Claiming Korey (MMM)

Urban Affairs 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,073
27 Ratings (4.4)

[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, light consensual BDSM, HEA]

Korey Wolfe leaves Chicago, rather than allow himself to be claimed by an Alpha he doesn't know. Arriving in New York, he falls for another wolf-shifter, and he believes his running days are over. Life with Tate Reagan is good—until Korey is kidnapped by a gang of were-slavers.

Tate sets himself up as bait hoping the slave dealers will lead him to Korey, but the plan goes south and Tate is captured. The slavers deliver him to Indio Lykaios, a wealthy shifter who owns a security company in Chicago.

Indio plans to let go Tate go. Then he discovers there's a connection between Tate and Korey, his missing Omega, and he's forced to join forces with his rival. After a successful rescue mission, Korey is caught between two strong men. Can he stay loyal to one while denying his attraction for the other? Or is it possible to have them both?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Claiming Korey (MMM)
27 Ratings (4.4)

Claiming Korey (MMM)

Urban Affairs 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,073
27 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Gale's done it again, given us another great read. Heart, emotion, conflict and enough heat to keep you hot in all the right places.
I really enjoyed this story I hope there's more I will definitely read it.



Tate snored slowly beside him, but Korey couldn’t fall asleep. Somehow, he felt he had disappointed Tate. He vowed to make it up to him tomorrow on his actual birthday.

Korey had a real surprise for him, not just sex, and he hoped it would make up for tonight. He’d been saving every penny he’d earned dancing at the Kennel Club and had put a leather jacket on layaway for Tate. He deserved that and more. He’d come into Korey’s life when he needed him most.

Korey had arrived in New York after several years of moving around from one place to another. He’d left his home in Chicago when he was seventeen and his parents informed him that his Alpha Master would be claiming him on his eighteenth birthday. What the fuck! Nobody had asked him if he wanted to be claimed. It seemed he had no choice. His parents were old school. They believed in the ancient Were traditions, and according to pack law, some old dude had a claim on him. Well, screw that. There were no more packs. Too many wolf-shifters had scattered or been killed, and just because some antique greybeard decided he wanted Korey as his personal slave did not mean he had to comply. Only his parents had other ideas. Evidently this sham Alpha had money and he would take care of Korey—and his family. Ha! Dear old Dad and Mom were essentially selling him off. So he did the only thing he could—he ran.

He’d run and backtracked, run and backtracked, never staying in one place too long in case his family had hired trackers. Six months ago he’d ended up in Dogtown. He had no place to stay, no job, and no one to celebrate his twenty-first birthday with him. The future looked bleak.

He had felt more than a little lost until he found the Kennel Club. Being surrounded by a forest of macho wolves made him feel more secure.

The club was a good place to hang, especially when a guy was down. He could usually find a man and indulge in some harmless flirting or not-so-harmless fucking, if he was so inclined. There was no shortage of men who wanted to buy him drinks. He had a fascination with big leather-clad wolves, and they liked him. Korey’s slim, youthful body and his pale-blond hair and light-blue eyes were much in demand. At least his parents gave him something—good genes. Supposedly their ancestors were from some Scandinavian country. The attention he received at the club might be all about his appearance, but it still made him feel like he was somebody.

He needed that attention because he sure as hell didn’t get it from his family. It felt good to feel cared for, even if it was just for one night. He liked that feeling of being important to another man. If that man only wanted his body, so be it. At one time, he thought that a fight with another wolf was okay because at least he got some attention. The club fed his need to be needed, and he spent a lot of time there.

So one night, he was sitting at the bar looking for some change to buy a beer. Korey pulled his pocket inside out. He barely had enough, and he was so busy feeling sorry for himself, he didn’t even notice the guy next to him until he felt a firm thigh rubbing against his.

“A penny for your thoughts.”

“They’re not worth it.” But he was already perking up at the sight of all that muscular flesh encased in well-worn leather. Butterflies took off in his gut. That didn’t happen often. There was something about this guy… He was different. Korey could just tell that with this man, once would not be enough. He tried to tamp down his excitement. Hell, he hadn’t even gotten the guy’s name yet. And what difference does that make anyway? Half the wolf-shifters in the world had the same last name as Korey. Rounded up in internment camps in the seventies, tortured, exterminated, orphaned, dehumanized… All wolves were given the surname Wolfe by their captors.

“That bad, huh? Buy you a drink?”

“Sure.” Where have you been all my life? The man was definitely Korey’s type.

And then a big paw reached out and ruffled his hair. “So pretty. Like the sun is always shining down on you.” Then the big man pulled his hand back. “Sorry. I don’t see many blond wolves.”

“It’s okay.” Korey liked being petted. He liked having this man’s hand on him, and he fervently hoped that before the night was over he’d have more than a hand on him. “My name is Korey.”


After the second beer, they ended up on the dance floor, hot, sweaty, and pressed together by the sheer number of wolves around them. Not that either of them needed to be pushed into closer contact. Tate’s rock-hard dick against Korey’s belly was proof positive that the taller man wanted the same thing as Korey. Tate’s hands were on the small of Korey’s back, exerting a gentle yet insistent pressure. His full lips covered Korey’s mouth, and his tongue went exploring.




“Want to fuck you. Want to come deep inside that tight little ass of yours.”

Korey gasped. “Oh, God, I want that, too. Fuck me, Tate.” Korey never needed much urging. He was already moving backward toward the bed.

Tate guided him around the bookshelves, his fingers searching for the zipper on Korey’s jeans, moaning when he felt the hard bulge at the smaller man’s groin. Korey was already gripping the hem of his own T-shirt and pulling it over his head. Tate reached for one of his nipples, but Korey smiled seductively, tossed the shirt aside like a stripper, and took another step backward.

Tate growled at him, his hunger growing by the second, but he made an effort to tamp it down. Sometimes Korey moved way too fast for Tate’s liking. Sometimes a man wanted to draw things out. Korey’s excitement, his smell, and his sexy little body fueled Tate’s desire into a heated frenzy. His little wolf didn’t make it easy for him to slow down the pace.

Tate pressed his palms against Korey’s bare chest, shoving him gently, so that he fell back on the mattress. Korey slid further onto the bed and removed the rest of his clothes while he watched Tate strip. Tate made a quick job of it, drinking in the sight of his sexy partner, feet planted flat on the bed, legs spread in a shameless, seductive pose. Most of his lovers before Korey had been his own age, big, dark, macho-looking wolves. Korey was the opposite. At twenty-one, he was only five years younger than Tate, but he was small for a wolf, only five feet, ten inches. Despite Korey’s small stature, his stiff cock, surrounded by a pale bush at his groin, rivaled Tate’s own erection. The man was beautiful and perfect and all his.

And he gave a great blow job, no doubt about it, but Tate didn’t want a quick climax. Right now he wanted something more. With his previous lovers, he’d been the controlling partner, but with Korey he was always afraid of going too far. Korey had this waifish look, a sweet and vulnerable aura that always made Tate think twice before he did anything the least bit dominating. And Korey had never expressed a desire to be dominated. In fact, it seemed to Tate that Korey wanted the opposite. Not that Korey wanted to top, he didn’t, but he did initiate sex most of the time.

It seemed to Tate that Korey didn’t like to give up any control. Maybe it had something to do with the fact his mother and father had been so controlling. Korey didn’t talk much about his family, but Tate knew his parents had tried to sell him to an Alpha, a dominating old fart who would have kept a tight leash on him.

Tate got the feeling that Korey always had that in the back of his mind. And Korey had confided in him that he felt that people would take advantage of him because of his size. Korey came with a lot of baggage, mostly trust issues, so Tate always moved slowly and tried to be gentle. Their sex life might be mostly vanilla, but it was all good. Tate had no complaints.

Tate crawled over Korey and captured his lips in a wild, hungry kiss. Korey parted his lips, eagerly accepting Tate’s demanding tongue and clinging to Tate as if afraid to let him go. A wild rush of emotion shuddered through his body as he let Korey take control. Korey’s kiss turned aggressive, his tongue moving over Tate’s with rough thrusts. Their teeth clashed.

Panting hard, Tate pulled his tongue from Korey’s mouth and nipped his bottom lip as he pulled back to take a breath. Their eyes locked as their breathing came in unison. Korey’s gaze, full of heat and lust, took him higher.

Tate ran his tongue over Korey’s chin, down his neck and over his chest. He drew wet circles around each nipple before pulling one into his mouth and sucking gently. When he nipped at it, Korey grabbed his head and anchored him to his chest. “More,” he begged. 

Oh, yeah, Sunshine, you’re going to get more, but first I want my appetizer. Tate bit down harder, and Korey moaned appreciatively. Encouraged, Tate moved on the other nipple and then soothed them with his tongue before licking a path to Korey’s navel. Korey writhed and moaned as Tate licked the trail of pale, silky hair to his pubes.

And then his mouth was on Korey’s cock, his tongue swirling around the head, the taste of pre-cum propelling him on. Korey moaned as Tate cupped his balls in one hand and licked along the underside of his erect penis. He knew the spots that gave Korey the most pleasure when his tongue touched them, and he hit every one before swallowing Korey’s prick to the root.

Korey made little animal noises and wriggled his hips. “Oh God. Suck me, please…”



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