Noble Sensations (MFM)

Nature's Nobles 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 47,132
4 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light bondage, HEA]

Ace Connor and Kalen Nash, both born into the Noble race with special abilities, were assigned to protect Clarissa Worthing. As with any assignment, they knew things could get dangerous and were prepared for every outcome. What they hadn’t counted on was losing their hearts so quickly to the charming, socially inept scientist.

But while trying to keep her safe and teaching her that not everything in life could be explained, they discover a dangerous secret she was keeping from them that could potentially harm the future of all Nobles. Can Ace and Kalen get past her betrayal and prove to her that love at first sight does exist? Or will the person trying to kill her succeed before they have a chance to understand why Clarissa kept the truth from them?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Peyton Elizabeth is a Siren-exclusive author.

Noble Sensations (MFM)
4 Ratings (4.3)

Noble Sensations (MFM)

Nature's Nobles 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 47,132
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley



“Wait. Shouldn’t we call the police?” Clarissa asked, trying to get Kalen to stop pushing her toward the exit. “Now that we have the men who tried to kill me, they can be arrested.”

“No,” Kalen answered. “We’ll send in a team to question them, and they’ll take care of everything. Besides, they’re just hired thugs who claim they don’t know the name of the man who paid them.”

Clarissa saw that the patrons were starting to realize something was wrong with the two men at the countertop. The bartender, who was drying a glass, looked warily over at them. Kalen slammed open the wooden door, and the evening sun hit her eyes. Clarissa put her hand up to shade her face before asking, “How long do we have before they start to move? And aren’t you worried that the bartender will call the police before your friends arrive? If he does, we probably have five point seven minutes before they get here, since that’s the current response time in this area. So I guess our real worry is the men inside.”

“Trust us, sweetheart. This place is used to seeing a lot of unusual things,” Kalen explained, ignoring her data on the police. Clarissa was about to complain that they should heed her information, when what he said next stopped her. “No one will call the police, especially with the local drug dealer hiding in the back room.”

“Drug dealer?” Clarissa looked back at the building. “If the police know that, their response time might be faster than I originally stated.”

“Would you stop with the police?” Kalen asked, still moving them forward. “Yes, there is a drug dealer in the building. I felt his distress when the two men who were after you came in. He thought they were looking for him, which works to our advantage for the moment.” Kalen walked past her vehicle, and when she tried to tell him that it was her car, they both flanked her sides and brought her to a stop in front of two motorcycles.

“Okay, then.” Clarissa laughed nervously, trying to turn back toward her car. Her previous irritation that he didn’t want to hear her information on response times disappeared rather quickly. “You can tell me where we’re heading and I’ll follow you.”

“No can do,” Ace said, taking the two guns Kalen now had along with his and storing them in his bag attached to the back of his bike. Straddling the motorcycle, he unhooked a helmet. “Kalen, can you help her out?”

Before Clarissa could protest, Kalen put the strap of her bag around her neck and pulled her right arm through loop. Making sure it was secure, Kalen reached for the black helmet Ace held in his hands. “Now wait just a second,” Clarissa objected, taking a step back. “I am not riding a bike! Do you know the statistics on motorcycle accidents? There is no valid reason I cannot follow behind you in my car.”

Ace rubbed the top of his head again, and Kalen just shook his head. Clarissa didn’t care if they were frustrated with her. Motorcycles were twenty-five times more likely to crash than vehicles. She knew this for a fact because of a paper she wrote back in college. For all she knew, the percentage was a lot higher now. No way was there any chance she was getting on one of those monsters.

“We cannot leave my car here. My clothes are in there,” Clarissa pointed out, as if that really mattered. They probably could care less what was in her car.

“While we were inside, all of your stuff was moved to a safe house. It’s better that your vehicle remain here, since whoever is after you obviously knows your make and model. They had to have followed you. Now, we have around thirty seconds before those men come through the door,” Kalen barked, stepping forward and holding the helmet above her head. “Take your clip out of your hair and put this on, unless you want to face them. It’s your choice, sweetheart.”

Clarissa spared a glance toward Ace, but his face was set in stone like Kalen’s. She looked over at the door and realized they weren’t going to budge. Either she got on that monstrosity, or they would have to face those thugs. They were probably overdramatizing the situation since their friends were supposed to be coming. But did she really want to take that chance? Crap, Clarissa thought, mentally stomping her foot. “Fine.” She yanked the clip from her hair. “But I’m warning you now. If I die on this heap of metal, I swear I will haunt you for the rest of your lives. And if you die, too, I’ll make the afterlife a living hell for both of you.”




“Have you ever had anyone go down on you before, Slick?” Ace asked, his nickname for her sounding totally different now than it had before. He made it sound endearing, and she wondered if he wasn’t referring to something else besides her accident-prone ways. She would have answered him had Kalen not stolen her air when his hot breath blew across her folds.

“Spread your legs, sweetheart,” Kalen said. “Ace, she’s got the prettiest curls to match her hair. You should see how wet they are.”

“You shouldn’t talk like that,” Clarissa managed to choke out. “It’s so—”

“So what?” Ace asked, in between the little nips he was giving her neck.


“Oh, Slick. You haven’t heard dirty yet,” Ace promised, seduction deepening his voice. He sucked gently on the skin underneath her ear, and she closed her eyes at the erotic pressure.

Clarissa felt Kalen’s moist tongue slip into her folds, and he licked his way up to her clitoris, making her legs give out. Had Ace not had an arm around her waist, she would have fallen. She whimpered at the foreign, but wonderful, feeling. “Hmmmm, she tastes real sweet, Ace. Pull her up against you while she puts her legs over my shoulders.”

The image shocked Clarissa out of her needy stupor. Before she could react, Ace pulled his arm tighter around her stomach, lifting her while Kalen placed her legs on either side of his head. Being in such a vulnerable position wasn’t something she was used to, but closing her legs was out of the question. It would only draw Kalen closer to— Thoughts scattered when Kalen placed his hands underneath her buttocks. His fingers were awfully close to that place she thought of as forbidden, but she was afraid to clench her muscles for fear of bringing his fingertips closer.

“Kalen’s going to eat your pussy until we hear you scream, Slick. How many orgasms do you think you can handle tonight?” Ace kept his hold on her tight while his other hand trailed up to her breast, making her nipples bead until they hurt. He continued to roll them between his fingers.

Clarissa didn’t answer, and she really didn’t think Ace expected her to. Kalen was now pressing his soft lips to the sensitive skin on her inner thigh and working his way closer to her core. When he skipped over her clit to do the same thing to her other side, she bit back a groan of frustration. Clarissa was amazed that they weren’t even lying on the bed yet and Ace and Kalen had her on the verge of a climax. What was it about these two men that were so different from every other man out there?

Kalen still avoided those areas that she knew would give her the most pleasure, and Ace seemed to know it was driving her insane. Ace changed tactics and caressed lightly over one of her nipples instead of kneading them, causing her to arch into Kalen. He pulled back so her clitoris wouldn’t touch him, and she gave in. “Please, do something! Kiss me there.”

“Where do you want Kalen to kiss you?” Ace asked, taking her earlobe between his teeth.

“Down there,” Clarissa moaned, not caring that she was writhing all over the place or that Kalen’s fingers might brush against her illicit region. She just wanted him to give her an orgasm.

“Say it. Tell us what you want.” Ace bit down lightly on her earlobe, and she shivered at the sensation.


“Your what? Talk dirty to us, Slick.” Ace sucked her skin where he had taken a nip while lightly teasing her nipple. Clarissa felt her juices run down to where Kalen’s hands were holding her buttocks. Any other time, she would be mortified, but right now, she didn’t care.

“My vagina,” Clarissa managed to get out, but she felt Ace’s chest vibrate his non-acceptance of her description. She knew what they wanted her to say, and Clarissa was close to giving in, but it was very hard for her to say something so naughty.

“Say pussy, Clarissa,” Ace instructed, his voice coarse as if he was just as affected by the word as she was. “Say pussy, and Kalen will give you what you need.”

Ace’s touch on her nipple went from gentle to rough when he closed her nub between his fingers and pinched. “Pussy! Please kiss my pussy,” Clarissa screamed, giving in to their demands. She was rewarded when Kalen slipped his tongue in between her folds and licked upward, causing her hips to follow.

“See, that wasn’t so hard,” Ace said, twisting her nipple just enough that she wanted more. Clarissa had never thought her breasts were that sensitive, but the way Ace was touching them, she was feeling it all the way to where Kalen’s tongue was.

“Now tell Kalen to suck your clit,” Ace demanded. “I’m going to love teaching you all kinds of words. Kalen, do you like to hear Clarissa talk dirty?”

Kalen hummed his agreement, causing tremors to travel from her pussy to her clitoris. He continued to lick and suck her outer lips, and when Kalen shifted his hand, Clarissa felt his finger at her entrance. Her pussy clenched, wanting to draw it in. It was in the back of her mind that she was now referring to her vagina as her pussy, and the thought sent shock racing through her. Then Kalen’s finger entered her wet opening, and her body became one big massive nerve. Her muscles sucked him right in, and she moaned in protest when he pulled out.

“Do you like what Kalen’s doing?” Ace asked, still tormenting her nipples. There were times he would twist one and then stop to roll it in between his fingers. Other times, he would pull them out until they were distended. “Would you like it if he sucked your clit? I bet it’s all red and swollen, begging to be touched.”

“Oh my, God,” Clarissa cried out. “Yes, please! Suck my clit!”

“That’s my girl,” Ace murmured. “Kalen, give her what she wants.”


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