Keep it Under Wraps (MF)

Reel to Real 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 73,049
3 Ratings (3.7)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romantic Suspense, light bondage]

Reformed Hollywood bad boy Jonathon Deveraux doesn’t remember starring in the DVD in his mailbox, and he’s not sure he trusts the female PI to find out where the movie came from.

Georgina Stanvers needs the work, but she doesn't like Jonathon. He’s a smooth talker, like the moviemakers who ruined her father. She only suggests reenacting the bondage scene to jar the actor's memory. But untamed passion rewrites the script, and inhibitions are stripped away along with their clothing.

When bullets fly, it appears an impending sex scandal is the least of Jonathon’s troubles. Needing to discover the truth, "George" puts her heart on the line and her life in the hands of killers bent on revenge. If Jonathon is to prove his attraction to the PI is more than lust, he'll have to save her. But first he needs to trust George, and his heart.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Keep it Under Wraps (MF)
3 Ratings (3.7)

Keep it Under Wraps (MF)

Reel to Real 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 73,049
3 Ratings (3.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
It takes a while to get there but when this very down to earth homey PI (we meet her dog and mother) finally gets into that hotel room with the hot actor (who isn't really a bad boy)any prior thoughts of them being mismatched go out the door. Fortunately they don't for some time (apart from a quick amusing trip to the gents for a condom)and the sex sizzles over several chapters. Worth the wait!
Simone Sinna
Ah Jonathan... glad to see he learned something from Rio. Unfortunately what happens in Rio apparently doesn't stay in Rio! George cracked me up. I loved how she didn't really give him any leeway, yet he still burrowed into her heart. I don't think it was so hard for her to burrow into his -- he was looking for that "one and only". And them together was explosive! Their first time recreating the DVD scene... very hot!! And I was glad Jonathan took a leap of faith at the end. How gallant and romantic was that?? Would have sucked if she hadn't felt the same, lol!
Professional Reviews

4.5 NYMPHS: "Keep it Under Wraps is release two in Lillian Grant's Reel to Real series and it takes up a few months after the first left off. While the previous characters make appearances, this story can be read as a standalone but for a fuller understanding of Jonathon's personality, please read them in order. Jonathon's a changed man since the events in Rio but his life is still in turmoil. I really appreciate Ms. Grant's growth of his personality, while still allowing the reader to see his charm and sex appeal. Add in the spunky George and you've got a winning combination that almost sizzles off the page. I admit to initially being a little put off by George's attitude toward Jonathon. It didn't make sense why a PI wanting a job with a famous Hollywood actor would act so snotty and her unrealistic rude behavior continued for some time. Fortunately the other parts of the story made me want to keep reading and I'm glad I did. Recreating the DVD scene is a great idea and getting these two together between the sheets is fiery hot. Truthfully, I never knew what to expect. It seemed like every time I turned a page another piece leading to the DVD puzzle appeared. Then there's the issue of who exactly is looking into Jonathon's business activity…the money…and why. That's a whole other plot twist I didn't see coming but which gives the story greater depth. The secondary characters are plentiful, the locale changes from city to city and you even get to see a little of a movie set. The story's a roller coaster ride of action and emotions from beginning to end. Enjoy!" -- Dragon Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

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A door at the other end of the room swung open, dragging his attention back to his surroundings. A young woman ushered a man toward the exit. So much for privacy. He lifted the magazine in front of his face and sunk lower in the chair.

The mumbled conversation ended and the room fell silent. Dare he take a peek to check if the coast was clear? Before he had a chance to make a decision one way or the other, long, feminine fingers curled over the top of the magazine and gently pushed it down toward his lap. He lifted his eyes and found the young woman standing inches away, smiling at him. “Okay then, come on back to my office.”

Jonathon pointed at himself.

She nodded, her grin getting wider. “Yes, you. Come on.”

Now he felt sure he had made a mistake. Brown was such a common name. He should have chosen something a little more imaginative. He got to his feet and shoved the offending magazine under a less innocuous publication. “I think I must be in the wrong place. I’m supposed to be meeting George.”

She chuckled and held out her hand. “Georgina at your service, George for short, Mr. Deveraux. Now come on. I don’t have time to waste.”

Shit, a woman. Jacob never mentioned George was a woman. Of course he hadn’t actually said he…she was a man either. Maybe he should have been a little more forthright with his brother and told him exactly why he needed George’s services, instead of hinting about a delicate matter. He gave her hand an obligatory shake, nodding toward the exit. “Maybe I should just go.”

With a shrug, she reclaimed her hand before she turned and crossed the room. Swinging the door to her office open, she glanced back. “Up to you. I won’t twist your arm, but why don’t you at least try me before you write me off?”

Jonathon hesitated. She had called him Mr. Deveraux, not Mr. Brown. “How did you know who I was? I booked the appointment in the name Brown.”

She shook her head and chuckled. “I’m a private detective, Mr. Deveraux. I wouldn’t be very good if I couldn’t see through a really bad disguise, now would I? Shall we?”

The jig was up. Since she had figured out who he was he may as well speak with her. If he didn’t tell her why he came, she would probably make up stories far more outrageous than the truth. Reluctantly, he followed her into her office. She slid into an old black leather chair behind her huge oak desk and, with a wave of her hand, indicated he should take a seat. He took note of the surroundings—a bank of file cabinets, the battered desk and chairs. Times must be tough in the gumshoe business. Although not that tough. The computer and flat screen monitor appeared brand-new.

He put his collar down, removed his sunglasses, slid them into his pocket and sat. The oppressive heat of the un-air-conditioned room had sweat trickling down his back and prickling his neck, but he wasn’t about to prolong the agony by divesting himself of his outer clothing. The sooner he escaped to the confines of his crisp, cool, air-conditioned house the better.

With a smile, George leaned back in her chair, put her feet on the desk, and her hands behind her head. He rubbed his fingers across his mouth, taking stock of her outfit. The fetching ensemble included a pair of well-worn Doc Martens, fatigues, and a skintight white tank top that highlighted an impressive pair of breasts. Her dyed red hair was short and tidy. Tomboys had never really been his thing. The outfit was intriguing, and he couldn’t help but wonder if he was the wrong gender to be of any interest to her. So, did he really want to share his problem? He had a nagging doubt she wouldn’t be sympathetic to his plight.

“What do you need help with exactly?”

Jonathon pulled his baseball cap off and ran his fingers through his sweat-dampened hair. “It’s a bit delicate.”

“I figured that much, otherwise you wouldn’t be acting all cloak-and-dagger. So what are we dealing with? Jealous husband? Unwanted child?”

Jonathon glared at her. She had obviously already judged him and found him lacking. “Neither, I hope. The whole episode was none of my doing, I assure you.”

George put her feet down and leaned on the desk. The move revealed an impressive cleavage and the edge of a pink, lacy undergarment. With her assets so clearly on display he could hardly fail to notice, and the underwear had him bemused. What else did her outfit hide? He shifted his gaze to her face. He didn’t plan to give her any more reasons to dislike him.

“What wasn’t? If you want me to help you, I’m going to need just a little bit more.”

Hands busy mashing his hat, he measured his words carefully. The whole sordid tale was bad enough. “Okay, I’m being blackmailed…I think.”

Opening a drawer, George pulled out a pad and pen and wrote his name at the top before responding to his statement. “Blackmailed?”

Her voice gave nothing away. Did she think he was being paranoid or believe he was he telling the truth? He couldn’t tell either way. “Yes, someone sent me a DVD.”

“With a demand for money?”

“No, the DVD came alone, but I did get a message on my phone about money. Maybe they’re related.”

He had no idea if the message on the phone had anything to do with the delivery of the DVD. The caller had made no mention of it, but there was no other reasonable explanation.     

George dropped her pen and stared at him. “Do you have a copy of the DVD with you?”

He shook his head. Like he would carry the damn thing around with him. “No, I don’t.”




She licked her way up his hard, veined shaft before wrapping her hands around him and squeezing tight. Jonathon thrust upward, and she used the momentum to take his head in her mouth. It twitched and pre-cum leaked as she lapped him with her tongue. She broke off her intimate massage and glanced up at him.

“It seems a shame I’m the one having all the fun. You want to play a little?”

Jonathon chewed his bottom lip but didn’t answer. Instead he lifted his hips in an obvious attempt to get her to continue the blow job.

George got to her knees and crawled up the bed. “You want to finish what you started the other night?”

A crease appeared between his eyebrows. “What did I start?”

She sighed. “The only answer I need is yes or no. If you don’t want to join in, then I guess I get to have all the fun.”

His voice was deep and husky. “Yes. Okay, yes.”

“Good boy.” She winked at him before standing with a foot either side of his head. Jonathon’s eyes were firmly focused on her pussy. When he swallowed loudly, she grinned at him.

“Like what you can see?”

Slowly he licked his lips.

“Want a taste?”

He slid his tongue out farther and wiggled it suggestively. Her groan made him laugh. Even manacled to the bed the man could torture her.

She turned to face his erection, knees either side of his chest then arched her back and presented herself. The sensation of his warm breath on her hot center made her clit harden. A soft flick of his tongue sent a jolt to her core. God, he was good.

As much as she wanted to be tongue-fucked by him, she planned this to be a more inclusive event. Walking her hands down the mattress, she bent forward and ran her tongue over the engorged head of his dick. She adjusted her weight to balance on one hand, before wrapping the other around his steely rod. Fingers squeezed tight, she pumped his penis as she bobbed her mouth up and down over the head. She could feel his pulse as blood thundered into his cock. The sensation flooded her pussy with moisture, and she moaned against his member when Jonathon lapped at her with his warm tongue.

He nipped her engorged bud with his lips, sucking it into his mouth before sliding his tongue the length of her slit. When he teased her opening before licking his way back to her clit she ground her pussy harder against him. It was sweet torture. The sensation of his dick in her mouth and his hot, damp tongue swirling between her lower lips had her struggling to keep her balance as the first waves of orgasm threatened to rip through her. She focused on his cock. Not yet. Not yet. She wanted to hold on as long as she could, until he was ready to take the ride with her. Concentrating on his need and not her own helped, but left her teetering on the brink. She pumped faster, taking him deeper. Jonathon started to lift his hips in rhythm with her. He sucked her clit harder before burying his tongue deep inside her opening and she lost the battle. Her hand convulsed around his dick as her pussy did the same to his tongue. She swallowed as his penis stiffened and shot his warm release against the back of her throat. The taste and sensation sent another bolt through her cunt. When Jonathon finally stilled, she let go of his cock and pressed her hand into the mattress to stop herself from collapsing.

George turned around and lay panting on top of him. Her body molded to his. His penis twitched beneath her still hot mound as she kissed him softly on the mouth. He tugged his hands, and she broke the kiss.

“Are the cuffs too tight?”

He shook his head. “No. I want them off so I can touch you.”

“No deal.” She raised an eyebrow. “Unless you’ve played enough for one day?”

A grin teased his lips. “Okay, the cuffs can stay.”

She kissed him long and slow, the musky taste of sex making her lightheaded with need. Desperate to feel him deep inside her, she got to her knees. Hand wrapped around his shaft, she slid the head between her still moist lower lips.

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