Love's Betrayal (MM)

Tribal Bonds 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,848
34 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, sex toys, HEA]
Kerry is the beta of his pack. He is loyal to a fault, holding his honor close to his chest. But he also holds something else close to his chest...his need to dominate. When Jesse walks into his life, Kerry finds the one person meant to be his is the one that needs him to be dominant the most. Teaching Jesse how to be the anamchara of a wolf shifter might be harder to fight than the hunters that drag Jesse into their plans to exterminate paranormals.
Jesse is human who has a bad track record of putting his needs above others, but he has his reasons. When he meets Kerry under unusual circumstances, the life he has been fighting so hard to obtain is handed to him on a silver platter. But this gift has strings, ones Jesse’s not sure he can handle, especially when he tries to do the right thing and his past misdeeds have everyone around him believing the worst, even the man who is supposed to be his mate.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Stormy Glenn is a Siren-exclusive author.
Love's Betrayal (MM)
34 Ratings (4.6)

Love's Betrayal (MM)

Tribal Bonds 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,848
34 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett
This book definitely brought the fun back, for me anyway, of the series. A lot of it was predictable but I was okay with that. Jesse is sweet and Kerry is the dominant any nice submissive might want.
Christy Duke




Kerry kept a close watch on Jesse as he walked to answer the door of Electus Everson’s office. The man looked cagy. Jesse sat slumped in a chair in the corner. He had the cutest pout on his face.

Kerry knew Jesse planned to rabbit just as soon as he could find an escape route. Kerry wasn’t going to allow it.

“Hello.” Drew blanched when Kerry opened the door.

“Andrew.” Kerry nodded at him before lifting his eyes to meet Garret’s. “Garret, it is good to see you back with your anamchara at your side. My congratulations.”

“Thank you, Kerry.” Garret grinned. “I need to speak with Electus Everson.”

Kerry stood back, holding the door open.

Garret kept his hand in the small of Drew’s back as he escorted him into the room. He took two steps into the room before grabbing the back of Drew’s waistband and pulling the man to a stop.

“Did we interrupt something?” Garret asked the Electus.

“We were merely having a discussion concerning Jesse’s inability to keep his lips sealed.” The man had his hands folded together over his wide chest but he was tapping his thumbs together over and over again. He was not a happy Electus.

Garret gulped. “Sir?”

“It has come to my attention that Jesse got himself into a bit of trouble,” Electus Everson replied. “In an effort to get himself out of trouble, he fed information to the hunters about not only our tribe but his brother as well, aiding the kidnapping of his brother.”

Drew’s swift inhale said it all. Jesse’s crimes were punishable by death in their world. Kerry clenched his jaw as he tried to prevent the growl building up in his throat from breaking free. It was also a crime to growl at his alpha but not one punishable by death. He’d just get reprimanded.


“While I don’t agree with what Jesse did, sir,” Garret said, “I know he didn’t have any intention of true harm coming to his brother. Jesse is immature and naive at times but he is not malicious. I don’t believe he understood the weight of what he was doing or who it would affect. Jesse is a lot of things but he loves his brother. Of that I have no doubt.”

“Be that as it may, he still has knowledge that cannot be allowed to get out. It could be very harmful to our people if it did, and that includes your anamchara if my understanding of your formal introduction is correct.”

“It is, sir. Drew gave me permission to claim him.”

“Have you paid the mate price?” Electus Everson asked.

“When I came here to be your lieutenant, I left money for Drew’s care. Jesse took it. As such, I consider the mate price paid in full.”

Kerry chuckled at the happiness he could hear in Garret’s voice. Garret LaGaffe was a vampire but he held the same rank as Kerry. They worked well together, no caring about the animosity between wolves and vampire. They were more concerned with keeping everyone under their care safe.

“Very well. As you have paid the mate price and you have officially claimed Andrew before witnesses, I will consider the situation with you anamchara closed.” Kerry stiffened when Electus Everson drew in a deep breath and he turned to regard Jesse again. “That does not mitigate the situation with Jesse, however. He still cannot be trusted to keep his mouth shut.”

Jesse huffed, rolling his eyes as though he found this whole situation ridiculous. “I already said I wouldn’t say anything.”

“Until the next time you needed money,” Drew said bitterly. “You’ll do anything for money, even sell me out.”

“I’m afraid I have to agree with Drew,” Garret admitted. “Jesse cannot be left to his own devices.”

Electus Everson sighed deeply, the resigned expression on his face making him seem tired. “Then that leaves me with only one option I’m afraid.”

Every muscle in Kerry’s body tensed at Electus Everson’s words, his body readying to attack. Even as it dawned on him that he was about to attack his alpha, his claws extended and his fangs ripped through his gum line.

Kerry’s gaze snapped to Jesse as realization struck him in a flash. He was ready to attack his alpha because the man was threatening his mate. Kerry swallowed hard and then concentrated on regaining his fleeting control. He could not show weakness, not now, not when he needed his control more than ever. Jesse was his mate but his actions were those of a petulant child. Kerry almost grinned as he realized that his mate had played right into Kerry’s deepest fantasies.

“No!” Drew shouted before spinning around, grabbing Garret’s shirt. “No, Garret, you can’t let him hurt Jesse. He’s not a bad person, just a bit misguided.”


“We do not harm those that have not harmed us, Andrew,” Electus Everson said sharply. “I merely meant that Jesse’s behavior leaves me with only one option. He will need to stay here in the hotel under guard until such time as the information he has is no longer harmful to my people.”

“Hey,” Jesse snapped as he jumped to his feet, “that’s called kidnapping.”

“Been there, done that,” Drew snarled as he shot his brother a deep glare. “This is not kidnapping. It’s a luxurious vacation in Club Paranormal.”

“I will take him.”

All activity stopped.

No one spoke a word.

Then slowly, all eyes turned to look at Kerry.

“Would you repeat that, Kerry?” Electus Everson said.

“I will take him.”

Electus Everson observed Kerry intently for what seemed like forever before asking, “Do you understand what you are saying, Kerry?”

“I do.” Kerry’s cold steely eyes landed on Jesse, devouring him from across the room. “He is mine.”




Kerry’s large muscular body stole Jesse’s breath as it pushed up against him. He tried to inhale but the air was caught in his throat. Kerry had grabbed a handful of his hair and jerked his head back until their eyes met.

“You have been given into my care, Jesse.”

“Yeah, about that…”

“Your agreement is not needed, just your acceptance.”


“You will accept me.”

Jesse opened his mouth to argue only to have it covered as Kerry claimed his lips in a kiss that curled his toes. Kerry’s lips were hard and searching, shattering Jesse’s calm. The caress of Kerry’s lips on his mouth and the longing in his body set Jesse aflame. He wanted to climb into Kerry and burn.

“You will accept me,” Kerry repeated the words like Jesse hadn’t heard them the first time. Jesse had heard them. He just didn’t know what they meant.

If the guy wanted to get laid, he just had to say so. Jesse was all for that. Kerry was luscious. He tripped every trigger Jesse had. He was gorgeous—in a rough feral sort of way. He had more muscles than an entire football team.

And he was growly.

That was probably what grabbed Jesse the most. Kerry growled.

A lot.

It was as if the man was at the edge of his control, ready to rip into Jesse and fuck him until his eyes rolled back in his head. Jesse wanted to be fucked like that. He wanted to be taken, controlled. He wanted to be possessed. He wanted to be ravaged by a dominant man who knew what he was after and took it.

Jesse ached for it.

“Please,” he begged as he melted into the hard body pinning him against the wall. He grasped at Kerry’s shirt with his fingers, pulling on it as he tried to drag the man closer, to climb his massive body.

Kerry leaned back. His gray eyes were piercing as they stared down at Jesse, intent and searching. Jesse winced when the hand fisted in his hair tightened, pulling his head back until his eyes could barely meet Kerry’s.

“On your knees,” Kerry demanded in a rough voice that rode roughshod over Jesse’s skin.

Oh god. Jesse’s cock jerked in slutty delight as he dropped to his knees. His gaze darted up to Kerry. Jesse licked his dry lips, hoping, praying that he was going to be rewarded for his instant obedience.

“Suck me.”

Jesse gasped when Kerry squeezed his fingers tighter, yanking at Jesse’s hair. He moaned in pure bliss as he reached up and opened Kerry’s jeans. He gulped as he pulled Kerry’s cock out, amazed by the sheer size of the man. He had to be at least ten inches long.

Jesse wasn’t exactly easy but he had been around. He had seen more than his fair share of dicks. He had never seen anyone this big outside of porn movies or naughty magazines. His aching hole quivered in joy at the pleasure and pain he imagined Kerry could give him.

“Don’t make me repeat myself, pet.”

Jesse’s entire body shuddered at the harsh words as much as the endearment that seemed to slide so easily from Kerry’s lips. His tongue peeked out, sliding across his bottom lip as his fingers tightened around Kerry’s erection. He looked up at Kerry from under his thick lashes, wanting to know if the man enjoyed what he was doing.

Kerry groaned, and then his head fell back onto his shoulders as Jesse’s fingers ran up and down his length. The corded muscles on his neck moved in a graceful swallow that made Jesse want to lick every inch.

Jesse breathed through his nostrils as he swallowed around the full length. A vibration shivered through him when the head of Kerry’s cock nudged the back of his throat. Jesse pulled back and licked and sucked with genuine enjoyment. Jesse ran his tongue up Kerry’s cock to taste the salty crown. His tongue flickered over the very tip of Kerry’s cock, sucking in the clear liquid as his lips created a vacuum seal around his thick erection. Thick musk exploded in his mouth.

Kerry’s hand tightened in Jesse’s hair as he began to fuck Jesse’s mouth in earnest, his dick sliding down Jesse’s throat over and over again. Jesse opened his mouth wider, taking the cock to the back of his throat. The feel of Kerry’s cock slipping down his throat was indescribable. The muscles of Jesse’s throat tightened around the shaft.

“Son of a bitch.” Both of Kerry’s hands fisted in Jesse’s hair, Kerry fucking his mouth as his hips snapped forward and then pulled back. The man glanced down at Jesse briefly before tossing his head back and shouting out his release. His cock lodged in Jesse’s mouth as hot jets of seed shot to the back of his throat.

Jesse swallowed as much as he could, trickles of seed spilling out of the corner of his lips and sliding down his chin. He was so hard he hurt. The head of his dick wept with pre-cum. He fumbled with the zipper on his jeans, desperate to get it undone and down so that he could grab his cock and jerk off.


Jesse paused with his hands on his zipper and glanced up. Surely Kerry didn’t mean… Jesse blinked at the steely hard look in Kerry’s gray eyes. “But—”

“I said no.” Kerry’s intent stare brooked no disobedience. “You can come when I say you can come.”

Jesse shuddered, pressing his hand painfully against the erection in his jeans to keep himself from coming just from Kerry’s stern words. The power behind Kerry’s voice was enough to make Jesse consider begging. Not to come, but to hear the man speak again.

“It may be a very long time before you are allowed to come, Jesse. Your behavior before now has been totally unacceptable. Now that you belong to me, it will no longer be allowed.”

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