Permanent Moonlight

Rough Riders 4

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 41,234
0 Ratings (0.0)

When Diego Champagne realizes that he can’t live without Colby Young, he comes up with a plan that will free him from the Banni motorcycle gang forever. He’s prepared to leave everything behind and make a new life for the man he loves and the children for whom Colby is now responsible. But he can tell no one, not even Colby if he hopes to carry it off.

Colby’s having problems accepting that if he’s to remain the guardian of his niece and nephew, he must stay clear of the Banni, and that means Diego. Given Colby’s past, he’s being watched like a hawk, and not just by Child Protection Services. Then Colby’s world spirals out of control when a member of the Banni informs Colby that they found Diego’s body burnt beyond recognition, along with his vest and bike. Miserable and angry at the world, Colby ends up in more trouble, his entire world held together by a thread.

Meanwhile, Diego must fulfill a promise to the leader of the Texas Crushers, who ironically helps him escape from the Banni life. Putting miles and time between him and the man he loves, Diego sets the wheels in motion that will prepare the stage for a crime-free life with Colby and the children. Question is, how will he tell Colby he’s not dead, and will Colby ever forgive him for keeping the truth from him?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is a re-edited, re-release title.

Permanent Moonlight
0 Ratings (0.0)

Permanent Moonlight

Rough Riders 4

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 41,234
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Martine Jardin


I glanced up to see Colby walking toward us. I swore under my breath. I looked at Nuts. “Go on, and don’t say anything to Colby about anything.”

Nuts nodded and walked toward Colby. He stopped, placed a hand on his shoulder. “Glad you found the kids.” Then he kept on walking.

Colby met my gaze. “Where are you going?”

“You better pick up those kids.”

“What do you think?”

“About?” I looked around.

“Diego. What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing. Listen, go and look after your family.”

“When are we going to see each other?”

I looked around again.

“Stop fucking doing that,” Colby snapped. He reached up and placed a hand on my face, turned it toward him. “Look at me.”

“I’m looking. What am I supposed to be seeing?”

“The man you love.” He swallowed. “You do love me. You even said it once.” He stroked my cheek with his fingers. “You can act like an ass if you want, but it’s in your eyes. You can’t hide what’s in your eyes.”

I pushed his hand away. “Do you know who I am, Colby? Do you even realize what I am?”

Colby narrowed his gaze.

I rubbed my eyes. “I’m tired. I need to sleep.” I turned to go.

Colby grabbed my arm.

I didn’t look at him. “Let go of me, Colby.”

“I can’t. I won’t. Never.”

I placed my hand over his. “You have to.” I looked at him. “I’m no good for you. You’re out of the Banni now so stay away from me.” I gently removed his hand from my arm.

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