In The Still of the Night (MF)

The Protectors 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 80,470
30 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance]

Take one gun-shy woman and one hotter than hell man and watch the sparks fly. Jenna’s taste in men has been pretty pathetic to date, but when she meets Riley, she hopes her luck has changed. Riley is a little wild and a lot hot, but will he stick around long enough for them to explore the sparks between them? Can they build a relationship that will last?

When Jenna’s ex shows up with blood in his eyes, Riley appoints himself her bodyguard. He plans to stick around long enough to rid Jenna of her ex, but after that, he plans to ride off again. Jenna plans to pull out all the stops to change his mind about leaving. In the end, will love prove the one constant in both of their lives?

A Siren Erotic Romance


In The Still of the Night (MF)
30 Ratings (4.4)

In The Still of the Night (MF)

The Protectors 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 80,470
30 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston



“We need to talk before you go.”

Jenna looked up at him. “About what?”

“You and your taste in men.” He walked toward the hotel room door.

Jenna didn’t follow him. She had no intention of following him inside or talking to him about anything. Instead, she stood there with her arms crossed.

He stopped and slowly turned around. For a few seconds, he just stared at her then he blew out a breath and closed his eyes then opened them again.

“I’m not giving you the keys until we talk.”

“Then we can talk out here. I’m not going in your room with you.” Jenna winced when her voice broke.

“Fine.” Riley leaned back against the room door and crossed his arms over his chest.

He was big. Probably six feet six with muscular arms and a broad chest. She had seen it bare before and could remember the washboard abs and narrow waist. His dark eyes were mesmerizing. The sight of his bald head turned her on even more so than those dark eyes. He was eye candy, no doubt about it. But he was too intense and a very dangerous man. She knew this for a fact.

Less than twenty-four hours ago, he had broken an ex-boyfriend’s nose and possibly his jaw for hurting her. She had fading bruises on her arms where Todd had grabbed her, and Riley hadn’t liked it. Why did he care? Then why had he helped Morgan catch the stalker terrorizing her best friend, Tina? None of it made sense.

“What did you want to talk about?” she asked again.

“You need to stay away from Todd.”

“I have no intentions of seeing him again, not that it is any of your business. It wasn’t my fault he came looking for me anyway.”

“He won’t be doing that again. If he does, you call me,” he said.

“Since he isn’t going to be bothering me, there is no need for me to call you.”

“Which brings me to the subject of you going out.”

“I don’t go out alone. Tina and I go out together. I’m not stupid.” Jenna planted her hands on her hips.

“Yeah, well I think Logan is going to have something to say about that from now on.” Riley growled.

“I can guarantee that if Tina wants to go out, she will.”

“As long as Logan is with you, I’m not worried. But, you aren’t to go anywhere alone. It’s too dangerous.” Riley took a step toward her.

“Look, I’m grown. I can make my own decisions.”

“Then act grown. Remember there are people out there who will hurt you.”

“I think I know that better than anyone. Besides, you aren’t going to be around much longer anyway. What I do or don’t do is irrelevant to you.” Jenna huffed out a breath in irritation.

“I’m not gone yet. As long as I’m around, you are going to be careful, you and Tina both. Now that they are engaged, Logan will see to it with Tina,” he said.

“And you think you’re going to see to it for me?” She crossed her arms again.

“Tell me about your ex-husband.”

The abrupt change in subject took Jenna by surprise. “Why do you want to know about him?”

“Tina said he abused you. How long where you with him?” Riley asked.

“None of your business. Give me my keys. This conversation is over.” She held out her hand.

“Not until you answer my questions.”

“What questions?”

“Where is he now?” he demanded.

“In prison,” she said.

“What for?”

“He nearly killed me. They gave him six measly years. They called it aggravated assault instead of attempted murder. Six years.”

“What are you going to do when he gets out?” Riley asked.

“He won’t bother me. It’s supposed to be a part of his final release that he can’t come near me.”

Riley shook his head and huffed out a breath. “You need self-defense classes.”

“Tina and I both took them several years ago,” Jenna said.

“They don’t seem to have been very effective. You need something along the lines of martial arts. I’ll get Logan to find out who is best to teach you.”

“Look, you can’t tell me what to do,” Jenna argued.

Riley had her backed against her car in a second. “You will take the fucking classes and learn how to protect yourself. You can’t do a thing to protect yourself from me or anyone else right now.”

Jenna swallowed hard. He wasn’t touching her anywhere. He had placed his hands on either side of her head against the car and leaned in toward her. But he wasn’t touching her. She wasn’t afraid of him, but she was nervous around him. She didn’t think he would hurt her.

“You’ve made your point. Can I have my keys now?”

Riley stared into her eyes for a full ten seconds before backing away and digging in his pocket, producing the keys. He held them up for her to take after pushing the door lock button to unlock the door. She breathed a sigh of relief and reached up and grabbed them. He held on to them for a few seconds but let them go. He opened the door for her then closed it once she was safely inside.




“Get in the center of the bed. Put your hands over your head, and hold on to the headboard.” He pulled off his boots and then his jeans.

He stood before her gloriously naked, his thick cock standing out from his body. He fisted a hand around his cock and slowly stroked it. A drop of pre-cum leaked from the tip. She licked her lips, wanting to taste his salty essence. Slowly, she scooted up the center of the bed until she could grasp the headboard with her hands. She never took her eyes off his straining cock. He rolled a condom over the thick width of it.

“Now don’t move them no matter what. Do you understand?” He asked.

She nodded, watching as he crawled up on the bed between her legs. He leaned over her until his head was level with her breasts. His tongue flicked out and touched her nipple. Then he laved all around the torrid peak until she was thrusting her chest toward his mouth wanting—needing him to lick her nipple. Instead, he moved to the other breast and repeated the torturous journey. His sheathed cock rested lightly against her pussy. She raised her hips to rub against him. He arched away from her.

He licked his way down between her breasts until he reached her bellybutton. There he dipped his tongue inside then nipped at her belly. She couldn’t stop the whimper that escaped her mouth. He chuckled and continued his journey downward, licking and biting lightly along the way. He bypassed her wet folds and aching clit in favor of her legs. His lips kissed and his teeth grazed along the inside of her thighs to where he licked along the back of her knees.

Jenna squirmed, needing him to return to her burning center. There seemed to be no mercy in him at first. Finally, he eased back upward and blew against her wet folds. He used his fingers to spread her lips and blew against her again. The cool air tickled, deepening her arousal to her surprise. Just when she despaired that he would do anything, he ran the flat of his tongue over her clit. She cried out at the sudden attention and bowed toward him. He stopped and waited until she had settled down.

One of his fingers touched her opening, but he didn’t enter. Instead, he licked her from top to bottom and back up again. He stiffened his tongue, probing until she rose from the bed to grab at his head. He stopped and growled at her.

“Put your hands back on the headboard. I told you not to move them.”

Jenna immediately returned them to their previous position and waited for him to resume eating her pussy. She waited and began to worry that he wouldn’t anymore. Finally, Riley lowered his head and licked along her folds. He lapped at her then ran his tongue around her clit over and over again until she was following him with her pelvis in an effort to get him to lick directly over the aching nub. After awhile, she whimpered and started begging.

“Please. Please.”

He lifted his head to gaze up the line of her body at her. “Please what?”

“Please do something. I can’t stand it.”

“Yes, you can. You can handle a lot more.”

Jenna moved her hands then jerked them back to the headboard at a hard stare from him.


He smiled and lowered his head. Thinking he would only tease her again, it totally surprised her when he ran the flat of his tongue over her clit once, twice, then drew it into his mouth and sucked. Jenna burned from the center of her body down to her pussy. He drew it farther into his mouth then latched onto it with his teeth, so he could run his tongue along it over and over. She bucked beneath him as she came, hard and fast. Her ears rang, and she held on to the headboard for dear life.

He brought her down slowly then flipped her over to all fours and pushed her down to the bed with one hand between her shoulder blades. His cock circled her opening, spreading her juices around, then plunged into her. He buried himself in her with a single thrust. She whimpered and tried to sit up, but his big hand held her down. He began to pump into her over and over. Jenna found herself pushing back to meet his hard thrusts. The friction began to build another climax deep within her.

He popped her ass first on one cheek then the other. The sting resonated to her pussy and created the burn that signaled her climax was close. She squeezed him inside her, and it was his turn to groan. He spanked her again, and she pushed back against him for more. He laughed and repeated the hard pats until she was groaning and lifting to his hand. Her climax inched closer and closer. What was happening to her? She was not only letting him spank her but reveling in it. This couldn’t be her. He began pounding into her harder and faster until she exploded around him, squeezing him with her pelvic muscles.


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