My Feisty Kitten (MMM)

Purrfect Mates 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,686
82 Ratings (4.5)

[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, vampires, fairies, light bondage, sex toys]

The peril facing the shifter community has led people to relocate for the purpose of protection. During such chaos, fate brings the seemingly unlikely trio of tiger, fairy, and vampire together.

Sasha Donovan is a saber-toothed tiger shifter who selflessly jumps in to help the fleeing families. Finding his mates gives him hope for the future.

Imogen Milford is a prince of the fae with an intense hatred for vampires. Sasha does not hesitate to rescue Imogen when he finds the enchanting, powerful fairy bruised and battered after a narrow escape.

Aaron Loman is a vampire who recently parted from his longtime partner. Now that he has found his own mates, he truly wants everything to work between them.

As these mates deal with the oncoming threat and each other, will Imogen and Aaron be able to reconcile or will Sasha be torn between them forever?

A Siren Erotic Romance

My Feisty Kitten (MMM)
82 Ratings (4.5)

My Feisty Kitten (MMM)

Purrfect Mates 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,686
82 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I normally really love Joyee Flynn's books BUT Good Lord: Here we go again...... DROWNING IN TEARS - This book soould have gotten a '5' - and nearly got a '3' YOU ARE FLOODED BY TEARS AGAIN - that is so off-putting and booring.
PLEASE TRY to express feelings in other ways than a sinflood of tears, TRY F.EX.: sorrow, pity, worry, anger, fear, ect. which are FEELINGS Describe their inner turmoil, their facial expressions anything but just one kind of reaction - tears. So that we can get past all these whimpy scenes and on to some varied reactions.
Professional Reviews

4.5 NYMPHS: "Sasha is so busy helping in the evacuation of the smaller shifter groups to larger more protected packs and covens that he doesn’t have the time to even think about finding his mates. But fate has other plans for him, bringing him a fairy and a vampire, both in need of his love. My Feisty Kitten is the seventh book in the Purrfect Mates series. With this book, we are once again surrounded by the saber-tooth tigers that started the series off. Sasha is the eldest Donavan sibling and he is in for the time of his life when his mates show up. His introduction to Imogen, a fairy escaping from a group of vampires is hot. In order to restore his magic level, Imogen needs to burn off some of the excess energy, resulting in some intense sex. These two hit it off from the beginning, yet readers are left to wonder what the introduction of Aaron, a vampire, will do to Imogen. If you read the last story then you are sure to remember Aaron, Logan’s best friend and long time lover. I am glad that we did not have to wait long for Aaron to get a story of his own. However, there were many times when I wondered if this poor vampire would ever be happy. While Imogen’s insecurities surrounding the addition of a vampire mate were understandable, I really felt for Aaron. I did like that the author allowed the men to find their way together without glossing over Imogen’s issues and gave Imogen and Aaron time to get to know and trust each other. New information regarding the Hunters, rogue Vampires and the Followers was revealed during the course of My Feisty Kitten, giving the reader more to think about while they await the next addition to this series." -- Critter Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews 

4 CUPS: "Sasha is lonely and wants to find his mates. A little blue light leads to the first and fate leads to the second. Imogen is excited for his keeper Sasha but horrified by the vampire fate decreed would be the other. Aaron has waited an eternity for his mates, but one hates the very thought of him and the other one met him second. Imogen, Aaron, and Sasha have more hurdles than a track event to overcome. Just one stumble could ruin it all. Joyee Flynn successfully offers another chapter in the Purrfect Mates series. All of the characters captured my heart and compelled me to read the whole story in one sitting. I found the anguish of these wonderful men becoming entangled with my emotions and before I knew it, I was deeply involved. I highly recommend My Feisty Kitten and Joyee Flynn." -- Delane, Coffee Time Romance

"Because of the multiple dangers from the Hunters and the vampire zombies the paranormal communities will need to band together. The various councils have gone so far as to order single family homesteads to join a coven, a pack or, other large group, deciding that there is safety in numbers. To that end Sasha Donovan, a saber tooth tiger shifter, is on his way to a vampire coven where he’s looking forward to finally meeting the man he’s spoken to on the phone. Vampire Aaron Loman sounds so intriguing that Sasha can’t wait to see him face to face. As Sasha drives along he spots a blue light streaking through the streets. Deciding to investigate Sasha is stunned to discover an injured yet still breathtaking, real life fairy. Visiting from his own world Imogen Milford had been snatched by vampires because they consider his blood fantastic. Sasha and Imogen instantly realize that they are mates, which is wonderful news but everything falls apart when they reach Sasha’s destination and meet Aaron, their other mate. Imogen refuses to have anything to do with their vampire mate. Sasha feels torn in two. How can he survive losing one mate or the other, especially when both are willing to walk away for good? Love is never easy for the Purrfect Mates in this series! My Feisty Kitten takes the romantic complications of Sasha, Imogen, and Aaron to new heights of heartache and sorrow. The main characters are all decent, honorable people who do their best to be mature when dealing with their problems, but some issues are too painstakingly difficult at times. Love is never having to say you’re sorry, but in this case…My Feisty Kitten is seriously enjoyable." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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They hugged for a moment, and I groaned, hard again. It wasn’t just the step in the right direction. It was the kiss plus they were naked, plastered together.

“Will you ride him?” Aaron purred in his ear. “I love to watch you ride him. You lose all inhibitions, and it’s probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. I think if you’re careful you won’t hurt him on top.”

“For you I will.” Imogen giggled and moved so he straddled my hips. “It’s such a hardship for me and all.”

“Oh, poor baby,” we said together, and then I cried out as he slammed his hips down, impaling himself on my cock.

“Is that tight enough for you?” He gave me a mischievous smirk and then squeezed the muscles in his ass. “Or is that better?”

“Always good with you,” I moaned and ran my hands up his firm thighs. “Ride me bucking bronco style.”

“Yee-haw,” Imogen yelled in a bad drawl and started moving his hips. His tight heat moved up and down me so fast my eyes almost rolled in my head. “You’d never bite my dick, right?”

“Of course not,” Aaron answered, looking appalled.

“Then you should put that mouth to good use.” Imogen gave our mate a wink and held up his dick. Faster than I could see, Aaron was kneeling on the bed, leaning over me and sucking him off.

I watched my mates for several minutes moan in pleasure as Aaron deep-throated Imogen as he rode me. I’d never hoped for the three of us to be joined like this. I needed something more to push me over the edge.

“Bite me,” I whispered as I stared at Aaron. “Your mark healed, and I want to wear it again.”

I hadn’t been thinking clearly because they both froze. Just as I went to say something Imogen nodded. “Do it. It might get me used to it if I see it’s not bad and replace the awful memories I have with good ones.” Aaron pulled off his cock with a loud pop.

“Okay.” Aaron looked hesitant, his lips pressed firmly together, but he wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity when Imogen was trying. He lay down beside me. I exposed my neck to him as our mate started fucking himself on my cock again and Aaron reached up to stroke Imogen’s cock.

“Aaron!” I screamed as he sunk his fangs into my flesh. I cried out Imogen’s name as I came, filling him with my seed. My climax almost hurt it hit me so hard, and I rode the waves of it. “Yes. That’s it. Oh gods.”

“It feels that good?” Imogen whispered when I was spent.

“Yeah, it really does,” I gasped. I felt bad that he hadn’t come yet but Aaron was seeing to his needs. It seemed my mate had slipped some of his toys into the nightstand. He leaned over and pulled out a huge dildo.

I watched in awe as he pulled Imogen off my spent cock in a flash and had him on his back. Aaron spread his legs wide in the air and shoved the toy in our fairy’s ass.

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