Compromised Cowgirl (MFMM)

Bride Train 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 86,007
75 Ratings (4.4)

[#405 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Western Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M]

Having completed two years at a Virginia ladies’ college, required to gain her inheritance, Jessamine Elliott returns to Tanner’s Ford. Raised on a ranch with six wild brothers, she’s determined to keep her independence by becoming a partner on her brothers’ Bitterroot Ranch. But Ranger insists she prove herself by spending three weeks working for the Double Diamond, owned by a trio of greenhorn English aristocrats, posing as a boy.

At Ranger’s urging, Kenrick ‘Ace’ Langford reluctantly takes Jessie on, thinking she’s a bratty boy but needing the skills. His partners see through Jessie’s disguise but go along with the ruse, hoping they will marry. Ace feels strangely drawn to Jessie so stays far away. Three weeks later he thinks he’s finally free of the brat when he finds Jessie floating in his hot spring. When the uppity brat rolls over, showing lush breasts, Ace decides it’s payback time.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Reece Butler is a Siren-exclusive author.


Compromised Cowgirl (MFMM)
75 Ratings (4.4)

Compromised Cowgirl (MFMM)

Bride Train 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 86,007
75 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Just loved Jessie and her guys, especially Sin!!! Jess is one tough girl and I love her attitude!!!
JK Maxwell
Professional Reviews

RR_DDR_button.jpg5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "It came as no surprise to me that I absolutely loved Compromised Cowgirl, Bride Train 3. I have loved the other two books in the series and this one continues with strong characters, a great plot, unusual twists and turns and hot, hot sex. Using the idea of a Bride Train, of a time when males outnumbered females, when men sometimes shared a wife for financial and personal security as well as sexual reasons, Reece Butler has set up the perfect backdrop for great adventure and wild emotion. In Compromised Cowgirl, the main character is Jessamine, a strong willed and determined young woman who can ride and rope with the best of the men, but is forced to travel east to attend a ladies’ college for two years. Her plan has always been to return home, collect her inheritance and buy her way into becoming a full partner in the family ranch with her brothers. One brother has a different idea and Jessamine finds herself disguised as a young man, trying to teach some stupid greenhorns how to rope and handle their herd. I love the strong characters, both male and female in this story. The young woman who has such a strong impact on her relatives and has an iron-willed determination to reach her goal speaks to the stubbornness in my own soul. The English greenhorns, who many assume have had easy lives, but have not, are also firmly determined, initially to get their ranch up and going and later to handle the Jess situation. The people in Jessamine’s family are familiar characters from the other books of the series, but even without having read books one or two, the reader would quickly catch up on the premise of a good family, struck by tragedy, trying to reestablish their lives. Reece Butler has become a favorite author for me, a must-buy, must-read author. I am giving this book the highest marks for a number of reasons; the fine characterizations, the use of setting as a believable component in the story, the multi-layered plot and the fact that it is well edited and thus easy to read. If you haven’t read any of the Bride Train books, you could start with Compromised Cowgirl and be just fine, but why not start with the first and enjoy all three. I highly recommend this book as an easy reading, enjoyable book with wonderfully hot ménage sex scenes." -- Donna, Dark Divas Reviews

5 STARS: "Hi. I'm Michelle. And I'm a Bride Train addict. I don't consider this a problem. It's more of a guilty pleasure. Like chocolate and a tenth pair of black shoes. If you see me sitting in a waiting room or on the sidelines at soccer practice with my little black kindle, well, you now know where that grin came from. My favorite series focuses on a town or a family. I meet upcoming romantic leads and revisit old friends. It's a recipe that works for me. The community adds as much depth to the reading experience as the romance and suspense parts of the tale. I love the familiarity. I love building on what I already know and keeping in touch with characters an author made me care about. The Bride Train series takes place in Tanner's Ford, the last stop the bride train makes before returning to the east coast. Males are plentiful, females not so much, which explains the lifestyle choice of most of Tanner's Ford's ranching families. Brothers tend to share a wife. This doesn't appeal to many wives in the beginning, but they quickly learn that the benefits of all that male attention far exceed any downsides. Three of the six Elliott brothers starred in book one of the series, BAREFOOT BRIDE FOR THREE. Two of the remaining brothers have recently arrived, and on their heels came the only female Elliot, Jessamine. Jessamine was raised alongside all boys in Texas. Back then, being a female only resulted in unwanted attention. She quickly learned the benefit of blending into their world. But she has a plan to escape. Her aunt promised her an inheritance after she attended two years in a Virginia finishing school. That money ensured she'd have her freedom. And she knows exactly what she's going to do with it. She plans on buying into a partnership with her brothers in Tanner's Ford. But first they tell her she must work with the local greenhorns, aristocrats who won the Double Diamond ranch in a poker game. Posing as a boy, she gives the men a run for their money out riding and wrangling all of them. Ace Langford takes her on, thinking she is a bratty boy in need of some refinement. He can't stand that the wisp of a boy can out-cowboy him. The fact that the boy stirs unnatural urges in him doesn't sit well either, and creates some really funny moments(poor guy) Not to worry though, when he spots her bathing in a local spring and figures out what is what, he gets his. (And we get ours!) Jessamine reminded me of Keely MacKay in the Rough Rider's series by Lorelei James. She has that same tomboy independence that comes from growing up with so many brothers, and also has a femininity that she knows how to use to her advantage. I love a woman who is more alpha than most men. I love seeing the little sister everyone thinks is still wearing pig tales and needs protecting turn the tables on her brothers. Elizabeth from book one, and Amelia from book two join forces with Jessamine to help her learn how to work her cowboys as well as she works her horses and cattle. They teach her the benefits of bartering and the joys of a special pillow book they like to pass around. Jessamine and her three cowboys are hotter than the spring they like to bathe in. Once again, we've got villains out to spoil our fun. There are those back in Texas who had big plans for her inheritance. The Elliots and the Double Diamond men are going to have to stay two steps ahead to keep Jessamine out of their clutches. Well, not their clutches. The Double Diamond men definitely want her in their' clutches. Just not the bad guys' clutches. You get the idea. It's family. It's fun. It's a strong heroine and three hunky, charming cowboys. It's suspenseful. It's sexy. It's community and it's victory. Fans of Sophie Oak and Lorelei James, fans of cowboys and historical romances, you really should check this one out. Enjoy!" -- Michelle, The Romance Reviews

5 CHERRIES: "No one would dare touch a virgin with six brothers and three male cousins living in the same valley”, or would they? Jessamine Bonham Elliott is determined to become a partner of the Bitterroot Ranch with her brothers. She agrees to work for three greenhorns to show her brother, Range, that she can hold her own in running a ranch. Disguised as a boy, the strong and independent Jessie is no push over. She can outride, outshoot, and out-rope the three greenhorns that she agrees to work for, and she loves aggravating them during her three weeks of employment. I laughed at her ability to rattle Kenrick “Ace” Langford, Charles Statham “Sin” and Henry Bennett. And I admired her for wanting to be loved for herself and not her inheritance. Spending time with these men, curiosity gets the best of her and she even finds herself wondering if English men are different from Western men in the stud department. Sin is the first to see through Jessie’s disguise and sets the wheels in motion to ensure that Ace claims Jessie for all three of them. However, there is another man that wants her as well, so the road to happy ever after is a dangerous one. It's a good thing that the three men are ready and willing to stand up and keep their woman safe. There is mention of rape and murder, which was a common thing in the old west, and it only added to the suspense and mystery of the plot. Frontier justice was necessary back then where only the strong survived, so there is plenty of action as well as some very hot sex scenes that made me glad I got to review this book. Having read all three of the books in the Bride Train series, I am eager to see if another one will be coming out soon. If you love tales of the old west and romance, kick off your shoes, sit back, and enjoy this great story. Ms. Butler will keep you entertained from start to finish, and make you laugh as you watch the courting dance between three English men and a wild cat." -- Myrtle, Whipped Cream Reviews

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Sin turned to Ace. “When are the ranch hands arriving?”

Ace stared straight ahead as if he hadn’t heard. After a moment Sin and Henry shifted in their saddles.

“You did find a couple of men in town?” Henry looked from Ace to Sin, and back. He groaned. “Tell me we’re not going to have to figure out how to do this all by ourselves.”

“Why should one work for low wages when one can find gold by walking along a creek?” said Ace sarcastically, imitating the miners. He ignored Henry’s cursing. “We can do it.” Ace looked at his partners, friends since childhood. “We will do it.”

“Of course,” said Sin.

“This is our future. All we need is effort and time.” Henry shifted on his saddle. “Though, a wife would be pleasant to come home to. Give me another few days of practice, and I’ll be roping cattle better than Ranger Elliott.”

Ace coughed back a laugh. He was determined, not a fool. The new owners of a herd of half-wild Texas longhorns let the knowledge of their next challenge settle onto their broad shoulders. They sat tall and watched Ranger Elliott ride toward them with an ease of a lifetime in the saddle.

“While you’re counting that herd, remember half belongs to the Bitterroot Ranch,” said Ranger drily. He nodded to each man and reined in beside Sin. “There’s nothing like watching your own cattle graze on your own land.” He winked. “Though Trace swears watching Beth brush her hair before bed comes close.”

 “It’ll be a long time before we see anything like that.” Sin snorted a laugh. “Good thing we’ve got cattle to keep us busy.”

“I can see why Luke Frost isn’t happy Trace and the MacDougals took both women who arrived on the Bride Train,” said Henry. “There’s mighty few females out here.”

“Wait until Luke finds out Ben’s bringing a wife home with him,” said Ranger. “I hadn’t heard Ben was married,” said Ace.

Ranger shrugged. “Don’t expect he is just yet, but my twin said he’d bring a wife. He hasn’t broken a promise yet. Good thing, since he’s been out East for years, learning to be a lawyer.” Ranger lifted an eyebrow and looked at Ace. “Why? You lookin’ for a wife?”

“Perhaps in a few years,” replied Ace. “We have a lot to accomplish before we consider bringing a lady to the Double Diamond.”

“The cabin is fine for us, but women expect comfort,” said Sin. “Beth Elliott and Amelia MacDougal walked into fine homes when they married. We can do no less, and that will take years.”

“I’ve got five older sisters. The last thing I want is a nattering woman fussing around the place.” Henry chuckled. “But I hear Montana winters are long, cold, and dark. I wouldn’t mind a warm woman next to me come November.” He sighed. “If you hear of one eager to live on a ranch with some greenhorns, let me know.”

Ranger coughed. He looked away from the Double Diamond men. After a moment he cleared his throat and looked back.

“I hear you’re looking for ranch hands. Find any in town?”

“No, blast it,” replied Ace. He turned to Ranger. “You brought three good men from Texas. Would they consider hiring on until winter? We could spare some of Smythe’s gold.”

Ranger shook his head. Humor sparkled in his eyes. “No insult intended, but they’d never work for greenhorns. They want their own ranch. Walt Chamberlain talked to them about bringing up cattle for him next year. Turns out he wants to start a ranch on his land. So, it’s just the three of you?”

“We’ll manage,” replied Ace stiffly.

“Of course,” agreed Ranger. He scratched his chin. “You thought about hiring a boy? One came to me today, lookin’ for work. I knew him before he went East for a couple years. He was a damn good cowhand before he left. Knows the land and works hard. He’s broke, so he’s willing to work for bed and board to prove himself.”

Ace frowned. “I do not think a child—”

“We’ll take him,” said Sin. He glared back at Ace. “If Ranger says the boy can do the work, it’s better than what we have now. All it will cost us is food. Maybe we can learn something from him.”

Ace glowered for a moment before nodding. Ranger lifted his hat and waved to the herd below. A horse, one of the Elliott remuda, moved toward them. The small shape of the rider proved it was the boy.

“I’ll have a word with him first,” said Ranger. He rode downhill to meet the boy.


* * * *


“Dammit, Ranger! I can outride, outshoot, out-rope, and outlast all three of those greenhorns before breakfast! Why do I have to prove myself to you?”

Jessamine Bonham Elliott, all sixty-one inches of furious cowgirl, spat the words at her younger brother. As he was thirteen inches taller and more than twice her weight, all of it muscle, he smirked at her. They faced each other on horseback, far enough away from the three men watching so they wouldn’t be overheard.

“Jessie, you’ve been in Virginia for two years, learning to be a lady. Before I let you buy into the Bitterroot Ranch, you’ve got to prove you’re worth it.”

“I swear, Ranger, if this is one of your tricks…” Her face screwed up in a snarl that would have suited a mountain lion. “You’ll force me to work for a bunch of arrogant lordlings?”

Ranger shrugged and looked away as if it didn’t matter. “Your choice, Jessie. But if you want to buy into the last Elliott ranch, you’ll beg Ace to hire you for three weeks.”

Jessie leaned back and raised her chin. “I don’t beg a man for anything.”

“You will if you want to be a ranch partner in this valley.”




 “Jessamine Elliott, I wish to court you, Western style. You have any objections?”

“What’s Western style?” She sounded breathless, as if she’d swum hard for hours.

“We do whatever feels good and damn the consequences.”

A hand grabbed his cock. His mouth went under water, he gasped, and took a mouthful down the wrong pipe. He stood up, choking and laughing. She kept her grip the whole time.

“That what you’re talking about, cowboy?” She laughed as well.

“Damn right,” he replied.

He held her hips for a second and lifted. She knew what he wanted and guided his cock into her heat. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled herself onto his cock. They both groaned as she wiggled her way until there was no gap between her skin and his.

“I wanted to take hours before we got to this point.” He rested his forehead on hers. “I was going to lick, kiss, and suck every bit of you, making you shake until you demanded that I make you come. Then I’d stop, and start over again.”

“It’s too cold to do that tonight. You’ll just have to show me on a sunny day.”

“Damn right, I will.” He looked up at the sandpit. “The fire looks ready for us.”

“A fire?” She laughed. “I didn’t even notice. That sounds good.”

She opened her ankles and wriggled as if to get free, but one of his hands held her ankles tight behind his back.

“Hold on tight.”

She gripped tighter, squeezing his cock. He gulped and strode through the water. Every step moved his cock inside her. Climbing the rocks was worse, or perhaps he should say better, as her pussy rubbed against him. They laughed as he dried them off and spread out the quilts as best he could with her attached like an erotic limpet. Finally, he went to his knees and gently laid her on her back. Though he wanted to finish the job, he pulled out. His cock felt so hot he was surprised it didn’t steam.

“I want you in me,” she demanded, trying to sit up.

He placed one hand on her ribs and held her down. He gave her the look that made the younger schoolboys follow his orders without question. “Not yet. There’s a certain fresh pussy I want to get acquainted with.” He covered her with a quilt to keep her warm.

“Don’t take too long. I’m getting hungry,” she said.

Her pout challenged him to prove he was better than Ace or Sin. “You’re going to be too busy gasping to think about supper.” He shuffled back and lay down, cupping her butt cheeks in each hand. “I don’t need food when I have you.” He inhaled her perfume and brought his mouth between her legs.


* * * *


Henry slid his hands under her, one on each cheek, and lifted her to his mouth. His slick body felt so good against hers in the water, and his thick cock filled her more than she’d known, but his tongue worked magic.

He attacked her like he did everything, with determination and a bit of fun. She lay sideways to the fire so they could both see each other. He looked up, his laughing eyes barely clearing her curls as he nosed her clit and sucked her lips. She gasped and pressed herself up with her heels to demand more, but he growled a warning as to who was in charge.

His tongue flicked sideways, soft like butterfly wings. He opened his mouth wide and sucked on as much of her as he could, his tongue now like a lance, stabbing into her pussy. He lifted her high and probed her bottom with his tongue. He set her down and went on one elbow, curling his fingers into her and up. He found a place that made her shudder.

“Like that, do you?”

“Do it again!”

He did, and she slammed her hands against the quilts. She’d been building since Sin exploded in her, hours before. Henry’s fingers, tongue, and lips brought her so close she could feel the coil about to spring.

“Not yet,” he said, and reared above her. He leaned on his palms, smiling smugly down at her. “Time to taste us.”

She grabbed his ears and pulled him down, kissing him deeply. She tasted nothing different from before, but it was good. He slid his tongue between her top lip and teeth. She went to do the same, but he lifted his head, both of them gasping.

He looked at her intensely, predator to prey, his eyes wide and wild. Without breaking their visual bond, he inserted his cock in her an inch. She tried to grab him with her inner muscles, but he wasn’t far enough in. She lifted her heels and grabbed another few inches. His cock was so wide it stretched her. She didn’t have to squeeze much to grip him. He leaned his weight on her, holding her from controlling his depth.

“You are mine, Jessie Elliott. Mine to take, and mine to share.” His voice shook.

“I’m not yours until you take me, Henry Bennett,” she taunted.

His eyes widened further. He lifted, supporting himself with his left hand. Just enough to slide his right between them and touch her clit. She trembled as he moved it in circles. He balanced on both palms again, high above her, and pulsed. Bit by bit, he filled her to the hilt. She sighed, thinking he’d give her what she needed, but he slowly began pulling out.

She needed to come. Needed so bad she didn’t care what happened.

She grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him into her as she pushed with her heels and tightened her inner grip on him.

“Not. Yet.” He gasped the words.

His greater strength allowed him to ease backward, that thick, wonderful cock slowly leaving her.

“Now! I want to come now!”


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