Golden Change (MMF)

Zehave Gold 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 73,938
6 Ratings (4.3)
[Ménage and More: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M elements, F/F elements, voyeurism, public exhibition, sex toys, HEA]
Kylie Duncan has had difficulty adjusting to living on a sexually permissive planet with her husband Aiden, but her hardest challenge is yet to come. Aiden found love in the most unexpected place when he broke his planet's traditions and married a woman from Earth. 
When he informs her that he wants them to host a young man to live with them, for what he calls a “golden change,” she doesn’t hesitate. When she learns the young man will change physically, resulting from their sexual relationship with him she is shocked.
Jacob Hayden finds the couple intriguing and is surprised when he realizes that he is falling in love with Kylie and Aiden.
On this strange planet, will Kylie open herself to the possibility of loving more than one man, will Aiden allow his heart to be open to another person, and will Jacob find that the love he feels for them will overcome his societies prejudice?
Note: This book contains double vaginal penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Golden Change (MMF)
6 Ratings (4.3)

Golden Change (MMF)

Zehave Gold 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 73,938
6 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I really enjoyed enjoyed the whole culture that this author created. The heroine Kylie was brought into a society quite unlike Earths , but her husband Aiden loved her absolutely and did his best to help her acclimate. Their love story was beautiful. I ached for Kylie as she tried to fit in and make friends. When Aiden explained about the young man who they needed to sexually intern it was surprising. But the author made it work and be both loving and very very sexy. I loved how these characters grew together. Aiden was the kind of alpha male you dream about. Jacob was sexy and darling but Kylie stole the show. I want to read more by Lynn Davidson.
I love this book. As I have read and re-read this book many times since I bought it. I cannot wait for the second book to out in this series.

Kylie is a earth female who was save on a ship by Aiden. They married on his ship and have been in sexual bliss since. Then Aiden signs them up to host a young male during his golden change. Which is just him changed skin color from silver to golden. The females on the planet do no like Kylie because she is different. She makes friends with Jacob, the young man, and friendship arise. Once Jacob is turned golden, he is suppose to seek meeting with eligible females. Dylan and Jacob talk and Kylie overhears the gossip and she gets sick. Aiden get pissed off, Dylan is sorry for the gossip, and Jacob is sorry for causing her to get sick because he did not follow their morning ritual for infection. Over all the drama they form a menage relationship.

What really captured my love for this book was the Epilogue. I loved reading to see what the babies look like, the sex of the babies, how their families react, and the fathers. I just hope that they will appear in the next book and their after. Just to keep up with the characters. I would hate for them to just drop after you get to know them.





As Kylie rounded the corner, Aiden felt a rush of love as his heart and cock swelled. She was hastening forward, causing her full breasts to bounce and the split in her dress to open so he could see a little of her pussy lips. She stopped right in front of him, turning a saucy circle to give him the full effect.

They were in their foyer, which sported a full-length wall mirror. He looked at her in it as she stopped twirling. Sometimes he felt like a giant when he was with her. His people were exceptionally tall in comparison to earthlings. He was slightly average height for his people at six feet nine inches. She was tiny in comparison at five feet six inches.

He gathered her in his arms. She stood on his boots looking up at him with love in her eyes. Her eyes were light brown with dark rings around her irises and full of cinnamon-colored flecks. “Are you ready, my Viking warrior?” she asked.

He couldn’t help but chuckle. She loved earth romance novels and informed him that he reminded her of one of her favorite character heroes, a lusty Viking. She had shown him illustrations of the Vikings of her history and he could see why she compared his looks with theirs. He had dark blond hair and fair skin, and was in great physical shape.

He supposed he had always been reserved, even before he had met Kylie. He had been told he was stern and foreboding. When they had first met, he had been devastated by a recent loss and he was grateful she had seen through his anger and pain. She loved to tease him that she was living out her own romance novel, and whenever he was grumpy she would say, “We’re past the ‘grumpy Viking hero’ stage and now we are in the ‘happily ever after’ stage!”

She looked down at his pants, watching as his cock filled with lust. He was wearing his white dress pants and of course, now he could only think of them as his “here’s my penis” pants.

He wasn’t wearing a shirt, as was his custom. Tonight it was important for him to show the color of his chest and stomach. His fair skin looked like it had been dusted with gold on his chest, torso, and groin.

The dusting of gold or silver color on their men’s skin was the most obvious difference in appearance between his people and her earthly counterparts. The difference in color was also the most important distinction between the men on his planet.

He lifted a hand to her hair, pulling a copper-colored curl from her coiffure. He traced her bare skin with the tip of her hair, causing her skin to flush. Her puffy pink nipples beaded as he trailed her hair over them.

Kylie was unique in many ways to the women on his planet. He had never seen any shade of red hair before and had never seen anyone with freckles.

Not only was her stature tiny in comparison, she was leaner than most women from his planet. Her pert breasts were a stark contrast to their larger, lush breasts. But for all of their obvious charms, she had a subtle sexuality which was in contrast to the women of his planet. Many of them held back from freely giving themselves to their partners. Kylie was shy to show her sexuality, but she exuded it without even trying.

“You know I love your hair down,” he said.

“Please, can I keep my hair up tonight?” she pleaded as she brought a hand to her head.

He nodded. He was sure the reason she was wearing her hair up was because this hairstyle was how most of the societal women wore their hair, not because she preferred to wear it like this.

He grabbed his key fob as he opened the door, leading her to the garage. Their vehicle had a row seat in the front that seated three, and the back was a full-sized bed. He helped Kylie settle in the back before climbing in after her. He reached for the control panel, setting their destination for the convention center. He felt the car pull away as he turned back to face her.

She was leaning on her side with her head propped on her hand. He settled himself on his back, pulling her towards him as he did. He felt her melt into his embrace. Her head was on his shoulder and she lifted one of her legs to rest on his thigh.

He leaned over for a few slow, hot kisses.

“Are you ready for this?” he asked.




Jacob scooted down so he could look at her. He had seen pictures of course, and had anatomy lessons, but nothing had prepared him for this.

Books couldn’t explain how it would feel as her folds plumped up when he stroked her. They couldn’t prepare him for her pure, sweet smell. Nothing could prepare him for the feeling of her channel as he pushed a finger deep in her depths. His cock almost spurted when he felt her muscles grab his finger as he moved it in her.

“Kiss me please, Jacob,” she gasped in pleasure.

Jacob looked up to Aiden’s eyes. Aiden gave him a nod to proceed. He still had her in the crook of his arm that rested under her head.

Jacob pressed kisses to her folds, licking them, all the while continuing to explore her channel with his fingers. He felt fresh juice coat his fingers when he kissed her clit.

“Sit up for a second, Jacob,” Aiden instructed.

Jacob sat back on his heels. His eyes were locked on her luscious body still splayed open. He wanted to fall on her and plunge deep.

“Honey, I want to be under you,” he told Kylie. She gave him a puzzled look. “Sit up for a second,” he said. As she sat up, he scooted behind her. He lay back as he arranged her to lie with her back on his chest. She was so tiny she barely covered his torso. He had hooked his knees under her legs to splay them open for Jacob.

Aiden’s rock-hard cock stood up, and settled against Kylie’s pussy.

They were both looking at him, Kylie with uncontrolled lust, Aiden with calm assessment. “Jacob,” he said. “I am offering you my gold. Will you accept it, respecting me and my authority?”

“Yes, sir,” he replied.

He nodded. “Then take your first dose.”

Jacob knelt down between them as he grabbed Aiden’s cock. Warm to his touch, it was so different from the other silver, cool cocks he had felt before. Jacob stroked it before he sucked the head into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the head of Aiden’s cock as he explored the feel and taste of him. He smelled and tasted spicy. Jacob opened his mouth wider as he sucked him deep. He opened his throat and let Aiden’s cock hit the back of his throat.

Jacob sucked him with relish. Jacob bobbed his head, trying to ignore Kylie’s open pussy before him as he concentrated on bringing Aiden to orgasm. Aiden’s balls were rock hard and Jacob fondled him as he hummed and sucked.

Jacob felt a small vibration start in Aiden’s balls, which traveled up the base of his cock before it rumbled up to the tip. Hot cum shot the back of his throat. Aiden gave a shout as shots of spicy cum slid down Jacob’s throat. Jacob swallowed each spurt. He relished the gold Aiden provided. Jacob sucked until he felt Aiden’s cock go flaccid, before he let his cock fall out of his mouth. Jacob sat back on his heels. Aiden smiled up at him, hopefully in approval.

Kylie’s eyes were huge. “That was beautiful,” she said.

Aiden kissed her temple. He had his hands on her breasts. He had been pinching her nipples, keeping them hard peaks. Jacob could see her pussy was still full and wet. Aiden took one of his hands and stroked down her torso until it reached her mound. He used two fingers, to split her slit even wider.

 “Jacob, I am offering to you my wife. Will you respect and cherish her, knowing as she gives herself to you she is offering you surcease as you go through your change?”

“Yes, sir,” Jacob replied. His solemn promise was delivered with a slight catch in his voice.

“Bring your cock here,” Aiden instructed Jacob. Jacob rose up on his knees, his cock pressed forward. Aiden grabbed Jacob’s cock as he guided it towards Kylie’s folds. Aiden pressed the head of Jacob’s cock against her clit. She gave a cry at the sensation. Aiden dragged his cock through her folds, as he drove them both crazy.

Aiden continued to hold Jacob’s cock as he brought it to her channel. Kylie looked back at Aiden and whispered, “Yes,” before Aiden let Jacob slip into her heat. Kylie and Jacob both groaned at the sensations. It was heaven. She was hot, tight, and her muscles were clamping around him. She offered her arms up to Jacob. He leaned into her embrace as he slid in. She wriggled to help him slide balls-deep.

 “Hold,” Aiden commanded him when she had fully enveloped him. “Are you good, sweet?” Kylie nodded, smiling at Jacob.

Aiden held Jacob’s ass with one hand, and guided his thrusts. He set the pace for Jacob. Aiden’s other hand pinched and twisted Kylie’s nipple. She undulated between them as Aiden moved his hand faster and faster on Jacob’s ass to urge him on. Jacob tried hard not to pound into her with abandon when he heard her cry out a keening sound.

“Jacob, please, harder,” she cried. “I need it harder.”

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