[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Harlan Banks is a werewolf who doesn’t care for humans and hates hunters. Imagine his surprise when he discovers his mate is not only human, but a hunter and expert sniper?  
When Macon Regret shoots a wolf on pack lands, he never bargains on meeting gorgeous Harlan. The man attracts him like no other, and as much as he wants to stay, he has a job to do. If he doesn’t, it could mean his sister’s life.  So when Harlan is shot, Regret runs.
Back at the hunters' camp, Regret thinks he’s finally found a way out of a bad situation. Instead, he has to choose between doing what he knows to be right, or risk losing his soul.
Regret is determined to save his sister, but just as important, to prove to his sexy wolf he can be trusted and does indeed love him.
Not an easy task, especially if a vengeful brother has his way.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Harlan's Regret (MM)
8 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Regret sat on his jail cell bunk and waited. Waited to be tortured, waited to be maimed and ripped apart. The hunters had been told repeatedly that’s what would happen if they were captured.

He had been here ten days though and no one had hurt him. Maybe it was because he had only grazed the wolf instead of killing him, as he had been ordered to do. Thinking it over, he’d been treated well, so perhaps this was a mind game? Get the prisoner to relax, and then play wolf hunt? He’d heard of those. It wasn’t a reassuring thought.

He stretched out on the bunk trying to think of anything else, finally seeing mesmerizing green eyes. His name was Harlan? Was it possible his Harlan and this man were one in the same? Every time he thought about the big blond, desire shook his entire body, leaving him trembling, akin to an aspen leaf in the wind. A zapping sensation would race through his body pooling in his groin, making it impossible to breathe around the man, much less think. There were a lot of similarities between his Harlan and this man, but if this was indeed his teenage love, he had also changed a great deal. There was no getting around it, he was drop-dead gorgeous, even if he was a wolf.

Regret hadn’t had those kinds of feelings since he was a horny teenager, for god sakes. What was wrong with him? He’d had his share of hookups, but never felt any connection whatsoever. One look at Harlan and he was ready to fall to his knees, so he could worship what looked to be a well-endowed package in Harlan’s pants. Every time the man was around, Regret’s brain turned to mush. He thought he was going crazy, reacting like he had two minds. One he showed the world, the other strictly reserved for Harlan.

As Regret lay on his bunk, he suddenly realized he was being watched. He turned his head expecting to see one of the guards, only to see Harlan standing there.

“I came over to ask you a few questions. That okay?” the blond asked, as he gifted the brunet with a lazy smile, while leaning against the wall opposite Regret’s cell.

Regret stood, walking toward the man as if a rope were tied around him, pulling him to Harlan. Trying to get his tongue unstuck from the roof of his mouth, the smaller man finally responded. “W–what do you want?”

“Those pills you had with you. Is that what you take to mask your scent?”

Harlan’s words ripped away at his resistance and he found himself answering, “Yes.”

“Mmm, thanks for being honest. They feeding you enough?”

“Yeah.” Regret almost tripped as he turned to go back to his bunk. He needed the blanket to hide the swiftly growing problem in his pants. The wolf’s voice reverberated throughout his being, causing his cock to stand at attention.

“You from around here?”

God, would the man just leave already? Regret thought, as his mind turned to putty. Lord help him, he’d see or hear that big sexy wolf and immediately revert to a love struck, randy youngster again, all tongue-tied and clumsy. If he was asked too many more questions, he’d tell him anything whether he wanted to or not.

“Well, are you?”

“Um, ah, n–no. Look I’m kinda tired.”

“Okay, well I’ll see you tomorrow.” Harlan watched Regret for a moment then turned and walked away.

Looking into the blond’s striking, pale jade-green eyes dredged up memories Regret tried so hard to bury in his mind, slamming the door on it and throwing away the key.

He’d known a young man by that name, many years ago. Together, they had learned about love and how it felt when it was over. When the kid’s parents moved away they had taken their awkward teen with them, leaving Regret behind with a broken heart.

Having never told another soul, he hadn’t stopped loving the boy. His Harlan had been tall, gangly and quiet. He had devastating, pale jade-green eyes with a self-deprecating smile that made Regret drool. He had fallen so hard. Regret’s feelings had in no way ever changed for the gorgeous young man.




Regret took the offered hand and followed his mate down the hallway and into the master bedroom. The room was very masculine, with heavy dark wood furniture and a deep blue comforter on a huge bed at least five big men could sleep in. When the wolf walked into the room, he dropped Regret’s hand and then walked over to the nightstand, sliding open a drawer and pulling out some lube.

“Got plans for that?”

“Get undressed and lay on the bed for me baby,” Harlan said, leaving no room for argument.

Regret did as asked then climbed up the bed, as Harlan watched, trying not to groan as his perfect ass flexed. It wasn’t easy for the wolf, as his mate had a gorgeous body. As Regret stretched out waiting for his mate, Harlan found it difficult to breathe.

He began pulling his clothes off, but stopped when Regret starting stroking his hard member that was leaking pre-cum as he watched his love.

“Don’t do that. Don’t touch yourself. Not until I give you permission.”

Regret instantly stopped, but as he watched his big man strip, his cock jerked and more pre-cum leaked. He dug his hands into the sheets, trying not to touch himself.

He was already squirming and Harlan hadn’t even touched him yet. He felt like a god.

He sat down on the bed, turned to face him and stretched out next to the beauty. There would be no more games between them, it was time for truth.

“Before we do this, we need to get a few things straight, you and me. First, you’re my mate. That means you sleep with me every night. I know you need a firm hand in the bedroom and that’s good, because that’s exactly what I’ll give you. It’s my responsibility to see to your needs here. I will take care of you, but only me. Understand?” Harlan said as he stroked his hand up and down Regret from his throat to his cock.

“I understand. Will you belong to me, though, and have no others? Outside of the bedroom I control my life. Can you accept that?” Regret had to let him know he wanted to be monogamous, as he had heard about pack-run activities and a communal lifestyle.

“Yes, that means only us in our bed. I would be very unhappy if I smell another on you, understand?”

“Yeah, I can live with that.”

Harlan smiled, pleased beyond words.

“My wolf needs to claim you. It’s the closest thing to marriage wolves have but it’s for life. No changing your mind or getting tired of me and leaving. If I bite you, you will live as long as I do. What do you say?” Harlan asked while looking at his love’s face, watching the different expressions pass.

“I’ve already had that explained to me. I thought about it a great deal actually, and the only thing I know is, with you, I want it, I always have.” Regret looked up at his mate with love in his eyes.

“Thank you baby. You have no idea how much it means to me. I’ll want you forever.”

Leaning in, he kissed his mate, a hard consuming kiss, taking possession of what the gods and fate had given him.

As he lifted his lips, he kissed Regret’s beautiful gray eyes, across to his ear, licking around the edge and biting the lobe. Then he started a slow, torturous trip down the tan silky skin with his mouth, as his hands roamed up and down his spine. So soft, yet the muscles underneath made him so much more desirable.

Harlan worked his way down the hairless chest, stopping to feast on each little brown nipple, Regret whimpering when his mate bit him. He licked between the ripped abs and worked his way down and across the V of his man. He ran his tongue in the crease between thigh and groin, leaving his lover moaning and babbling. All the time he had been worshipping his mate’s front, the busy fingers of his other hand had been working finger after finger into his mate’s tight ass, stretching and curling as he got Regret ready to accept his cock.

“I’m gonna blow, Harlan.” The brunet moaned as he wiggled, pushing onto his mate’s fingers. God, he needed more. “Please, please, I need,” he begged.


That one word brought Regret down to a manageable level at once, even if the man didn’t like it. 

When the wolf withdrew his fingers, he flipped Regret over, coming up and over the man, lining himself up and pushing into his mate.

“Oh god, you’re fucking huge.” Regret had never been filled so completely, stretched out so wide, he felt like he was going to be torn in half, the pain overwhelming.

“Please stop, god it hurts.”

Harlan stilled instantly, letting him get used to his size. He had been told many times he was huge, but never believed it. Of course after checking out the men he had been with in the past, he had to admit that he was quite a bit bigger than they. Oh hell, who was he kidding, he was a lot bigger.

When he finally felt his mate move ever so slightly, he started again. Thrusting in slowly, a little at a time, making his mate plead and beg in the most delightful way. He kept up the slow, maddening pace, in a little, then almost out, then in slowly, until finally, he was balls deep in the man. Harlan was in sex heaven. Connected to his lover in intimate embrace, he discovered his mate loved having his lower stomach held and stroked when his mate arched his back again, pushing his body into Harlan’s hand.

Regret moaned and fisted the sheets, panting, asking for more.

Harlan stopped once again, letting his mate get used to his size. Regret had been babbling the entire time and as Harlan turned his mate’s head to kiss him, expecting to see pain, what he saw spread warmth throughout his body. His mate had an expression of complete and utter bliss on his face.

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