Role Reversal (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 63,877
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Truesdale Hamilton and Caris Waltham wrote novels under pseudonyms. Both were happy with their situations and anonymity. Until their publisher, Lloyd, got them caught up in a role reversal situation to appease his grandmother, Helene, who is his major backer for the publishing firm.

Neither wanted to go along with Lloyd’s stupid plan, yet he impressed upon them the need to continue the charade with her. Being thrown together without options leaves them both preparing to masquerade as the other for Helene’s weekend at her Hampton home.

When Truesdale shows up at her home unannounced, they experience a clash of wills that leads Caris to take charge. Their intimate time together leaves him confused but sated. Caris is mortified by the things she asked and allowed him to do to her and with her.

Can they reverse roles in and out of the bedroom and keep their personalities intact?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Role Reversal (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Role Reversal (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 63,877
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston



Caris wasn’t prepared to find a man sitting before Lloyd Preston’s desk as she entered the modern workplace. The loft area oversaw the lower level of Preston’s Publishing House. While a small, boutique outfit, he’d had faith in her from the start, never wavering on his encouragement. She forced herself not to smooth back her hair or straighten her jacket as she watched the tall, blond-headed man stand at her arrival. She knew he had to be over six foot, his wide shoulders leading to the slim, flat waist that smoothed into strong thighs encased in worn denim.

He hangs to the right, she instantly saw, confused her mind had taken in that particular bit of information, although he was packaged for presentation.

The black T-shirt he wore stretched over his chest with just the right amount of give, lending her to decide it had been altered to fit his body so perfectly. She held back a smile, thinking she could see every ripple of his toned stomach. That her hand wanted to reach to touch him was as startling as finding him there at all.

When they finally met gazes, his gray-green stare stopped her midstep. He wasn’t a handsome man like a model might be. Instead he was all male, angles and hard lines. His jaw was squared and clean shaven. His nose held a slight ridge at the base lending her to think he wasn’t shy about physical activities. But his eyes moved her on a level she hadn’t known possible. Warmth traced through her, and she held back the shiver that went with it.

Her face was turning red from the heat creeping up her neck due to her open appraisal of him. She turned to Lloyd and gave him one of her best killer looks. He seemed to shrink back from it, and she knew it wasn’t a good sign. The normally sedate Mr. Preston looked troubled, almost panicked. His posture put her on edge, and she swallowed back a bitter taste.

“Lloyd, I didn’t know there would be anyone else at our meeting this morning,” she started, watching his face for a sign. She got none, only the deer-caught-in-the-headlight stare he’d been in since she arrived.

“Neither did I,” the hazel-eyed man said, his voice lower than she would have assumed.

She took the seat beside him without being asked and stared across the desk at Lloyd. Her legs were tucked to the side, her ankles crossed, and her hands dropped in her lap, fingers laced. She scowled when she caught the stranger watching her.

“Caris Jane Waltham, meet Truesdale Hamilton.”

They both turned toward each other, but neither said a word. She gave a curt nod of her head which he returned with what she could only describe as a leering smile. “Just call me Caris.”

“Lloyd, we have an agreement, remember?” she stated, choosing her words carefully. He nodded but didn’t verbalize an answer. Instead, he swiveled his chair to face the busy street below them.

Caris ventured a half look to Mr. Hamilton and was sorry she did. He was watching her intently, and it made her nervous. Berating herself, she gave her thoughts over to the pep talk she knew so well. Breathe deep and don’t let him see you sweat, she told herself several times. In the past, it always calmed and centered her. Today it was gibberish her mind was spilling out.


“I have some bad news for both of you,” he started, and Caris let out a breath.

“Go ahead, but please remember our agreement…” she cautioned.




“What are you doing here? Your room is across the hall.”

“You know exactly why I’m here.”

“Do I? You’d better tell me. I’m not a mind reader.” She watched him take a few steps and slide his hand along the door, flipping the lock. The snap noise it made jolted her, and she took a few steps toward the center of the room, putting space between them.

Caris wasn’t prepared for True to grasp her from behind and tug her to him, pushing her back against the locked door. He kissed her, long and slow until she relaxed and began to participate. Soon her fingers were tangled in his hair, directing him and their kiss. She felt his hand drop down over her buttocks and down her leg. What she didn’t expect was for him to lift it back and bring her skirt up with it. He rubbed her naked thigh, running his finger under the elastic of her thigh-high stocking. Then he splayed his fingers against her crotch. “I’ve been thinking about this all day.”

“We should get back to the party. Helene’s guests are waiting.”

“You’ll get back to the party when I’m done with you.”

“Done doing what?” Caris felt her breath becoming uneven, the tone of her words sounding breathless to her own ear. She watched as True dropped to his knees before her. His hands rode up and down her legs several times before he grabbed the elastic of her panties and pulled them down her legs. His tongue was against her clit while he was still drawing her panties down. He continued licking her pussy. Caris decided she wanted the experience, one last moment to feel him make her come. She pressed back against the door and let him do what he wanted. Eventually, he paused and lifted each foot until he got her panties out of the way. She groaned when he took his tongue from her clit. She closed her eyes and hoped he’d make her come, hoped he’d push his cock deep inside her until her body couldn’t take any more of his thrusts. Yes, he had her, and she wanted what he was giving her. That didn’t mean she had to watch him.

“Turn around,” he told her.

“We can’t do this. We have to get back.” Her words trailed off, not really wanting him to stop.

“Turn around, Caris. I want to see your beautiful tits.” She allowed him to turn her to face the door. He undid the long zipper on the back of her dress and pushed the top down her arms. When she figured he’d push it off her, he didn’t. He reached around her and lifted her breasts from the cups of the bustier. He rolled her nipples between his fingers as he humped his erection against her naked ass cheeks. “Pinch your nipples for me, Caris.”

“What?” She wasn’t listening, caught in the glow of how he made her body feel.

“I said, pinch your tits.” He lifted her hands to her breasts and held them in place until she began to tweak them. When she did, she felt him dropping behind her. He pushed her legs wide apart and slid a finger in her pussy. “You’re so hot, so wet.” He slid a second finger beside the first, and she shifted slightly around them. “Your pussy is pulsing around my fingers, you’re so needy.”

“Just do it, True. Make me come.”

He didn’t answer her. He just continued licking her pussy from behind. Then he licked higher, using his tongue as a minicock to fuck her anus.

“Oh, God.”

“I’m the only one who can help you now.” He turned his hand with his fingers still inside her, his palm cupping her butt cheek. After using his tongue on her a bit longer, he thrust his thumb in her and began to bite at her butt cheek. She knew there would be a purple mark there later and didn’t care. What he was doing to her felt too good. With his thumb in her ass and two fingers in her pussy, her body shook over him, her orgasm unmistakable.

“God, I love it when your body shakes at my touch and sucks me deeper. It’s like your pussy and ass are trying to milk me.” He pushed in and pulled out a few times, his touch lighter than it had been. True let his hand drop from her body, and she groaned in disappointment. He easily turned her around and palmed her breasts, sucking her nipples.

Caris began to lean into his lips, and he pulled from her. With a gentle touch, he lifted each of her breasts and tucked them back into the bra cups. Then he turned her around one last time and worked the zipper, closing the back of her dress. She was completely surprised when he kneeled behind her, lifting her feet and sliding her panties back up her legs and into place. He stood and grasped her waist.

“I want you to wear these so your cum will drip onto the silk and they’ll rub against your clit all night reminding you of how I made you come. Just as your beautiful little butt will itch for more of my touch. For my cock to stretch your ass until the ache is soothed.”

Caris felt him step back, and she slowly turned to face him. She knew her face was probably as red as her dress, but right now she didn’t care. He was right, he’d made her come, and she wanted more. Her pussy and anus were pulsing for him to continue.



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