More Than Human (MM)

Urban Affairs 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,498
13 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, HEA]

A Were-cat and a Werewolf—two men headed on a collision course for disaster—find themselves fighting more than animal attraction.

Jesse Carroll is running from an assassin. When Caleb Wolfe picks him up on the side of the road, Jesse has no idea that the man he's falling for may be the very man who killed his brother.

Caleb Wolfe leaves the Division of Shifter Affairs after being ordered to kill a young cat-shifter. Knowing the Feds won't let him go quietly, he plans to hide out in Dogtown. When Caleb picks up a hitchhiker, he has no idea that it's the same man he was ordered to kill. Cats and dogs don't mix in his world, but the lust he feels for the young cat is reciprocated. When they go their separate ways in New York, Caleb can't forget Jesse. He searches for the Were-cat, never realizing he's leading a killer straight to the man he loves.

A Siren Erotic Romance

More Than Human (MM)
13 Ratings (4.5)

More Than Human (MM)

Urban Affairs 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,498
13 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Jesse stood with his back to the street. One hand searched his pocket for the key, and the other hand pressed the intercom. He hoped like hell that Jeff was home because he could be in serious danger. They both could.

Come on, Jeff, open the fucking door.

Jesse didn’t drive. Who could afford a car? He always walked home from his job at the burger joint, and tonight his feline instincts told him he was being followed. Right now he just wanted to get inside. His brother would roll his eyes and call him paranoid, and then they would share a good laugh over it and drink a beer. But Jeff was rarely home anymore. Why should tonight be any different?

Jesse’s fingers finally emerged with the key. Hands shaking, he tried to fit it in the lock. He flinched at a noise behind him and lifted his nose to scent the air. Werewolf! For the most part, cats and dogs lived separate yet peaceful lives, but recently a pack of wolves had settled in the warehouses along the outskirts of the Stadium District, and suddenly vicious maulings and murders were a daily occurrence in the neighborhoods of Seattle. Was it simple animal aggression or something more? Poverty had forced many Weres to work for the humans and against their own kind. Whatever the reason, the aggression pheromones coming off this giant told Jesse that this wolf could not be trusted. The key dropped from the Were-cat’s numb fingers and skittered off the step into the shrubbery below.

Jesse’s leg muscles tightened as he prepared to jump and follow the key. Suddenly he caught movement from the corner of his eye, and he knew it was too late. The man approaching from the left moved in on him too quickly, and he couldn’t think straight. His bladder loosened as he spun around preparing for a fight. The giant was a stranger to him. He would have remembered someone that big. Jesse reckoned the man was at least six feet six and weighed over two hundred and fifty pounds. He was way overmatched in size, and it was too late to shift to catskin, but he still had one option left.

Jesse’s hand closed on his belt buckle and pressed on the polished chrome head of the lioness Sekhmet. The warrior goddess released a folding knife with a wicked two inch blade. Jesse’s hand slashed upward with catlike agility, slicing the giant’s cheek open from lip to eye. The big man yelled and flailed at the air as he lost his footing on the steps and fell heavily.

Jesse bolted like a runaway train. At the street, he dropped to the ground and rolled under a car. A few seconds later, he emerged from the other side and leaped up. He and the giant locked eyes over the hood of the car. An animalistic growl came from the man’s throat, and bloody spittle flew out of his mouth. He swiped his face with a beefy forearm and bared his teeth.

For a big man, the giant moved fast, but Jesse moved faster. He had the quick reflexes of his alter ego, a caracal, and hopefully he had a few more lives in him. The subway entrance at the intersection caught Jesse’s eye, and that was where he headed. Horns honked and tires screeched as he sprinted diagonally across the busy street and toward the corner. Just as he disappeared down the steps, he sensed his attacker on the move behind him.Jesse increased his pace, taking the steps two at a time and shoving commuters out of his way as he descended into the belly of the station. His footsteps echoed in the vast tiled chamber, decorated with old posters and graffiti.

The sound of an approaching train, its overheated brakes whistling like a hundred teakettles, urged him on. Jesse gripped the cold metal of a handrail and vaulted over the ticket turnstile. No one batted an eye. Fare-beaters and vandals were commonplace down here. The doors clattered open, and people started getting off, talking, coughing, or ranting, in a hurry to get to their warm, safe homes.

Diving through the surging crowd, Jesse slipped past the doors of the train and stood there panting. He spotted the giant shoving people out of his way as he made a beeline for the train. Fuck! The doors were taking too damn long to close. A few more passengers sprinted past him, and he heard the familiar announcement—“doors are closing”—over the intercom, but still the doors remained open. The giant got a little closer, and Jesse’s pulse ratcheted up a notch. The trains were old, and Jesse feared an inoperable door would be the death of him. His muscles tensed as he prepared to get off the train and make his way back to the subway exit.




Cale’s gaze traveled up Jesse’s body, and their eyes locked. Time seemed to stand still for a few seconds, and then Cale stroked himself and Jesse felt heat curl low in his belly. His cock grew impossibly hard, and he took himself in hand as he watched Cale’s hand sliding up and down his own erection. Enough! Jesse did not want a mutual masturbation session. “You want me to suck you off?”

Cale’s eyes saidfuck yes! but he couldn’t seem to get any words out.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Jesse walked over and stood between Cale’s spread legs, staring down at Cale’s hand working his own cock. “Nice.” Slicking his lips with his tongue, he knelt and gripped Caleb’s strong hairy calves. Looking up, he captured Cale’s gaze again then stared at his crotch, inhaling the scent of male wolf. Jesse had never known how intoxicating the scent of a wolf could be.

“Touch me.” It was the first thing Cale had said since Jesse came out of the bathroom.

He gave Cale what he hoped was a very sexy look. “Are you sure that’s what you want?”

Cale frowned in exasperation. “You’re a little fucking tease, aren’t you?”

“Just making sure. My claws come out when I get hot.” Jesse snickered. “Just remember, you’ve been warned.”

“I don’t scare easy.”

“I can see that.” If anything, Cale’s cock had gotten harder. Jesse slid his palms up to Cale’s thighs and rubbed while he studied the man’s red engorged cock.

“Jesus, just suck me already!”

Jesse grinned at him, then swirled his tongue around the big mushroom head. Finally he wrapped his fingers around the base of the shaft and sucked on the crown. He slid his mouth down, taking in more of the wolf’s length, then pulled off.

Cale let out a little groan, and Jesse released him. He lifted his head and looked up at Cale with big, innocent eyes. “Did I hurt you?”

“You little brat. I’m gonna hurt you if you don’t get down to business.”

Jesse laughed out loud, and then he bent his head and got to work. He relaxed his throat muscles and let the wolf’s long, hard length ease down his throat until Cale’s wiry bush tickled his nose. Sliding his lips back up Cale’s cock, he sucked on the head, enjoying the taste of pre-cum that exploded on his tongue. He reached down and fisted his own stiff prick.


* * * *


“So good, so fucking good…” Cale murmured as his hips began to rock in earnest. Angel sure as hell knew how to use that sinful mouth. “That’s it, sweetheart. Use your tongue,” Cale urged him on. Unable to resist, he reached out and threaded his hands in Angel’s silky hair.He didn’t try to control the boy’s movements. He just wanted to touch him, to feel a more intimate connection with the cat. Angel worked him tirelessly, one hand fisting Cale’s shaft, the other hand playing with his balls, while he sucked him. Angel rolled his sac slowly in his palm, gently squeezing. The humming sounds coming from the boy’s throat drove Cale higher.

Perspiration started to bead at his hairline as Angel’s mouth provided a hot, sweet suction. Each heated pull of the boy’s lips brought Cale closer to a climax. Cale threw his head back, breathing in shallow, quick gasps. His cock filled and throbbed, so hard it ached.

“Oh, fuck!” He groaned. His hands clenching Angel’s head, he started fucking the boy’s mouth in earnest. Cale looked down and saw Angel watching him while he sucked. The boy’s lips were stretched wide around his flesh, his face flushed with his exertions. That vision did him in. Cale threw his head back and let go, growling as he shot his load.

Angel’s throat muscles worked hard as he swallowed everything Cale had to give him. His head bobbed and his hand kept moving until Cale finally finished and pulled him off by his hair.

Caught off balance, Angel fell back, and Cale followed him down, jumping off the bed to pull the boy into his arms.


* * * *


The contact brought a gasp from Jesse’s throat. He’d wanted it, needed it, and he was surprised as hell when it finally came. Believing Cale would cast him aside after he was satisfied, the strong embrace came totally unexpected.

The feel of Cale’s strong, callused hands on his bare flesh had Jesse’s adrenaline soaring.

A rhythmic vibration came up from Jesse’s throat. More, please.

Jesse was a cat after all, and like all felines he needed the comfort of physical contact. He had no idea that being held by a Werewolf would provide so much of that comfort. Or maybe it was just this Werewolf. Cale’s embrace eased some of the hurt inside him. He purred and rubbed his face along Cale’s, marking the wolf as his and granting him a cat’s highest form of approval. Jesse enjoyed the feel of rough wolf whiskers on his face. Cale appeared to be a man who needed to shave daily or else he would have a permanent five-o’clock shadow. Up close, he could see little creases in the corners of the wolf’s eyes—smile lines.

Jesse hadn’t been so turned on by another male in a long time. His eager response to a wolf shocked him. Cale was not unaffected either. The wolf’s cock pressed against his hip, filled, and grew hard once again. Cale grasped Jesse’s dick and start stroking him.

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