The Magic of Faders (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,666
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[Siren Allure: Erotic Fantasy/Paranormal Romance, light bondage, HEA]

Jeo Nelson has been raised to live a "normal" life. Normal is but an illusion, and if Nyam Jones can’t teach her what she needs to learn, they will both fade out.

Nyam is one of a small group of half-breed faders still alive on earth. He is also Jeo’s mate. Jeo has very strong magic for a half-breed, and it makes Nyam’s task far more difficult than it originally seemed. Nyam takes her up to his family’s cabin in the mountains to teach her to control her power. Jeo is learning very quickly, until Nyam forgets one of the golden rules about training a half-breed to use their magic. It is a mindless mistake that may take them both into a premature death.

Note: This book contains dubious consent.

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Magic of Faders (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Magic of Faders (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,666
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Jeo opened her eyes, sitting up in terror. The clock said it was twelve-thirty. She had been reading for over three hours. How had she gotten on the sofa? Had she fallen asleep? More importantly, where was Nyam? She couldn’t feel him in the house with her. Jeo hopped off the couch, running into the bedroom. She spun in a desperate search for him and then raced outside. The horrifying feeling of being totally alone was overwhelming, and when she saw that the car was gone, she couldn’t breathe. Her heart was pounding in her chest, feeling as if it were going to explode. Jeo began to shiver, the sun not reaching her skin as she was overcome by a sense of panic. She ran to the edge of the trees where the dirt driveway connected with the wide path that would lead down to the main street. Where had Nyam gone? He had left her? Was he coming back? What if something happened to him? How would she get home, and how could she possibly live without him?

She was panting for air, yet knew that her thoughts were irrational. She tried to calm them, but it didn’t help, her fear growing by the second as she stared down the desolate road into the forest. Jeo walked back to the center of the driveway where the sun was shining, trying to find some warmth. There wasn’t any, as if Nyam’s disappearance had stripped all the heat from her body. She needed him to come back. She needed him to be near her. Jeo sank down to her knees in the soil, looking up at the sky as she screamed out his name in hysteria.


* * * *


Nyam dropped the half gallon of milk in his hands, slapping his palms over his ears. The gesture didn’t help, the ghostly foghorn screeching in his ears making him dizzy. He took a step back, flexing his jaw with pain, and almost knocking over a cracker display at his side. A moment later, the display exploded, boxes flying into the air. Nyam turned and saw Jeo lying on the floor beside him. The two women at the end of the aisle were staring at him in shock, their wide eyes and open mouths clarifying that they had just seen a woman materialize out of thin air. He noted the video camera on the wall as he bent down to see how Jeo was. Nyam had forgotten one of the most important rules of teaching control.

Never leave your mate alone until they are secure in their magic. The first parting must be by their desire, even if it is only for a short while. Always stay where they can feel your presence.

He rolled her over, feeling her pulse, and exhaling deeply. She had a cut on her forehead where she had hit it on the metal shelf, but she was alive. He made the necessary decision to leave her for a few moments. Nyam walked to the two women, smiling brightly. “That was pretty weird, huh? I’ll bet you think that a naked young woman just appeared out of nowhere. She didn’t. She just tripped over the display and fell. She’s fine, nothing to worry about. Don’t give this another thought. Have a nice afternoon shopping, ladies.” The two women smiled pleasantly, and turned around, going down another aisle.

He walked by them, searching for an office door. It was at the back of the store, in the opposite corner, and he headed toward it. Nyam walked through the door, ignoring the word private, and then instantly faded out. He was glad to see that no one was monitoring the small video display as he walked over, looking for the recorder. It was sitting on a lower shelf, and he put his hand to it, erasing the tape and making sure that it wouldn’t start again for a while. He needed to get Jeo out of the store without another mishap.

Nyam hurried to the door, and then unfaded himself, walking back out into the store. The two women were gone after taking his magic-fueled advice to forget and return to their shopping. He headed back to Jeo, kneeling down to stroke her cheek. “Can you hear me? You need to wake up.” Magic tingled in his fingers as he pulled her from unconsciousness. Jeo groaned, her eyes lidded as she tried to focus on him. “I need you to listen to me. Can you fade yourself?”

Her eyes started to close, and Nyam shook her gently. “Jeo! Make your body fade.”

She gave him a small nod, and her flesh disappeared. “Oh, thank you,” he mumbled as he hoisted her over his shoulder. Nyam captured her legs under his arm, sticking his hand in his sweatshirt pocket. It was an odd way to hold her, but it would appear fairly normal to the others in the store. A cashier gave him a strange look, and he shrugged. “I just realized that I forgot my wallet at home. I guess I’ll be back later. Oh, and someone knocked down the display in aisle six. There are crackers all over the floor.”

He sent her a blast of happy emotions and the young woman smiled. “Have a nice day.”

“Thank you.” Nyam walked from the store. He opened the back door, trying to appear as if he was searching for something on the floor as he flopped Jeo into the back seat. He wanted to get her back to the house as soon as possible, and he didn’t bother to wake her up before he got in the car and headed home.




Jeo nodded, and knelt before him. She unbuttoned the waistband of his shorts, and then unzipped them, pulling them slowly down his legs. As usually, Nyam had nothing underneath. She was surprised to see his dick at half-mast, waiting for a final touch to make it completely hard. Splitting wood had obviously not affected his mood. Tilting her head back, she gazed up at him. “How do faders feel about getting head?”

“I can’t speak for others, but I love it.” She had the feeling that he was going to say something else, but he simply stroked back her hair with his palms. Jeo took a deep breath, reminding herself not to bite him as she encircled the head with her tongue and fingers. She kept her movements controlled, concentrating on what she was doing, but not once allowing her mind to wander. She wanted to feel everything, the heat of his dick, the veins throbbing against her tongue. His skin should taste salty and sweaty, but it didn’t. If anything it still retained the scent of the handmade lemon soap in the bathroom. Jeo slid her other hand up his thigh, caressing his balls as she stroked him with her lips. Nyam was leaning back on the chopping block, his legs taut from the earlier exertion. The sawdust beneath her knees was surprisingly soft, the feel of the light breeze against her bare skin wonderful. The sun was high above the trees, glimmers of light flickering in his hair as he watched her.

Nyam leaned down and grabbed her face with his palms. “Enough, Jeo.” She rose to face him, his eyes again sapphire blue. “Let’s try something.”

He walked around her, putting his palm to her back, and urging her to bend forward. She balanced herself with her hands to the block as Nyam knelt between her thighs. The first touch of his tongue to her pussy was mind-blowing, anticipation leaving her in a state of unrealized arousal. Jeo gasped, thrusting her hips back into his face. Nyam kissed the cheek of her ass, lingering on her body as he worked his way upward. His hands were on her hips, his mouth between her shoulder blades. He leaned back and lifted her lower body, drawing her into his dick. There was no fumbling around trying to find the right spot, as there had often been with Sammy, Nyam’s aim perfect. The throbbing head of his dick filled her and he inhaled harshly, releasing a low gurgle of sound. Jeo whimpered, her pussy sizzling with expectation. She closed her eyes, concentrating on the feel of his hard cock, the buzzing need within her own body. Nyam didn’t fill her as she expected, but rather withdrew the head and then reentered her. She suddenly worried that he was hesitating in fear, but didn’t feel the emotion radiating from his body. She bent her knees and crossed her ankles at the back of his ribs. She felt like a human wheelbarrow, as he pulled back once more and then slowly filled her with his heat. His dick was smoldering hot, the skin tingling, and sending flares of radiant heat into the nerves of her cunt. It was the most amazing thing she had ever felt, each thrust of his hips leaving her inner muscles throbbing with desire. Jeo cried out, the orgasm building so fast that she only wanted to slow it down. She didn’t want to climax so soon.

Nyam pulled out completely and put her feet to the ground. Jeo stood, looking back over her shoulder at him.  He turned her by her  upper arms, and then grabbed the cheeks of her ass, lifting her upward with them. Nyam flawlessly filled her with his cock. It was soft and hot, yet rock hard, his strokes demanding as he dragged her to his lips. Jeo returned the kiss, her tongue wrapped around his as she moaned with sensation. There was no stopping her climax, the feel of his body flexing against hers enthralling. His dick was so hard, and felt so good. She thrust her fingers into his hair, and pushed his head back, with a sudden fear that she might bite him as her pussy clamped around his dick and then began to pulse rapidly around him.

Nyam captured her eyes, smiling as he continued to move her hips. Jeo thrashed against him, overwhelmed by the odd feel of her climax. It was not ending, the rapid pulse of her pussy far more filled with sensation then she remembered. It was wonderful, flowing up into her abdomen to flare outward with each consecutive pulse of muscle. Nyam slammed into her and then held her tightly to his body, gritting his teeth as he twitched with the intensity of his own climax. Jeo felt it, the waves of magic flowing from his skin, pulsating within her like a methodical drumbeat. It strengthened her own climax, a shrill, gasping cry rolling from her throat as her pussy grabbed at his skin.

Nyam turned and leaned back on the block, her feet settling to the wooden surface as the crashing throb of her body started to ebb and fade. Nyam kissed her lustily and repeatedly. Jeo felt his dick getting hard again, the muscle flickering against her ass before he lifted her, and again filled her with its heat. Nyam stood, walking swiftly with her into the house. He headed into the bedroom, lying her on the bed, and dropping down on top of her. They were really going to do it again. “I take it that faders have no need for recovery time?”

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