[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Fantasy Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, shape-shifter, vampires/werewolves HEA]
Witch Sarah Johnson sees visions of the future, but she has suppressed the ability since childhood. Looking forward to a life without the visions, she visits her friend Lilli Anderson in the small island town of West End. When she runs into three men filled with raw sexuality, she’s ready to have a little fun—until she kisses them and sees terrible visions.  
Werewolf brothers Lucan and Lank Wheeler, along with their vampire friend Victor Hollingsworth, don’t waste any time coming onto Sarah. Yet when each man kisses her, she flees as though she’s seen a ghost. Nonetheless, whatever is making her run won’t stop them from making her their own.  
Sarah’s Sight comes back with their kisses, and she sees danger ahead for the men. Should she warn them? Can she stop the visions from becoming a reality by leaving the island? Or will she lose them before they’ve even had a chance at love?
Note: This book contains double penetration.
Note: This book contains triple penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.


Hellfire and Brimstone (MFMM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Another wonderful book by the wonderful Ms. Jane!!! Keep it up!!




“Now I’m sure you need to move. Anyone who looks like you should have their pick of men.” Lilli narrowed her eyes. “Has no one asked you out? Or did you turned them down?”

It figured that Lilli would read between the lines. “Yeah, I’ve had a few ask me, but I’m just not interested right now.”

“Why the hell not?”

Sarah had a tough time answering that question for herself, much less for Lilli. “I’d rather spend a nice quiet evening at home, that’s all.”

“You’d rather be at home sitting in front of the television than rolling around hot and sweaty with a man? You seriously need my help.”

Sarah picked up her drink, ignoring the food. Buying time to answer, she took a sip and kept her gaze averted. How could she explain it? Every time she was with a man, she felt as though something was…off. As though she was merely biding time until the right man came along. But what if the right man never came along?

She decided a best defense was a good offense. “It’s your fault, you know.”

Lilli sputtered her sip then wiped her mouth. “My fault? How can it possibly be my fault? There are thousands of miles between New York City and West End.”

“Are you kidding me? We were on Facetime every week. At least, we were, until right after you came to West End. But I understood why, of course. You were too busy getting hot and heavy with your new men to think about lonely little me.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry about not being in touch more. Still, how’s your lack of a love life my fault?”

“Because every time we talked you’d tell me about your incredible life with your incredible men. How is any one man supposed to live up to that?” She stopped, suddenly realizing her error. Judging by Lilli’s “got you” look, Sarah knew her tactic to throw her friend off had failed.

“See? I was right. So you do want what I have. Not my men, of course, but your own. And not just one man. You want men. Men as in plural.”

Sarah groaned, putting her hand to her forehead. “What did I get myself into?”

Lilli slapped Sarah’s knee. “With any luck, the best thing that ever happened to you.”

Something about Lilli’s tone put Sarah on edge. “Lilli, what did you do?”

Lilli suddenly found the hem of her shirt interesting. “Me? Nothing.”

“Lilli,” she warned. “What did you do? Answer me.” Although they hadn’t seen each other in two years, keeping in contact, even remotely, meant Sarah had a good touch on Lilli’s expression. “Lilli, tell me.”

A knock on the door had Lilli jumping up and rushing over. Sarah’s breath caught in her throat. Whoever was at the door hadn’t arrived by coincidence. She stood and hoped she’d be ready for anything.

She was wrong.

The three men standing in the doorway were beyond anything she could’ve imagined. Although she’d never say as much to Lilli, they put Lilli’s men to shame.

Oh shit.

Her body heated up, rushing warmth through her. A tremble racked along her arms and ended in her shaking hands. The men were magnificent specimens of what a man should be. They were huge, maybe even larger than Lilli’s men. Yet it wasn’t their size that hit Sarah so hard. Instead, it was the sensations rushing off them and onto her. As though they’d somehow reached over the several yards between them and grabbed not only her attention but every ounce of female need within her.

“Hi, guys. Come on inside. I want you to meet a friend of mine. She’s visiting from the mainland.”


Yet performing that simple act had suddenly become extremely difficult.

The first of them to stalk toward her was a blond god. His sun-kissed, I-woke-up-looking-this-way hair brushed the tips of his oh-so broad shoulders. His blue eyes locked onto her with sparkling amusement. His gait was easy yet contained a power she was sure would burst forth at any moment.

“Hey there. You must be Sarah.” He didn’t offer his hand. Instead, his eyes greeted her in a much more intimate way. “I’m Lucan Wheeler.”

“Uh, hi.” Great. I sound like an idiot.

Another blond, just as powerfully built as Lucan, was soon by his side. He gave her a quick nod and a searching look. “Hi, Sarah. I’m Lank, Lucan’s better-looking brother.” His blond hair was combed and his blue eyes were a little lighter, but he shared the same cut jawline and barely-suppressed sense of underlying power.

His joke had her glancing from one man to the other. To choose which was sexier was like asking her to choose between two matching bookends. How could one man be so hot, much less two?

“Sarah, I’m Victor Hollingsworth. I’m not related to either of these two guys, which is a good thing in my book.”

He was the Wheeler brothers’ opposite. Where they were light, he was dark. His black hair shone under the overhead light. His dark eyes, black as obsidian, teased her, tempting her to dive into him and search for his very soul. Or was he diving into hers? He was powerfully built, too, but his intensity came from another kind of strength, one that didn’t rely on a strong body. Although she’d picked up a chill from him, he turned her on as much as Lucan and Lank did.

His eyes narrowed as he studied her. “Cat got your tongue?”

“Shit, man. Don’t go there,” warned Lucan.

Victor smirked. “Don’t mind them. They’re not cat people.”

“And you are?” she asked. If she asked what she really wanted to ask, she’d embarrass herself. The questions whirled.

Do you like what you see?

Can I slide my tongue over your lips?




They’ll stay safe. I have to believe they will.

Before they’d taken her, before they’d filled her with their cocks, she wouldn’t have believed they could. Now, with their cocks inside her, she was certain they could.

Her body was alive, filled with the pulsing power of their cocks. Victor was a machine, slamming into her pussy with a precision that was beyond a human’s capability. His intense gaze watched her, yet instead of seeming unfeeling, as she’d thought a vampire’s eyes would be, they were filled with an emotion that took her heart and filled it with the same.

He loves me.

And I love him.

No. More. I love them.

Reaching behind her, she touched Lank’s face. He put his mouth to her palm, kissed it softly, then added a growl to warm her skin.

As the men touched her, caressed her, and spoke soft words of comfort and trust, she realized Victor wasn’t the only man who loved her. They hadn’t told her straight-out, and maybe it would be a while before they did, but her heart recognized theirs as surely as her body recognized theirs.

They filled her, their bodies moving as one, yet separate, loving beings giving her everything she’d ever dreamed of. Even with the awful gully close by, she felt safe, certain the future could be changed.

She smiled. Making love near the site where she’d seen their deaths was their way of telling the visions to fuck off. That they wouldn’t give in. That, no matter what obstacles they faced, they would survive.

Her climax wiped away any thought of the future. Why think beyond the present when the present was so wonderful? She mewled, her hand jumping from one man to the other, needing to touch each of them, a silent tactile pledge of love.

Victor was the first to break apart. His stiffened body heralded his release a second before he lifted her off him and moved away.

The bereft feeling at the absence of his cock inside her body didn’t last long. Taking Victor’s place, Lucan took her onto her side, placed her leg over his hip and slid his cock inside her pussy. Lank moved with them, guiding his cock back inside her.

She licked her lips, tasting the last of Lucan’s flavor. Taking hold of his hair, she brought it to her nipple. “Lick me, wolf. Bite me.”

He did, teasing her with his tongue and his teeth. She let out a small yelp when one of the bites was too hard, but the pleasure that came afterward was worth it.

The brothers slammed their cocks into her at the same time, sending her climax into overdrive. She gasped a moment before the orgasm ripped into her, swirling outward from her core as her pussy wept her juices.

Lank cupped her butt cheeks then rammed into her again. Taking her by the hips, he ground against her then suddenly pulled out, falling away as he held his cock.

“All mine now.” Lucan’s voice was guttural, half man and half animal. He shoved into her pussy one last time then went still. His growl came along with his explosion. Yet, although he tried pulling his cock out of her pussy, she grabbed hold of his hair and kept him with her. Suddenly, nothing was more important than keeping at least one man’s seed inside her.

As her climax and Lucan’s met, she pulled him against her. Her gaze slid to the gully.

Fuck you, visions.

Their bodies shuddered as their orgasms rode to completion. As her arms trembled with weakness, she fell away from Lucan, going to her back to see the blue sky.

They stayed that way, the three of them lying close to each other without touching. If they touched again, she sensed they wouldn’t stop touching more.

All at once, it hit her. She sat up, her attention glued to the gully. “Oh my God.”

They sat up, too, and searched the area.

“What is it, baby?” asked Lucan. Worry once more filled his face.

“Are you all right?” asked an equally concerned Victor.

Lank touched her arm, his eyes asking the same question.

She couldn’t keep back her grin. Looking from one man to the next, she said, “We made love.”

They frowned, obviously confused.

“Yeah. We did.” Lank tilted his head in question. “We were hoping you would’ve noticed.”

She grinned bigger. “That’s not what I mean. We made love. We kissed and more, but I didn’t have a vision.”

“What does it mean?” Lucan studied her. “It’s a good thing, right?”

She wasn’t sure, but what else could it be but good? Had they somehow thwarted the visions? Was coming together, making love, really going to keep them safe? “I think so.”

Their worry soon lifted, replaced with smiles of their own. Lank laughed. “Yeah, it’s a very good thing. Making love broke the visions.”

Chuckling, Lucan grabbed her and pulled her on top of him. “I think you’re right. But just to be safe, let’s do it again.”

“Definitely. Just to be safe.” She laughed, for the first time truly feeling as though they could have a future together.

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