The American Soldier Collection 11: Mending Hearts (LoveXtreme)

The American Soldier Collection 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,374
35 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Ménage Romantic Suspense, M/F/M/M/M/M, HEA] 
Gabe was MIA and Alana was losing her mind. The constant sadness, emptiness, and reminders in Scrantonville were too much. Leaving for Tranquility was supposed to bring her peace, instead it brought her Gabe and his five brothers in arms, plus a whole lot of trouble.
Gabe wanted to be dead. He lost his will to live and even his team was concerned. Alana was their angel who appeared out of nowhere, stirring up old love as well as new. Their team was complete and happiness seemed just within reach. 
They never saw him coming. A killer on the loose, his eyes set on Alana. Can the daughter of a marine survive or are happy endings only made for fairy tales?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
The American Soldier Collection 11: Mending Hearts (LoveXtreme)
35 Ratings (4.8)

The American Soldier Collection 11: Mending Hearts (LoveXtreme)

The American Soldier Collection 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,374
35 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A very good book can't wait for the next one!
Love all of Dixie's books. But the "American Soldier" series is by far my favorite. My nephew has PTSD and her books have helped me have a better understand of that and what I can do to help him and other service men and women. So thank you and keep up the good work.

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Alana sat in the seat alongside Gabe’s parents, Mike and Marcy. She was shaking with emotion but trying very hard to be strong. Strong like her own parents had taught her to be. Strong like the daughter of a Marine should be.

But this was worse than anything she ever experienced in her life. Twenty, and in love with Gabe Weathers, her first and only lover, and now he was gone. The man she gave her virginity to. The one she told her secrets to, and the man she wanted to raise a family with.

It seemed like only yesterday he was knocking on her bedroom window late at night and confessing his need, his calling to enlist into the Marine Corp. Alana supported him. She adored him and would move heaven and earth for the man. But now, looking at the empty seat where Gabe would always sit, was getting to be too much for her. The same yearly memorial and the feeling deep in her gut that made her believe Gabe was still alive. He wasn’t MIA, or a POW somewhere in the Middle East. No. He was alive and she couldn’t accept the fact that everyone else believed him to be dead. Including the government that sent him in there.

She was losing herself more and more. Year after year. She had to leave this town. She needed to leave this life and start anew. Otherwise she might as well go MIA herself and maybe permanently.

She lowered her head and clasped her hands on her lap as she prayed to God while the preacher gave a blessing and spoke about the memories of the spirit and the happy times of the past. There were no more happy times to remember, just the empty seat, the lonely, sick sensation in her gut and the reality that Gabe was never coming back. She lost him, just like she lost her father and her mother.

She was alone and going solo seemed to work out best for her.

“Alana, would you like to say a few words before we close the ceremony?” Marcy, Gabe’s mom, asked her. The woman was sweet and kind, and suffered so deeply losing her oldest son.

Alan glanced at Gabe’s cousin, Deanna. She was married to two men, Teddy and Jim who were detectives in a town called Salvation. It was a good four hours from Scrantonville, but every year Deanna would show up for the memorial ceremony. Three years. Three years and Alana was losing herself.

She nodded her head at Marcy as Deanna bit her lower lip and her eyes filled with emotion. Alana didn’t like to speak about the past about Gabe anymore. Plus, it always seemed to upset Marcy. Gabe’s mom knew how in love Alana and Gabe were, so Alana made it quick.

She stood up and turned toward the large group of family and friends. Most were familiar faces but a few were new ones. Maybe new soldiers who retired from the service and now resided in Scrantonville. Others came in support of Gabe, a fellow Marine.

She cleared her throat and looked to Deanna for a little moral support. Deanna held her gaze steady. Something wasn’t right. Teddy squeezed Deanna’s hand.

Alana cleared her throat. She had to get through this. One last time and then she was leaving Scrantonville.

“I can’t believe that it has been three years that we’ve all gathered here to remember Gabe. I see lots of familiar faces, and others as well. Gabe probably would reprimand us for doing this. He was always so humble.”

She felt her eyes well up with tears as she looked around the room. Her eyes landing on one gentleman. Older, definitely military by his stance, his stature, and focus as she spoke. She didn’t know who he was but she had seen him here before.

“I can remember the day when Gabe told me he wanted to enlist. He was excited. Firm in his decision and I supported him, knowing the risks, but knowing more so the pride, the calling he had. So instead of focusing on the loss of Gabe and so many others, I ask that you all continue to support our men and women in uniform everywhere. Those who have given the ultimate sacrifice and those who struggle with adapting back to civilian life. Gabe’s parents and myself set up the organization Love Thy Soldier. Over the last three years we have helped many of those military men and women returning from service to adapt to their new ways of living, to find employment, aided in financial support, and we continue to do so. So please spread the word about our program and help to save our soldiers and let them know that we appreciate all they do. Thank you.”

Alana walked back to her seat, but not before catching the eye of that man in the back, the one with the military stance, the one who seemed to be watching her like a hawk.

The pastor ended the ceremony and they all headed outside despite the chilly March temperatures.




Jaxon set Alana’s feet down on the rug in front of the King-sized bed. He took her to his room because he was the one carrying her and he was the leader of this group of hard-headed Marines.

He cupped her cheeks and stared down into her eyes as the others trickled in behind them.

“You’ve got one hell of a set on you for a woman,” he teased. She squinted her eyes.

“What exactly does that mean, commander?” she replied.

He smirked then gave her lips a quick kiss. He let them linger by her lips again.

“It means I’m impressed with the daughter of a Marine. Your father would be proud.”

He kissed her deeply and she wrapped her arms around his mid-section as she kissed him back.

He felt her jerk slightly and he knew the others were there. They were joining in one at a time.

“Baby, I can’t wait to sink my cock into your sweet, wet pussy. Are you sure you’re ready for all of us?” Geno asked her as he massaged her shoulders then ran his hands down her arms and to the front of her blouse removing her clothing.

Jaxon released her lips and she moaned a “yes.”

He reached for her skirt and pushed it down. Together him and Geno helped her out of her clothing. Now she stood there in thin, tiny, black, lace thong panties and her matching bra.

“I would have thought you were the pretty, lace pink type of woman when it came to undergarments,” Geno teased her as he slowly pushed her panties down and off of her.

She looked over her shoulder giving Geno a sassy expression.

“If I knew I was going to have sex with all of you tonight then I would of wore my cherry red set. Or maybe my plum-purple set, or the green one.”

“You have a lot of fancy panties and bras, do ya?” Geno asked then leaned forward and suckled her neck. Simultaneously Jaxon took the opportunity to stroke her pussy, he pressed her legs wider and ran a finger along her pussy lips then up into her channel.

“Yes,” she replied to Jaxon’s ministrations and Geno’s question.

‘That’s a shame you won’t be needing any of them.”

“I won’t?” she asked, not understanding Geno. Him and Jaxon chuckled as well as Jeb, Gator and Gabe.

“Honey, you’ll be filled with cock in every hole so often they’ll be no need for undergarments,” Gator told her.

“Yeah, we’ll only rip them off of you anyway,” Jeb added.

“Oh God.” She moaned.

“Can you handle us together or should we take you one at a time?” Jaxon thought to ask her.

“It’s been so long, and you’ve all got me so aroused right now. I want all of you any way you want me. Just please take me soon. I can’t stand it.” She confessed which only made Jaxon’s cock get harder.

“That’s an order I’m sure we’re more than capable of completing.” He lifted her up and carried her toward the bed, Geno was standing by the bed stroking his cock. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply as Jaxon undressed.

Geno released her lips and ran his hand down her arm to her hand. He brought it to his cock and she covered what she could with her hand. She looked so scared, Jaxon chuckled at her innocence and youth.

“Just breathe, Alana. We’ll be sure to get you all wet and ready.

Geno smirked as he covered her hand over his shaft and moved it back and forth. .

“I know I’m big baby, but you can handle it. You’re meant for me. For all of us.”

Jaxon ran his hands along her hips to her ass. He let his fingers slide between the globes of her butt then to her spine.

“You’re got one hell of an ass. We’re going to claim that too tonight.”

She turned toward him and Geno chuckled as she released her hold on his shaft to lock gazes with Jaxon.

He cupped her breasts and brought her closer to his naked body. His cock tapped against her belly.

“I’m betting this ass never had a cock in it. Am I right, doll?”

Jaxon was so turned on right now even his words shocked him and the casual way he teased his Alana. And she was his. Was going to be his and his team’s once they all made love to her tonight.

She shook her head. “Yes. I’ve never done that before.”

“That’s hot,” Jeb stated from across the room. Him, Gator, and Gabe had their shirts off and were only wearing their dress pants.

Jaxon laced his fingers under her chin and titled her head up toward him.

“You trust us, don’t you, Alana?” he asked her.

“Yes.” He smiled at how quickly she answered.

“You want to be part of this team? Part of us?” Jaxon asked.


“Then offer this body up to us.”

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