The American Soldier Collection 9: Password to Her Heart (LoveXtreme)

The American Soldier Collection 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,258
36 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M, spanking, HEA]
Shawna James is struggling through life. Her only family, her brother Keith, comes to visit her when he gets involved in a mission gone awry. Shawna gets thrust into danger like she's never experienced before. Even the fear she sustained most of her childhood with abusive parents doesn't compare to being abducted by terrorists, held hostage in a Mexican make-shift prison, or having to kill in order to survive. Everything her brother has taught her comes into play, except falling in love with the five members of his team, including their gunnery sergeant. These men are older, risked their lives to save hers and Keith's, and now she questions whether they want her out of loyalty to Keith, or if they in fact truly care. They need to prove it to her quickly, because the terrorists they helped her and Keith escape from want revenge, and they'll take it by abducting Shawna once and for all.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
The American Soldier Collection 9: Password to Her Heart (LoveXtreme)
36 Ratings (4.7)

The American Soldier Collection 9: Password to Her Heart (LoveXtreme)

The American Soldier Collection 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,258
36 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A great book
Wow! Out of this whole series so far, I think this one has become my favorite. Shawna is a tough girl who has been to hell and back and when her brother is hurt, his 5 close friends step in. Together they work through all the doubts she has about getting involved with the 5 of them. I love the ending and I'm hoping that Keith will get his own story somehow!!!

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“I need you to listen to everything I tell you and keep it in the back of your mind just in case people come looking for me.”

“People? Who?”

“Shawna, I can’t tell you who, but I can tell you that these men are bad. They want things from me. Things that they can’t have. My cover could have gotten blown on a recent mission. It was supposed to be my last.”

“Your last mission? What about the team? Your commander? The other four men?”

Men she never met. Men she didn’t even know the names of, just men her brother referred to as his team and family.

He took a deep breath and released it. “I was solo on this one. It’s important that you know the possible danger you could be in. These men will stop at nothing to get what I have. I came here because you’re my only family. I had to warn you and set up a plan to help you survive. If they come here and they find you, they’ll use you to get to me and to get this information.”

“Well, then, why did you come here? Who are these people and how come the government isn’t helping you?”

He looked down at the table and then back into her eyes. She knew that look—whether he was thirteen or thirty, he’d done something he wasn’t supposed to do.

He lifted up a black bag from the floor. He had arrived with it. A backpack.

He unzipped it and showed her the contents.

“There’s twenty thousand dollars in here. You take it—its unmarked bills—and you use it to get as far from here as possible. Don’t stay in one place too long. Don’t trust anyone. Don’t go to the police or even the feds. You understand me?”

“No. If you did something so wrong that you can’t even rely on help from a government you dedicated your life to, then this must be very illegal. Why are you dragging me into your problems, Keith? Jesus! Like I haven’t been through a hard enough life as is?”

“Damn it, Shawna, I’m trying to save your life because of all that. I know our childhood sucked. Hell, I got out as fast as I could. Don’t you realize all those times I showed up over the years, and taught you all those self-defense moves, and signed you up for the martial arts training and shooting instructions on guns, that it might have been to prepare you?”

“Prepare me for what? I’m not a soldier. I have shit, and I work at a freaking bar. I’m struggling to pay for college and finish up so I can have a real job, a real career, and a life. I don’t even have a boyfriend because of my fears from the past. Look at this shithole I live in because I have no choice.”

She was standing now and pacing in her small kitchen.

Keith stood up and laid the bag on the table. He walked closer and placed his hands on her shoulders. Her brother had always protected her when things got rough, but he did leave her to deal with the mess at home. She took off when she finished high school and never looked back. Keith was her only family.

“I know you’ve been through some rough times. It was why I kept coming back to train you, to prepare you to be safe. My job in the military has taken a turn along the way that I didn’t expect. There are some very evil people out there, Shawna. People that would think nothing of taking you, and raping and torturing you to get to me. So please just forget about the fucked up shit from the past and take me seriously. They will come for you. I need you to be ready.”

“Oh God, Keith. I can’t believe this is happening. Where am I supposed to go?”

I know my life isn’t perfect. I know the apartment is shitty and I live in an unsafe neighborhood, but it’s my life, my apartment. I worked hard to get here, and I’ve been studying and working to get that degree so I can make more money and get out of here. Why is this happening?

“Bounce around from place to place. There is a passport in there but once you choose a country to relocate to you can’t come back here. That’s your last resort. If they come for you, you must not let them catch you. Use your training, your skills to evade their capture, Shawna.”

She swallowed hard. Her heart was racing, and her eyes filled with tears.

“Can’t I go with you? You’ll protect me like always, Keith.” She grabbed his arm. She wanted to cry, to burst into tears and demand that he hold her, take the fear away like he did when they were kids.

“I can’t, Shawna,” he whispered, holding her shoulder and her waist. He stared down into her eyes. “It’s better if you’re not with me. Hopefully I can resolve this, and you can go on with your life. I want you safe, and I want you happy.”

She swallowed hard.

“And what about you?” she asked.

He released her arms and took an unsteady breath. “I’m going to finish what I started.”

He hugged her tight, and she cried, holding him, not knowing if she would ever see him again. Her life was now in danger, too. What the hell was he involved in?

He pulled back and wiped the tears from her eyes. “You’re strong, well trained, and smart. They may never come here, but that’s not a chance I’m willing to take.”

“When will I know that you have it all resolved and that I don’t have to hide out or move around a bunch?” she asked him.

He stared at her, and she could tell that he was upset.

“I don’t know. But if these people succeed and they kill me, remember to trust no one. Only trust the person who knows the password and gives it to you.”




Shawna couldn’t believe how aroused she felt. She had no idea why she reacted to Mercury’s questioning in such a defensive manner, but now that the man was all riled up, she couldn’t help but feel excited. She should be freaking out right now about being spanked by him. First of all, she wasn’t a child. Secondly, the fantasies running through her mind should send her to confession for the next ten years straight. She was wet. Her panties were soaked, her breasts full and sensitive as she twirled around the hallway trying to find a place to hide. She could hear Mercury coming so she hid behind a nearby door. Her mouth went dry when he took off his shirt. The man was a gorgeous work of art. Large, wide shoulders, intricate colorful tattoos along his arms and chest, and, damn, a dusting of hair that led straight down to his cock. Holy shit.

Turning, she caught sight of a gorgeous bed. It was huge, and she wondered who slept in here. She shivered and stepped away from the door.

She looked for another place to hide, but as she snuck toward the closet, another door opened and there stood Mercury.

She gasped.

He smirked.

“Did you really think you could hide from me?”

She nodded her head. He chuckled. “Fat chance, sweetie. You’re mine. Now get over here,” he ordered.

She straightened her shoulders, felt her legs shaking, but held her ground. “I will not.”

His eyes widened and she saw Stitch and Lee walk into the room, arms crossed and fierce expressions on their faces. Her pussy leaked.

“Now,” Mercury repeated.

She couldn’t move. She was overly aroused.

Mercury stomped toward her, grabbed her arms, and pressed her body against his as he covered her mouth and kissed her.

She was lost in that kiss and in Mercury’s powerful control of her. She wasn’t scared. She was on fire with anticipation. She wanted whatever he was willing to give her. She wanted to feel. Just feel everything from him, from them.

Mercury lifted her dress and pulled it up and over her head.

Her breasts bounced and she gasped. She hadn’t worn a bra with the dress. It was sexy and tight fitting, another choice of garment from whomever clothing shopped for her.

He cupped her breasts and leaned down to take a taste.

“These are mine. All of you belongs to me,” he told her and then stepped back, pulling her along with him still suckling her breasts before he sat on the edge of the bed.

In a flash he lifted her up and placed her over his lap.

“Mercury!” She screamed his name and then felt the warm, large palm over her ass cheek.

“Holy fuck, she’s got a great ass,” Stitch stated.

She felt a second hand caress her ass cheek and then her back.

“Love these tiny little thong panties,” Lee added, and she felt him lift the thin material from the crack of her ass. It gave her the chills. She wiggled and then felt the large hand keep her steady.

“Easy now, baby. You take your spanking like a good girl,” Mercury said, and she wiggled again.

“I won’t. I don’t deserve a spanking. You’re on a trip, mister. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“What did she do?” Lee asked, and Mercury explained.

Stitch bent down and caressed her hair from her cheeks. “You should have taken the sleeping pills. Does this mean you haven’t been sleeping well at night?” he asked.

“I’m fine.”

“Why didn’t you come to one of us? We could have helped you or stayed with you so you could rest better,” Stitch said.

“Are you kidding me?” she asked.


“Oh!” she exclaimed as the first slap hit her ass cheek, burning her skin yet sending waves of fire to her pussy.

“You care to change your answer?” Mercury asked.

“No,” she stated quickly.


“Oh, God.” She felt the cream drip between her thighs. She wiggled her ass and Mercury smacked her ass again then caressed the burn away.

“Are you going to come to us when you can’t sleep tonight?” Mercury asked her.



“Oh God, Mercury, please,” she begged.

“Please what? Are you going to come to us?”

“Oh God.”


She felt the sting and then his caress, and when he maneuvered a finger between her thighs and straight to her wet pussy she moaned.

“Sweet mother she is sopping wet,” Lee announced. She felt a second set of hands caress her ass.

Stitch gripped her face between his hands.

She locked gazes with brown eyes and he looked hungry. “You are a very naughty girl. You need to accept our commitment to you and our desire to make you all ours.”

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