Red Hawaii

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Heat Rating: Sweet
Word Count: 58,000
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When Kelo O'Holloran's stepfather puts handsome and bossy Nick Gorman in her coveted spot as a cliff diver instructor, the young girl sees red. Famous for her volatile temper, will Kelo learn to control it when Nick decides to take her in hand? What secrets does her mind have behind lock and key that contribute to her loss of control and will a trip over his knee really change her? A man used to being in control, Nick Gorman falls instantly in love with the tiny dark-haired diver and decides he must have her for his own, but will a dangerous shadow from the past take her away from him before their love is ever fulfilled? This exciting and fast paced love story is bound to become a favorite that readers will return to again and again, taking Kelo and Nick into their very heart and soul. This book is also published on with a different publisher and book cover.

BDSM category: spanking only

NO EXPLICIT EROTIC SCENES but not suitable for under age 18

Red Hawaii
0 Ratings (0.0)

Red Hawaii

Newsite Web Services LLC

Heat Rating: Sweet
Word Count: 58,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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"Earth to Melissa--hello!" Kelo stood in the doorway of the living room, hands on her hips, amused exasperation written all over her face as she called to her roommate.

She shook her head ruefully. Melissa was watching that dumb John Wayne movie again! She frowned trying to remember the name of it. It was the one where John Wayne puts Maureen O'Hara over his knee and paddles her with a coal shovel. As if she could even feel it through all those petticoats! What a hokey movie! Just let some man try doing that to her! She wasn't a black belt in Karate for nothing!

She strode over to Melissa and waved her hand in front of the television screen. "Come back to planet earth, Melissa," she caroled, turning off the television and the VCR. She turned to face her dreamy eyed roommate. "How can you watch that stuff? It's so bogus!"

Melissa sighed as she looked up at Kelo, her velvety brown eyes still dreamy. "It's not bogus," she replied. "It's so romantic! How come there aren't men like John Wayne around any more?" She crooked her elbow and propped her head up on her hand. "It takes a real man to turn a woman over his knee and spank her."

"You mean it takes a real jerk," Kelo replied, snorting indelicately. "If some guy tried that on me I'd flatten him so fast his head would spin."

Melissa giggled at the image of tiny, fiery Kelo flattening a big man like John Wayne with a Karate kick. "If anybody ever needed a good spanking, it's you, Kelo. You have no respect for men." She yawned and got up from the couch.

"When I meet a man who deserves my respect, then I'll give him my respect," retorted the spunky girl. "And it won't be because he's big enough to force me over his lap! Any man with more muscle than brains can do that!" She spun on her heel and started for the bedroom. "And you better get a move-on if we're going to get to that Luau on time," she tossed over her shoulder.

Melissa shook her head and grinned. That Kelo! It would take quite a man to tame that girl. As beautiful as she was spirited, Miss Keely Leani O'Halloran was a handful. She and Kelo had been friends since grade school. Kelo had always watched out for her and been fiercely loyal to her when her other friends had drifted away. Her face saddened as childhood memories closed in on her.

Quickly she shook her head, chasing away the past. It wasn't important anymore. What was important was that Kelo had always been there for her and she knew that same fierce loyalty and protective allegiance would apply to anyone that Kelo loved. But it would take a real man--the right man, to win Kelo's trust and affections. It would never be forced from her; she would have to give it freely.

Kelo opened the fourth drawer in the dresser and rummaged through the clothing, grumbling to herself, "Now where did I put that darn coconut contraption? I'm glad this is the last night we have to do this!"

She looked up as Melissa entered the bedroom and walked to the chest at the foot of the bed. Opening it, she brought out the item Kelo was looking for and began swinging it in a circle. "Looking for this?" She giggled, tossing it to her roommate.

"How did you know?" Kelo cooed sweetly, catching the bra and heading for the mirror. She completely ignored the fact that four out of the five dresser drawers were still hanging open, their contents spilling over the sides.

Picking up a second coconut bra out of the chest, Melissa cooed just as sweetly, "Because I know how organized you are of course." Looking around Kelo's room, she shook her head. It looked like a hurricane had gone through it.

Melissa took off her T-shirt and joined her friend in front of the big mirror that stretched the length of the dresser. Both girls were silent as they concentrated on getting the coconut cups over their bras, the straps around, and the Velcro fastened beneath their bra straps so it looked like they were only wearing the coconut bra.

Then both removed their jeans, slid on the green spandex shorts, and slipped into the full grass skirts that Kelo had placed on the dresser. They put the remaining rings of flowers in their hair, and the leis on their ankles and necks. They studied their outfits in the mirror with critical eyes.

They both looked like island girls but there were vast differences in the two girl's physical appearances. Melissa was tall and willowy; her beautiful brown hair fell just below her shoulders in a smooth, straight waterfall. Wispy bangs hung above big brown eyes that were velvety and soft and she had a dreamy eyed expression that made her whole appearance seem soft and feminine.

Kelo was a tiny wood sprite, with a curvaceous figure and long black hair that came to her waist in a rippling cascade of soft curls. Her eyes were a startling blue, a heritage from her Irish father and could turn almost purple when she was angry. She had a clear direct gaze that could bore holes through you while she gave you the backlash of her Irish temper.

"It's almost time for Nuk to pick up us," said Melissa, as she picked up her T-shirt and put it back on.

"I know," replied Kelo. "I really am glad this is the last night we have to do this." She reached into a pile of clothes on the foot of her bed and dug out a T-shirt. She surveyed it critically to make sure it wasn't too badly wrinkled, and then pulled it on over her head. "I'm ready for a nice, long, week-end break. Doing the island dances for the tourists is fun, but I need to rest before next Monday." She headed for the living room.

"I know what you mean," replied Melissa, following her roommate. "The cliff diving classes start at 7:00am sharp on Monday morning, and Pani hates it if you're late."

"Tell me about it," declared Kelo, as she opened the living room door in answer to the chimes pealing through the apartment.

"Aloha! To the two most beautiful girls to dance the Hula tonight!" Nuk's enthusiastic greeting brought a smile and a quick retort from Kelo.

"We're the only two girls dancing the hula tonight, brainiac!" She flipped her hair back over her shoulder and grinned saucily at him as she started through the apartment door.

Nuk raised his arm in a mock threat to spank her backside and she sidled sideways, waggling a warning finger at him. "Uh, uh, uh," she threatened impishly, her other hand over her bottom, "save that machismo rubbish for someone who cares!"

Nuk grinned but his warm brown eyes looked admiringly at Melissa, and he took her arm to escort her out the door.

"How come I get no respect from that one," he complained.

Melissa, amused by Kelo's perky comment piped up, "You'll have to have more than a handsome face to get on Kelo's good side."

Bickering with an easy camaraderie, the three friends stepped out of the apartment building and into the balmy island air. The evening breeze of Honolulu felt silky smooth as it caressed their faces, gently blowing their hair back. They walked the few blocks to the beach where the luau was being held. The big oceanfront hotels held luaus for the guests on a regular basis and sometimes, when funds were low; Kelo and Melissa would perform some of the traditional island dances for them.

The luau seemed to be going in full force when they arrived. The tiki torches were flickering along the beach, making the water lapping at the shore seem dark and mysterious. The delicious smell of pork wafted up from its bed of leaves where it had been buried in the sand hours ago to slow cook all day.

Kelo sniffed the air appreciatively; her stomach reminding her it had been early morning since she had eaten.

"Look, Kelo, there's Pani! And just look at that hunk that's with him," exclaimed Melissa, gouging Kelo in the ribs with her elbow and waving enthusiastically with her other hand.

"Hey ... what am I, chopped liver," complained Nuk, his brown eyes twinkling. His black mop of curly hair, big brown eyes framed in dark lashes, and broad expanse of bare brown chest made him anything but chopped liver in Melissa's opinion.

"Now don't be jealous, Nukky, you know I love you best!" She batted her beautiful eyelashes at Nuk, who tipped her chin up and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

"Just remember that, little woman," he growled, leading both girls to the bottom of the stage steps. Then he continued, "The man with Pani is the one who is going to help him restructure his business and take over the cliff diving classes for a few months. Pani wants to try out some new ideas." he explained, while they waited for the girls cue.

Startled, Kelo's head snapped around to stare at the man beside her father. Her eyes narrowed as she appraised the muscular physique. She could not see his features clearly, but she could certainly see the broad shoulders and long well shaped legs. His arms were folded across his chest and he was looking right at her!

A funny sensation curled in Kelo's stomach and she was instantly on the defensive. Her chin went up and her eyes went a darker shade of blue! She could feel his commanding aura from here and she resented the fact that he was appraising her, completely ignoring the fact that she was doing the same thing to him!

"We're on, Kelo," whispered Melissa, as she poked her friend in the ribs.

With a haughty toss of her head, Kelo turned and walked with Melissa up the few steps of the platform to begin their performance.

Nick Gorman watched as the two island girls and their brawny friend approached the stage set up for the luau performances. His attention was riveted on the tiny girl who walked with the confident air of one who knows who they are and what they want out of life. She could not be more than 5ft tall, but she had a proud bearing that set her apart. She was incredibly beautiful and he wanted to meet her up close.

"Who are the girls that are performing, Pani?" he asked casually, not taking his eyes off Kelo.

Pani had seen the look in the younger man's eye as the girls had approached the stage and he was pretty sure Nick's interest was in Kelo, not Melissa. Beautiful as she was, Melissa was not Nick's type. Besides, it was well known that Nuk and Melissa were practically engaged. Kelo, however, was a different story. His adopted daughter had been catching the attention of men since she was fifteen years old, but now, at twenty-five, Kelo still had not returned any man's interest. He wondered if she ever would.

"The tall young lady is named Melissa, and the smaller girl is my daughter, Kelo." Pani grinned as Nick's head swiveled to return his serene gaze. "They are both beautiful, are they not?"

"My father never told me you had such a beautiful daughter, Pani," he replied smoothly, "or I might have visited before this. Why doesn't she live at home?"

"Kelo is very independent and prefers to make her own way. She and Melissa have been friends since grammar school, and they are now roommates," explained Pani.

"You will meet them both tomorrow for sure, they are cliff divers. But if you would like, I can invite Kelo back to the house tonight for drinks and we can talk a while, eh?" He was amused at Nick's concentrated attention on Kelo.

Nick did not respond he was too busy appraising the island beauty. There was something about her that made his heartbeat quicken.

Both men saw her suddenly turn and stare at them. They could not see her expression, but Pani assumed Nuk had just explained Nick's presence. He had known that Kelo would not be pleased that he had not ask her to take over the classes ... but he felt she was just not ready yet. She was very good, excellent in fact, but still lacked the self-control that Pani felt was needed for the kind of responsibility it called for. So he had simply put off telling her until it was necessary.

He could tell from the way she tossed her head back that she was not pleased at the news. He really should explain her Irish temper to Nick before they met, but he guessed he would just wait and see how Nick handled her. He grinned, pleased with himself. If Nick was anything like his father, his headstrong daughter was in for a very rude awakening.

Nick began to move closer to the stage, looking for a comfortable chair that would allow him a good view of the performers. "I'd like that," he responded at last to Pani's question concerning Kelo. The two men found some seats and sat down.

"Would you like something to eat, Nick?" Pani saw that the leaves were being pulled away from the roast pork that had been lifted out of the pit and he knew it would only be a few minutes before big platters of the succulent meat would be on the tables with the Poi and other traditional dishes that were served at the luaus.

"Not right now, you go ahead. I'll grab something in a little while."

Pani grinned. Nick had not taken his eyes off Kelo. He got up and wandered over to the tables. He had known Nick's father, and a shrewder businessman could not be found anywhere on the islands. Nick took after his father, and Pani was hoping that Nick could help him with some of his business arrangements, as well as taking over the cliff diving classes for the next few months.

When his old friend had died 4 years earlier, Nick had taken over the family's chain of accounting firms and done very well with it. He was also an excellent cliff diver and ran some of the classes on Maui from time to time.

He was surprised that Nick and Kelo had never met, but he supposed it was because Nick had gone to the states to attend a University while Kelo had gone to a local college. And of course, Kelo had been raised on the big island of Honolulu and Nick was raised on Maui. He was twenty eight years old, had a Master's degree in business and was a young man with a bright future. It would please him very much to see Nick and Kelo get together. But he feared it would be a hard struggle for Kelo, if she even took an interest.

He frowned as he thought about the emotional obstacles she had had to overcome after he had adopted her and brought her to his home. Her ordeal with her father and subsequent loss of her mother had left deep scars. It would take an exceptional man to breech her defenses. But maybe, he hoped, just maybe, Nick Gorman might be that man.

Kelo was seething. How dare Pani do this to her? If he had planned on getting someone else for the cliff diving classes, why hadn't he told her about it? She was as good or better than anyone else he could get, and he knew she had wanted to do it for a long time.

It was so unfair! Of course he would choose another man! Men always stuck together. Well, she would give him a piece of her mind tomorrow! She was too upset tonight, and as much as she would like to chew on him, she loved him dearly. She was afraid if she tackled him tonight, her temper would get the best of her.

As she walked down the steps after the performance she saw her father motion her to come over to him. She deliberately turned her head away and refused to acknowledge him. Hurriedly she disappeared among the crowd, and then on out to the outskirts of the party. She headed toward the special grove that her and Melissa often went to so they could be alone and think.

It was off the beaten track and the average tourist would have to be enterprising to find it. It was secluded among the wild growing hibiscus flowers and other exotic plants that grew on the island, and it was the perfect place to sit on the old worn stone bench, lean back in the sun, and relax.

At one time, it must have been part of an old beach estate, but it was overgrown and unused and the new owners of the house either did not keep the woodland area up properly, or it had become public property, because few people ever went there.

As she walked along the path through the undergrowth, she wondered what had happened to Nuk and Melissa. They had left before she was finished. She had the last dance of the show but she had noticed they seemed to be arguing just as she was beginning her performance.

As she approached the small clearing, the trees were thinning out and moonlight was streaming down through the canopy. Suddenly, she heard Melissa's voice, crying out, "No, Nuk, no ... you can't ... Nuk ... stop! You can't do this!"

Then slapping sounds began to assail her ears, along with Melissa's protests! What in the world was going on? It sounded like Nuk was ... no ... surely not! Surely gentle easygoing Nuk was not spanking her friend! But if not that, then what was he doing to her?

She couldn't believe he would actually hurt Melissa--better make sure though! She stepped through the green flowering wall.

There on the stone bench was Nuk, seated at a slight angle with his back to her, muscles rippling beneath his bare skin as he raised his right arm above his shoulder and came down with a resounding SMACK! Right on poor Melissa's bare upturned bottom!

Her best friend was lying over Nuk's broad hard thighs, her arm pinned in his huge left hand. Her grass skirt was lying on the ground and the green spandex shorts she wore beneath the skirts were down at her knees. Her legs were kicking and flailing and Melissa was howling!

"Don't you ever use that kind of language to me again, young lady," growled Nuk in a stern voice that Kelo had never heard before.

Suddenly, strong arms closed around Kelo's waist and she was yanked off her feet and back through the flowering hedge!

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