Confessions of a Victorian Master: Lady M (MFM)

Confessions of a Victorian Master 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 14,224
29 Ratings (3.8)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Regency Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Spousal Sharing, Multiple Partners]

In the straight-laced Victorian Era, Jason Featherington is the man fiancés, husbands, and fathers turn to when their unruly female relatives are too hard to handle. His specialty in the discipline of the fairer sex is renowned within the town. He makes a fine living from his endeavors and certainly enjoys it.
Jason's current client, Lord M, is unable to get his wife with child because of her unusual sexual proclivities.
To help Lord M solve his dilemma, Jason must first learn the secrets of Lady M's initiation into the intimacies of the flesh. And with his observation of her with her initiator, and his own intervention, he is determined to assist Lord and Lady M deepen and enhance their relationship to a level neither dreamed possible. 
Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.  
"I've enjoyed reading Victorian Erotica for many years and always thought it might be interesting to try my hand at it. When Jason Featherington popped into my mind, I knew he would be the perfect character to bring a Victorian Erotica story to life. He's always there to help others in their quest for lasting happiness. Although at the moment his own story is entwined with others, I do have plans for Jason to find his own HEA. Hope you enjoy meeting him and his clients." ~ Cheri ~ 

A Siren Erotic Romance

Confessions of a Victorian Master: Lady M (MFM)
29 Ratings (3.8)

Confessions of a Victorian Master: Lady M (MFM)

Confessions of a Victorian Master 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 14,224
29 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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4 CHERRIES: "Cheri Valmont writes an interesting novella. Her characters love deeply, but don’t understand each other. Sounds odd? It’s not...You want to see these characters work out the issues and still have a great time—in and out of bed...The love scenes scorch the screen. Jason’s voyeuristic tendencies and his ways of making people believe their prowess is indeed sexy. If you want a steamy read for a cool night, then you need to grab a copy of Lady M – Confessions of a Victorian Master." -- Tiger Lily, Whipped Cream Romance Reviews

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“I’m in need of your expertise, my good man.” Lord M.’s pleading request had indeed surprised Jason Featherington—not that it should have. Jason was well known in elite London circles for his abilities in the discipline of the fairer sex. His accomplishments were what kept him in expensive starched cravats and luxurious rigs fit for a king. “My young wife has shown an uncommon knowledge of the…um…sexual arts for one still a virgin when I took her to wife. When I questioned her, she…ah…was very,” cough, “forthcoming about it.”

“And the problem would be?” Jason encouraged as he stared across his large desk toward his visitor. The man did not seem homely or so unattractive that it would cause a young wife’s disgust. The man’s well-groomed hair appeared as black as the wing of a raven.  He possessed dark eyes that Jason suspected could be expressive if not as guarded as they were presently. Jason noted Lord M.’s symmetrical features, handsome features, he could admit, if not for the man’s slightly drawn facial expression, leaving him wondering what had caused this gentleman’s distress.

Unless the lady was in love with someone else?

As Jason watched, Lord M. swallowed with difficulty, the red of shame sweeping up into his light olive complexioned face. He averted his eyes, staring with contrived interest at Jason’s well-stocked bookcase.

Good heavens. What could be wrong with this man’s bride to cause him such a reaction?

“I can assure you of the utmost discretion, my lord.” This was one of the reasons Jason never thought about his clients by their last names, even to himself, on the off chance he might mistakenly mention them in front of his servants, including his most trusted manservant, Henry. “If you’ve had a recommendation from one of my prior clients, they will have told you I am the soul of such. Now, please tell me what has you in such a state of anxiety.” Jason leaned back, stretching his legs before him, resting his steepled hands across his belly. He wanted the man relaxed. Only then would he get the information he needed.

Lord M. looked toward him again, his dark eyes lit with uncertainty. With his impeccably dressed form leaning forward as if about to impart a secret destined to ruin him, he began, “My wife…she…eh…”

Jason had to admit this situation intrigued him now. Obviously the lady had her husband shaken up. “Out with it, my lord. Your wife what?”

Blushing again, the young lordling burst out with, “She seems unable to find release in the normal fashion!”

What? What the devil was the man blathering about? “In the normal fashion? Are you saying she cannot find her release with copulation?”

Now the raven-haired man looked ready to sink through the floorboards of Jason’s warmly furnished study. “Not normal copulation,” Lord M. insisted. As if unable to help himself, he rose, pacing before Jason’s desk with enough briskness to wear a hole in his imported Chinese rug.


“Roger, you and Lady M. may make use of the water behind the screen for your ablutions. I’ll retrieve my robe and rejoin you after I do my own ablutions.”

After moving to gather their strewn clothing, Roger pulled Lizzie behind him as he headed toward the screen. Jason went into the next room where he had a basin with water for his own use. He shrugged into his dressing gown without bothering to pull on anything else; he wouldn’t need it.

Quietly, he slipped back into the chamber. Moving over to the chair opposite the chaise, Jason sat, plainly able to make out the sounds of copulation coming from behind the screen. Just the sounds of it had Jason’s prick stirring beneath the silk of his robe.

“Spend for me, dearest,” Jason heard Roger whisper to his stepsister.

“Mmmm…” she moaned. Was the man doing as he hoped and fucking her in her cunny again?

“Do you enjoy this, sweeting?” Roger asked desperately. The noise increased, causing Jason to imagine Roger jamming his member into her.

“Ah…Roger…ah…yes!” She ended on a sharp cry.

 To be joined by Roger’s, “That’s it, love, come for me. Ah!”

Sounds of movements returned. Soft murmurs accompanied the movement, some kissing, also. Was the man assisting her to wash? Then of a sudden he heard more frantic noises. Tempted though he might be to let them continue, he knew could not. They had other pressing matters to see to.

Jason stood and walked over to the screen, moving noiselessly around it. It was a lovely site. Lizzie’s enthralled body lay sprawled and bowed upon the generous tufted chair, Roger’s head buried between her outspread thighs, lapping at her juices, his arms over her legs holding them as wide apart as he could get them. Lizzie thrust her hands into Roger’s hair, holding his face to her sex as he licked and laved her plump, sweet looking nether lips.

He couldn’t stop them yet. While he watched, Roger kissed and sucked the pearl between her thighs, until her head flew back and she began bucking against his ravaging mouth. “Ah…yes…yes…Roger!” And the man did not relent until he sent her into back-to-back climaxes.

Actually, the hell with it! Jason was already rock hard again. So he moved in, grasping her hair, causing her eyes to open in surprise. When she saw what he held toward her mouth, she smiled and opened for him, while Roger continued the onslaught on her exposed slit. And watching Roger glance up, smile, and go down once again on his ladylove’s sex, Jason began pumping into Lizzie’s tempting mouth. He’d wanted this anyway. As soon as he saw her suck her lover’s prick, he knew he would have to feel it for himself before he sent her back to her husband and her marriage bed.

Ah, sweet mercy! Now that he’d experienced it for himself, he was quickly getting carried away.  As if no restriction forbid it, he slid his length in and out of her warm, willing mouth. He watched with wonder as she accepted him completely, her luscious lips tickling the tuft of blond hair nestling his shaft, causing a shiver to ripple through his body.

She jerked and moaned as another climax racked her body, and Roger brought her to another explosion, causing her to suck Jason’s rod deeper down her throat. His gut clenching, Jason closed his eyes as his body tautened and the pressure building finally cumulated forcefully. He groaned loudly as he spent on her velvet tongue. Lizzie and he panted and gasped for air as Jason pulled his spent prick from Lizzie’s mouth. Roger moved over the girl, holding her face against his chest, placing soft loving kisses on her hair as she recovered from her multiple orgasms.

“Well done to both of you,” Jason praised the two. “Now it’s time we discuss the reason we are all here. After you two clean up, join me on the chaise.” He stopped at the edge of the screen, and looked back over his shoulder. “No dawdling this time.” But added a smile as he left them to their ablutions.

In no time, Roger and Lizzie joined him again.  While she had only her shift on, Roger had just pulled on his trousers. Jason stood and the two of them sat down. Pacing in front of them, he began. “Roger, you already know why you’re here. But Lizzie, do you know why Roger is here? Or why you are here?”

Lizzie shook her head, a light red of embarrassment staining her fair cheeks. “I can’t say I know why Roger is here, unless— ”

“Unless, what?”

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