Beau and the Lady Beast (MF)

A Siren Adult Fairy Tale 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 14,000
31 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, May-December, Consensual BDSM]

Indecent proposal, or merely business?

Isadora MacLean gave up on a personal life after a disastrous and costly early marriage. She worked hard to build her company, earning the nickname Lady Beast. No one crosses her. So she's totally unprepared for Beau Brannigan's offer: He'll return shares in her company in exchange for a weekend spent as his 'hostage.'

Dubbed The Most Beautiful Man in advertising, Beau Brannigan can have any woman he chooses, but the only one he wants seems out of reach. When shares of her company unexpectedly come into his hands, he knows he's found the key to lure Isadora to his country estate, certain that once he has her, he can win her heart.

Sexy as sin and twice as tempting, can this much younger man unlock the heart of the Lady Beast?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Beau and the Lady Beast (MF)
31 Ratings (4.0)

Beau and the Lady Beast (MF)

A Siren Adult Fairy Tale 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 14,000
31 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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Professional Reviews

5 HEARTS: "Morgan Ashbury writes a great tale of two strong, powerful, beautiful people. This is a really well done story line. There's great dialogue, eroticism, and some underlying humor to help make this book exceptionally good." -- Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio

4.5 BLUE RIBBONS: "Morgan Ashbury brings a fascinating spin to a much beloved fairy tale with her story Beau and the Lady Beast. While I knew this was a BDSM fairy tale when I picked it up, I wasn't prepared for how lovingly Beau uses his `Mastery Skills' to get Isadora to trust him, and found his methods extremely touching." -- Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies

4 STARS/Hot: "Beau and the Lady Beast is a fascinating, erotic and romantic tale about trust, obedience and love. The sex scenes, although later in the story, were quite seductive and well worth the wait. The anticipation of their union was orchestrated so well that toys should be at close hand. I found this tale an entertaining entry to the BDSM genre. I look forward to reading future stories from Ms. Ashbury." -- Tallyn Porter, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 CUPS: "Ms. Ashbury has written a wonderful adult fairy tale. The storyline is smooth and believable. The characters worked well together and make a wonderful couple. Trust is an issue and Beau and Isadora have that and offer much more. Beau and the Lady Beast is as entertaining as it is sexy." -- Matilda, Coffee Time Romance

4 STARS: "This erotic fairy tale is a delight to read and a well written story with plenty of scorching sex scenes." -- Racine,Ecataromance

4 HARPS: "This delightful novella is a scorching erotica showing the true deeper side of BDSM. Emotionally endearing characters will touch your heart, leaving you breathless. I thoroughly enjoined this novella. Morgan Ashbury brought all the elements together beautifully." -- Tehya, Rites of Romance Reviews

"As a child, I was never a big fan of the beauty and the beast fairytale - I thought the dad was a weak toad - but I digress. There are no toad-like characters in Beau and the Lady Beast. In fact, Beau is a stone-cold fox. It is obvious that Beau has deep feelings for Isadora but since he is playing for keeps, he has to prove to her that she can count on him to keep her safe and that her strength and assertiveness do not turn him off. Beau and the Lady Beast is likely to become one of your favorite bedtime stories." -- Sharon, Joyfully Reviewed



Cupid and Psyche Award Nominee, The Romance Studio, 2008









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“You want me to what?”

Beau Brannigan took a moment to appreciate the sight of Isadora MacLean in full temper. Living up to her reputation for having a beastly disposition, she’d surged to her feet, her breath heaving in a way that showcased her lovely silk-covered breasts.

Her scowl told him she’d noticed him ogling her chest. He flashed her a grin and answered, “Become my hostage for the next three days. It’s a small enough price to pay for fifteen percent of your company. Let’s see…going with the most conservative estimates, fifteen percent of twenty million dollars is three million. Divide that by seventy-two hours, and that’s damn near forty-two thousand dollars an hour.”

“That’s absurd!”

Beau watched the shock wash through her and waited while she slowly lowered herself onto her chair. He wasn’t going to point out this deal could effectively make her the most expensive courtesan of all time.

She’d certainly looked stunned when he revealed he’d purchased the stocks from one of her largest single shareholders. He understood the step she’d taken more than a decade before with her ISO had been, in her mind, a necessary evil. He also knew that ever since, she’d been buying up shares when they became available. Some had referred to the process as the Lady Beast’s Holy Grail. The fifteen percent he’d just waved under her nose represented one hell of a big chunk of her company. Vital to her and valuable to him only because it gave him what he’d craved for the last year—the chance to get his hands on Isadora. It didn’t matter, her being a dozen years older than he. He wanted her, and by damn, he was going to have her.

“Are you out of your mind? You want me to give you seventy-two hours of my time? To do what?”

“It isn’t your time so much I want. It’s you. And to do, Isadora, whatever it is I tell you to do.”

Beau’s plan was risky, that was certain. He understood her well enough to know she’d be suspicious of any overt attempt on his part to court her. Better to keep her off balance by way of an indecent proposal. When she was in his home, when he’d spent some time with her, would be soon enough to reveal his heart. He smiled. Sliding forward slightly on his chair, he put his elbows on her desk.

“Tomorrow at noon, my car and driver will arrive at your home. You’ll be driven to my country estate, about an hour outside of town. Once inside the gates of my property, you will become a voluntary hostage, completely subservient to my every whim. Oh, and you don’t need to pack a bag.”

“You want me to come to your home in the country for the weekend and not pack anything? Not bring a change of clothes? That’s totally ridiculous. You’re not making any sense at all.”

“Of course I am. If I require you to wear any clothes while you’re my guest, I’ll provide them.”

He could tell by the look on her face she finally understood what he wanted.

“You…me…you…if I wear clothes? You want me to be naked?”

“In my experience, having sex is easier if the parties involved are naked.”

“Sex. You and me. Are you crazy? You think I’m going to have sex with you?”

“In exchange for fifteen percent of your company? Yes, I think you will. You look a little piqued, darling. Why don’t I make you some tea?”

She was, he mused, a woman who obviously liked to have her creature comforts at her fingertips. A tiny service area took up one corner of her office. Beau blessed all those years spent in front of a camera when he’d been dubbed the most beautiful man alive. The skills he’d acquired then allowed him to affect a relaxed pose. She wouldn’t see his nerves. He could hear the sound of her sputtering, but not her actual words.

Using the hot water dispenser, it took only moments to make a cup of tea and set it before her. He resumed his seat, and his bravado...


The blindfold was soft, and he had it in place before she could take a breath. She felt him fastening it, the way one would fasten a watchband or a belt. It fit snugly, and she could see nothing. Blind and immobilized, she waited, totally at Beau’s mercy.

She felt his body press against her back and she gasped for his hands came around her, touching her everywhere. It wasn’t until she felt him cup her naked breasts she realized he’d unfastened the bra.

“I’ve wanted my hands on you for so long. I would see you across the room at cocktail parties and imagine you here, naked, mine to take. I would be trading snappy repartees with you at those functions and dream of the day I would have you hot and needy, writhing under me. Wanting only me.”

Heat washed through her, and she could only moan in response. Her head fell back, and she heard his chuckle, low and deep, felt it roll through her belly. She was completely seduced, and if only he knew it, completely his already. Despite her nervousness, despite the situation, she knew she could trust Beau Brannigan, as she had trusted no other man. Completely and absolutely.

“You like having your breasts played with? They’re luscious. Plump and ripe…and mine. How do they taste?”

He stole her breath when he moved around and suckled her. His hands stroked her ass and up and down her back. He used teeth and tongue and lips on one breast, then the other. His movements varied in speed, slow at first, then, unexpected, he’d feed ravenously. Unable to see, suspended, she felt disoriented, and emotionally off-balance. Sometimes breath-soft, other times sharp, almost painful, he doled out delicious torture.

“Please.” She couldn’t stop the plea, which came from her soul.

He moved his mouth up her body, then settled on her lips in a totally carnal kiss. She wanted to give everything and take even more. Her tongue met his, stroked and danced and tasted. Her arousal blossomed in the pit of her stomach, spreading out in all directions. Her hips moved convulsively, and she cried out when he moved himself out of their reach.

“Yes, you like your tits sucked. Let’s see how you like this.”

Isadora heard movement, something sliding, and then something soft and gentle caressed her. Whatever it was floated softly back and forth across her breasts, making her nipples pucker even more.

“The strands of this flail are velvet. Gentle, but they aren’t always.”

She heard him step back, and a whistle in the air. She nearly shrieked when the lashes of the flail streaked across her breasts. It hurt, but only a little. She clenched the lips of her pussy when it struck her again, and then a third time. She couldn’t believe how the light pain increased her arousal. A fine electric current seemed to run from the strands of the flail through her entire body. She couldn’t hold back the moan of pleasure.

Beau laughed softly, cupped her breasts, and placed gentle kisses on each. “A bit pink, but no real marks,” he whispered, just before he suckled her some more. “And you liked it. I can tell. Let’s see if you like this, too.”

He stepped away, and she heard a tiny bell-like clang. Then, she sensed him step close, felt his cool breath on her still-damp nipple. The bud puckered even tighter.

The metal felt cold against her hot flesh...

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