The Second Challenge

Phaze Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

After only one challenge, Amanda is already well aware that she will participate in the second one, despite not knowing what Benjamin has in store. Her life as a school teacher wasn't exactly full of excitement before he arrived in it and the pleasure that he brings makes her unable to imagine her life without him.

The more time she spends with him, the stronger his allure becomes until she agrees to his proposal though it takes her out of her comfort zone.

Intrigued by the mystery of his attempt to take her to her limits, she puts her trust in him as she accompanies him to a private sex club.

The Second Challenge
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Second Challenge

Phaze Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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It had been close to a week.

Amanda had been counting the hours since their encounter and she could think of nothing except when she would see him again. He was no ordinary man, significantly less ordinary than any other man she had been with. Her feelings and thoughts of him were unlike any she had experienced before.

She had only spent a short time with him but it had been long enough for her to develop an addiction. The photo shoot had taken up only a small portion of the night and he’d spent the remainder giving her pleasure. As if he was researching, he led her through a variety of acts, building his knowledge of her body‘s reactions. Every stroke of his fingers felt like sparks of electricity hitting her skin, and she relished every touch.

The sense of urgency that initiated sex so soon after they met never left. It was the reason she knew every inch of his body as he knew hers.

For a day and a half, neither of them had left Benjamin’s house and very rarely even left the bedroom. Since that blissful weekend, she could think of nothing else.

The first thing she did after getting through the door was turn on her computer. It was ridiculous–if there was an email from him, it wouldn’t be going anywhere, but she felt compelled to check.

The PC seemed agonizingly slow. After twice entering her password incorrectly, Amanda finally got what she wanted, but didn’t like what she saw.

She quickly scrolled through the emails and found that none were from Benjamin. It was maddening, especially when he’d sent her a brief email a few days prior, to see how she was. Amanda had sent him an email that needed no reply but she still expected some contact. As yet, he had left her disappointed; similar to how she felt when she’d had to leave his company at the end of their tryst.

Amanda spent most of the day thinking about her time with Benjamin. Their encounter had heightened her desire, making her want him badly. Intense heat flooded her body whenever she recalled his kiss or his touch, like a crashing wave that she couldn’t stop. Her thoughts were powerful enough to make it seem like he was right there. A deep yearning permeated every part of her, eagerness to experience more that made her want to give herself to him completely. She knew that he was capable of satisfying her desires better than any other man could.

Recalling the pressure of his hard body against her sent a shiver down her spine, carving a route to her pelvis and flooding it with heat.

The last photographs he had taken that first night were of her standing against the wall, her wrists locked in handcuffs. She was sure that he wanted to take more photos, but his physical needs took over. The same body that he had been telling her was beautiful had been completely under his control. The thrilling sensation of being completely at his mercy had created a hot pressure within her, gradually building until it desperately sought release.

Every touch was electrifying, easily making her body yield to him before his powerful frame took over. Just the memory of being pinned to the wall made her feel his weight, the pressure of his solid muscles warming her skin.

His stiff shaft had nestled between her cheeks, prodding her as it eagerly sought entry to the warm confines of her body. Frustration had built and she knew she would be unable to take another day of waiting; she hated being left wondering whether he was thinking about her only to get home and find out that he wasn’t. Almost as if she was addicted to him, she was experiencing withdrawal symptoms and needed more of him to feel better.

Not wanting to log out of her inbox without having rectified the situation, she hurriedly composed a message, doing her best to make it sound casual.

Hi Ben.

Haven’t heard from you in a while so just checking how you are.

Hopefully talk soon.

Amanda x

In her haste, she didn’t bother to read it back to check how it sounded; she just clicked send. After several minutes, no new messages had arrived and Amanda felt silly sitting in front of a screen on which nothing was happening— the modern equivalent of waiting by the phone. A few minutes passed before she decided it was impossible to pretend not to be thinking about her inbox if she remained at her post.

After washing the dishes that had sat in the sink since morning, she decided to take a shower, summoning enough will power to stop herself from checking the screen one more time.

While Amanda slowly undressed in the bathroom, she imagined Benjamin was watching her, admiring every inch of her smooth brown skin as it was exposed. She liked to think that she would be able to tease him, have him under her control, make him wait while relishing how much he wanted her. Naked, halfway through piling her silken black locks atop her head, Amanda knew that, in reality, she would happily do whatever he wanted.

As she trailed her fingers through the stream of water to test the temperature, she could picture him standing there stroking his fingers along her body—up from the back of her thigh and over the curve of her bum. The image made her nipples tingle with delight. She could feel Benjamin’s eyes on her, admiring her body as he teased her, making her wait for what he knew she wanted, failing to see any of the flaws that she had. Just thinking about him was torturous, but she could think of nothing else.

Standing under the warm water, she squeezed a generous amount of shower gel into her palm, rubbing her hands together before slowly sliding them over her breasts. Amanda tugged her nipples, gripping them between her fingers just as he had done.

Her strong desire for him made it seem real and she moaned with pleasure as her hands moved down her body, leaving her stiffened buds behind as she caressed her stomach, waist, and hips with the same strokes Benjamin used–exploring her body as if her hands were his.

She pictured him as he caressed her. He seemed mesmerized by the contrast of the color of his hands against her brown skin. Just as he had teased her, Amanda bypassed her labia to firmly massage the front of her thighs before doing the same to the back. Gripping a buttock in each hand, she squeezed them as her clit and nipples throbbed in unison.

She needed him so badly.

Her head started to swim and her body temperature exceeded that of the water cascading down it to the point where, had he been there, she knew she would have been close to begging for more from him. However, she was alone. She’d have to satisfy herself. When she could take it no longer, she moved her hands to the front of her body and parted her thighs.

Her gasp of pleasurable relief bounced off the tiles and echoed around the room the instant her fingers connected with her swollen clit. She increased the pressure while parting her pussy lips with her free hand. Suds mixed with her cream as Amanda thrust her middle finger deep, letting go of her pussy lips at the same time to brace herself by slapping her palm against the tiled wall. Arching her back, she pushed against her hand, forcing her fingers deeper as she stroked her clit with her thumb.

A hot feeling of pressure stiffened her arm and forced her thumb against her clit, sending a shimmering bolt of heat streaking through her body. Her pussy contracted around the finger buried deep inside it. Her ability to breathe ceased briefly and suddenly, the resulting silence as heat flooded her body, making a mockery of the temperature of the water still pouring over her skin. Exhausted, breathing heavily, she stood there for several long minutes before turning off the shower.

Wrapped in a towel, Amanda strode out of the room, dripping all the way back to her laptop. Still nothing. Impatiently, she tapped rapidly at the corner of her laptop, rhythmically drumming her index finger to no particular beat, exerting energy for no purpose—disinclined to stray far from the only link to the object of her desire. She could kick herself for failing to get his number the last time they saw each other.

Amanda looked at the clock. Time was running by so quickly. Evening would soon turn into night and she had brought work home; there was a load of wash waiting to be put into the machine; phone calls to make—not that any of it mattered. None of it was going to get done because she preferred to bask in the glow of the light from the screen, wearing only a towel as she waited for a response.

The desperation with which she hoped to receive a response was out of character but she couldn’t shake it. She was strangely comfortable with the yearning that was building inside her. Benjamin had been able to bring out a whole different side to her, made her do things that she never imagined she’d experience. It gave her a taste for more.

The fact that he hadn’t made any contact left her concerned that he didn’t feel the same way which created a horrible empty feeling in the pit of her stomach.

After refreshing the page, the inbox counter increased by one. The glimmer of hope was dashed the moment she expanded the inbox and saw that the email was from a clothing company to advertise their sale. It was the last straw and she finally admitted defeat, leaving the living room for the bedroom so that she could moisturize her body—something she always did as soon as she got out of the shower.

Toweling off the last few droplets of water clinging to her skin, Amanda dropped the towel on the floor. Staring at her naked body in the full-length mirror, she selected a bottle of lotion only used for special occasions. She needed a treat. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she slowly caressed her skin, smoothing the expensive lotion onto her body, turning herself on in his absence.

She started at her feet, her fingers slowly working moisture into her skin until she reached her thighs. Closing her eyes, she imagined it was Benjamin massaging them before moving over her hips and up to her waist. A shiver of longing swept through her body—needing his fingers to do what she was tempted to do now. It took a lot not to go straight for what she wanted – she was alone, after all – but she wanted to make herself wait. A feeling of pure lust clenched her pubis, her clit throbbing in a demand to be touched.

Replenishing the lotion, Amanda warmed it between her palms—the subtle scent of vanilla that perfumed the skin of her tummy, wafting up over her breasts and filling her head. Her deep brown nipples were already stiff and tingling in anticipation of her touch and a shiver shot up her spine, making her body jump simply by brushing her fingers over them. Running her palms up and down her arms, she attempted to take her time, though the ball of heat that developed in the pit of her stomach was forcing her to rush in order to satisfy the increasing pressure.

Sighing with pleasure, she rolled one sensitive bud between her thumb and her forefinger as her free hand moved back down to her thighs, her palm stroking both before her fingers crept up between them to stroke her pussy, slowly running the pads of her fingers over the smooth skin of her labia. Tilting her head back, Amanda slid her hand closer to her clit, anticipating the imminent explosive release. But then the doorbell rang and jolted her back to reality, filling her with frustration.

Though faintly annoyed, she was still curious about who could be at her door at that time of night. Grabbing a cream satin robe, she hurriedly tied the belt as she went to the door, padding along the hardwood floor. She gripped the latch, and vanity forced her to pull the clip from her tousled black hair. She ran her free hand through it to straighten it making her forget to ask who it was before she found out for herself.

The careful manner in which she had made sure that there was no skin on show was all for nothing when she opened the door and a gust of wind attempted to make a mockery of her efforts by blowing the bottom half of her robe aside to expose her leg up to the thigh. Alarmed at the possibility of flashing her neighbors and any passing strangers, she ignored the door to desperately grasp the edge of the robe to keep it closed.

In her haste, she accidently knocked the door back so that it was ajar. She composed herself – tightening her belt again – before opening it wider with a tentative smile on her lips. Shock caused her smile to slip briefly before it widened on seeing who it was standing on the threshold. The shocked smile remained on her lips as she was rendered unable to speak, her heart pounding against her ribs.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

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