Confessions of a Victorian Master 2: Mrs. Anne (MFM)

Confessions of a Victorian Master 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,076
4 Ratings (4.3)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Historical Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, adultery, Consensual BDSM, spanking, voyeurism, sex toys]

What’s a young wife to do when she’s married to the man of her dreams, yet cannot consummate the relationship?

In Victorian England, she asks renowned sexual disciplinarian, Jason Featherington, for his help.

Jason Featherington is a man with a purpose. His specialty is the discipline of the fairer sex. In the straitlaced Victorian Era, he’s the man fiancés, husbands, and fathers turn to when their unruly female relatives prove too much to handle. He’s made a living from his endeavors and he certainly enjoys it.

In order to help Mrs. Anne and her husband, Roderick, Jason must first get to the root of Anne’s fears. Through his careful interviews and sexual lessons, Jason guides Anne and Roderick over hurdles standing in the way of their marital bliss, until Anne can submit control to her husband, release her inhibitions, and discover the sexual and emotional intimacy she craves.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Confessions of a Victorian Master 2: Mrs. Anne (MFM)
4 Ratings (4.3)

Confessions of a Victorian Master 2: Mrs. Anne (MFM)

Confessions of a Victorian Master 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,076
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston



“Psst…” The sound caught Jason Featherington’s attention. How convenient that it came quickly upon the heels of his last companion’s departure from his presence. With a cursory glance round the room to make sure no one else had noticed this interruption, he barely turned from his position, but his attention did perk up.

“Might I inquire as to your name, Madame?”

“Sssh, do not make me show myself, Mr. Featherington,” the voice fairly whispered. The direction of the voice confirmed her position behind the tall potted plants in front of which he stood. Ah, so she knew him somehow.

“Very well, dear lady.” He spoke with barely a movement of his lips, so that no one would suspect he was conversing with anyone at all. “How shall we remedy this situation?” He had to admit he was intrigued by the thought of a female being the one to come to him for help, and daring enough to approach him in public, no less, when in most cases it was their menfolk who did so in private.

“I must speak with you,” she insisted. “But what I have to ask must be kept confidential.”

“I can assure you I am the soul of discretion, Madame.”

“So I’ve been informed. Something for which I am extremely grateful.”

Obviously, the female knew something of his reputation if she knew that was so. His whole working career depended on his discretion. And he had never given any of his clients any concern in that direction.

“How might we remedy this awkwardness in communication, Madame?”

Jason smiled slightly when he heard a nervous giggle coming from her direction.

“I understand this is very untoward, but I wasn’t sure how to reach you without incriminating myself,” the woman admitted in soft-spoken words. “I don’t know who I might trust.”

“Understood, Madame. So, is there someplace we might meet face-to-face? If you are looking for my assistance, I’d hazard a guess it will require some measure of privacy.”

“Indeed, yes, sir,” the woman agreed. “I’ve searched the house and found a room that might serve our purpose. We cannot arrive together, though.” Quickly, the woman gave him directions to a room far on the other side of the mansion. “Give me a quarter of an hour before following me.”

“Very well,” Jason agreed. “Until we meet again.”

The time until his rendezvous with the mysterious woman dragged by. Jason did his best not to be sidetracked by any of his many clients he noticed at the party this evening who all eagerly seemed to want his attention. He watched the dancing guests while trying to skirt around to the exit across the ballroom. From the many pale-colored gowns, he could count the unmarried misses eagerly vying for the attention of the unmarried soldiers and gents.

“Where are you off to, you splendid beast?” A woman’s voice stopped him in his tracks.

Ah, Mrs. G! He could tell that gravelly voice anywhere. Damn, he’d been so close to leaving undetected. She’d come up behind him in the crowd of guests ringing the floor, watching the dancers, as he’d been doing before his encounter with his prospective client.

“Just getting a better view, my dear,” he told her, daring not tell her he was trying to leave lest she try to follow him. Mrs. G., or Miss L. as she had been to him then, had been one of his more adventurous pupils. She’d been one referred to him by an irate papa.

Jason’s eyes narrowed as he felt the mounds of her breasts pressing against his back. “Isn’t it stuffy in here,” she complained, obviously using the crush of people as an excuse to tease him.

“Do you not have a husband in tow?” he asked her without turning around. This particular pupil he had to watch out for. She’d proven in the past that she was more than willing to seek him out for a private interlude. Jason had accepted invitations to a few encounters between her and her husband. However, on one occasion, she’d been hiding in his coach after a party. He’d admonished her for her foolishness. And since he couldn’t very well throw her out in front of the other parting guests for fear she’d expose herself and her husband, he’d taken her home until a later time when he could escort her back to her home and explain to her husband what had happened.

“Yes, he’s here somewhere. But I thought—”

“Do not even suggest it, dear girl,” Jason admonished her. “You know what could happen if anything…suspicious occurred.”

“Mmm, yes…” she whispered breathlessly behind him.




“Go to your husband, girl,” Jason instructed her.

“Yes, Master,” Anne breathed softly before giving a curtsy and moved toward her husband, who lay bound and ready for her pleasure.

Jason was happy to see the boy had not spent his time thinking about anything but what was to come because his dick stood at full attention. His massive chest was rising and falling faster as his wife moved closer to him.

When the petite Anne stood right next to him, she hesitated. So Jason moved behind her. “What would you like to do first, Anne?” he prodded her.

“Kiss him?” she asked, as if uncertain that was the right thing to do.

Jason glanced down at Roderick. “Shall we have her kiss your lips first, Roderick?”

Roderick gave an agonized groan. “Yes, Master, my lips first, please.”

Jason leaned down and whispered in Anne’s ear, “I command you to kiss your husband, pupil. On the lips first, as much and as long as you’d like. Now.”

Anne shivered then bent over to kiss her husband. From the groan he heard out of Roderick, he wouldn’t doubt the boy got an eyeful of his lady’s charms before her lips touched his own. Anne appeared tentative at first, only lips touching lips, but before long the girl reached up to fondle her husband’s face as she continued her sweet onslaught.

When she pulled away from him at last, both husband and wife were breathing heavily, fairly gasping for air, staring into each other’s eyes. “Anne, my love,” Roderick breathed, “your lips are so sweet.”

“Anne”—both Roderick and Anne looked to Jason—“what would you like Roderick to do for you?”

“I…I…” The girl blushed fiercely.

“There shall be no pretenses here, my girl,” Jason instructed her. “I want you to look into your husband’s eyes and tell him what you want of him.”

Anne nodded before turning to her husband and letting her gown and negligee fall off her shoulder to expose her breasts to him. Roderick groaned, his eyes widening upon spying his wife’s lovely, distended nipples. “I want to feel him suck my nipples again.”

As if against his will, Roderick’s hips undulated upward, almost as if just her words had him ready to spend. “Yes, please,” he begged her.

When Anne moved closer to Roderick’s face, preparing to offer him a nipple, Jason instructed, “Hold, I think I have a better way.” Since the girl weighed as light as a down pillow, he lifted her bodily and commanded her, “Straddle his chest.”

Though she looked a little bewildered, she did as he bade her, even lifting her gown to find a more comfortable perch. Another groan from Roderick and a quick glance told Jason he’d gotten a glimpse of the sweet blonde down covering his lady’s cunny. The groan deepened to one of agony when Anne moved to settle more comfortably, rubbing her nether lips on the boy’s chest in the process. She herself gasped in delight at the feel of Roderick’s chest hair rubbing against her sensitive skin.

Without any need of direction from Jason this time, Anne leaned over, caressing Roderick’s hair and demanding, “Suck me, my love.”

With relish, the man latched onto the pink nipple being offered to him.

“Ah!” Anne cried out with certain pleasure. And while her husband devoted his attention to each of his wife’s nipples in turn, Anne squirmed and began rubbing her cunny against Roderick’s broad chest.

Jason was pleased to hear him groaning around his wife’s nipple as his pleasure increased.

Anne was running her hands through her lover’s hair, raining fervent kisses on his head as she continued. “Oh, my love,” she whispered into Roderick’s right ear, and then her voice lowered to a tone Jason could not decipher.

Roderick nodded his head in response. Obviously, the young man wanted whatever his wife suggested.

While her husband continued to suckle her, Anne looked up at Jason then down to where she could easily make out his hard dick. “I want you in my mouth again.”

Jason’s eyes widened this time. However, his surprise was only momentary. “It would be my pleasure, darling girl,” Jason told her. Jason let his robe fall to the floor, leaving him completely naked.

Anne licking her lips at the sight of his rod nearly buckled his knees beneath him. Her pink lips were full and wet now. There was no way in hell he could not take advantage of her invitation.

Jason grabbed his dick as he moved to place himself before her, pointing it toward her mouth so she might more easily suck him off while Roderick continued to suckle her glorious globes.

“Uh, yes,” Jason encouraged. This sweet angel was so inflamed that she took his cock deep into her warm mouth. Obviously, she had done some practicing on her husband since she and Jason last met, for he needed to give her no direction this time. She wrapped one little hand around the shaft of his cock, helping to guide it in and out of her mouth. Jason heard more groaning from Roderick and Anne, with him joining in as well. When he was almost on the verge of spending, Jason pulled his dick from her mouth.

Anne’s glazed eyes looked up at him inquiringly and, dare he say, with disappointment. Jason leaned down to kiss her swollen lips, admitting, “I want the pleasure to last, my darling pupil. And you and your husband’s pleasure before mine.”

Roderick let his wife’s nipple go with a slick pop, causing her to gasp and shiver.

“Now, Anne and Roderick, it is time to reverse,” Jason pronounced. “Turn around on your husband’s chest, Anne, and present him your cunny. Hmm.” When Jason realized young Roderick was so long in the chest and abdomen that his little wife’s mouth could not reach his dick, he had to reconsider his next direction. “Roderick, suck your wife’s pussy. Anne, while your husband kisses your cunny, use your hand on him.”

With a simultaneous, “Yes, Master,” from both husband and wife, Jason moved around them to enjoy the view.

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