Heartthrob Wants Man to Love (MM)

A Man to Love 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,287
15 Ratings (4.1)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]
The Hill family is in Hawaii to celebrate Storm and Cruz’s marriage. But some people aren’t paying attention to the powdered-sugar sand and turquoise ocean at Lanikai Beach, Oahu.
Stuart Harris has no job and no home. Axl threw him out of his condo when he fell in love with Charles, and no one wants to employ a single father of a newborn child. Stuart’s going to have to let someone else claim his precious infant daughter, Kathleen, because he can’t provide for her. He longs to take his treasured child home but time is almost up.
Jude Hill sees his despair and talks to him. Stuart’s pain is so intense Jude knows he can’t just be a conman, and asks to meet Kathleen and the surrogacy company. He’s determined to help and involves the entire Hill family in rescuing Kathleen and Stuart. But can such a hasty arrangement even work? Will everyone adjust to it?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
Heartthrob Wants Man to Love (MM)
15 Ratings (4.1)

Heartthrob Wants Man to Love (MM)

A Man to Love 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,287
15 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This was fun to see Cruz and Storm get married in Hawaii. I have to say if I was ever down on my luck, the Hill family is surely the one I'd want to take me in.

Another cute, sappy romance with lots of hearts of gold.
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"What a setting for Storm and Cruz’s wedding! Sun, sea, and beaches in Hawaii – it couldn’t be more perfect. Yet, at the edges of all the activity that the huge Hill family brings to any situation, a tragedy is about to unfold. Stuart came to Hawaii to pick up his daughter from a surrogate, but thanks to a cruel ex-lover he is now homeless and unemployed and fears he’ll never be able to claim her. Jude, the third oldest of the Hill brothers, sees him sit on the beach, watching Chris’s son CC with longing and pain in his eyes, and walks up to him to find out what’s going on. What follows is one of the sweetest knight-in-shining-armor stories I have ever read and a testimony to the miracles a large, loving family can make happen. Stuart is in an awful predicament. His daughter has finally been born, but he no longer feels qualified to take care of her. He quit his job because he was supposed to be the stay-at-home parent, only for his ex-lover to inform him he no longer wanted a family and that he was in love with another man, followed by a deadline for Stuart to clean out his stuff. Without a home and no hope for a job, since nobody seems interested in hiring a single dad, Stuart is facing defeat. When Jude steps in, Stuart cannot believe his luck. Dealing with an instant family of almost twenty people is a little overwhelming, but it is way better than being all alone in the world. It doesn’t take Stuart long to realize that Jude could mean far more to him than being his rescuer. Jude is used to people being after him for his looks, and he is thoroughly fed up with it. When Jude walks over to talk to the sad man staring at Jude’s two-month-old nephew, he has no idea he will find such a caring guy in a totally hopeless situation. There is just something to Stuart that attracts Jude, and even though he hadn’t considered an “instant family” with a tiny newborn when he pictured his Mr. Right, Jude is not afraid of babies, and he finds Stuart incredibly attractive. If you like whirlwind romances, if you want to find out more about two men who find themselves facing a unique situation needing to take care of a newborn baby girl, and if you’re looking for a read that is as sweet as it is entertaining and will likely pull at your heartstrings, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Jude Hill kept his gaze firmly on the hand clutching his drink. It seemed as though every time he looked up, every female in the entire state of Hawaii tried to come on to him. He cursed his golden blond hair and bright blue eyes and his clean-cut all-American good looks. He felt like asking someone to paint a sign for him to carry saying, “I’m gay!” and was just about frustrated enough to do it. Although he supposed the women would then try to convert him instead of leaving him alone. If only a cute man started chasing him he might be interested. So many of his brothers had found their soul mates, and he hadn’t. And never would unless all these females would go the fuck away.

Jude sighed heavily. That was why he was here in Hawaii in the first place. His brother Storm and Storm’s fiancé, Cruz, were getting married on Wednesday, and the entire family had come to Lanikai Beach, Oahu, to celebrate. It seemed as if, between them, they’d filled up half the hotel. Jude, his five brothers, three of them with partners, his parents, and his little sister and her two-month-old son. Even Cruz’s elderly parents were here. Between them all, they were quite a crowd, and so many men had drawn the attention of the ladies. The joke was that they were all gay. All six brothers, though not his sister Chris. However she still hadn’t completely gotten over the asshole idiot who’d gotten her pregnant and then tried to ruin her life. Right now her whole heart was focused on baby CC.

Jude wondered if he could pretend the kid was his. Maybe then the women would leave him alone. But that wouldn’t be fair to Christabelle. CC was hers and hers alone, although they all adored him. She wasn’t even his real sister. His oldest brother had found her being attacked in a park when she was pregnant and brought her home for their mother, a retired nurse, to care for. Seraphina had longed for a daughter all her life, and in no time at all, Chris had snuck into all their hearts, becoming their daughter and sister. CC was the grandchild Jude’s parents had longed for and had a veritable plethora of doting uncles.

Just then Chris walked toward him, holding a smiling CC in her arms. The baby was wearing a garment he’d just learned was called a rashie. He had no idea what the word was slang for, but the little blue suit was designed to prevent his delicate baby skin from sunburn. He’d pulled off his sunhat, though, and was holding it in his hand and crowing with laughter.

Chris slid into the seat beside him and tried to put the baby’s hat back on one-handed.

“Let me.”

“Real men wear their sunhats, CC. You really won’t like it if you end up with a burned nose.” He tied the blue ribbons under CC’s dimpled chin as he spoke, and the baby observed him seriously. Jude didn’t know how much CC understood, but he made no attempt to pull the hat off immediately.

“What would you like to drink?” he asked Chris.

“Just a soda please. Sprite if they have it.”

He nodded. For a moment he’d forgotten she was still only eighteen, not legally allowed to drink, although he supposed everyone would turn a blind eye when it came time to toast the grooms at the wedding.

He got himself another light beer as well as Chris’s Sprite and was walking back from the bar when he noticed a very attractive man with red-brown hair sitting under a beach umbrella. At first he thought the man was staring at Chris. She was beautiful. Still too thin to his mind but not frail looking, as she’d been when she’d first moved into their house. Right now, dressed in a sarong in shades of purple, mauve, and lilac, with purple flip-flops and matching purple fingernails and toenails, she was well worth gazing at.

But the man wasn’t looking at her. He was staring at CC, almost inhaling every tiny move the baby made. For a moment Jude wondered if he was a pedophile or kidnapper until he saw the tears shining in the man’s eyes.

Oh shit. Had the man recently had his own infant die? How tragic.




Finally, he placed his lips on Stuart’s and began kissing him. As always, the kiss went wild immediately, but Jude didn’t care. He thrust his tongue into Stuart’s mouth, claiming every inch of it as his possession. He licked the inside of Stuart’s cheeks, flicked the tip of his tongue over the roof of Stuart’s mouth, and then their tongues tangled together until they had to pull apart to catch their breath.

Jude rolled on top of Stuart, grinding his cock against Stuart’s, loving the way the man’s entire body turned faintly pink with arousal. That was damn attractive, to know he aroused his partner so much his skin colored like that.

Stuart gripped Jude’s shoulders, lifting his head for another kiss and then again until they were both gasping. Finally Jude kneeled up, and Stuart rolled onto his front, watching over his shoulder as he said, “Let’s get this show on the road.”

Jude would have been willing to bet his cock couldn’t have gotten any longer or thicker, but right then, seeing the mischievous look in Stuart’s amber-brown eyes and the cheeky grin on his face, Jude was ready to swear his dick grew another inch.

He rested back on his heels and snatched the lube off the nightstand, dropping the lid and scooping a dollop onto two fingers. Stuart cheekily stuck his ass out, and Jude began to massage around the tight outer ring. When he picked the lube up again, he whispered, “You are so damn sexy like that.”

“You’re pretty damn sexy all the time. You only have to walk into the room to make me hard.”

“In that case, it’s just as well we’ll be sharing an apartment soon, then, isn’t it?”

Stuart said a little worriedly, “Until Kathleen starts screaming and keeps you awake when you need to go to work the next day.”

“I’ll buy earmuff headphones like you got her so I can’t hear her cry.”

But already he knew he wouldn’t. He’d get up and walk the floor with Stuart, wanting to learn what had upset her and what would make her happy again.

Right now, what made him happy was having Stuart here in bed with him. His fair skin, the smattering of freckles on his shoulders and arms, the long line of his back, all were incredibly sexy. But nothing was more erotic than his lightly rounded, taut ass. Jude couldn’t wait to drive his cock in there, deep into Stuart’s hot core, and then pound into him until they both came to a massive orgasm. So what if they couldn’t scream out their release? It would be just as good and just as hard as if they did make a lot of noise.

Nevertheless, Jude forced himself to go slowly and ensure he prepared Stuart thoroughly. The last thing he wanted to do was cause Stuart pain. He was such a loving, caring person, who had suffered enough traumas without a careless lover being inconsiderate of him as well.

In the end it was Stuart moving back onto his fingers, murmuring, “Now. I’m ready. Stop torturing me,” that made Jude decide it really was time. He quickly rolled on one of the condoms and leaned over Stuart’s back, holding his hips in a tight grip with one hand while he positioned his cock at Stuart’s back door with the other. His cockhead pushed at the muscle ring and was accepted, sliding inside, deep into such welcoming heat that Jude had to grit his teeth not to let go and slam into Stuart in a frenzy of need.

Instead, he pushed slowly, steadily, until his balls were tight against Stuart’s flesh, and he was breathing hard but still holding on to his control. He laid his upper body along Stuart’s very sexy back, letting Stuart feel his heart pounding in his chest. The blood was thrumming through his veins, his need so high he wondered if Stuart could sense it.

Stuart wiggled his ass and said, “You feel damn good, but you could feel even better you know.”

“I could? Tell me how,” Jude teased.

To his surprise, Stuart pulled his weight forward onto his hands, and then slammed back onto Jude’s cock. It wasn’t as effective as if the dick had been completely out of Stuart’s dark channel, but it was plenty erotic enough to send lust flaring throughout Jude’s nerve endings and make him gasp and grit his teeth. It certainly took any thought of going slowly right out of his mind as he pulled out and slammed in fast and hard, setting up a rhythm that rocked the bed and both of them with it.

Stuart was pushing down on every stroke, swiveling his hips and watching back over his shoulder when he could to catch Jude’s glance. Stuart’s amber eyes were alight with love and lust, and Jude guessed his own face was pretty much the same.

He reached around Stuart’s body and gripped his cock, tugging it with the same rapid stroke as he was using to fuck Stuart’s ass. Stuart whimpered and moved even more frantically, sending Jude wild with the need to come. But he refused to climax until Stuart did. Besides, this was going to be over much too fast. A quickie was all very well, but it didn’t have to be that quick.

Except it was. Stuart drove himself onto Jude’s cock, and Jude lost his ability to wait. His dick exploded into the condom, cum erupting from him again and again. He gave one last twist to Stuart’s dick, and it spurted fountains of cum as well. That was when Jude realized Stuart had been waiting for him. It was a partnership of two equal players, and Stuart wanted him to be fulfilled before he gave in, just as Jude had wanted Stuart to release first.

“I love the way you’re so considerate and giving. Thank you for being you,” he whispered.

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