Slave To Pleasure (MMF)

Gypsy Ink Books

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,000
7 Ratings (4.6)

Living in exile with her mother, Nissa a half human half fae, trains with the hope to one day become a hunter. When she goes into her first sexual heat six years too soon, she is kidnapped and sold to the highest bidder at the slave auction. Unwilling to give up her freedom for slavery, even if it is to two rugged and virile hunters, she takes desperate steps to escape.

She should have known she couldn’t outrun the inevitable.

Roane and Erik have shared everything in life and plan for Nissa to be no exception. The steely innocence they recognize in her matches up to everything they’ve been looking for. Purchasing her at auction should have sealed the deal, but neither of them bargained on her ruthless determination or the secret she harbored.

Forced to face her weakness, Nissa agrees to a bargain. Seven days and nights of total submission, no questions asked and freedom is hers. Nissa is certain in the end she will want to leave and Roane and Erik are certain she wont.

Slave To Pleasure (MMF)
7 Ratings (4.6)

Slave To Pleasure (MMF)

Gypsy Ink Books

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,000
7 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Bree Bridges
A great book.I hope there is a second
Eliza Gayle has a great way of adding twists and turns into her stories. Never a dull moment in this and hard to put down untill finished.
Professional Reviews

“If you’re looking for a hot paranormal menage relationship, Slave To Pleasure is not to be missed…” –Whipped Cream Reviews

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“Get your sweet ass up on that platform, sugar and show ’em what you got.”

Nissa struggled against the ropes wrapped tightly around her wrists as the guard dragged her up the steps. Already a group of women lined up waiting; each one dressed in very little clothing. Not unlike herself. She didn’t need to look to be reminded all she wore was a thigh-length, sheer piece of cloth, fastened around her neck halter style, attached to a leash. The very leash the guard now used to force her onto the stage.

One look into the crowd of male and female fae turned her stomach into knots. The more she struggled the louder they got with their cheers and dirty suggestions. Bile rose in her throat when the bearded man next to the stage offered to whip her into place. With her attention split, she missed the last step and tumbled, slamming her knees onto the wood. Her flesh tore and pain ripped through her body as her bound hands struggled to prevent her face from hitting the ground as well.

“Enough,” a loud voice growled as a man jumped onto the stage and pulled her to her feet. “There are better ways to make a slave obedient than brute force, asshole.”

Nissa gulped for breath in an attempt to calm her racing heart. She’d be in no shape for an escape at this rate. When the stranger’s hands steadied her in an upright position she dared to raise her face and see who had helped her. Would he be an ally?

Terror and something else she didn’t understand spiraled through her body at the hard look in the brown eyes watching her. Thick, unruly black hair surrounded his face and a day’s worth of growth covered his chin. Coupled with the dark skin and heat of his gaze, he seemed far more deadly than the man currently yanking her chain.

“I’m sorry, Roane, but this one is being especially difficult and the auction is about to start.” Despite the guard’s words of determination to get her in line, he took a couple of steps back from the fae he’d called by name.

Roane. Roane. Why did that sound so familiar? Living in exile deep in the forest with her mother, she had developed a friendship with the dragon shifter, Kian, who brought them supplies each month. He always stayed for a day when he came and would train her on her fighting skills as well as regale her about the latest gossip in his village. That had to be where she’d heard the name, but the memory escaped her.

“Either get her in line without ruining the merchandise or let someone else do the job for you.” The rumble of his deep voice vibrated through her body, snapping her back to attention. When her nipples grew tight and hard under his continued perusal she glanced down, embarrassment heating her cheeks. Nissa watched his booted feet move away and allowed the guard to lead her in place. Clearly he would not be helping her.

Damn shame that going into heat betrayed her like this. It didn’t change anything, though. She would find her way free. For now she had to cooperate and bide her time until an opportunity to run presented itself.

“All right. Let the auction begin,” a voice boomed from somewhere to her side and a flurry of cheers rose from the crowd. The first girl was led front and center and presented to the crowd, her makeshift dress ripped from her body. When the guards spread her wide for inspection by all, Nissa turned away. A fresh wave of nausea churned in her stomach.

The bidding began with men and women yelling out their offers. From gold and silver to rubies and emeralds, bargains were made and slaves carted off the stage one by one by their new owners to do Goddess knew what for these crazy fae.

A particularly bold slave marched to the front with no assistance and ripped off her own garment, encouraging the crowd to admire every inch of her as she bent over and spread her legs wide. The crowd went wild and once again Nissa turned away from the disgusting display. How could her mother or Kian not have warned her about these people? Why had they led her to believe she had a chance of becoming a hunter? Tears that Nissa would not let fall burned at the edges of her lids. Her back stiffened and she looked to the sky, seeking strength to get through this.

In too short a time all the women were bought and paid for, leaving Nissa as the last remaining girl. To her shocked horror there were display stands staged throughout the crowd where most of the newly purchased slaves displayed their numerous talents—some being whipped and just as many being fucked. The others, well, she didn’t even know how to explain what they were doing.

“We have something special at this month’s auction, gentlemen and ladies. Next up for your enjoyment, a fiery redhead. A tasty morsel with human blood running through her veins who just happens to be the infamous half-breed princess called Nissa.”

Shocked heads turned her way and deafening shouts rose from the crowd, startling her. What the hell? Why would they have special interest in her? Princess? What a joke. More like outcast without an ounce of useful power.

While everyone else went insane at the announcement, the two men who remained still stood out like a beacon. The scary fae from before called Roane and his lighter-haired companion, who seemed only slightly less fierce than his partner, stared at her with matching hungry gazes. So distracted by their intensity, Nissa barely noticed she’d been led to the front until her makeshift dress was roughly ripped away.

Immediately buyers shouted lewd comments and demanded a demonstration of her sexual skills. Her brain flooded with renewed fear as the crowd made detailed suggestions as to what they wanted to see.

“Gentlemen, settle down. I know you’re excited by our special treat today and I think you’re right. We should see what our little half-breed can do. Guard, put her on her knees and let’s see her suck some cock.”

Nissa tried to scream, to fight against the guard, but the gag she wore muffled the noise. A second person moved behind her to hold her in place.

“She might need a ring to cooperate. She hasn’t been tamed yet.”

Nissa renewed her struggles and flung her head backwards, her skull crashing into the guard’s face.

“Motherfucker!” His arms released her but the guard’s cry incited the crowd even further. She searched frantically for a way out, anything for her to fight with. She couldn’t go along with this. She’d rather die fighting.

“We’ll give you the Linford diamond for her.” The voice broke through the din and a collective gasp sounded. Nissa searched the crowd, but she already knew who had spoken.

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