The Blood Red Rose Club Collection (MMFM, MM, MF, MFM)

The Blood Red Rose Club 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 151,455
1 Ratings (4.0)

Box Set #74: The Blood Red Rose Club Collection (All 5 books for $4.99)

In Master Salvador’s Dilemma, Salvador Belmonte originally sets out to find two subs to complete his triad. But that’s just the start of his problems. He convinces his friend Edward to lend him his gay sub Olafur Jonsson for the night and, loving to play tricks, Edward also adds his old friend Rose Barton to the mix. Rose is the woman of Salvador’s dreams, but she flees after a misunderstanding, and it’s only by chance that Salvador finds her again. However, Olafur soon seeks refuge with Salvador and Rose after Edward cheats on him one too many times. Tensions quickly rise due to Olafur’s sexuality and Rose’s jealousy. So what do you get when a bisexual Dom, a gay sub, and a straight woman try to make a triad? A dilemma that Master Salvador will do anything to solve. But will he succeed?

In Lucifer’s Errant Sub, Devil is running for his life. But from whom? Either way, Devil throws himself in the river to escape them and washes up half-drowned. Count Lucius Vladmir Dragovi, known as Lucifer, finds him and nurses him back to health. Along the way, the two fall in love, but after a misunderstanding, Devil is on the run again. He makes for the coast, trying to get to Britain, but he has no money, no papers. He ends up smuggled across the Channel, hidden in a lorry, but he has to work to pay off his debt, discovering in the process just what he wants and who he loves. He’s tasked to work in a sewing factory, until the police raid it. Devil is reunited with Lucifer, who organized the daring rescue. Lucifer then introduces Devil to the BDSM lifestyle and The Blood Red Rose club, where the two find their happily ever after.

In Virginia’s Awakening, Virginia Laurens’s husband takes a young mistress and throws his wife out of their home. Penniless and alone, Virginia secretly spends her nights in The Blood Red Rose Club. Valkyrie has loved Virginia quietly since he first set eyes on her, but, given her marriage, he kept his feelings to himself. However, one night he discovers her hiding in the club, and their overwhelming feelings cannot be ignored. Valkyrie helps Virginia rediscover the woman that her husband worked so hard to crush. After a make-over and some new clothes, Virginia begins to blossom with confidence, and Valkyrie gives her a taste of the BDSM lifestyle. But Virginia still has some insecurities to overcome. Can she break free of old habits and seize her chance at happiness? And when her relationship with Valkyrie is threatened, are they strong enough to stay together?

In Davy Meets His Match, when Davy Jones interviewed Dommes, he didn’t expect to meet the woman of his dreams. But just what is Juniper Bale hiding from him? At The Blood Red Rose Club, Juniper is challenged by two macho subs, but when she bests them both, she knows she’s made enemies. Davy offers to drive her home, but Juniper is fighting the attraction she has for him, reluctant to admit she’s not the Domme she claims to be. However, one touch between them sparks immediate and uncontrollable passion. Some of the things Davy says to her trigger bad memories, but she refuses to tell him the details. Juniper agrees to submit to him, but only if he promises to keep her secret at the club. However, Juniper is soon made the target of a hate campaign, which causes both Davy and Juniper to reevaluate their relationship and future. Can they get rid of their demons and seize their own happiness?

In From Russia with Rope, they say three’s a crowd, but that is certainly not the case with Dimitri Orlov and Valentin Polyakov. The two drop-dead-gorgeous Doms have a passion for rope…and for Olivia Dalguise. Olivia is attracted to them both, but she’s hesitant to commit. She wants to settle down, have a life, but Valentin’s position is precarious, and losing him would break her heart. Olivia wonders if her love will be stronger than her doubts, but the decision is suddenly taken out of her hands. When she finds herself and Dimitri’s pregnant Borzoi in danger, she realizes she both loves and needs her men. But can the Doms of The Blood Red Rose Club arrive in time to rescue both Olivia and the pups? And can Dimitri and Valentin come up with a way to give their sub the happily ever after she wants with the both of them?

A Siren Erotic Romance


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Master Salvador's Dilemma (MMFM) Lucifer's Errant Sub (MM) Virginia's Awakening (MF) Davy Meets His Match (MF)

From Russia with Rope (MFM)

The Blood Red Rose Club Collection (MMFM, MM, MF, MFM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

The Blood Red Rose Club Collection (MMFM, MM, MF, MFM)

The Blood Red Rose Club 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 151,455
1 Ratings (4.0)
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She’d do better to put it all out of her mind, put all of them out of her mind. She stood up and checked the door to her flat was locked then, with dragging steps, she went into the bathroom to prepare herself for bed. It was going to be another night alone with her frustration. She wanted someone who’d care for her, understand her, love her, and laugh with her. She wanted the kind of intimacy that comes when two soul-mates become a unit. Was that too much to ask for? She’d thought that maybe Master Salvador was the one when he’d looked at her in that odd way, as if struck by something deeper and more profound. She’d felt a stirring in her heart, and in spite of her misgivings, she’d put every ounce of feeling she possessed into the look she gave him in return. He’d bestowed such pleasure on her. Then, just when she was at her most vulnerable, he’d rejected her. It had been like a bucket of icy water in her face. Why was I so bloody stupid as to hope and think this time it was different? Obviously I was mistaken again. I have no luck finding or keeping a man. Worn out, she climbed into bed. Sleep and the blessed oblivion she craved eluded her. Finally she gave up the struggle. She sat up, put on the light, and reached for her journal. It was under her bag. The bag fell to the floor and the contents spilled out. The scrap of paper she’d found when she’d put her clothes on was among the things she collected and replaced. She read it with astonishment.

“I don’t know why I feel so close to you but I do. This is my telephone number. Edward is always out on Wednesday evenings. I’d like to get to know you better, Rose, will you call me? Olaf.”

Her mouth fell open in astonishment. When did he manage to scribble that for her? She hadn’t noticed. Olaf must be the shortened form of his name. She would call him. She needed a friend and he did too. Maybe they could comfort each other and maybe one day he’d tell her what was wrong. She might even find the courage to share her past with him too. Suddenly the evening didn’t seem such a waste of time after all.




 “Suck me off and make it good,” Edward whispered to Olafur. There was a threat in his voice which the sub didn’t miss as his Master handed a tube of lube to him. Olafur sank to his knees in front of his Master and carefully lowered the zip of his leather trousers. He pushed them down over Edward’s lean hips and eased the tight, white boxers over his long, lean, muscled thighs. He sighed in anticipation and breathed in the unique smell of this man who drove him wild with frustration as well as lust. He licked the small pearly drop of pre-cum from Edward’s swollen cock. He loved the salty, spicy taste of it, and suddenly all else faded from his brain as he leaned in to lick his way slowly down the beautiful, thick shaft. He nibbled and sucked on the huge vein throbbing on the side and felt Edward’s hands in his hair.

He took Edward’s sac in one hand and rolled his balls carefully. Edward enjoys a bite of pain, but I’d better not go too far tonight if I don’t want a flogging. He took the beautiful cock into his mouth and sucked in his cheeks, taking him as deep as he could. His head bobbed as he pleasured his Master in the way he preferred. Squeezing lube onto his fingers, his hands parted the firm, taut cheeks of Edward’s bottom and his thumb pressed inside, eliciting a deep moan of satisfaction as he located and massaged his prostate. Soon Edward’s hips began to buck and he pumped his cock deep into Olafur’s throat. Olafur struggled to accommodate him as Edward stilled then his legs trembled as jet after jet of hot cum hit the back of Olafur’s throat. He swallowed convulsively, managing to take it all. Edward bent over Olafur and held onto him to keep from falling over. Olafur was happy to hold him, loving the intimacy of the moment.

It was then that he again became conscious of the other two in the room. Hearing a woman being fucked was high on his list of dislikes, but somehow this one was different. The sweet sound of her sobbing moans didn’t offend him, rather, they increased his own arousal. He remembered the strange connection he’d felt when they’d exchanged looks. I’m glad that she’s getting her share of pleasure, poor little thing. I only hope that Edward will allow me my release, too. Edward stood up and, pulling Olafur to his feet and into his arms tenderly, he kissed him.





 “Barnabas Jones, at your service. That’s my menagerie and circus in that field.”

Devil stood up and looked over the fence. The field was the scene of frenetic activity. Men were piling crates on lorries, hitching caravans to the backs, and taking fodder and water to the animals. Everyone had a purpose, and they were all cheerful, in spite of the early hour. Devil thought he could do worse than join them, for a while at least.

“Yes I’d like that.”

“Good. You will have food and shelter and a small wage. I can’t call you “Devil” so it will have to be “Dee,” okay?”

“Yes, Mr Jones,” Devil said.

“Come along then, Dee. I’ll introduce you to the other lads and lasses.” The little man walked back to the field gate, and Devil followed him. The others looked at him curiously when he was introduced, but all smiled and made him welcome. He was set to helping to load the crates on the lorries, and when it was seen he was a good, willing worker he was commended. Devil glowed. Praise was something he’d never had until Lucifer. No I won’t think of him. It’s too painful and I was mistaken. He didn’t care for me, as he was just amusing himself. At the first sign of trouble he was willing to give me up.

In a couple of hours what had looked like a chaotic mess of dismantled tents and booths had been stowed neatly away on the lorries, and the workers drew breaths.

“Well done, all of you. Now go and get a good meal before we set off. I want to be on the road in one hour.”




 “Do you really want this? You aren’t doing it just to please me?”

“All my life I have been told what to do someone has had the responsibility for me. I hated the Brothers, but they didn’t care for me at all. You care. I missed you and I didn’t do very well on my own. I know I need someone to look out for me. I enjoy our love-making when you take charge. I want to explore this lifestyle you speak of.”

“Very well, pet. Promise me you will tell me if you are unhappy about anything love,” Lucifer said, his voice raw with emotion. Devil nodded.

“I will, Master. Now please, please will you fuck me?”

“With pleasure,” Lucifer said. He pushed him onto the bed. “Stay there, and don’t move.”

He went over to his night table and took out a few items. He placed a soft blindfold over his sub’s eyes. “Remember this? It will heighten your other senses. Is that comfortable?”

“Yes, Master.” The low voice seemed calm.

Lucifer put soft leather cuffs on his wrists and clipped them to the bed head. “Keep your legs apart, pet.” Then he opened a pot, dipped his fingers into the soft, sticky sauce, and smeared it over Devil’s superb chest and firm belly. Then he bent and slowly he licked the chocolate off. He paid particular attention to Devil’s nipples, smiling as his lover groaned and arched his back to get more. He licked and sucked his way over the taut belly. Taking his time, he chuckled as Devil became impatient and moaned.





“No, sir, of course not. My personal circumstances have changed, that’s all.”

“Very well then. Will starting next week do?” he asked.

“I was very much hoping it could be from tomorrow, please.”

“I will arrange it for you. Is there anything else I can do to help? I take the welfare of my staff very seriously.” His voice was so full of concern that Virginia almost lost her composure and told him everything. She managed to cling to a measure of control and stood up. She was pleased to see he did the same. His manners were impeccable.

“Thank you very much, but that’s all, really,” she said.

“Well if there is anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I’m always here. I will do anything I can to help, you know.” His voice was warm and sincere. He showed her to the door and closed it behind her.


* * * *


Valkyrie leaned on the door he’d just closed. Now what was all that about? She was so upset she was almost in tears. If that damned bully of a husband has been hitting her…she had a bruise on the side of her face, too. I bet the bugger has been abusing her. Why doesn’t she just walk out and leave him? Hang on, though, they aren’t from these parts. I bet he brought her up here to get her to himself, the manipulating bastard. One of these days, he’ll go too far. She ought to leave him before he does her a permanent injury.




 “Ginny, Ginny love. I want you. I need to be inside you very soon, love. You’re beautiful and you smell so good. Kiss me, love.”

She licked the seam of his lips with the point of her tongue, and his mouth opened to allow her to slip inside. Then he seized her tongue between his teeth and tormented her by flicking it with the tip of his. Liquid fire filled her veins. Desire raced through her. She’d never felt like this is in all her time with Geoff, but then he’d never taken the trouble to arouse her, only calling her “frigid.” She responded to Valkyrie and loved the weight of his body urgently pressing her into the mattress. He released her tongue and sucked a nipple into his mouth. The pleasure was excruciating. She arched her back, wanting more. She panted and sobbed in her ecstasy, and her lover re-doubled his efforts, sucking the other nipple into his hot mouth to flick it with his tongue whilst rolling the first one between firm fingers. Virginia felt as if she’d explode. He was driving her higher and higher. The pleasure was becoming too much to bear. He released her nipples and licked a slow trail down her belly. He drew in a breath and let it out in a soft “Ahhh.” His fingers parted her folds and he licked a trail down her pussy, and then back up again, until he fastened on her clit and began to drive her demented. Her head rolled from side to side, her limbs took on a life of their own, too, and she trembled as she felt her orgasm gather. Still, he held her on the brink.

“Please, please, let me come.” Briefly, her thoughts flew to that young sub, but not for long. She heard him chuckle.





 “Wait a minute. There was a bit of silliness with a group of subs chasing another and she was squealing. Now that was when you were in the toilet. I wonder if it was set up as a distraction. I don’t like noise and horse-play, and they know that.”

Davy stood up, Doc and Mordor and a couple of other Doms did the same, and then they all moved off to the subs’ area. Juniper saw a lot of surreptitious glances her way and heads shaking. It seemed that no-one knew anything. Now why doesn’t that surprise me?

One of the Doms had gone outside for a look around and he came back carrying her grip.

“I found this outside. I’m afraid it’s got a bit wet. Some idiot’s idea of a joke," he said and glowered across at the subs, none of whom could meet his eye.” You’d better check and see if anything is missing.”

Juniper opened the grip and drew in a horrified breath. Inside, all her treasured hemp ropes had been cut, probably using her own shears, and then the shears had been damaged. Her paddles had been broken and few of the contents of the bag had escaped the same fate. She looked up and met Davy’s eyes. She knew he read the panic and terror in hers. He took her over to the bar and got her a small whisky. He left her with Doc, and then he went over to the other Doms. He was there with them in earnest conversation for a long while. When he came back to her he was grim-faced.




 “Thank…” She got no further. She was in his arms being thoroughly kissed. As if from a long way off she heard the door close. Davy leaned his back against it, and then he pulled her closer. She felt the hard, muscular body, she smelled his cologne, and she felt the scratch of his stubble as his mouth possessed hers. His tongue licked along the seam of her closed lips, and when he pressed the tip between them she offered no resistance. Her mouth opened under his and he took possession of it as of right. His tongue danced with her, stroking and caressing. She heard herself moan. One of his hands caressed her bottom, pressing her to him. She felt the long, stiff length of his cock against her belly. She melted against him and he tightened his hold on her. He ended the kiss and released her, she stumbled and he held her.

“Do you want this? Are you sure?” he asked.

Do I want it? Yes I do, but I fear it. He will know and where will that leave me? Can I trust him? Why do I think I can on so little acquaintance? But think it I do. Shall I surrender? Shall I give myself to him? It’s what I want, but it means giving him power and control over me. Can I do that? Can I let him walk out of the door? I need him to fuck me. I needed that from the first moment I saw him. Well nothing ventured, nothing gained. I can take a risk and walk away if it doesn’t work out.

“Yes, I do want this. I need you inside me now,” she said in a breathy voice that betrayed her arousal. She took his hand and led him to her bedroom. Thank goodness I changed the sheets this morning and cleaned up. Even the bathroom is tidy. She laughed at herself. How can you think of such things at a time like this? Then realisation hit her and she sobered up. It’s his damned influence. Will I never be free of him? Once inside she turned to face him and lifted her hands to undo her coat.





 “I’m Russian and I want to learn about British culture,” he added.

“So you came to Carlisle?”

“Yes. Hadrian’s Wall is on my list of things to see.”

“An excellent choice. May I suggest you first visit Tullie House Museum. You will understand a lot more about what you see on Hadrian’s Wall if you do.” He fished in his pocket and handed Valentin a card after scribbling something on it. “If you want to learn a bit more about BDSM, then come to the club tonight. This is a free pass. Now I have to leave you, as I have an appointment in the town. I hope to see you tonight. Present this card and ask for me in reception. I’ll show you around,” he said.

Valentin thanked him and watched the retreating form as Valkyrie strode purposefully away. Valentin stared at the business card in his hand, and then he tucked it away in his wallet. He continued on his way to Tullie House, where he’d been headed when he was distracted by that intriguing door.

Handsome, clever, and quite well-off, Valentin Polyakov had been born into a middle-class family in a leafy suburb of Moscow, where he’d led a rather privileged life. He’d discovered early on that he had a talent for languages and an endless curiosity about his world and his fellow man. Via the Internet, he’d roamed the world and its cultures. Virtual visits to all the great museums and art galleries in the West had given him an appetite to visit them in person. On his twenty-fifth birthday his parents had given in to his repeated requests, and had paid for an air ticket.

I’ll begin on the very edge of the continent. The group of islands called Great Britain is most intriguing. How did such a small country manage to forge an empire covering so much of the globe?

After a few weeks in London, where he’d visited art galleries and museums and the public libraries, he’d seen a poster advertising "Carlisle the Great Border City," so he’d bought a train ticket and set off on his travels. He’d arrived in the city and taken a room in a hotel on the main street. He’d been too impatient to unpack and had gone out at once and visited the castle. He’d crossed the Millennium Bridge and had been heading for Tullie House Museum when he’d seen the door.

He continued on his way to Tullie house, and, after he’d spent an hour in the Roman exhibit in the basement, Valentin was hooked. Valkyrie had been right. His coming visit to Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum would be enhanced by what he’d just learned. There were many other exhibits he wanted to visit, but for today he’d had enough. He wanted time to think about all he’d seen. He had tea and cakes in the café attached to the museum.Well, I wonder what I’m going to do for the rest of the evening. What about that business card? He took the card out of his wallet and read the message that Valkyrie had written on it. Then he smiled and returned to his hotel. After a power-nap he got up, showered, and dressed. The latter gave him pause for thought. What is the correct dress for an evening in a BDSM club? I haven’t the faintest idea. Google may help. Unfortunately, he didn’t possess any leather trousers. He decided the nearest thing he had was black slacks, which he teamed with a white silk shirt. If I can’t blend in, then I shall stand out.




“You will obey me. I won’t tolerate your putting yourself at risk. This little session is just a reminder of that and also of what’s in store for you if you ever do it again,” he said.

“Please, Master, oh please. I’m so very sorry and I promise I won’t do it again. Please let me come,” she pleaded.

“Very well, your time is up.” He stood up, turned off the controls, and released her from the cage and her handcuffs. He took her in his arms and kissed her. She nestled into him, and he sat down in the chair once more. He cuddled her close as he kissed her long and deeply. At the same time he used the controls of the dildo to make her come. He drank her cries as she squirmed and her limbs thrashed in a prolonged orgasm. Once the after-shocks had finished and she lay quiescent in his arms he gently removed the dildo and placed it in the receptacle, ready for cleaning Valentin supposed. Then this Dom, too, wrapped his sub in a blanket, sending another sub for water as he smoothed her hair and rained small kisses down on her closed eyelids.

“Well, have you seen enough here?” Lucifer asked. Valentin looked about him. A sub encased from head to foot in a shiny latex, form-fitting suit with only holes for nose and mouth, lay curled up in one of the cages.

“I think that’s a step too far,” Valentin said, indicating the sub. “I can do without the more extreme practices, thank you.”

“In that case we shall return to the main room. The scenes are less intense and may be more to your taste,” Lucifer said. When they reached the main club room again he added, "This is the main area. There are themed rooms upstairs for those who like to play in private, and the stage, over there, is for demonstrations so the audience can see what’s going on. Most people just get together to do their scene, using the equipment over by the walls and if anyone watches, that’s fine. There are a couple of rooms with observation windows. Would you like to see one of them?”

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