The Spying Maid

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: No rating
Word Count: 32,000
1 Ratings (3.0)

Disgrace is a new emotion for the Duke of Walcott; he will wait for retaliation until the situation is clarified, including the girl he is to marry making his take over of Lord Soeder's estate complete.

Lady Catrina has no control, rather hopes her life with the Duke will improve; the unknown better than the facts. Once the ceremony is completed Lord Soeder can't harm her further.

The Duke nor Catrina are prepared for the erotic journey their dark sides are destined to share. Both will have to come to terms with the circumstances they have unknowingly created for themselves.

The Spying Maid
1 Ratings (3.0)

The Spying Maid

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: No rating
Word Count: 32,000
1 Ratings (3.0)
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This excerpt contains explicit language, sexual situations, domination, and spanking.
In the silence, he couldn't help but remember that night. He'd been high on the rush of the deal and the brandy he'd shared with Lord Soeder. Lying in his bed, his hand was stroking his erection; he was thinking about a maid he'd left at home, a maid who would often take him between her lips to satisfy his urge. Closing his eyes, he pictured her face, her cheeks hollowing with each stroke, and used his hand to emulate her motions. He came fast, spraying on his naked abdomen.

It was then he'd heard the sound—a hushed, "Ohh." Without thinking, he'd bolted from the bed and toward the sound. He found her in the darkened corner.

Pulling the spy into the dim light, he saw she was young and beautiful. Long curls of sable hair coiled down her back. Her eyes were wide with surprise, the brown reminding him of hot chocolate.

She said nothing, but tried to flee. It was no use; she was no match for his strength.

Raynor sighed at the memory of his brash attitude. He remembered handling her roughly and, when she fought him, he’d pulled her down over his lap, her belly landing across his thighs.

Although she was dressed, he could imagine her body from the brief look he'd gotten. She was full breasted with flawless skin shining against the candlelight. Her waist was thin despite the lack of corset, and her body flared to wider hips, which were struggling over him, bringing his cock to life a second time.

He hadn't taken the time to fasten his breeches when he heard her, so his exposed erection rubbed against her belly, her gown a thin layer between them. With each struggle she stroked him, renewed his arousal, and he used his hands to move and hold her over him.

His excitement over the completed deal and the rush of power it spawned in his veins, especially his authority over Lord Soeder, made him impulsive. And then to find one of his maids spying on him, Raynor felt the right to do with her as he pleased.

The maid was young, her flesh still full and plump, but she had expressive eyes, her fear and confusion apparent. Raynor's hand came down on her buttocks in several heavy swats to gain her attention. Her body stilled over him.

"You dare to spy on me?" he'd started, swatting her again.

She didn't answer, only whimpered.

"What did you hope to gain?"

His questions continued, but still she didn't answer, although she put up token attempts to free herself. Her refusal to answer angered him further. His palm came down on her buttocks in a flurry of hard smacks and, all that time, his cock jutted to attention, her apparent submission arousing to his senses. After several rounds, he leaned down and whispered, "Relax and breathe, maid. Take your punishment as the spy you are."

He pulled her arms behind her, his left hand holding her wrists while his right palmed her backside. "I mean you no real harm, only to teach you a lesson in spying."

His cock throbbed against her, and he'd shifted her so her breasts would absorb the shock. Then he lifted her skirts and exposed her long, beautifully muscled thighs. Her legs kicked at his move to expose her, yet, she was strangely quiet. She uttered no real protest to his actions. Even her initial kicks soon subsided. His anger turning to curious arousal, he decided Lord Soeder had taught her well.

He used his palm to swat her bare bottom some more until his own hand stung, and he watched her perfect, round cheeks redden before his eyes. She cried out, incoherent sounds that to him seemed orgasmic. Could she be as turned on as he? He swatted her again, and her volume increased, but she didn’t attempt to struggle free. Yes, he thought, she was enjoying this. But this was supposed to be punishment for her spying. She wasn’t supposed to like it.

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