Hustle of the Gunman (MM)

Galaxia Pirates 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,510
4 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Science Fiction Romance, M/M, HEA]
Darrel has been after Toby since he first stepped foot onto the Galaxia. He can see the longing in the communication officer’s eyes, and he wants to bring it to the surface. The problem is every time he gets near the other, Toby flees like a scared kitten or shows his claws.
Toby has never told anyone that he likes men. The scars from his upbringing still haunt him and make him reject who he really is. Due to this, he can’t accept Darrel, no matter how much he wants to.
When Samuel Jones approaches Sidney with a new job--he wants them to smuggle a couple of crates to Neo-Terra, a planet torn by civil war--it presents a turning point for Darrel and Toby.
Will Toby let Darrel in? Will they even make it off the planet alive?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Hustle of the Gunman (MM)
4 Ratings (4.5)

Hustle of the Gunman (MM)

Galaxia Pirates 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,510
4 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Darrel closed the case holding the automatic laser guns, and locked it. Captain’s orders that all the weapons remain under lock and key while they were in port. Personal weapons could remain on the crew, but any of the larger equipment used for boarding and sieges were to be locked up. The lock was a six-digit code that could only be opened by Darrel, Sidney, Craig, Brian, and Maggie. Furthermore, they each had their own code, which was recorded by the computers.

Checking the armory, he made sure everything was in place before heading out. He needed to go check on turret number five before he could call it a day. He’d noticed a delay in the rotation of the gun when he’d done a manual check of all ten turrets. He was hoping it was just a worn track. If it was a problem with anything finer than that, he’d have to ask Steven for help.

Stretching his arms behind his back, he made a mental checklist of everything he’d gotten accomplished today, and everything he still needed to do before they set out again. Captain hadn’t given them a timeframe for this little vacation, so Darrel wanted to be ready to go as soon as possible. The last thing they needed was to be caught with their defenses down.

Thinking of defenses, he should probably talk with Steven about the shields and make sure they were up to a hundred percent again.

Turning left down the corridor, Darrel double-checked his mental list again, adding to check the shields to it this time. Halfway to the lift, he heard the door open and watched as someone walked out. There weren’t a lot of people on the Galaxia that were so petite in stature—actually, there were only three. The man’s hair was too dark to be Sandy and too short to be Tony, which left only one, and Darrel had to stop himself from smiling as Toby headed right for him.

“Captain wants to see you,” Toby said, stopping a few feet from Darrel, his arms crossed in front of him.

“Okay.” Darrel nodded, as his eyes traveled along Toby’s body, taking everything about him in. He had shortly cropped dark brown hair and eyes so dark they appeared almost black. He didn’t stand no more than five-six, coming to Darrel’s shoulder when he stood straight. Toby was also thin. Like, give the man a sandwich thin.

Toby stood in front of him for a minute longer, his eyes darting about the corridor like he was some kind of caged animal before he nodded again and turned to leave. Reaching out, Darrel caught the other man’s arm and prevented him from leaving.

Those large, dark eyes met his own lighter brown ones, before looking down to where Darrel had ahold of him. “Let go,” Toby instructed softly.

Yeah, he really should do that. He should let Toby go and allow him to be on his way and about his business. Too bad Darrel never could seem to do what he “should” when the smaller man was involved.

Pulling Toby closer to him, Darrel pivoted so he had the other guy pressed against the wall. “You ever going to stop running from me?” Darrel asked, his head leaning down so his face was hovering in front of Toby’s. “Or do I scare you that much?”

For a second, Toby’s eyes did swim with fear, but they quickly hardened and Darrel felt the prick of a knife pressed to his throat. Looking down without moving, he whistled low as he caught sight of light glinting off the antique k-bar. It always surprised him how much Toby preferred old knives. The guy had dozens of them, though the k-bar presently pressed to his throat was his blade of choice. He was also rather skilled at handling the different types of edged weapons. Hell, he could use a fucking katana.

“You know I’m not scared of you,” Toby replied, the blade pressing into his skin just the tiniest amount more before it was gone just as fast as it appeared. “I just can’t return your affections.”

“You’re lying,” Darrel said, stepping back and giving the other man room. How long had they been playing this cat and mouse game? Darrel would approach and Toby would flee. He’d corner the guy, and his claws would come out. He never pushed far enough to where Toby had to use those claws though, and he never would. “I know you want me.”

Toby sighed, his shoulders sagging as he rested his weight against the wall. “You’re delusional. I’d see Doc about that if I were you.”

Darrel laughed at that. These small moments, though seemingly hostile to an outsider, were the best parts of his day. “Suit yourself, but I’ve waited this long. What’s a few more years for you to finally admit it?”

Not waiting for his answer, Darrel started back for the lift. Sidney wanted to see him, and he couldn’t keep the captain waiting.

“He’s in his office!” Toby shouted after him right before he stepped onto the lift.

Saluting to the other man, even if he couldn’t see it, Darrel pressed the button for the first deck and headed up. As he waited patiently for the lift to move, he wondered what he could do to finally break past Toby’s personal barriers. The guy was locked tighter than an Alliance Bank. He’d tried every combination possible to try and get anything besides rejection from the other man, and he’d failed each time.

Darrel wasn’t deluding himself, he knew Toby held the same desires for him. He could see it in his eyes when Toby searched him out in a crowd. Or how he relaxed a little more whenever Darrel was near in a tense situation. Another example was when Darrel did press his luck. If anyone else tried that, Toby would just slit their throat and be done with it.

He just couldn’t imagine why the other man would deny himself like this when Darrel was so obviously willing.




Darrel kissed up his back, his chest soon blanketing Toby from behind. His teeth scraped along his shoulder as a third finger slid in beside the other two. “You’re doing great, little minx,” he praised him. “So, tight. I can’t wait to be inside you.”

Toby moaned, his forehead pressing against the mattress. A third finger was certainly a lot harder to take than just two. Darrel’s kisses, alternating between firm and gentle, the stroke of his hand on his cock, and the attention he continually gave to his prostate kept him distracted enough that he soon found himself moaning and crying out for Darrel to let him come.

How many times did this make that his lover had brought him to the precipice of completion, only to have him pull back at the last possible second? Toby’s cock was throbbing in Darrel’s hand, his balls pulled up tight between them. He could feel Darrel’s rock hard length pressing against his ass cheek, precum leaking and dripping down his leg.

“Darrel,” Toby cried, wiggling around to try and get his lover’s cock aligned with his entrance. “Darrel, please.”

“Shit.” Darrel groaned. He pulled back, and using his own precum, slicked up his shaft and pressed it against Toby’s hole. “This isn’t going to be as comfortable as if we had lube.”

“I don’t care!” Toby whined, pushing back on Darrel’s cock. He could feel his engorged head pressing against him and he was done waiting. “Darrel, fuck me,” he whimpered.

Several unintelligible words escaped his lover before Darrel thrust forward and his cockhead broke through Toby’s entrance. Biting back a cry, Toby pressed back, encouraging him to continue. He already knew the discomfort would fade eventually, leaving only wonderful pleasure in its wake. Darrel continued inside Toby slowly, despite Toby’s insistence to be filled now.

With each new inch Darrel pushed in, Toby could feel himself filling and stretching beyond a point he’d ever experienced before. Sure, he had other male lovers, but they were usually prostitutes, and none of them were this big. Darrel had to be pushing some kind of record. If not for length, then for girth at the very least!

By the time he bottomed out, Toby was panting from the exertion. Maybe he should’ve let Darrel continue with his preparation? Or held off until they were back on the Galaxia with lube available. Then again, it was too late to back off now.

Darrel’s hands massaged up and down Toby’s back, easing some of his discomfort as he kissed him lovingly. The gentle caress did wonders to soothe him.

“Ready?” Darrel asked, his mouth lingering against Toby’s ear.

Unwilling to trust his voice, Toby nodded.

“If it’s too much, let me know.” Darrel kissed his neck. “I don’t want to hurt you. This is supposed to be pleasurable for the both of us.”

“O-okay.” Toby’s voice was shaking, which was exactly why he hadn’t said anything in the first place, but he just knew that if Darrel didn’t get a verbal response they’d remain in the same, unmoving position until he did. “I’m fine.”

“Little liar,” Darrel taunted before pulling out to the tip and then slowly sliding back inside. Toby shivered. It felt really good on the outstroke, but when Darrel’s head grazed his prostate on the way back in, he whimpered, his shoulders falling to the bed. “Seems I won’t have to search for that spot.”

Oh, he didn’t have to search for it. Toby doubted Darrel would ever be able to miss his prostate, with how thick he was.

“I’m going to start now,” Darrel warned him.

Hadn’t he already started?

The answer came quickly enough as Darrel pulled out and thrust back in, his hips driving his cock deep into Toby with a force and preciseness that had him screaming as electricity vibrated along his entire body.

“Darrel,” he cried, his hips raising to meet each of Darrel’s powerful thrusts. “Darrel. Darrel. Darrel.”

“That’s right.” Darrel fucked him with powerful thrusts, each seemingly stronger than the one before. “Call out for me. Let the world know who it is that’s fucking you.”

“Oh fuck!” Toby screamed. One hand fisted in the sheets while the other scrambled for purchase on the wall to keep him in place as Darrel powered into him.

Each deep, penetrating thrust drove Toby closer and closer to that exquisite release he’d been seeking since he’d pulled Darrel into the shuttle. Now he was racing toward it at a breakneck speed.

“Darrel,” Toby chanted his man’s name like a magical mantra. It was the only thing that registered to him as his brain continually short-circuited.

“Right here.” Darrel growled. His hand moved back to retake hold of Toby’s cock. “Damn, you’re fucking dripping. Here, taste.” Suddenly Darrel’s fingers were at Toby’s mouth, the slick digits glossing his lips. “Open up.”

Trembling all over, Toby opened his mouth and allowed Darrel’s fingers in. The salty taste of himself was odd, but the sensation of those fingers thrusting in and out of his mouth in time with Darrel’s cock claiming him heightened the intensity already screaming through him.

“Hold on,” Darrel ordered. Toby had no idea what he meant by that, until he felt himself being pulled up so he was kneeling, his back arching back against Darrel’s chest as he fucked up into him. This new angle brought with it all new depths and sensations. “Fuck, you’re gorgeous.”

He moaned around Darrel’s fingers. He was so damned close.

“You want to come?” Darrel asked, removing his fingers from Toby’s lips and wrapping the dripping wet hand around his shaft. Instead of jacking him off though, Darrel tightened his hold around Toby’s cock, preventing his orgasm.

“Darrel, fuck,” Toby whined, thrashing against him.

“Answer me, Toby.” Darrel growled.

“Yes.” Toby sobbed. “I want to come. Fuck, make me come!”

“That’s right, little minx.” Darrel sounded all too pleased with himself as he started jacking Toby off in time with his thrusts. It didn’t take more than five passes of his hand and Toby was screaming his release. He’d forgotten all about the possibility of someone maybe hearing them as he emptied his load into Darrel’s hand.

“Shit.” Darrel moaned. “Toby.” Hearing his name, so rough and needy, escape Darrel’s lips had Toby smiling right before he felt his lover jerk and release inside him.

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