Shadows of Doubt (MM)

Brac Village 29

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,407
35 Ratings (4.9)

[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MM, shape-shifter, HEA]

When Samson volunteers to help with the cleanup after the heavy rains, he had no idea he would be paired with such a hot guy. Deputy Eric Jacoby is one hell of a piece of eye candy, to the point Samson just might suffer a cavity, but Samson and his mother are in hiding from her abusive mate and Samson doesn’t have time to date. They fled to Brac Village months ago, hoping James never found them. But someone is after Eric, and Samson fears whoever it is won’t stop until Eric is dead. 

Deputy Eric Jacoby had no idea the man he was paired with was his mate. The guy was so short and compact that he looked as though he would be swallowed up by the soupy mud. He wants to claim the human right away, but Samson is wary. When Eric finds out that his mate is in trouble, it’s up to him to keep Samson safe.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Shadows of Doubt (MM)
35 Ratings (4.9)

Shadows of Doubt (MM)

Brac Village 29

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,407
35 Ratings (4.9)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole
This was an enjoyable read. The mother and son love between Mirabelle and Samson was great to see. Even when he found his mate they still made sure she was cared for. Getting a glimpse of Maverick and Hondo was a plus. While this story had some action, it seems that the author is trying a little too hard to stretch this world.

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The heavy rains and flooding that had happened two days ago had caused some serious damage, and the residents of Brac Village were still trying to clean up the mess it had caused.

Deputy Eric Jacoby had worked tirelessly to help stuck motorists, stranded people, and to reunite animals with their owners. Now he was part of the recovery unit that had been put together by Sheriff Werth to find those that had been reported missing. Alpha Maverick Brac or, to the human residents, Mayor Brac, had promised they wouldn’t stop until every last body was found. Of course, he had said “the missing” instead of “the dead,” but it had been forty-eight hours, and none of the people helping held out hope that the missing would be found alive.

Or even found at all. The back roads had turned into raging rivers during the storm, and now there was so much soupy mud and debris that Eric seriously doubted they would uncover any bodies.

He drove his dark gray 4X4 Jeep Rubicon down one of the back roads to meet up with a few volunteers that were dedicating their weekend to help in the search.

After parking and getting out, Eric strode over to Fire Chief Bear Callahan and waited for the chief to hand out instructions.

“If you find a body, mark it with the small red flags being handed out,” the chief said. “Under no circumstances are you to dig the body out yourselves. We have qualified men who will handle that part of the job. Everyone head over to the sign-in table. We want to keep a record of those that are here so we can make sure everyone is accounted for at the end of the day. At the table, you’ll be partnered with someone, and then you’ll be given the tools you need.”

Sheriff Werth had given the “don’t touch the body” order to the chief, just in case the dead body wasn’t from the flood and someone had used the storm to commit a nefarious act. The volunteers might stumble onto foul play, and the BVPD wanted to secure the crime scene—if that was what it turned out to be.

Eric walked over to the sign-in table and scribbled his name on the sheet. The guy sitting there handed him a small plastic map of the quadrant he would be searching.

“You’ll be working with Mr. Samson Woods,” the sign-in guy said. He pointed to a slim man who couldn’t be taller than five feet four. Samson had sandy-blond hair and the bluest eyes Eric had ever seen, and that was from twenty feet away. He could just imagine how they looked up-close.

Samson stood by the tool table wearing tight-fitting jeans, a blue button-up shirt, and a black winter vest. He also had on blue rain boots that had little yellow ducks on them.

Great, he was being paired with a guy who didn’t look as though he could tromp through inches of mud without needing a break every five seconds or might end up needing rescue himself.

“Good luck,” the guy behind the table said before he smiled at the next person in line.

This was not gonna be his day. He walked over to Samson and stuck his hand out. “I guess we’ll be working together. I’m Deputy Eric Jacoby.”

Samson turned those blue gems on Eric as he gave him a brilliant white smile. “I feel like I know you already.” He shook Eric’s hand. His hand felt delicate, and his skin was smooth. “Newt talks about all the men who work at the police station.”

“You know Newt?”

Samson bit his lower lip as he nodded. “I work with him at the candy store.” He slid his gaze over Eric in the most provocative manner. “But he never mentioned how gorgeous you were.”

Eric pulled his hand free, uncomfortable with the way Samson was checking him out. “We need to get started.”

Samson shrugged as he grabbed a handful of the red flags and two long, thin poles they would use to poke the mud. He handed one of the poles to Eric. “Let’s get started then.”

The affected area had been taped off into quadrants, with long red poles sticking out of the areas that had already been searched. Eric looked at the map and saw they needed to be in quadrant six, which was a mile east of where they stood.

“I think we should drive to our area.” Eric tucked the map into his jacket pocket.

“However you want to do this.” Samson brushed his sandy-blond hair from his eyes and smiled at Eric. “I’m all yours for the day.”

With a roll of his eyes, Eric headed back to his Rubicon. Why couldn’t he have been teamed with someone tall and muscular? That would have made the search easier. He just prayed Samson wasn’t more hindrance than help.

After the two hopped in, Eric turned the Rubicon around and headed back down the road. He made a left at the junction in the road as the quietness in the Jeep surrounded him.

“Don’t let my looks fool you,” Samson said as Eric made the turn on Churchill Road.

Eric drove half a mile before pulling over and cutting the motor.

“And why is that?” he finally asked.

“Because I’m a hard worker and I’m tougher than I look.” Samson opened the door and got out, leaving Eric to stare at his nicely shaped ass.

Stop checking the guy out like this is some kind of date. But Eric couldn’t help where his eyes strayed. Samson was the cutest thing he’d seen in a long while, even if he dreaded working with the guy.

He’d reached for his handle when he inhaled the potent scent of daises.




“Were you thinking about me when I dropped you off?”

Samson grinned. “You were obviously thinking about me.” His hand glided farther down his stomach until he pressed his palm over his aching cock, stifling the hiss of pleasure.

“That I was.” Eric cleared his throat. “Listen, I hope I didn’t scare you by telling you that I’m a shifter. I’m not sure why you looked worried when I confessed what I was, but I can promise you’ll always be safe with me.”

“And why is that?” Samson plunged his hands down into his jeans and gripped the head of his cock. The hard flesh throbbed in his hand in response. He set the phone down, shoved his pants down his legs, then picked the phone back up as he wrapped his fingers around his erection.

“Because you’re…special,” Eric said.

Samson slowly stroked his hard length, biting his bottom lip as he forced the moans to stay trapped in his throat. “Special?”

“Come on.” Eric chuckled. Samson moved his hand a bit faster. “Are you trying to make me confess to something?”

No, Samson was just trying to make Eric talk. His voice was like an aphrodisiac and spurred the need inside Samson higher. “That depends. Do you have anything to confess?”

Samson toed his shoes off and kicked his pants and underwear the rest of the way down his legs until he was able to kick them off him. He spread his legs, squeezing the base of his dick, and sucked in a quick breath.

“Eric?” Samson frowned when the deputy had grown quiet. “Are you still there?”

“I’m still here,” Eric said. “My confession will have to wait until we’re together again.”


“Because it’s not something that should be done over the phone.”

Now Samson was curious. What could Eric have to confess? “You can’t say something like that and then not tell me what it is.”

Samson tightened his fist and moved his hand faster. He felt his balls draw close. The buildup squeezed his spine and sent shivers of pleasure throughout his body.

“Does that mean you want me to come back over?” Eric asked. “If you want the truth, I’m still parked downstairs. I felt too restless to go home.”

Samson slammed his eyes closed, knowing just how close Eric was. He bit into his lower lip but was unable to stop the moan from escaping as his cum erupted all over his upper body. Choppy pants rattled Samson’s chest as he slowly opened his eyes.

“Did you just…” Eric gave a low throaty growl. “Were you masturbating just now?”

Samson wasn’t the only one who was quickly panting. He heard Eric’s breathing grow faster as he lay there blinking up at the ceiling, spent, but still not satisfied. He couldn’t believe his dick was still hard. “I…maybe.”

Eric’s breath deepened, as if he were running, and then he said, “Open your door.”

Samson jumped up and scrambled to pull his pants and underwear on then tiptoed from his room and snuck down the hallway. When he opened the door, Eric grabbed the phone from his ear, ended the call, then kissed him so passionately that Samson ran out of air in his lungs.

He picked Samson up and carried him to his bedroom, quietly closing the door behind him. “You shouldn’t have started without me,” he said in a low growl.

Oh hell. This was really happening. Samson wasn’t just fantasizing about Eric. The guy was actually in his room! It took Eric less than a second to strip Samson naked, and then he tossed Samson onto the bed as he shoved his own clothes off.

The body he revealed had Samson’s heart slamming against his ribs. Was he really going to have sex with this almost-stranger? Fuck yeah he was. Even if it happened only once, Samson wanted a piece of that rocking body.

Eric crawled onto the bed and hovered over Samson. “Now show me what you were doing while we were talking on the phone.”

His voice was husky, and his eyes were filled with lust and need. Eric looked like he would shatter if Samson didn’t do exactly what he wanted.

“Show you this?” Samson curled his fingers around his cock and started stroking his still-hard dick. He arched his back, licked his bottom lip, and moaned. “Is this what you wanted to see?”

On his hands and knees, their gazes locked, Eric moved backward down the bed, his face aligning with Samson’s cock. “Don’t stop stroking yourself,” he said right before he sucked the head into his mouth.

“Oh fuck!” Samson curled his lips in, hoping he wasn’t too loud as Eric lashed his cock with his tongue, drawing in the pre-cum that was beading the head. “You’re gonna make me come again.”

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