Lucifer's Errant Sub (MM)

The Blood Red Rose Club 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,829
1 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, public exhibition, sex toys, HEA]
Who makes Devil run for his life? He throws himself in the river to escape the dogs and is washed up half-drowned. Count Lucius Vladimir Dragovi, known as Lucifer, finds him and nurses him back to health. In the process they fall in love. But a misunderstanding has Devil on the run again. He's befriended by a circus owner, but later, when Devil learns where the next halt will be, he is forced to leave. Lucifer reaches the circus too late.
Devil heads for the coast and Britain, but he has no money or papers. He's taken across the Channel hidden in a lorry, and then he has to work to pay off his debt, discovering in the process what he wants and whom he truly loves. He works in a sewing factory until the police raid it. Devil is reunited with Lucifer who has organised the rescue. Lucifer introduces Devil to the BDSM lifestyle and the Blood Red Rose club where they find their happily ever after.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lucifer's Errant Sub (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Lucifer's Errant Sub (MM)

The Blood Red Rose Club 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,829
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




Devil was exhausted. He’d walked for hours, and he’d hidden every time he heard footsteps or a car. Now, he sat down by the side of the road to rest a while. It was dark. Tears began to roll unheeded down his face. I haven’t cried for years. I vowed that the brothers wouldn’t make me cry whatever they did and I’d clung to that vow and endured in silence. Lucifer is something different. He’s got under my guard and touched my heart. I love him, or do I? What do I know of love? No-one has ever loved me. My mother abandoned me to the mercies of the Brotherhood. The postulant boys didn’t dare show each other affection or the brothers beat them. I thought that Lucifer loved me. He’d basked in the warm glow of the care and attention Lucifer lavished on him.

What a fool I am. No-one loves me. Maybe no-one ever will. Maybe I’m not worthy of anyone’s love. I'll never love anyone ever again. It hurts too much.

He rolled himself in to a foetal ball and huddled under the hedge.

“Well what have we here?”

Devil awoke to a cold dawn. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and saw a short, fat, jolly man looking down at him out of a pair of twinkling green eyes. His hands rested on his hips, and he smiled at Devil.

“I was tired, and I fell asleep. My name’s Devil.”

“It’s too cold to be sleeping under the hedge.”

“I’ve nowhere else to go,” Devil said sadly.

“Don’t you have a home and family?” the little man asked.


“Well I’ve need of a strong pair of hands. Do you want a job?”

“What would I have to do?” Devil decided he wasn’t going to go blindly into any other situation.

“Help to load and unload the lorries. Look after the animals and general odd jobs.”

“Which animals?”

“Elephants and horses mainly,” the little man said.

“Eh?” Devil was bemused. He’d never seen an elephant.

“Barnabas Jones, at your service. That’s my menagerie and circus in that field.”

Devil stood up and looked over the fence. The field was the scene of frenetic activity. Men were piling crates on lorries, hitching caravans to the backs, and taking fodder and water to the animals. Everyone had a purpose, and they were all cheerful, in spite of the early hour. Devil thought he could do worse than join them, for a while at least.

“Yes I’d like that.”

“Good. You will have food and shelter and a small wage. I can’t call you “Devil” so it will have to be “Dee,” okay?”

“Yes, Mr Jones,” Devil said.

“Come along then, Dee. I’ll introduce you to the other lads and lasses.” The little man walked back to the field gate, and Devil followed him. The others looked at him curiously when he was introduced, but all smiled and made him welcome. He was set to helping to load the crates on the lorries, and when it was seen he was a good, willing worker he was commended. Devil glowed. Praise was something he’d never had until Lucifer. No I won’t think of him. It’s too painful and I was mistaken. He didn’t care for me, as he was just amusing himself. At the first sign of trouble he was willing to give me up.

In a couple of hours what had looked like a chaotic mess of dismantled tents and booths had been stowed neatly away on the lorries, and the workers drew breaths.

“Well done, all of you. Now go and get a good meal before we set off. I want to be on the road in one hour.”

All the workers headed for caravans, chattering and laughing. Devil stood where he was. He didn’t know where to go. Mr Jones came over to him.

“Until we get you fixed up with somewhere to sleep and eat, you’d better come to my caravan. My wife is expecting you. She has our meal ready.”

The caravan was a large and comfortable one. It was traditionally decorated inside. The surfaces, and the heirloom china securely displayed in cabinets, glowed and shone. Everything was clean and neat. A dark-skinned woman came forward and held out her hand.

“This is our newest helper, my dear. His name is Devil, but I am calling him Dee for obvious reasons. Dee, this is my wife, Luminitsa of the Gurbeti tribe of the Romani.”

Devil took her hand to shake it, but she held it between both of his. Her deep, dark eyes gazed at him, and he felt she could see right into his soul.

“You're wrong. He didn’t betray you. Even now he seeks you. He’s frantic. He won’t find you for many months. Know this he will find you, and you will be safe and happy with him. You’ve many trials to face first, but in the end all will be well for you.”

“My wife has the gift of the second sight. She’s never wrong in her predictions, Dee.”

Devil was shaken. He pulled his hand from hers, and tried to still the trembling of his limbs. How can she know? I want to believe her, but the facts speak for themselves. I know what I heard. He was going to betray me to the brothers.

“Come and eat now, boy, you’re shaking. Are you cold? Sit by the stove and have some of Luminitsa’s good soup. You’ll soon be warm again. At least you have decent clothes and shoes, so someone must have cared for you. There’s no earthly need to fear here. No-one will have seen you or heard of you, if anyone asks. Nor do you need to confide your story unless you want to. I’ve seen you work, and Luminitsa has seen your future. We’re happy to have you with us. My, that’s a long speech.”

“Far too long, Barny. Let the boy sit down and eat in peace.”




Lucifer woke first. There was someone in bed with him. His arm was numb because of a head resting on his shoulder. Then it hit him. He’s here with me. He’s safe. A feeling of the most profound happiness came over him. He smiled as he looked at the sleeping man beside him. The beautiful hair flowed over the pillow. Lucius bent to smell it. The shampoo he’d used had left a faint smell of lemon combined with the unique smell of Devil’s body. Lucifer inhaled and sighed. He’d missed waking up in the same bed with his lover. He bent and kissed Devil’s brow. The amazing eyes opened.

“You’re real. It wasn’t a dream. I've dreamed of you so often, only to wake and find you weren’t there.” Devil said no more as Lucifer’s mouth stopped his.

Lucifer kissed him gently, then, as desire overcame him his tongue explored every well-known feature. I almost lost him. I have missed him so much. He completes my life I will never let him go. As these thoughts whirled in his brain, he clasped Devil in his arms and settled to kiss him witless. Devil gave as good as he got, and as Lucifer held him in his arms, his grip gradually tightening, Devil held onto him. Then he pulled him completely on top of him, opening his legs, trapping Lucifer by wrapping his legs around him. He lifted his hips and ground their cocks together.

“It seems my pet is impatient,” he said, and spoiled the effect of the stern tone in his voice by chuckling.

“I have missed you so, just fuck me,” Devil protested.

“You forget that you are my pet and I’m your Master,” Lucifer said. “You get fucked when I say so, and if you beg nicely.”

Devil held him at arm’s length and looked at him. “You were serious, then.”

“Never more so. It’s the way I live.”

Devil wriggled out from under Lucifer, whose heart hit his boots. He doesn’t want this, and I won’t force him I love him too much, but it’s going to be hard to give up the lifestyle. To his surprise, Devil knelt by the side of the bed, his proud head bent.

“Please fuck me, Master,” he said. Lucifer was jubilant. He does understand and he does want this. He got off the bed, raising his lover to his feet. He held his face between his hands and gazed into his eyes, searching for something. He needed to know if it was what Devil wanted and wasn’t agreeing just to please him.

“Do you really want this? You aren’t doing it just to please me?”

“All my life I have been told what to do someone has had the responsibility for me. I hated the Brothers, but they didn’t care for me at all. You care. I missed you and I didn’t do very well on my own. I know I need someone to look out for me. I enjoy our love-making when you take charge. I want to explore this lifestyle you speak of.”

“Very well, pet. Promise me you will tell me if you are unhappy about anything love,” Lucifer said, his voice raw with emotion. Devil nodded.

“I will, Master. Now please, please will you fuck me?”

“With pleasure,” Lucifer said. He pushed him onto the bed. “Stay there, and don’t move.”

He went over to his night table and took out a few items. He placed a soft blindfold over his sub’s eyes. “Remember this? It will heighten your other senses. Is that comfortable?”

“Yes, Master.” The low voice seemed calm.

Lucifer put soft leather cuffs on his wrists and clipped them to the bed head. “Keep your legs apart, pet.” Then he opened a pot, dipped his fingers into the soft, sticky sauce, and smeared it over Devil’s superb chest and firm belly. Then he bent and slowly he licked the chocolate off. He paid particular attention to Devil’s nipples, smiling as his lover groaned and arched his back to get more. He licked and sucked his way over the taut belly. Taking his time, he chuckled as Devil became impatient and moaned.

“Patience, my pet.” He dipped his fingers into the pot and coated Devil’s swollen and throbbing cock, eliciting more moans. He left the chocolate sauce and picked up a soft ostrich feather, stroking it over Devil’s arms and torso until he got what he wanted.

“Please, please,” Devil begged.

Lucifer smiled, put down the feather, and bent to lick his lover’s cock. Dipping his tongue daintily into the slit, he licked and sucked the chocolate off the fat head. Then he took the head into his mouth and licked, laved, and suckled, driving Devil to the edge. When he judged him to be almost there, he stopped and coated his balls in the chocolate sauce. He sucked first one then the other into his mouth, cleaning off the chocolate, and in the process making his pet writhe and moan. When he’s better trained, it will be interesting to see if he can keep silent or not, and what I shall decide to do to punish a disobedient sub. How I'm looking forward to that.

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