The Sweetest Dish (MMF, MFMM)

Sweet Serenity 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,714
6 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage Romance, M/M/F, M/F/M/M, consensual BDSM, sex toys, HEA]

Love, laughter, friends, family, and a Thanksgiving none of them would ever forget.

After the highs and lows of the last year, Jaycee Blakemore, Shannon Dalton, Katie-Anne Jacobs, and Ella Blaylock-Asher are ready to celebrate their blessings with the people they love. But the return of their archenemy, Leila Schilling, threatens to destroy their perfect Thanksgiving.

Having spent months plotting the sweetest revenge, Leila’s arrival in Serenity, Kansas, immediately sets off a chain of events that turn Jaycee, Shannon, Katie-Anne, and Ella’s lives upside down. With an arsenal full of old hurts, veiled truths, and past scandals, Leila shamelessly exploits whatever she must to come out on top. However, she goes too far when she hurts the girls’ friend, Sarah Matthews.

Determined to rid themselves of Leila once and for all, the women unite to take her down. Only they discover on their path to vengeance that love is the sweetest dish in life—on Thanksgiving and all year round.

NOTE! The Sweetest Dish is a holiday reunion book in the Sweet Serenity series and is not stand-alone. We recommend reading this book after books 1-4.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Mia Ashlinn is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Sweetest Dish (MMF, MFMM)
6 Ratings (4.3)

The Sweetest Dish (MMF, MFMM)

Sweet Serenity 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,714
6 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A must read. I enjoy this series so much.
Barefoot Okie
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "I absolutely love Ms. Ashlinn’s writing…the light, easy banter between each of the women is so much fun that I truly wish I was part of their inner circle! Their men, and boy are there a ton of them, are all strong alphas who struggle to keep their equally alpha women in line outside of the bedroom. Inside is a different story. Each of the women have various degrees of submissiveness during sex with their men, which makes this story very, VERY hot!! A veritable alphabet soup of sexploits, The Sweetest Dish includes BFF’s MF, MMF, MFMM, MM and BDSM. As the fifth book in the Sweet Serenity series, this novella is more of a holiday special than a own stand alone book. You should definitely pick up at least a few of the prior books in the series before attempting this one or you will be completely lost, though the funny dialogue and super sex are definitely top notch. Overall, do yourself a favor and pick up a few of the Sweet Serenity books to devour before The Sweetest Dish – it will be worth it!" -- Silla Beaumont, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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“Oh, honey, you don’t have to worry about that,” Shannon informed Sarah. “The war started the moment that cunt rolled her skanky ass into Serenity and attempted to hurt the people I love.”

Shannon meant every word she said down to the very marrow in her bones. What Leila had done to her was bad enough. But what she’d done to the people Shannon cared about the most was unforgivable. She would pay for all of this or Shannon would die trying to make sure she did. Can we say melodramatic? Of course we can. I’m the drama queen to end all drama queens.

After years of Leila’s bullying, it was time to take off their kid gloves and get rid of her once and for all. But how? It wasn’t like they could murder her. Could we? Shannon shook her head, probably looking odd to everyone else in the bedroom. However, she figured they were used to her insanity. At least, they should be by now.

“We need a plan,” Jaycee said, stating the obvious. “Preferably a damn good one.”

Katie-Anne stood from the bed. She walked over to Sarah, paused beside her, then whispered something into her ear. The two women spoke in hushed tones for a couple of seconds before swinging around and returning to the group.

“There’s only one way to get rid of someone like Leila,” Katie-Anne stated matter-of-factly as she lowered herself to the floor next to Sarah, who’d just sat down Indian-style on the Oriental rug. “And I don’t mean kill her, Shannon Dalton.” She pointedly stared at her then waggled her finger. “You behave. I promise we’ll take care of this, but killing her is too fucking easy. We’re going to do something far worse. We’re going to take away everything that matters to her.”

“Like what?” Sarah asked, her innocence shining through. She drew her eyebrows down in confusion. “The only thing that horrible woman cares about is herself.”

“Exactly,” Katie-Anne exclaimed. Her face lit up in an oddly twisted kind of manner that worried Shannon, and she grinned sinisterly, which worried her even more. “We need to steal away her money, her looks, and her power.”

“How do we do that?” Sarah inquired, her naiveté showing again.

Although, Shannon had to admit that she understood exactly where Sarah was coming from. She was rather confused herself. How in the world could they steal away those three things? They weren’t exactly capable of draining her bank account, marring her face beyond recognition, or making people see the hideous hag she truly was. Okay, we can do some of that—legally.

“I have a few ideas,” Ella replied as she scooted off the chair and dropped onto the floor beside Katie-Anne. Flopping over onto her stomach, she bent her elbows and propped her chin on her hands. She raised her feet from the floor, bending them in the crease and kicking them back and forth. The curvy woman’s actions reminded Shannon of a girl gossiping at a slumber party, and she rolled her eyes.

“We have to do this legally,” Shannon muttered begrudgingly. “Otherwise, Belle will be forced to put us in jail, and Leila will somehow steal and hide the goddamn key.”

Ella snorted. “Belle hates Leila almost as much as we do. She made an enemy of her when she hit on Ash in the middle of Dolce Serenità.”

“It doesn’t exactly matter what Belle thinks,” Brooklyn declared. “She would have to arrest you if Leila pressed charges. And trust me, she will press charges if you’re not careful.”

Something about the way Brooklyn spoke struck Shannon oddly, and she had to ask the question that had been plaguing her since her untimely arrival. “Do you see something you’re not telling us?”

Brooklyn frowned. “I see all sorts of things, but I can’t divulge that kind of information. And I won’t.”

“Fine,” Jaycee grumbled with a frown of her own. “I’ll just call your mama.”

“Good luck with that,” Brooklyn replied smugly, her eyes twinkling in unmistakable merriment. “My mama doesn’t tell me jack shit, and as much as she loves you, she’s not going to tell you either. She believes that there’s no changing the future, but I disagree. Now I’m going to help you change your futures and mine.” Her pretty face flushed as though she’d realized she’d said too much. “Please don’t make me regret it.”

Katie-Anne smiled reassuringly. “We won’t make you regret a damn thing, Brooklyn.”

Brooklyn harrumphed. “Sure you won’t.”

“I think it’s time we welcome you to our club, Brooklyn,” Jaycee said. “Our friendship ménage keeps growing, which is probably a good thing. We’re going to need all the help we can get to take The Bitch down and keep her whoreific ass there.”

“As I always say, the more, the merrier,” Ella declared, grinning cheekily. “With Thanksgiving coming, there’ll be a lot of people around who want in on the action. So let’s get cooking. It’s about time we serve Leila the sweetest dish.”

Shannon liked the idea of cooking the sweetest dish. She was a chef after all. Opening her mouth to respond, Shannon’s words stuck in her throat when the door flew open and revealed her three husbands. Just like she’d expected, Jared and Drew were irate, and Randy was still hurt.

Before she could escape, or even move, all three barreled into the room. Not surprisingly, Drew was the first to reach her. He jerked her into his arms and threw her over his shoulder before stalking out in total, tense silence.

Well fuck a damn duck. Something was going to be cooking all right, but it wasn’t going to be the sweetest dish. It was going to be Shannon, and she sure as hell wasn’t going to be cold.




Sauntering away from her husbands on trembling legs, Katie-Anne twirled around until she was positioned by the bed, her body facing theirs. She locked her gaze with Shane’s then removed her clothes, taking her sweet time as she did. Slowly, oh so slowly, she stepped out of the last stitch of her clothing and stood in front of them—vulnerable and exposed.

“Beautiful,” Landon breathed, advancing on her. But Shane stopped him. He slapped a hand across the blond man’s flat abs and shook his head. Landon grumbled but listened. Unfortunately.

Shane grabbed Landon’s hand then tugged, hauling him into his side effortlessly. He kissed Landon—from what she saw, he kissed him thoroughly—before releasing him. “Get the lube and the plug.”

A shiver worked its way through her body, tiny chill bumps erupting all over her skin and racing across the surface. She moaned as Landon stalked across the room, his long, purposeful strides eating up the distance quickly. Before she knew it, he was back—with the plug, a bottle of lube, and a sinful smirk.

Unable to help herself, she grinned. “I love when you look at me like that.”

“Like what?” he asked, knowingly. “Naked? Or horny?”

“A little bit of both,” she retorted. Lowering her eyes to his thick cock, she tacked on, “Not that you’re little, by any means.”

Landon’s smirk grew. “I’m glad you like.”

Shane cleared his throat noticeably, and she snapped to attention. Whoops. “On all fours,” he ordered, pointing toward the side of the bed. “Landon’s going to slide that big plug in your tight little ass while you fuck me with your mouth.”

“God, yes.” She sighed.

Moving to where he’d told her to, she sank to her knees. She leaned forward then braced her hands on the floor. With a secretive smile, she wiggled her hips in Landon’s direction. “Come and get me,” she demanded.

“Katie-Anne,” Shane murmured, a distinct warning patent in his guttural tone. “Behave. I would prefer not to spank you tonight since you think they don’t count.”

Oh they count. I want them to count. I want you to wear my ass out—in more ways than one.

Shane widened his legs, planting his feet on the floor on either side of her shoulders. He groaned as he took his massive cock in hand. Grasping the root, he pumped his shaft in short spurts. The erratic strokes caught her off guard, as did the hands spreading her ass cheeks apart.

Surprised, Katie-Anne squealed. She shoved her ass back toward Landon, but he didn’t acknowledge her in any way. Irritated, she grunted. “Landon.”

“Yes, kitten?”

Shane didn’t allow her to answer. He thrust his lean hips and propelled his powerful cock into her mouth as soon as she opened wide to speak. Burrowing forward, he sent his dick all the way to her throat. She instinctively swallowed when the wet tip bumped against the sensitive back, setting off her gag reflex. Breathing through her nose carefully, she relaxed her jaw, allowing him to fuck her face like he always did—him controlling, her taking.

Katie-Anne jumped as a cool, wet liquid dribbled onto the cleft above her ass. The moisture started at the top of the crack dividing her cheeks then slowly slithered down. She wiggled with each inch the slick fluid covered.

Unexpectedly, Shane tapped her jaw bone. She looked up at him as he looked down at her, and their eyes met at precisely the same time. “Up here.” He grunted, the sound of an aroused man in the throes of lust. “Look at me.”

She did. From his blue-green eyes blazing at her to his jaw ticking furiously, she couldn’t tear her attention from him.

Shane cleared his throat as Landon placed the blunt head of the anal plug against her back opening. Rimming her rosette, he teased her in soft, shallow grazes. His superficial touch was not nearly enough. Pushing back, she beseeched him to do something, to do anything.

And he did. He slipped the tip into her rear entrance. The soft silicone coasted in easily, the burn starting out at a mere simmer. As he tunneled in further, the heat amplified, and her ass stretched to take the tapered toy. She felt him meet resistance at her sphincter, but that minute detail didn’t deter him. He forged on, pressing forward until her ass enveloped the entire plug.

She moaned softly as Landon seated the plug fully. In response, Shane groaned. He clasped her head with his rugged hands, imprisoning her face as he fucked it. The feel of his rough, callused skin against her softer, smoother face soothed her. The sensation aroused her.

Arching her back, she unintentionally fought Shane’s hold, nearly biting his shaft in the process. He tightened his grip on her face, keeping her in place. He continued to piston into and out of her mouth. His groans escalated with each plunge, coming closer together and sounding louder than ever.

Behind her, Landon fitted himself between her outspread legs. Then, without mercy or a moment’s notice, he thrust into her pussy. His primitive plunge drove her forward, pressing her face further into Shane’s hands.

Shane didn’t allow her to move far. Between his hands and cock, she wasn’t going anywhere. And with the way they were fucking her, that was a damn good thing.


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