Speak to Me of Abduction (MF)

Reel to Real 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 65,356
2 Ratings (3.5)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Older Hero Romantic Suspense]

Stranded in Rio and desperate for cash, Australian backpacker Charlene Paige accepts a minor movie role. When her costar, Hollywood hunk and serial womanizer Jonathon Deveraux, is abducted from the set, she turns to his older brother for help.

Jacob Deveraux is an Oscar winner and Hollywood good guy, but his past has made him a recluse. However, when his brother goes missing, he agrees to help the hapless Aussie who was deceived into taking a movie role so Jonathon could woo her into his bed. Despite being determined to keep his distance, Jacob is increasingly drawn to her.

When it becomes obvious Jonathon’s kidnapping is designed to punish him, Jacob worries his feelings for Charlene make her a target. Despite his efforts to keep her safe, she is grabbed off the street. Can he rescue Jonathon and Charlene, or will he lose not only his brother but another woman he loves?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Speak to Me of Abduction (MF)
2 Ratings (3.5)

Speak to Me of Abduction (MF)

Reel to Real 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 65,356
2 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "Lillian Grant has another hit with SPEAK TO ME OF ABDUCTION. A gripping plot with excellent writing and dialogue as well as very memorable characters make this one impossible to put down. Charlene is stuck in Rio. She was backpacking around the world when she ran out of money. She was struggling to earn enough money to get back home when she's approached to do a movie role with American movie hunk, Jonathon Devereaux. HoweveR, things go terribly wrong when he's abducted during the filming. Charlene reaches out to Jonathon's brother, Jacob, who is the reclusive older version of his brother. But she's not expecting to be so attracted to him. Jacob knows what happens when you let people get to close--he has the terrible memories and pain to prove it, so when the Australian woman comes to him for help finding his brother, he tries to stay away. But he's drawn to her against his better judgment. When she's abducted too, he has to figure out the mysterious circumstances behind his brother's and Charlene's disappearances before he loses them both. This book was fantastic. The plot was suspenseful and kept me guessing. I was constantly trying to figure out the angle of why Jonathon disappeared. Even after knowing the "who", the "why" was elusive, and it kept me glued to my kindle. The characters in the book were definitely memorable. Jacob was tortured but sexy, although he drove me crazy running hot and cold with Charlene throughout the book. Charlene, I thought, had a lot of guts traveling around the world by herself, trying to find out her place in the world. I loved how she wasn't afraid to go after Jacob when she knew he was what she wanted. Although she was younger than him by more than a decade, I felt that she was more mature than Jacob more than a few times during the story. Jonathon seemed like a superficial playboy, but there was a lot more to him than that, and I look forward to reading more about him in the next book. The chemistry was certainly turned up to HOT in this book. I loved the way that Charlene and Jacob tried so hard to stay away from each other but couldn't. It was so steamy. The ending was sweet and left open the possibilities for Jonathon's book, and I really want to see him fall in love. So, a strong, suspenseful plot, characters I loved, and intense chemistry came together to make this a fantastic read. SPEAK TO ME OF ABDUCTION is the first in the Reel to Real series, and I can't wait to see what's going to happen next with the Devereaux family. This is my second read by Lillian Grant, and this is the second one I've had a blast reading. She's new on the scene but I think she's got an excellent future ahead of her. If her first two books are any indication, she's definitely an author to watch!" -- Rho, The Romance Reviews

4 NYMPHS: "Speak to Me of Abduction is the first release in Lillian Grant's new series Reel to Real. Charlene is an interesting woman and I immediately felt sorry for her on discovering the conditions under which she is living. The initial scenes where she meets the men involved in the movie are well described, showing them to be repulsive and seedy. The personality of Charlene is well rounded, a bit naïve but still pleasant, levelheaded and well traveled. Jacob is a different kind of interesting. He's older, more mature, has been hurt in the past but at heart, he's still a protector. He's a great friend, brother and lover and the way Ms. Grant wrote him made me want to know more about him. The mystery/kidnapping part of the story is interesting and doesn't overbalance the romance between Jacob and Charlene, the descriptions of the locale and situations are vivid and the personalities of both primary and secondary characters nicely handled. The sexual tension…the build-up of the relationship of Jacob and Charlene is well done and when they finally get together, it's sizzling. The action packed scenes near the end are some of the best in the book and I really enjoyed seeing the villain get their just desserts. Watch for Keep it Under Wraps, the next book in the series, coming soon." -- Dragon Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

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Story Excerpt


Further along the pier, she could see a boat that dwarfed most of the others. Perhaps Jonathon was there schmoozing with whoever owned such an exquisite and expensive vessel.

A man stood on deck, and Charlene walked a bit closer to get a better look. He wore a pair of faded cut off camouflage pants, a tatty white wifebeater, and had a navy blue bandana wrapped around his head. Dark brown hair hung below his headgear and ended just below his ears. The way he was dressed, along with the scraggly goatee and moth-eaten moustache, gave him the appearance of the hired help or a hobo who had stumbled onto a super yacht. He carried a tall glass, resplendent with a red cocktail umbrella, and had a book tucked under his arm. Apparently he was right at home. She stopped and stared up at him, a smile of recognition on her face. Did she dare disturb him? Taking her chances, she cupped her hand to her mouth and yelled up at him.

“Excuse me.”

He stopped midstride and leaned over the side.

After a quick glance up and down the jetty, he pulled his sunglasses down his nose and frowned at her. “What?”

Not the most promising start, but now she had his attention, she may as well continue. Charlene shielded her eyes, so she could see him better, and smiled.

“You’re Jacob Deveraux, aren’t you?”

The crease between his eyes and the lines in his forehead deepened.

“Who wants to know?’

“Sorry, I’m Charlene Paige. I’m looking for Jonathon.”

He rolled his eyes and snorted with disgust. “You and every other hot-blooded woman on the planet.”

Without so much as another look in her direction, he stepped away from the edge of the vessel.

Charlene took a step closer. She desperately wished she had engaged her brain before opening her mouth. After being determined not to have Jacob meet her as Jonathon’s latest bed warmer, she had all but introduced herself as such.

“I will admit I was paid for spending the morning in bed with your brother, but I can assure you he left my arms as frustrated as he arrived.”

Jacob stopped and stared down at her. “Paid? Are you saying you’re a hooker?”

She shook her head. She obviously hadn’t improved his initial opinion of her, but at least she had his attention. “No, he didn’t pay me enough for sex. In fact, I didn’t get paid anywhere near what I’m worth. That’s why I need to speak to him.”

He leaned on the railing and raised an eyebrow. “And yet he tells me he never has to pay for sex.” He chuckled. “So, are you saying he took you to bed but left you financially and physically unsatisfied? Because he assures me no woman ever leaves his bed unfulfilled.”

“Believe me, I was in no danger of being filled with anything.”

“Resisted his charms, did you? You must be stronger than most women, unless you’re a lesbian. Are you a lesbian?”

Charlene laughed. “No, an Australian.”

A smile teased the corners of his mouth. “I wonder if you’re all immune? Maybe I should ship him to the antipodes for his own good. It would be his own personal hell. However, I still don’t understand why you would be looking for a man you apparently have no interest in.”

“How about you let me on board so I can explain? Instead of me yelling loud enough for the world and his wife to hear.”

With a shrug, he nodded toward the front of the boat. “Meet me further along.”

Charlene walked down the jetty and waited for him. When he offered his hand, she accepted his assistance and climbed on deck. She looked up at him before she claimed her hand back. His sunglasses now hung from the front of his wifebeater. He pursed his lips and moved them from side to side as he seemed to size her up. She met his gaze and held her breath. The rest of the female population might go weak at the knees at the sight of Jonathon, but now she had met them both in the flesh, Jacob won the beauty contest, hands down. Even with his bohemian gypsy hair and beard. His eyes and hair were darker, his cheekbones more defined, and his lips were like a soft pink Cupid’s bow just waiting to be kissed.

Without a word, he turned and started to walk back to his chair and the drink and book he left behind. Glad to have passed muster, she followed along. The front view of him was lovely, but she had no complaints about the rear view either. She gazed at his body, admiring his strong muscular shoulders and upper arms. Her attention moved to his suntanned lower legs and bare feet, then back up his body. His pants were too loose to give any indication about how shapely his rear end might be, but he was a man who obviously worked out, so she imagined it would be as toned as the rest of him.

He glanced over his shoulder at her. “Drink?”


Adult Excerpt


Charlene lifted her face to look at Jacob, expecting some explanation, but instead, her eyes locked with his, and she knew she was toast.

His hands held her face as his mouth took possession of hers. The kiss was bruising. His tongue demanded entrance, and she was more than happy to comply. The sensation of his soft, warm tongue dancing with her own melted her resolve to keep her distance. The arms she initially held rigid at her sides wrapped around him. She slid her hands down his back to cup his backside and keep him tight to her. When he started to hum, it took the eroticism to a whole new level. All the kisses before had been good, maybe passionate, but this time nothing else mattered. This time she wouldn’t fight it. She had no idea where this was headed, but she wasn’t getting off the ride until the end. This wasn’t acting. This was real. The growing bulge in his jeans as he ground his pelvis into her and the warmth between her thighs in response weren’t make-believe. The pure desire in the kiss and the sensation of his fingers mapping her body heated her to the core. His hand grazed her breast through the thin fabric of her dress. He pinched her nipple, and it hardened at his touch. Her panties dampened as a wave of lust spread to her crotch. She wiggled a hand between them and palmed the front of his jeans. He was so hard, so ready.

Opening his zipper, she squeezed a hand inside and wrapped her fingers around his erection. He groaned in response to her touch. Her grip tightened as he lifted her to rest her backside on the handrail. Grabbing her behind the knee, he pulled her leg over his hip before sliding a hand up her thigh, his fingers so close to her aching pussy. His featherlight touch made her shudder as it left a trail of goose pimples in its wake. She broke the kiss and gasped for air as his fingers continued their exploration. A light touch brushed across her damp, silk panties, tracing her slit. His mouth retook hers, swallowing her moan. Another glide of his fingers had her insides pulsing and her clit throbbing. If he stopped now, she would scream. All previous thoughts of not having sex with him evaded her. She needed him, and she needed him now.

Pulling her hand from his jeans, she struggled to undo his belt and button. Finally, she eased his rigid shaft free. He felt magnificent and rock-hard. She explored his pulsating member. A glide of her fingers across the moist tip caused a rock of his hips that sent a jolt of desire straight to her heated center. Wet panties pushed roughly to one side, his fingers slid between her lower lips. The sensation as he ran a finger from her moist entrance to her hard clit made her core throb. Her insides ached to be filled with him. A firmer massage of her bud had her tugging his cock toward her. He offered no resistance as she guided him to her entrance. It seemed neither of them was in the mood to wait. The need had been building from the moment she saw him on the deck of his yacht, and now her passion knew no bounds. He broke the kiss and met her gaze. His eyes were dark and full of lust. Her own passion lifted a notch, her insides tightened, and she licked her lips. Their chests rose and fell in unison.

Eyes locked on hers, he slowly slid inside her. Charlene gasped at the exquisite sensation of being completely filled by him. “Oh, Jacob, Jesus Christ.”

A smile tugged the corners of his mouth at her response. Hands resting on his shoulders, she dug her fingers into his flesh as she struggled to maintain her balance. Every thrust made her quiver. He pulled her leg higher and continued to draw circles around her clit, his rocking driving him ever deeper. She was mesmerized by the raw lust on his face. His eyes appeared even darker, his parted lips redder.

Pushing her harder against the wall, he lifted the tempo with hips and hands. Fingers moved from soft circles over her nub to hard flicks that sent pulse after pulse through her pussy. The ball of fire in the pit of her stomach grew, and unable to hold back, she dropped one hand to the handrail for balance, and the other hand gripped his shoulder. Her release rolled the length of her core, and she closed her eyes as her whole body shook with each wave. She needed more. She needed all of him. Her efforts to impale him deeper inside her failed. Her precarious balance restricted movement.

Sweat trickled down her neck as she panted. Each pulse stronger than before, her climax seemingly endless as it ripped through her pussy. “Jacob, oh harder, please, harder.”

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