Their Luscious Dream (MMFM)

Love in Luscious, Kansas 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 93,189
9 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/F/M, with M/M and M/M/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Athena Xanthopoulos is on a mission. She’s moved to Luscious, Kansas to reconnect with the parents she doesn’t remember and meet the siblings she’d only dreamed of having. But she didn’t count on finding men like Sam Carrington, Ethan Bartlett, and Brett Monroe.

Sam, Ethan, and Brett love each other, and they’re committed to their marriage. Yet still, they dream of a family that includes a wife and children. Only they believe their dream is just that—a dream.

Then Athena walks in.

Now the men who’d felt their dream was out of reach see babies in the mysterious blonde’s eyes. And the woman who’s lived life as an outsider yearns to belong.

But Athena’s conservative childhood tells her what she craves is wrong. Can the men convince her sharing isn’t wrong but oh-so-deliciously right? Or will she hold onto what she knows, dashing the men’s dreams and dooming herself to a lifetime without the men she’s grown to love?

NOTE: This book is not stand-alone. To find out how the dream began for Sam, Brett, and Ethan check out Luscious Beginnings (MMM).

A Siren Erotic Romance


Mia Ashlinn is a Siren-exclusive author.

Their Luscious Dream (MMFM)
9 Ratings (4.6)

Their Luscious Dream (MMFM)

Love in Luscious, Kansas 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 93,189
9 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Omg.,, I loved these guys from the last book :-) this was fabulous! !!! Sweet loving and omg hot hot hot!!!!!!!!
donna b buccella
one more great read loved the story.ready for the next one




With a sigh, Athena sank into the softest, plushest leather seat her backside had ever had the pleasure of coming into contact with. She smiled. Sam’s Ranger Rover was so much cooler than her dumpy, thirteen-year-old sedan. Not that her no-frills Volkswagen Jetta had a chance against this fully loaded powerhouse on four wheels.

“What are you smiling at?” Sam asked, hopping in the driver seat. “I’m over here.”

Athena chuckled. “I know where you are.” She did. She always did. “I was actually comparing your baby to mine.”

An odd expression crossed Sam’s face, and he croaked, “Oh.” He cleared his throat noticeably before adding, “Really?”

“Yeah, your SUV kicks Vivian’s ass.”


“My car,” she clarified.

Sam groaned. “Oh no. Not you, too.”

“Me, too?

“Yeah, Ethan names all of his cars.” Sam jabbed the key into the ignition then started the SUV. “It’s kind of a weird fetish.”

Amused, Athena chuckled. “Ethan has a car fetish?”

Sam nodded and shifted his Range Rover into reverse. “Ethan’s a total motorhead,” he announced as he began to back out. “Brett is, too. Although, he prefers tinkering under the hood to washing and waxing the clear coat until it gleams like Ethan.”

“Oh. Really?” she asked dumbly, repeating Sam’s earlier words.

Sam grinned. “Yeah. Really.” He switched the SUV into drive. Then as they glided forward, he casually slung one wrist over the top of the steering wheel. His opposite hand found the bottom curve and he latched on there. “They love cars—almost as much as they love me.”

Athena said nothing. What could she say?

When they reached the end of the parking lot, Sam slowed, and his grip on the wheel tightened visibly. As he turned the car and eased onto the road, Athena’s eyes locked on those beautifully big, wickedly strong hands. God, they were going to be the death of her, and she hadn’t even touched them—not really. And they hadn’t touched her—not how and where she wanted them to.

Sam’s hold loosened, ever so slightly, and he apparently goosed it because the car lurched forward. Not that he seemed to notice. “Don’t worry, sugar. You’ll get to see Brett and Ethan under the hood soon enough.”

Athena blinked. Huh? Hood? What hood? It took her a second to tear her eyes away from Sam’s hands. And it took another second to catch up. Oh yeah, a car hood. “I’m sure I’ll, uh…like that.”

I’ll, uh, like that? Seriously? She blushed and averted her eyes so Sam wouldn’t be able to see her embarrassment.

“We could watch them together.”

Athena’s gaze flew back to Sam’s face. “You want me to watch your husbands work on a car? That sounds ten kinds of twisted.”

The smile he sent her way really was ten kinds of twisted. “Are you saying you don’t want to watch them…working on the car, I mean?” He licked his tempting lips. “They’ll be hot and sweaty and shirtless.”

Hot. Sweaty. Shirtless.Not three words she wanted to think of in regards to Brett, Ethan, or Sam—unless they planned to lay her out on the hood of the car and fuck her until the ache between her legs abated. “I didn’t say I didn’t want to.”

Sam smirked as though he’d won something wicked. “Well then, I guess I’ll have to take matters into my own hands.”

Uh-oh. That didn’t sound good. “How so?”

“Wouldn’t you love to know?”

“Wouldn’t you love to tell me?”

He glanced her way. “You have no idea.”

“Then why don’t you share with me”—pausing, she let the innuendo sink in before adding at the last minute—“what you’re going to do?”

Leaving his eyes on the road, Sam mumbled, “I’d love to share everything with you.” Or at least, that was what it sounded like.

“Come on,” she cajoled. “Tell me.”

“Nah, I think I’m going to listen to some music,” he said before turning on the CD player. She smacked at his hand, but he was too quick. And before she knew it, music came blaring out of the Harman Kardon speakers. The tune was catchy, the beat strong. But as soon as the singer belted out some rather interesting lyrics, Sam cursed, “Motherfucking asshole is in so much trouble.”

Athena snickered. She couldn’t help herself. Not that she tried. “You like to ride disco sticks?” she asked, teasing him. “That explains so much.”

Sam growled and shuffled the CD to the next one in the changer. Again, the music that came out was catchy, the beat strong, and had colorful lyrics. Like before, Athena had to torment Sam. “You don’t know what to do with the junk in a girl’s trunk?” She raised an eyebrow in blatant challenge. “I bet you do. You just have to try harder, sweet Sam.”

Sam ground out, “Going to kill him,” then shut off the CD player.

“What did you do to Ethan?” She didn’t know how she knew. But she knew that Ethan was behind this stunt. Just like she knew Sam had done something to warrant it. “Put glue on the toilet seat? Give him a wedgie? Stick a Kick Me sign on his back?”

Sam gasped. “I never.”

“Bullshit.” She gave him the best Mom stare she could muster, considering she wasn’t a mom, and she had no clue how to act like one.

“All I did was put Rihanna in his CD player. ‘Shut Up and Drive’ is not really that bad.” He thrust his lip out in a mock pout. “Not like Lady Gaga’s ‘LoveGame’ and The Black-Eyed Peas’s ‘My Humps.’”

Athena wasn’t familiar with Rihanna, but after the music she’d just heard, she could imagine.




Ethan knew Athena was watching him fuck Sam’s ass, just like he knew she was watching Brett do the same to Sam’s face. He could say it was a sixth sense, but it wasn’t. The soft crinkling sound of her squeezing something plastic was what had blown her cover.

Desperate to see her, Ethan’s eyes followed the sound. Sure enough, Athena was standing framed in the doorway gaping at the bed, her gaze trained on them. Her entire body was stiff, her lovely blue eyes wide. Her sweet lips were parted, and her nipples stood proudly against the T-shirt Brett had given her to sleep in.

As Ethan admired her, he couldn’t miss the shadowy outline of her areolas behind the white fabric nor could he miss her crossing her legs and gripping the doorframe with one hand until her knuckles whitened from the strain.

Her obvious arousal awakened the beast inside him, and he groaned. He followed his groan with a growl like an animal calling to his mate. He realized then that he had to show her everything—everything he and his husbands had, everything they could and would do. He had to push her boundaries and make her see. Unless she ran, he was going to give her a show, a show that she would never forget.

The thought of her playing voyeur had lust ripping through him, his balls clenching. The tender sacs drew up until he ached to come, and he shuddered. Needing something—no, needing someone—to ground him, Ethan locked his hands onto Sam’s hips. But he didn’t look at Sam. He stared at Athena, his eyes daring her to leave yet challenging her to stay.

She didn’t leave. She watched him, her eyes dropping to where he dug his fingers into Sam’s flesh. Her chest heaved, rising and falling faster and faster, as he took over and started to ram his cock into his husband’s tight ass. Brutally, Ethan manipulated his hold on Sam. He held him still, not letting him move at all. He didn’t give his husband an inch. He was in control, not Sam, not anymore.

With Athena watching, Ethan jerked his hips and lifted his ass off the bed as far as he could. He thrust upward furiously, pounding into Sam’s snug rear. His husband’s back hole resisted his merciless invasions. But Ethan didn’t slow. He didn’t cave. He fucked Sam—over and over—with harsh, relentless, unrestrained thrusts.

Sam didn’t seem to mind his savageness. Each thrust had Sam’s little hole tightening, quivering around Ethan’s throbbing shaft, his channel choking Ethan’s dick like a boa constrictor, only hotter, sexier, and far more arousing. And every time Ethan impaled Sam, he pulled a groan from him. But with Sam’s mouth full of Brett’s cock, the sound was muffled, nearly inaudible.

Regretfully, Ethan dragged his gaze from Athena’s. He glanced at Brett. Smiling cockily, he watched his husband’s massive dick spear Sam’s mouth, and he heard the pleas that fell from his lips. “Please Sam. Harder. Use your teeth. Yeah. Like that.” Whatever Sam did caused Brett to buck. And when he came down, he captured a fistful of Sam’s hair. He tightened his hold and controlled Sam’s movements. Again, Sam did something that inflamed Brett because he threw his head back, the veins in his neck standing out, and he wailed, “Holy fuck!”

Ethan heard Athena’s sharp intake of air. But Sam and Brett didn’t seem to. They seemed to be too lost in the rapturous chaos of the orgasms Ethan knew were coming for them. And with their backs to her, they couldn’t see her, either. A fact that Ethan was grateful for.

Like a man charmed by the temptress, Ethan returned his gaze to Athena. Their eyes clashed and clung to one another, and his lips tipped up into the wickedest smile in his arsenal. Then he went in for the kill. He skated his hands around Sam’s hips and grabbed a handful of his firm, sleek ass. When Sam trembled, Ethan dipped his hands between his husband’s cleft and pulled his cheeks apart, spreading him wide open and revealing the sight of his cock burrowing in and out to Athena.

Athena’s eyes grew. Still though, she didn’t run. She was here. And she was clearly staying. That realization was it for Ethan’s control. He snapped, his pleasure consuming him, his ecstasy claiming him and owning him. He combusted, lust boiling in his veins, the heat so hot he lost his breath. His heart stuttered. His body convulsed, his back arching off the bed, and he cried out as his cum charged through his cock then exploded into Sam’s ass.

A moment later, when Ethan returned to his body, he watched Sam fist himself. He stroked his stiff dick. His caresses were noticeably short and sharp. He lacked rhythm and finesse. So Ethan offered him his hand, and Sam took it. He placed Ethan’s hand on the meaty shaft.

Teasingly, Ethan squeezed and said, “Someone’s happy to see me.”

All Ethan got was a, “Mmmm,” from Sam.

“He’s always happy to see you,” Brett ground out, his pistoning hips picking up speed. “Now make him come so I can come, goddamn it!”

“My pleasure,” Ethan whispered as he peered over at Athena once again.

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