Dragons Redeemed (MMFMM)

Dragon Lovers 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,531
5 Ratings (4.2)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/M/F/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Trudy is a locksmith and security expert who Mallory asked to quote to improve the security at The Magic Dragon Museum. When Trudy arrives at the museum, it’s full of naked people, and four of the men say she belongs to them! The dragons need to reclaim their human lives while stopping Teivel’s plan to steal the artworks—if they can get out of bed long enough to concentrate.

Meanwhile Trudy has a job to do and a business to run. Crevan, Daegan, Graegor, and Penllyn are determined to protect her while watching Teivel. The dragon shape-shifters have their hands full with an independent, determined woman and a bad guy planning to cause trouble. Plus Mallory wants to come back to the museum, and her men are set on protecting her from Teivel, too.

Between lust and danger, sparks are flying everywhere.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Dragons Redeemed (MMFMM)
5 Ratings (4.2)

Dragons Redeemed (MMFMM)

Dragon Lovers 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,531
5 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Wonderful book.
Barefoot Okie
Professional Reviews

"Trudy thought the call she got from the manager of The Magic Dragon Museum would be like all her other jobs. As a locksmith and security expert, Trudy is very good at her job. As a pixie-sized blond, she is also used to having to show just how good she is. This is why Trudy entered the manager’s apartment through her roof and discovered several naked men when she was just going to give Mallory the quote for the job; that night changes Trudy’s world forever. Crevan, Daegan, Graegor and Penllyn were forced to stay in their statue form and to also prevent other dragon shifters from turning human. Now that the other dragons have been able to change back, all of them are brought into their human self. To say that they are not well liked by this group is understating it. However Crevan, Daegan, Graegor and Penllyn all want the chance to prove themselves as victims and to help stop the evil Teivel. The four of them are just starting to tell their side of the story when Trudy stumbles into the situation. They all instantly know that Trudy is their mate and now have to work even harder to prove that they are on the good guys’side. Trudy is convinced about the dragons and what is going on and agrees to help, but she is not going to let these four built men keep her from doing her job. After all, she is a trained security expert. When it becomes obvious that Teivel is keeping a watch on what is going on at the museum, it is necessary for all the dragons to scatter along with their mates. The danger ramps up along with the passion between Trudy and her men. When Teivel begins to make his final moves, it will take not only Trudy and her men, but also Mallory and her men and even the other shapeshifters from Dragons’ Bond who used the museum as a sanctuary to make sure that the good guys come out on top and that Teivel is stopped forever. An act to prove how bad security was brings a feisty locksmith and a quad of dragons together with a loving bond not even danger can defeat. Trudy finds out what passion means when she meets Crevan, Daegan, Graegor and Penllyn in Dragons Redeemed. The meeting between these five had me laughing and knowing there would be a lengthy life of passion so long as they were able to win the battle before them. I love a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it – Trudy is just this type of woman. Crevan, Daegan, Graegor and Penllyn might have been raised in days gone by but they were able to quickly adjust for their modern mate and still work along side her and the others to defeat Teivel. I loved the final outcome of everyone saving the museum and keeping the dragons secret. The passion filled plot in Dragons Redeemed that had ribbons of humor and danger and made a wonderful way to spend the afternoon." -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

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Trudy had not enjoyed a sheltered childhood. She’d pretty much brought herself up while her mother worked eighteen or more hours a day, seven days a week, in a sweatshop, sewing clothes for two dollars an hour. She’d seen life on the streets in all its sordid detail and come to the conclusion that it wasn’t for her. She’d also decided by the age of twelve that sewing, prostitution, and crime weren’t careers she’d follow. At fifteen, she’d apprenticed herself to Larry, an elderly locksmith. The day she’d turned eighteen, he’d handed the business over to her and caught a plane to Florida, where he planned to sit on the beach for the rest of his life.

But when she’d decided to hand-deliver her quotation for upgrading security at The Magic Dragon Museum, she’d thought she’d be speaking to Mallory, the manager-curator there, and possibly her boyfriend, Angus, who seemed a possessive kind of man. Trudy entered Mallory’s apartment via the roof garden to prove how useless the current security was. The last thing she expected to see was four completely naked men, three other men wearing only jeans, and a woman dressed in nothing but a baggy T-shirt, as well as Mallory and Angus.

Life on the streets had been eye-opening, and as a locksmith, she’d had to rescue the occasional naked person who’d locked themselves out of their apartment, but nothing had prepared her for this.

“What the fuck is going on here? And why are so many of you naked?”

“They’re all dragon shape-shifters. This museum is their home,” said Mallory.

Trudy couldn’t see any evidence they’d been drinking, or doing drugs, but that sure didn’t sound logical to her. “Right. Okay. This is my quotation for the security. I’ll just leave it here and be on my way then.”

“Oh, no you won’t. What if she’s working for Teivel?” One of the naked men, a very good-looking one with brown hair and eyes and a really long cock, grabbed her arm and pulled her against his chest.

An upbringing like hers had taught Trudy many skills other women didn’t have. She slid under his arm, twisted sideways, and rammed her knee into his balls, then stepped smartly out of his reach. “I own my own business and don’t work for anyone but myself, you pervert.” The man was bent forward, holding his family jewels. Trudy was actually rather surprised he wasn’t curled up on the floor crying. He must be pretty tough. Or else she didn’t hit him hard enough. Most of the people in the apartment were now talking at once. From what Trudy could understand, some of them didn’t want to tell her anything, and Mallory and the other woman were arguing she should be told the truth. Yeah, the truth would be great, but she could live without it. Right now it was time to go.

Trudy backed silently toward the door she’d entered by, but another one of the naked men, a redhead, was watching her. “Don’t sneak off. We won’t hurt you. If you come in and sit down, we’ll tell you why Mallory asked you to improve the locks here.”

“Why don’t you tell me why you’re naked? If this is supposed to be an orgy, where are all the other women?”

One of the men wearing only jeans and the woman who wasn’t Mallory were locked in a passionate embrace. Maybe it was an orgy.




Three or four hands were playing around her cunt, drawing circles and spirals on her upper thighs, tormenting her by being so close to her pussy without ever touching it. Someone licked and nibbled around her belly button, then trailed a wet tongue lower, but once again didn’t touch her cunt.

Trudy’s breath was coming faster now, and sweat was breaking out on her body. She was intensely aroused but incredibly unfulfilled. “Stop teasing and fuck me now,” she demanded.

“I thought you’d never ask,” said Crevan, and a huge cock slid into her aching core. He pushed in hard and deep, filling her, stretching her, and her pussy creamed for him, he felt so wonderful.

Penllyn leaned over her breasts, sucking one deep into his mouth. Not just the nipple, but the areola as well, his tongue playing with the nipple, his lips sucking on her skin. Once again honey poured from her in delight at the touch of his mouth. Trudy grabbed his head and held it to her, wanting more, much more, even though what she already had was so good.

Graegor was still gently massaging her head and neck, and while it was soothing, it was also arousing. The shivers running up and down her spine were lust as much as anything else.

Daegan was lying on the opposite side of her from Penllyn, and Trudy thought it was his hands that had been on her thighs, with Crevan’s. But now that Crevan had begun a slow push into her and an even slower withdrawal from her, Daegan was concentrating on the skin of her hips and lower belly. She’d never known before, but touching her there was very arousing.

Although it was difficult to think with Crevan powering into her. She wrapped her legs around him, digging her heels into his lower back to let him know she wanted more, faster. He ignored her gestures, maintaining the same slow, tormenting pace.

Penllyn was sucking her other breast now, and Graegor was licking along her shoulders. So many men. So much stimulation, and it was cranking the need in her belly up higher and higher.

Trudy slid her arm down Penllyn’s back, loving the sleek smoothness of it, the rippling muscles under her hand. She could feel the damp head of his cock pressed into her side. “Come closer, let me touch your cock,” she said, tugging on his shoulder.

“It wants your touch. It wants you,” said Penllyn, wiggling around so he was kneeling up beside her.

Trudy stroked her hand down his shaft. It was hot and engorged, and she knew he’d come very easily. Deliberately, she squeezed him then stroked him, her hand firm but not rough, until she scraped her nails over his cockhead. She followed that up by stroking his head and shaft again, noticing how much pre-cum he was releasing. Trudy disentangled her other arm from the mass of bodies and cupped and stroked his balls, Penllyn obligingly moving a few inches closer to her to help her reach.

Crevan had tilted her hips up higher and was going deeper inside her than any man had ever been before, thanks to his long cock. It felt so very good, her brain was frying with the need to come, but Crevan maintained his steady pace.

“Let me suck you,” she said to Penllyn.

He kneeled up higher and held his cock at her mouth. “I’m very close,” he warned her.

“I know,” she replied. “That’s why I want to do it.”

Just as she drew Penllyn into her mouth, sucking him as deep and hard as she could, Daegan bit her nipple lightly. The orgasm that had been building in her core for so long raced through her. Trudy hollowed her cheeks and sucked Penllyn as firmly as she dared, not wanting him to be left without coming.

Someone pinched her clit, and the climax that was already rushing through her intensified tenfold, causing her entire body to shake.

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