Menage a Fairy (FFM)

A Fairy Novel 4

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,750
0 Ratings (0.0)

Annalise must choose between the woman she’s grown to love and the fairy who is her mate.

She has searched every inch of Ireland, looking for the green-haired fairy who saved her life as a child. When they finally meet it’s a dream come true until Wick kisses her and melts her heart.

Jayn is a man-hating lesbian who wants nothing to do with the fairy world. Too bad she has to work with Wick, the fairy who stole Annalise from her in order to survive. Down the Leprechaun hole they go and the only way out is to solve an ancient riddle. Together.

Wayward mates, troublesome leprechauns and on the verge of a war with the trolls—Wick is out of time. Just when hope seems within reach, a calamity strikes and one of the fairies will not survive...

Be Warned: menage sex (FFM), ff sex

Menage a Fairy (FFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Menage a Fairy (FFM)

A Fairy Novel 4

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,750
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs

The tunnel widened and then it opened to a massive chamber. “Wow.” That was all the speech Jayn was capable of. It was a waterfall. There was a big hole in the rock wall where water gushed. It cascaded nearly sixteen feet before splashing into a big pool. The sound was incredible. It seemed to echo in the chamber. A sandy shore hugged the water as it rippled over the small pebbles. The black sand led to red rock floor and a few dozen fireflies sat idly in the corner of the chamber. It was…magical. The water itself seemed to glow and the smell was like fresh rain in the summer.

Wick stepped forward into the chamber, taking her with him. He walked up the edge and let go of her hand.

Jayn watch as he smiled and knelt down. His hands dipped into the water and brought it cautiously to his mouth. He sipped slowly, then generously and leaned forward to get another handful. She could definitely use some water. Her mouth was parched and she was beginning to get a headache. Jayn stepped forward to join him but her eyes drifted. She caught sight of Wick’s thick powerful thighs. They were spread. The loincloth that covered him shifted higher as he went for more water. Jayn screamed at herself to look away but not a single muscle in her body would listen. She watched at the material slid higher and his rear peeked out. Wick’s round balls were tucked between his inner thighs. A few stray green hairs were spread across them. Jayn involuntarily licked her lips. The curves of his ass cheeks were now visible. They were pale white and looked hard to the touch. She was so used to Annalise’s small, soft rear that she suddenly wondered what it would be like to grab the hard orbs of his ass. Jayn hadn’t felt this desire for a man in so many years. The thoughts that were suddenly overwhelming her brain shocked her.

“Aren’t you thirsty?” Wick shifted.

Jayn tried to drag her sight from his goods as fast as she could. The worst thing would be being caught ogling a cocky fairy’s equipment. By the lifted green brown and the slight upturn in his lips, she had a feeling it was too little too late. “Yes, thirsty,” she muttered.

“Were you checking out my ass?” Wick moved so he knelt on his knees and the loincloth once again covered him up.

“Just wondering if they were like kilts. You know, are the men naked underneath? It’s a big debate where I’m from.” It was kind of the truth.

“A lie.” Wick stood.

“Nope.” She moved around him toward the water but he grabbed her arm and pulled her close. “Hey!” Jayn jerked away from him.

“You were checking out my ass. Just admit it.” His voice went lower. “See anything you like?”

“Unless you have wet lips between your legs, you are not my type,” she said with as much malice as she could gather in her voice.

“So you keep saying.” His grin was gone, his back was arched and he leaned into her personal space.

“Hello. I’m a lesbian!” she tried but he was so close. The musky smell of him and the way his thumb rubbed circles on her arm made her protest weak. “Damn it, Wick. Don’t make me kick your ass. Again.” Jayn gasped.

Wick gently placed his lips against hers. Every muscle in Jayn’s body tensed. Her brain seemed to shut down as the fairy she hated kissed her. The motions were sweet, romantic, and brought back memories of her first kiss with her high school boyfriend. Jayn glanced at his wings which fluttered behind his body and then at his beautiful eyes before she closed them. Wick’s lips parted hers and his tongue entered her mouth uninvited. He swiped at her tongue and their touch became more fluid. Jayn could hardly believe she was locking mouths with a man, a fairy. His hands were suddenly on her hips and he was pulling her toward him. His hard body pressed against her and she felt the evidence of his desire. The moment Wick’s cock pressed against her leg, her brain seemed to wake. Jayn pulled away, pushing him so their bodies stopped touching. The chamber was silent but for the waterfall and their panting lungs.

“Well, that was interesting,” Wick said with his cocky grin returning.

“Interesting?” Jayn balled her fists. “Don’t you ever do that again!”

“You were the one staring at my butt and you didn’t seem to be protesting when my tongue was in your mouth.”

Jayn punched him. Her fist landed square on his jaw and knocked his head sideways.

“You’re always hitting me!” he complained before grabbing her wrist and pulling her close. This kiss came out of nowhere. They seemed to be fighting with their mouths instead of their hands. Although his hands were busy. They roamed her back and slid down to cup her ass cheeks. Her half-hearted attempt to push him away only made her lose her balance and she leaned heavily into him. Jayn’s hand slithered into his green hair and tugged as their kiss turned into a frenzy of wet lips.

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