Lena's Happily Ever After (MFMMM)

The Town of Pearl 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 75,026
78 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, spanking, HEA]

Lena’s learned a lot living on the streets of Detroit. She’s making progress when a gang leader attempts to claim her. She fights him off then runs for her life. Lena winds up in a place called Pearl, where caring people reside and ménage relationships surround her.

The bighearted Dr. Jones convinces her to work for him. His son, Deputy Kenny Jones, thinks she’s trouble, but sparks begin to fly immediately. She meets his brothers Quinn and Blake Jones, and they are demanding and total Alpha males, too.

Then she meets their estranged brother, Bryant Jones. He’s an ex-marine, filled with anger and venom as he cuts all ties with his family—until Lena comes along and takes a job caring for Bryant’s house. He’s mean and nasty but just as good looking as his brothers, and they all want her. But trust doesn’t come easy, and soon her past calls her back to Detroit and the men refuse to let her go.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Lena's Happily Ever After (MFMMM)
78 Ratings (4.5)

Lena's Happily Ever After (MFMMM)

The Town of Pearl 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 75,026
78 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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Wonderful book. Love this series.
Loved this book!!
Lena has had a hard life and you are just pulling for her to find someone to help and love her. She not only gets someone to love her, but four handsome Alpha males to love her.
JK Maxwell



Lena swallowed hard as she placed her bike on the side of the trailer behind a set of bushes. She’d been lucky that no one stole the piece of crap. It was her only way to and from work. Nights like this when she came back to their shithole of a trailer, she wished she had never left home. Things weren’t any better there, though. Even here, she worried about someone breaking into her bedroom and raping her.

As she pressed the branches over the bike, trying to hide it better, she smelled the scent of fried food all over her clothing. She needed a shower, but that wasn’t going to happen. Not with those guys around.

“You really think that’s going to work?”

She swung around, caught off guard. Then she stepped back, hitting the bush as she realized it was Triumph. Standing at about five feet eight inches tall, he towered over her five feet three inches. He had a tan complexion and big blue eyes that currently were absorbing the uniform she wore.

“I hope it does,” she responded, shyly turning away from him and glancing around, hoping someone else would walk outside. Triumph would think nothing of grabbing her and having his way with her. He had attempted it before, and tonight would be no different.

He stepped closer and reached over her shoulder, his muscular arm, filled with gang signs, colors, and guns, gently touched her skin. “I can still see the bike, Lena. Why you keep working at that bar anyway? There ain’t nothing but a bunch of low-life drunks.” He released the branch then clasped her ponytail with his hand. She flinched a moment, uncertain what exactly his next move might be. It depended on Triumph’s mood. She hoped he wasn’t on anything.

“Don’t look so scared, Lena. It’s not like we haven’t fooled around before.” He pulled slightly on her ponytail, and she held her breath. She hadn’t fooled around with him. He had caught her off guard a couple of times and kissed her until he wanted to stop. The last time he had even touched her breasts, commented on their large size, and confessed his need to possess her. Luckily, Ariel had intervened. But by the sound of laughter combined with loud music, this party had been going on for a while, and Ariel would not be any help to Lena.

“Please stop. I’m tired,” she told him. She couldn’t tell him that she wasn’t interested, or that would be an insult. One that would cause her to get hit just like the time before last.

He smiled at her. His gold tooth looked comical, but he thought it made him look important. Truth of that matter was that Triumph was actually a nice-looking guy, and most young women found him irresistible. Lena was twenty-one years old today. Happy freaking birthday. She had been fighting off men like Triumph since fifteen. She was tired of it. She was tired of this life and feeling like she was headed toward death instead of a real life.

“You’re too beautiful to be working so hard. I’ve told you this before, Lena. Come with me. Be my woman and I’ll give you anything, everything. You know I can.” He leaned forward to kiss her temple. She could smell the alcohol. He had been drinking, but he wasn’t drunk. He waited for her. She just knew it.

“I don’t want that kind of life,” she answered him honestly. He yanked her against him and pulled her pony back so that her shoulder blades nearly collided and she lost her footing.

“You think you’re too good for me? You think you deserve better?”

“No, that’s not what I meant, Triumph. Please don’t hurt me,”

She pleaded as his hold became stronger. The stench of his breath made bile rise up to her throat. She swallowed hard, the burning fear collided with her gut.

In a flash, his face was against her neck. His hot, wet breath stung against her skin, and she panicked, only for him to shove her against the side of the trailer. Her spine hit the metal, and she cringed.

“I waited for you. I waited to take you to your bed and fuck you, Lena.”

Oh shit. This is it. Tonight he won’t take no for an answer.

She felt so sick to her stomach. How could these types of things keep happening to her?

She tried pushing him away, but he pulled her toward him then banged her back against the metal siding. She screamed, but he repeated that move three, maybe four times. She was losing her breath and her focus on fighting him. The pain was all consuming.

“You will be mine. Fuck that, you are mine. Monte, Bills, Morphis, none of them gonna ever get to have what’s mine,” he yelled at her then covered her mouth. He plunged his tongue between her teeth and groped her with his hands. He was ripping her shirt, scratching her hips and back. She thought about the night before she left home and how her mother’s boyfriend beat her with his belt because she wouldn’t let him touch her. She pulled her mind to the present. All men were pigs. All they wanted was to claim and control women and use them for sex.

Ariel may be fine with that life, but not Lena.

She fought back.




“You are so beautiful, Lena. God, I’ve dreamt about tasting you and touching you like this.” He leaned up and kissed her again on the lips. The kiss grew deeper, and once again he was taking control of her body, making her want things she shouldn’t want. Not when she had feelings for him and his brothers. Not while she was trying to make a new life for herself. She wouldn’t start with this anger at not being able to control her life.

She pulled her lips away from his, climbed off of him, and stood up. Her breasts were level with his chest. Glancing down at his size and muscular forearms, her eyes lingered over his crotch. The man was sporting a thick, hard erection. He squeezed her ass, pulling her against him, and she felt it. Lena grabbed his shoulders.

“That was unexpected,” she whispered, and he smirked as he continued to massage her ass.

She tried to step back, but he tightened his hold and crunched up his eyebrows.

“Unexpected? Damn, Lena, you’re so sweet and innocent. No wonder you think you can handle yourself against men like Derrick and his asshole friends.”

She was insulted as she reached back to pull his hands from her ass. He released her, and she fixed her top and her shorts.

“I’ve been taking care of myself for years, Kenny.” 

“Well, you don’t have to worry about taking care of yourself anymore. Not with me, Quinn, and Blake around.” She gasped at his audacity. Was he insinuating that she would easily accept such a relationship as what they were used to? A ménage? What the fuck?

Before she could begin to lose her temper, they heard knocking on the front door. Kenny wiped his mouth then winked at her. “I’ll get that.”

“While you’re getting that, you can let yourself out, Kenny,” she stated firmly.

“Not a chance in hell, darling,” he stated over his shoulder as he winked at her.

The cocky bastard was a control freak. Wonderful.

As she turned to see who was at the front door, she saw Blake. He was carrying a couple of brown bags.

“Come on in.” Kenny opened the door and Blake appeared. Goddamn it, did her pussy clench with appreciation for Blake? Dark black shirt, tight blue jeans, and his gorgeous blue eyes sparkling with mischief as he looked from Lena to Kenny. Kenny was fixing his shirt, which had come undone while they were making out in her bed. A blush covered her cheeks. She felt the warmth as Kenny shoved his shirt back into place.

“Brought you coffee and a muffin from town. I stopped by the doc’s office, but they said you had the day off.” Blake stated as he slowly approached her. He held out the coffee to her, and she took a deep breath as she stared up into his eyes.

He was lethal, and any woman would become putty in his hands.

“Thanks, Blake. I appreciate it.”

She took a sip then looked back at both men.

Kenny was leaning against the table, and Blake was standing a few feet away from her.

He stepped closer and cupped her cheek. She backed up and hit the wall. Blake trapped her against it.

He took her cup from her hand and placed it on the table beside Kenny.

“I ought to throw you over my knee and spank your ass, Lena. What in God’s name were you thinking not telling us what happened and riding your fucking bike home in the pouring rain? The police were called. Those assholes could have—” He stopped short as she nibbled her bottom lip. He pressed her against the wall, stared into her eyes, and clenched his teeth. “Lena,” he whispered, sounding desperate. Then he covered her mouth with his own. He kissed her and she was clearly knocked off-balance at his move. He tasted like coffee and mint, and his body was heavy and solid against her breasts. He held her face between his hands as he made love to her mouth. She was on fire with such need, and it had to have stemmed from getting felt up by Kenny only minutes ago. When his right hand smoothed down her throat, making her feel feminine and controlled, she felt her insides tingle with desire. His thumb caressed her throat then roamed over her shoulder, down her right side until he reached her waist.

She kissed him back and wrapped her arms the best she could around his wide shoulders. He lifted her hips and caressed her thighs so that she was forced to wrap her legs around his waist. He used the wall behind her as leverage to taste more of her skin and her body. She moaned into his mouth then felt his muscles beneath her fingertips. He released her lips to kiss her neck and shoulder. His hands were everywhere. They were on her hips, her thighs, and even her ass. She felt his long, thick finger press against her shorts and over her slit, and she jumped only for him to hold her tighter. He teased her clit, rubbed back and forth against her pussy, making her entire body wind up tight as a spring.

“Oh God, what are you doing to me, Blake?”

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