The Vampire Who Thirsted for a Wolf (MM)

Mate or Meal 13

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,306
21 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, werewolves, HEA]

Blood slave or bonded? It is a question that has hounded vampire Kaname Yamamoto since he first saw werewolf Derek Wade. In all his years as an elder, he’s never experienced such a powerful pull toward anyone. But is their connection just lust, or something more?

Derek’s duty as an Alpha’s son binds him, keeping him from exploring his feelings for Kaname. But he cannot resist his desires, and as he returns into Kaname’s embrace, he realizes he doesn’t even want to. For the first time in his life, he opens his heart and trusts someone with his innermost vulnerabilities.

Even as the two struggle to balance a relationship in a world that still frowns on vampire-shifter cooperation, the tentative alliance between the species is shattered by an unexpected attack. Old wounds are stirred, and Derek’s relationship with Kaname is threatened. Can their bond withstand the weight of divided loyalties?

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Vampire Who Thirsted for a Wolf (MM)
21 Ratings (4.3)

The Vampire Who Thirsted for a Wolf (MM)

Mate or Meal 13

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,306
21 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Great addition to the Mate or Meal series loved it



“Greetings, Yamamoto-sama.” Soren Wade bowed politely. “Thank you for receiving us in your coven. You remember my son, Derek?”

Kaname smiled at the werewolf Alpha, glancing from Soren to Derek. Yes, of course he remembered. As a rule, vampires had an excellent memory, and besides, Derek had made quite an impression.

The two werewolves had just arrived from the United States, and Kaname had immediately wanted to see them. He’d known in advance that the Wades would be accompanied by two magical creatures, an incubus and a warlock. They had a common enemy, and while under normal circumstances, Kaname would have been under no obligation to aid them, he was irritated that their foe had managed to somehow circumvent of all Kaname’s precautions. Kaname prided himself in having eyes and ears everywhere, and yet, Tyrell Hall evaded him. It was humiliating, and it needed to stop before it caused restlessness within the coven. Given the situation, he wanted to create an opinion regarding the general usefulness of his guests as soon as possible.

“Welcome, Alpha Wade,” he told Soren. “Yes, of course I remember. It is a pleasure to have you in my home. Our cooperation in this matter is of great importance to me.”

“The gentlemen with us are Rhys Whitaker and Noah Hall,” Soren added, pointing to the other two men present.

“Whitaker-san and I have met.” Kaname nodded at the incubus. “I have not had the pleasure of Hall-san’s company so far.”

The warlock took this cue and stepped forward. “It’s an honor to be here, Yamamoto-sama,” he said smoothly. “I offer my assistance in capturing Tyrell. As you probably know, he is my father, but the two of us don’t see eye to eye.”

Leaning against his desk, Kaname hummed thoughtfully. He kept a close watch over the developments in shifter society and had learned of Noah’s involvement with the Wade clan. Eyeing the young warlock from head to toe, he mentally placed Noah in the column marked “potentially useful.” If there was anyone who knew Tyrell and could guess where the damn intruder might hide, it was him.

There were so many things that needed to be dealt with, arrangements that had to be made. Thankfully, Kaname had prepared accommodations for the group ahead of time, so that, at least, was taken care of. He gestured his guests to sit in the armchairs in his office, and as they did so, he followed their example and joined them. Kaname was automatically falling back onto his deeply engrained manners when, in truth, he focused on something else entirely. Oh, he acknowledged the importance of the visit of the Wades. But even that realization didn’t keep him from observing the quiet young werewolf who watched him with a serene, polite expression.

Kaname had first met Derek in the United States, when the shifters had reached out to him in an attempt to put into place a tentative alliance. While many vampire leaders were wary of the intentions of the important shape-shifter clans, Kaname had decided to take a chance and investigate this interesting development. Both the Cunninghams and the Wades were quite influential, and Kaname could use them to further the interests of his kin.

Upon his visit, though, Kaname had found out another surprising tidbit. Since vampires and shifters had kept to themselves for centuries, Kaname had forgotten just how attractive other species could be. Werewolves in particular seemed to have something that appealed to Kaname.

Kaname had always accepted his sensual vampire nature, so he’d used his stay with his potential allies to explore this attraction. Many shifters had been willing to play along, as, apparently, the chemistry went both ways.

However, none of those men and women attracted Kaname like Derek did. There was just something about him, a commanding presence and a quiet strength that made Kaname want to see what was hiding behind that mask. Much like vampires, Derek’s people were creatures of passion, their instincts very strong and their sexuality intense. But compared to others Kaname had met, including Derek’s close family, the young wolf was sedate, and to a certain extent, aloof. Kaname would have loved to tear down those barriers. He suspected Derek would be wild in bed. The cold ones always were.

Shaking himself, Kaname tore his attention away from Derek. With Soren Wade there, it simply would not do for the Alpha wolf to realize Kaname’s interest in Derek. Besides, Kaname was not ruled by his cock. He was an elder, and he could control his lusts so that he could focus on the welfare of his people.

“I will put a team at your disposal so that you can follow Tyrell Hall’s trail,” he told Soren. “I am certain that he can’t have stayed in Tokyo since we would have found him by now. I have my kin scouring the country for his trail, and evidence seems to indicate he’s gone north.”

“North,” Soren repeated, as if tasting the word. “Do you believe he left Japan?”

“Not yet,” Kaname replied. “He must have a reason for even stepping within the borders of my country. It’s well known that vampires have a powerful hold over Japan, and since we are now in communication with shifters, he wouldn’t have come here without powerful incentive.” He scanned the faces of the four men and saw the same decision he felt in his heart. “He must be caught at once.”

There were nods all around, everyone agreeing with Kaname. “Excellent,” Kaname said. Deciding everything else could wait after his guests and especially Derek got some sleep, he smiled and got up. “Now, please, you must go rest. You have traveled a long way, and you’re probably very tired.”




With the ease of practice, Kaname pressed a hidden button, revealing the panel on the wall. The elevator doors opened and Kaname stepped inside. With one barked order, he commanded the intelligent lift to take him to suite. As soon as the doors slid closed, Kaname placed Derek on the floor.

The werewolf seemed disoriented, having obviously not expected to be released. That was all right with Kaname since he didn’t plan to allow Derek his freedom for long. He flipped the werewolf against the elevator wall, pinning him with his face against the transparent surface.

Derek gaped, obviously realizing that, as the lift climbed, the material its doors were made of allowed him to see into the rest of the building and beyond.

“Look,” Kaname whispered as the elevator drifted past a floor full of office workers. “They’re right there within our reach. If you cry out for me, will they hear? What do you think?”

He bit down lightly on Derek’s ear, hard enough for the werewolf to feel it, but without drawing blood. All the while, he slipped his hand in front of Derek and undid the werewolf’s pants. Derek tried to fight him, but his efforts were weak, at best.

“Stop,” he murmured brokenly. “They’ll see.”

“They won’t.” Kaname chuckled, loving the way Derek was squirming but not quite breaking away. “They don’t even realize there’s an elevator built here. Everyone believes the part of the building that houses the elevator shaft is mere decoration, and it was created with special material that doesn’t allow anyone from the outside to see on the inside.”

“You vampires think of…” Derek moaned as Kaname’s hand slid into his pants and found his hot erection. “God, yes. Ah, fuck. That’s good.”

Kaname smirked. “Would you want them to watch you, pet?” he asked. “Would you like them to see how I touch you, how I fuck you?”

The only reply Kaname got was a desperate moan. Kaname’s own lust rose to nearly unbearable proportions. He pushed Derek’s pants and underwear down, revealing the perfect globes of Derek’s ass. There was nothing he wanted more than to thrust between those sweet cheeks, but by some miracle, he somehow managed to hold back.

He did, however, take advantage of his fortunate position and ran the fingers of his right hand over Derek’s tempting crease. With his left, he continued to massage Derek’s cock, his senses focused on the werewolf’s pleasure, monitoring Derek’s erratic mind.

By now, Derek was in a world of his own. The man who had once been so calm was gone, replaced by a lustful creature, taking everything Kaname offered and demanding more. Fuck, Kaname had known Derek would be like this once he let go. The fact that the werewolf had trusted him enough to do so was a gift Kaname would value deeply.

He didn’t allow himself to think about why Derek trusted him in the first place, and why Kaname had brought Derek up to his private suite instead of his coven quarters. Dwelling on such things would just ruin the moment. Instead, Kaname focused on the now, on giving Derek the pleasure the werewolf had never received from another man.

Kaname rubbed his finger over Derek’s opening, testing the hole, gently probing. He didn’t intend to take things too far, merely to test Derek’s limits and reactions. After all, they were almost to his suite, and there, Kaname could truly pleasure Derek in all the ways the werewolf deserved.

Even so, he was more than a little satisfied when Derek pushed back against him, seeking more of the invasion, appearing to be uncaring of their location. In fact, Derek seemed quite aroused by the thought of being watched. “Kaname,” the werewolf said breathlessly, “don’t tease.”

The sound of his name on Derek’s lips made Kaname shudder with lust. He’d had so many lovers in his long life, but none had managed to excite him like Derek did. He pushed a fingertip into Derek’s ass, the pressure just a promise of what he would later give the werewolf.

It seemed, however, that Derek had been on the edge. His ass tightened around Kaname’s digit, and he cried out as he came all over Kaname’s hand and the elevator wall.

The ecstasy he experienced at Derek’s climax took Kaname completely by surprise. His vampire abilities had always guaranteed that he felt a portion of the pleasure his bedmates did, but it had never been like this, so profound, so breathtaking. Every instinct inside Kaname awoke, demanding more of the addictive wolf.

Derek slumped against him, still panting after the climax. He smelled so good that Kaname might have renounced his plan had the doors of the elevator not opened at last. Relieved beyond measure, Kaname grabbed Derek and crossed the suite, unable to focus on anything else but his lust and Derek’s.

He stalked to the bedroom, the frenzy of desire clawing at his insides having reached an almost painful extent. His four-poster bed beckoned him closer, and he dumped Derek on the mattress. For a few brief instants, he was in awe at how beautiful Derek looked. Kaname hadn’t bothered to do up Derek’s clothing, so Derek’s pants were still lowered, his shirt askew, his hair ruffled. The telltale signs of his climax still showed, a few drops of cum having stained the garments. And most important of all, in spite of his recent orgasm, Derek was still hard.

“You drive me crazy,” Kaname confessed. “I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.”

Just as Kaname had expected, Derek shuddered, but then, he offered Kaname a wicked grin. “Give me your best shot, vampire. I want to see you try.”


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