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Friends in Common (MM)

Suncoast Society

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 20,721
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[Siren Sensations: Erotic Contemporary Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M with M/F and M/M/F elements, HEA]

Playing a friendly game of “Who’s on Top” is just another day in Max, Sean, and Cali’s life. And when it comes to their friends, the triad are usually the first ones there, pitching in and stepping up to help.

Unfortunately, there are some things they can’t fix for their friends. The trick is to recognize that boundary while not forgetting how to have fun or neglecting their own happiness.

But sometimes, Cali can make even a T-Rex look tame.



A Siren Erotic Romance


Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.


User Reviews

- Pam Stanton

It is a great chance to spend more time with this great triad. They are again reminded of what they need and receive from each other and why their dynamic works for them. We also get to see what gre...

- Karen M in FL

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Cali was working on her monthly reports and sales tax filings that Saturday morning, and found herself being disturbed.


Of course, the definition of “disturbed” in their house was up for debate and constantly in flux.

“Ahem. Rawr!”

Cali didn’t look up from her computer. “Still not fucking you in that thing, Sean.”

“Aww.” She finally glanced over to where he stood in the office doorway, wearing an inflatable T-Rex costume. His stubby arms hung in limp disappointment.

“Where’s Max? I bet he’ll fuck you in it.”

“He’s busy in the workshop. He’s working on a new paddle design and wants to focus. He kicked me out of the garage.” The T-Rex head also drooped.

He looked fricking pitiful.

“How’d you find a strap-on harness big enough to go around that damn thing, anyway?”

He shook his hips, making the bright pink dildo attached to the harness wiggle back and forth. “I bought nylon webbing and the hardware for straps. What do you think?”

She sighed. “I think that you have too much free time on your stubby little hands.”



* * * *


“But isn’t T-Rex porn a thing on Amazon?”

Sean wasn’t giving up.

“I think technically it’s called ‘T-Rex erotica’ when it’s writing.” Cali closed the fridge and looked at him, where he’d been standing behind the door. “And we aren’t getting into writing T-Rex erotica, or filming T-Rex porn. We sell implements, Sean. That’s what we do.”

Two Crafty Bastards Toys paid her a salary, but it was Max and Sean’s day jobs that kept them afloat personally. The website-based business paid its own way, and was turning a small profit, but it wasn’t like they could live off it if something happened to Max and Sean’s jobs.

They were both engineers and worked for Sarton, a local builder. Max was their cost estimator, and Sean was their head engineer. They’d worked there for years. Cali also worked part-time doing outside web development, including for her former employer, the local animal shelter. Her combined income, however, was peanuts compared to what the two men made.

She carried her sandwich fixings over to the counter to make herself lunch.

“We could diversify.”

“You and Max have good day jobs. Leave the website stuff to me, okay?”

He scuffed one foot along the floor. “You never let me have any fun.”

“Sean, you are standing in our kitchen, dressed as a T-Rex, and wearing a neon pink strap-on. What is your definition of ‘fun’?”

He walked over behind her, managed to grab her by the hips, and started humping against her ass. “Max hasn’t let me come in four days. Please?”

She turned to stare at him. “I thought you guys fooled around this morning while I was out grocery shopping?”

“No. He dropped me into subspace, fucked my mouth, and then told me I could wait until later.”

“Then go jerk off, honey. I’m on my period and, frankly, you’d have better luck getting some pussy out of Baxter than out of me for the next couple of days.”

Sad T-Rex. “He said I can’t go jerk off.”

“Why not?”

He waved his arms. “Well, for starters, T-Rex outfit. He said he’ll let me come if I can talk you into fucking me in the T-Rex cos—”

“Goddammit, Max!” She stormed out to the garage, throwing open the door and startling him. He looked up, safety glasses on.


“What the hell? I’m trying to work, and you sic Sean on me? Do you not remember we’re supposed to be at the club early today because of the critter group? I don’t have the day off like you guys do. I need to have this stuff done, today, so I can mail the sales tax check Monday. I damn sure won’t feel like doing it tomorrow after not getting to sleep until nearly four a.m. tonight.”

Max took off his safety glasses. “Why the hell did you tell her, Sean?”

Cali wagged a finger at him. “No, no no no. Don’t blame this on Stumpy, here. Why are you torturing him?”

“Um…because I’m a sadist? Aaaand it’s kinda what I dooo?”

She planted her hands on her hips. “Did you not notice the box of tampons on the counter from when I got back from the store? And the chocolate? And the fucking Motrin? You helped me unpack the grocery bags.”

Max winced. “Oooh, sorry, babe.”

“No, don’t you sorry me.” She pointed at Sean, who stood in the doorway, but the costume was really too big to make it into the garage without him either puncturing it on something, or knocking shit over with it. “Take care of him, or you can wear a goddamned chastity cage for the next two fucking weeks. Pick. Or I’ll show you what a goddamned T-Rex can fucking do, and I won’t need a fricking costume to do it.”

Max set the safety glasses down and carefully slid past her, pausing to kiss her. “Sorry, sweetheart. I’ll take care of him.” He grabbed Sean by the hand. “Come on, Stumpy.”

Thank you.” She followed, closing the garage door behind her, watching as the two men headed down the hall to their bedroom.

Yeah, under other circumstances, she’d love to join them and help out, but she was in that first day of her period, hadn’t really started yet, crampy and bloated as hell mode.

And if either of them tried to touch her, she was liable to rip their arm off and beat them over their damn head with it.




Finally, Sean dragged him all the way up onto the bed, facedown and over the towel he’d spread out there. He pulled the ball gag off Max before he shoved his thighs wide apart, then warm breath washed over his balls as Sean shoved his face in there and licked and sucked on his balls. Even a nibble of teeth scraping over sensitive flesh, making Max shiver in anticipation.

Sean loved this, as a Top or bottom. As a Top it was to tease and torment, and as a bottom Sean just loved to suck whatever was put in front of him—fingers, cock, pussy, he wasn’t particular.

Sean pulled Max’s ass cheeks apart and rimmed him, Max’s cock throbbing now, close to the edge between the way it was trapped between his body and the towel and the pleasure of Sean’s mouth on him.

Then Sean sat up and slapped his ass cheeks. “Scoot up.”

Max knew what he wanted and pushed up with his knees a little, giving Sean perfect access to his ass.

Sean squeezed Max’s hot and tender ass cheeks in his hands again. “That’s what I’m talking about.” Max didn’t have time to prep himself before Sean’s cock poked for entry twice before sliding home inside him.

Max groaned, biting back his moan of pain as it quickly turned to a sweet burn of pleasure.

“Yeah, that’s what I wanted to hear.” Sean fell onto him, hooking his arms under Max and holding on to his shoulders, his weight pinning Max flat on the mattress.

Max bent his legs back at the knees, curling around Sean’s legs as the man started his slow grind.

Pleasure rippled through him, almost taking him over the edge. He knew from the towel that meant Sean would grind him until Max came like this for him.

Max’s only problem would be holding back and enjoying being ridden for a while. Helpless, he relaxed his arms, where they were pinned between him and Sean.

Wasn’t the first or even thirty-first time Sean had taken him like this.

Sean’s breath brushed his left ear, hot, gasping wordless sounds of pleasure as his raw cock fucked Max’s ass perfectly. Sean’s fingers dug into the tops of Max’s shoulders, and he knew he’d have perfectly spaced bruises there by tomorrow morning.

Marks he’d smile over and enjoy running his fingers over at work on Monday while sitting in his office.

Alone like this, they could also be raunchier with each other than they felt comfortable with around Cali. Not that they hid this part of themselves from her, but it usually only came out in full force when she wasn’t participating in the fun.

“Love breeding this ass,” Sean whispered. “My ass. Only cock ever been in this sweet ass.” His teeth clamped down on the back of Max’s shoulder, hard, making him moan. “Been too long since I fucked a load into you, huh? Maybe I should stay on Top for a while. Remind you who you belong to.”

Max bit down on his lower lip, groaning as he tried to hold back his orgasm. He was damned close. Amused, Cali had once taken a picture of them like this together, one Sunday afternoon, using a black and white filter.

Hottest fucking picture he’d ever seen in his life, the needy, helpless look on his face and the eager, seductive heat on Sean’s as he’d been whispering something to him.

He kept a copy of it on his phone and the few times he found he needed to jerk off alone, he frequently looked at it and remembered this feeling.

Being totally owned.

The trust he had in Sean.

Their love.

Tell me,” Sean hoarsely ordered. He sounded like he was close, too. “Tell me what you want.”

“Please breed my ass, Sir. I need a load of your cum inside me.”

That’s what I wanted to hear.” Sean picked up the pace, and between the hard, pounding fuck and the friction between his body and the mattress, Max’s cock exploded. The feel of his ass squeezing Sean’s cock triggered his orgasm. Sean took several deep, final thrusts before falling still on top of him, his grip relaxing.

Then he kissed Max’s cheek. “Love you so fucking much.”

Max tensed his ass, squeezing Sean’s softening cock inside him and making the other man laugh. “Love you, too, buddy.”

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