a step back, and though he would never say so Matt was grateful to the alien for putting some distance between them. He could still smell whatever scent it was the alien wore, still feel his warmth, but he wasn’t surrounded by his big body, wasn’t being grinded against and kissed so hard that the blood had pounded through his veins.

“You cannot stop it,” Logan said. “I have never been beaten.”

“You’ve never fought a human before.”

“You are challenging me? Oh, human,” Logan breathed. “How are you to win when you want it as much as I do? You will spend this night imagining me buried in your ass. You’ll touch yourself and all the while your pucker will be clenching to be filled.”

“You bastard!”

“The bastard who will fill it,” Logan promised. “Resist all you want. Your submission will be all the sweeter for it.”

He stepped forward and pulled Matt into his arms. Matt didn’t even try to fight him off this time. He was too tense. Too edgy. His cock was aching. His head spinning and he had no idea what the fuck he was going to do.

“I promise you this,” Logan said. “When I win you will be glad of it. You will beg me for more.”

Matt glared. “When I win, I will be leaving this planet as fast as fucking possible.”

Logan released him so quickly Matt staggered. “Then the battle is on. I will see you tomorrow.”

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