[#415 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M elements]

When Hannah Bates helps foil a Dracorian attack on the planet Fraiqua, the Dracorians place a hefty price on her head. Captured by two bounty hunters, she faces death if delivered to her enemies. Can she convince her captors that revenge rather than justice awaits her if they claim their bounty? When she develops feelings for the two men, how will she persuade them it’s not an attempt to earn their sympathy? Erik Leonards’s daughter is being held hostage by the Dracorians, used as leverage to force him to bring them Hannah Bates. Together with his partner, Wulf Stratton, Erik captures her, knowing Hannah's delivery to Dracoria is his daughter Leah’s only hope. On the long trip, Wulf and Erik fight their attraction to the dynamic Hannah. When the time comes to turn her over to her enemy, the men face an impossible choice—save Leah or save Hannah?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Elizabeth Raines is a Siren-exclusive author.


Bounty (MMF)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Loved this book..This is such an great series.
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4.5 STARS: "Hannah Bates has made some enemies in her career as a bounty hunter sometime in the future. The Dracorians will do anything to gain revenge on her for what she did to them. They have now kidnapped Leah, the daughter of Wulf and Eric, two male mates who are also bounty hunters. The price the Dracorians are asking to get Leah back is for Wulf and Eric to deliver Hannah in exchange. They manage to outwit Hannah and take her prisoner, but neither is prepared to fall in love with her, and neither could imagine asking her to become their mate. She’s not averse to the idea of having two male mates, and apparently in Raines’ future society, different species and sexes and sexual persuasions can all mate with no problem or jealousy. The two men don’t want to lose Hannah, nor do they want to risk Leah, so they bank together with Hannah’s adopted son, who looks, but certainly doesn’t act like a teddy bear, and Hannah’s friend who has blue skin and blonde hair. All are fierce warriors, but can they outwit the sneaky Dracorians? Loved Bounty, wanted more, loved the characters, wanted more and loved the sex, wanted more." -- Alberta, Manic Readers Reviews

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Slowly coming back into herself, Hannah felt the heat rising on her cheeks. Before these men put her in their bed, she’d always held a little bit of herself back during sex. Never had she abandoned all thought and simply enjoyed the experience by surrendering mind, heart, and body. Yet she’d easily given them all those and more. She’d also given them every part of her soul, and that scared the shit out of her.

Wulf now hovered over her, a smug grin on his face. Before she could take back some of the power and make a biting comment about his ego, he kissed her. Long and deep, and she chased his tongue into his mouth. Her own moisture was still on his face, and the musky scent mingled with the smell of the men’s arousal. She suddenly wanted to taste them and not herself.

Moving forward until she knelt in front of where Wulf sat on the mattress, she pulled her lips away from his mouth and kissed a path down his neck, breathing in his scent as she left little bite marks down the tan skin. She paused to take a masculine nipple between her teeth and nipped before soothing the bite with an exaggerated lick that made him groan. She worshipped his broad chest, following the trail of light hair down his rock-hard abdomen to the cock jutting away from the nest of blond curls as if begging for her attention.

Damn, but he was perfect. Huge but wonderfully shaped. The mushroom cap was nearly purple, and she traced the veins running the length of the shaft with her fingertips, loving how his cock twitched in response. Pre-cum dripped from the slit on the crown, and Hannah licked it away, savoring the salty taste of his essence. She whirled her tongue around the tip before taking him deep into her mouth.

Wulf pulled the tie from her ponytail before twisting her hair in his hands. Each of his groans and moans wrapped around her heart and squeezed, making her want to please him even more. But how could she also please Erik?

Before the question even fully formed in her mind, Erik was behind her, his hard shaft rubbing against her wet and ready pussy. She hadn’t realized she’d put herself in the perfect position to be fucked from behind, and she hoped Erik could sense just how much she needed him inside her at that moment.

“Hannah,” he whispered before the head of his thick cock pushed against her entrance. “Hannah?”

She didn’t want to stop loving Wulf with her mouth long enough to answer, so she simply wiggled her ass and hoped Erik understood that she was giving him permission. He must have taken her silent assent because his dick eased inside her, so slowly she thought she’d lose her mind. As she sucked Wulf into her mouth, she pushed her hips back against Erik, impaling herself on his cock.

“Damn, Hannah, your pussy is like heaven,” Erik said before a deep growl rumbled from deep inside him. Holding tightly to her hips, he started a fast rhythm, pounding into her as she deep-throated Wulf’s amazing cock.

“So is her mouth.” Wulf’s growl was every bit as loud as Erik’s, making her want to please her lovers even more.

Erik’s moves became almost frantic, and she was pretty sure there would be bruises on her light skin. Hannah didn’t care. She liked it rough, and she’d never had lovers who seemed to understand her needs as well as Erik and Wulf.

Another orgasm was approaching, and she didn’t fight it this time. She was, however, intent upon dragging both of her guys into that bliss with her. Sucking hard on Wulf’s cock, she could tell by the way he pushed his hips at her that he was close. Erik’s fast breathing matched her own.

The sensation of having two handsome men became too much. The wave began deep inside her, spreading like a tsunami to every cell in her body, making lights flash through her vision as her rapid heartbeat pounded in her ears.

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