Three Mates, One Destiny (MMM)

Spirit Wolves 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 34,210
42 Ratings (4.4)

[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, werewolves]

For seven years, Paulie focused only on finding a cure for the feral virus, with little time for personal relationships. All that changes when hunters Sebastian and Marcus come into his life. The attraction between them cannot be denied. They are his mates, but at the same time, they share a connection that humbles Paulie. He fears intruding in their relationship. He fears becoming the third wheel.

Sebastian and Marcus have always been together, facing everything from prejudice to feral attacks as one being. But now, they find themselves in front of the most difficult battle of their lives, the battle to win their mate's heart and trust.

As Sebastian and Marcus struggle to convince Paulie of their genuine affection, the danger of betrayal crowds around them. Can the three find their shared destiny or will their enemies defeat them?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Three Mates, One Destiny (MMM)
42 Ratings (4.4)

Three Mates, One Destiny (MMM)

Spirit Wolves 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 34,210
42 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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4 CUPS: "Paulie has worked closely with his father, Dr. Andrew Blunt, to find a cure for the virus that turns humans feral. Spending most of his time in his lab, Paulie is quite shy when it comes to meeting new people. For over a hundred years, Sebastian and Marcus have been secret mates. When they first meet Paulie, they know he is the third mate in their trio. Now they must convince him that just because they have been together so long does not mean they do not want him just as bad. Even as Paulie tries to deny his attraction to the wolves, his passion continues to rise and he finally allows his sensuality to run free. But danger and disaster is right around the corner and strikes without a moment's notice. Will Paulie let the opportunity for love pass him by or will he finally accept that Marcus and Sebastian can love him just as much as they love each other? Three Mates, One Destiny has three characters that have played important parts in the other series' books and I was so thrilled to see them get their own tale. The way Paulie is this shy man who does not quite grasp the importance of being a mate to the wolves adds such a quality of wholeness to the plot. On top of that, you have the revolving questions that surround the human contained within the compound's walls that leave you wanting to read more once the story finishes. When it comes to writing enticing stories, Scarlet Hyacinth does it beautifully. She continues to reel in her fans as her series begins to encompass more and more rich characters and promises decadent details." -- Danielle, Coffee Time Romance

4 NYMPHS: Three Mates, One Destiny is book four in Scarlet Hyacinth's Spirit Wolves series and it's my favorite, thus far. This unique and interesting set of books just keeps getting better and better. Note: Due to the importance of returning characters and the ongoing plotline, I suggest they be read in order. After meeting Paulie in the first book, it's nice to see him, as an adult, working with his dad to find the cure for the feral virus. I liked how the author gave the series continuity by using the research theme through all four books and seeing the close relationship between Paulie and his father is a nice touch. It's also nice that the author managed to integrate so many of the characters met in previous books into the story. Adding mates Marcus and Sebastian is Paulie's final step into the adult world and Ms. Hyacinth uses her creative skill to take a character that readers have seen as a child and changes him realistically into a grown up. I liked that Paulie didn't jump into mating Marcus and Sebastian without thinking about the repercussions. He has a mind of his own and doesn't want to feel controlled by the bond instead of his heart. Good for you, Ms. Hyacinth. Lastly, I liked that there is plenty of well plotted action scenes with their enemies to balance out against the new and growing three-way relationship, and the ending sets up the next book nicely. I can't wait to see what happens in Star Crossed Mates." -- Dragon Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

"Since childhood Spirit Wolves Marcus Deacon and Sebastian Morrigan knew that they were mates. On the night they were finally acknowledged as Spirit Wolves the two cemented their bond though they kept the information to themselves. The difficulty lies in the fact that Marcus’s parents barely tolerate Sebastian’s presence because he is a bastard and his mother was a human who died in child birth. Imagine their surprise after being mates for many years to discover they actually have a third mate in the young human Paul Blunt. Since Paul’s father is mated to two Spirit Wolves they don’t need to make lengthy explanations but still, Paul feels like an unwanted third wheel when he learns of how long Sebastian and Marcus have been mated. It will be up to the pair to mesh their lives to Paul’s while at the same time they will all have to deal with a growing threat. There’s nothing the Spirit Wolves won’t do for their new mate Paul, especially when he becomes the target. Three Mates, One Destiny blazes a trail for the Spirit Wolves with another erotic mating bond and a dramatic adventure. Sebastian is the stoic type whose heart quietly bleeds when others treat him horribly, whereas Marcus always retains a sense of joie de vive until he senses an injustice left unanswered. Paul plays a major role in the storyline, yet his immaturity clearly shows throughout the plot. Their relationship is satisfactorily tied up though a large secondary plotline is left open for the next story. Readers are definitely going to enjoy Three Mates, One Destiny, you can’t help it!" -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Marcus, Sebastian, and Andrew entered a room that looked like an examination area of sorts, while Valerius and Trent stopped in front of the door. The doctor indicated for them to place Ross on the bed. In swift, efficient motions, he put on surgical gloves and analyzed Ross’s wound. “How long ago did he receive the bite?” he asked in a neutral tone.

“We’re not sure. A few hours ago,” Sebastian replied.

“As far as we could tell, he’s a homeless boy,” Marcus added.

“Well, that explains it. The infection is spreading rapidly,” the doctor explained. “His immune system is weakened by lack of proper nutrition. Did he tell you his name?”


“All right. We’ll begin treating him at once.”

As Andrew spoke, the feeling of need that never left burst through Sebastian once again. The door burst open, and a young blond man rushed inside. “What’s going on, Dad? How is he?”

“Not so good,” Andrew replied. He glanced at Marcus and Sebastian. “Gentlemen, this is my son, Paul. He will be assisting me with the treatment of the patient. Now, I’m going to have to ask you to wait outside.”

The doctor’s words barely registered. Sebastian could only focus on Paul Blunt, his other mate. Marcus seemed just as flabbergasted.

For Paul’s part, the young man stared at them for a few moments, his beautiful blue eyes wide. Then, he looked away and turned all his attention to Ross. Andrew Blunt cleared his throat. “Gentlemen…”

Sebastian snapped out of his daze. “Right. We’ll be outside. Let us know of any change.”

Together with Marcus, Sebastian left the examination room. Trent and Valerius were in the same place, waiting at the door. There were soldiers stationed at each end of the corridor, but the distance allowed them some privacy.

Sebastian had never been close to the two men, especially Valerius, who, as a Judiciary, went way beyond anything Sebastian could ever accomplish. But for whatever reason, they seemed more approachable now. “Drew and Paulie are excellent doctors,” Trent offered. “If anyone can help Ross, it’s them.”

Sebastian didn’t know what to say to that, so he just nodded and leaned against the wall. After a short silence, Valerius piped in. “I’m not sure you know this, but you two could have bitten him and it would’ve healed the virus.”

Sebastian blinked in confusion. How would their bite help?

“The three-way mate bond can heal anything,” Valerius finished.

Realization dawned, and heat flooded Sebastian’s face as he figured out he and Marcus must have been broadcasting their emotions all over the place. “It’s not like that,” he said weakly. “Ross is not our mate.”

Valerius frowned. “Oh? But Marcus and you are, right?” He shook his head and lifted his hand. “No, never mind. It’s none of my business.”

Sebastian shared a look with Marcus. Given that their mate was Andrew Blunt’s son, he’d also become Valerius and Trent’s child. Consequently, the situation involved them a lot. But Sebastian couldn’t tell them, not yet. He needed to have a chat with Marcus first.

Before he could flee, Valerius’s expression shifted, becoming unreadable, yet somehow ominous. “Wait…I know what I sensed. If the boy is not your mate, who is?”

Realization dawned, and the other man seemed to get even more troubled. “Paulie,” Valerius and Trent said at the same time.

Sebastian didn’t have the heart to deny it, even if the two spirit wolves didn’t look too thrilled. He just nodded and waited to see what Valerius and Trent would say.

He might just be excessively apprehensive, but Sebastian wanted everything to work out with Paulie. Even a hundred years after he’d become Marcus’s mate, Harriet and Ezekiel Deacon still treated him like something they scraped off their shoes. They’d never accepted his union with their son. For this reason, Sebastian had chosen to keep everything a secret. At the same time, he knew Marcus suffered because of the way the Deacons acted with them. He didn’t want the story to repeat itself.

“Well, first, I’ll congratulate you,” Trent said, although his voice didn’t sound too gleeful.

“Thank you,” Marcus replied. “It’s really the last thing we expected to find when we came here.”

Valerius gave them both a serious look. “We won’t stand in your way, of course. But you must remember, he is very young. He’s had a few years to get used to life amidst spirit wolves, but I’m not sure he’s ready for a mating.”

 Sebastian hated the insinuation that they’d do something to harm their human mate. Before he could offer a scathing reply, Marcus intervened. “We don’t plan to jump into anything. Besides, this conversation is quite inappropriate. We have to talk to him first. It’s what he wants that matters.”

Marcus was right. Paulie didn’t belong to their kind, so Sebastian couldn’t figure out how the young man would react to this news. For Sebastian’s part, he didn’t want to rush into things either. He’d spent so many years with Marcus that the other man had become almost like an extension of him. He didn’t know how a third would fit in.




Sebastian pulled Paulie up and changed positions on the bed. Paulie ended up straddling Sebastian, with his back to Marcus, while Sebastian leaned against the headboard and faced both his mates. Marcus grinned at him over Paulie’s shoulder. “Thank you, my dear Sebastian. So generous of you to share.”

From his angle, Sebastian couldn’t see everything his wolf mate did, at least not physically, but it didn’t matter. He saw it in his mind, through Marcus, and felt it through Paulie. Marcus’s hands traveled from Paulie’s shoulders over the young man’s back. Paulie shuddered, his pleasure and excitement reaching Sebastian as well.

Marcus’s clever fingers reached Paulie’s lower regions and caressed the upper edge of the human’s crease. The position didn’t allow for adequate access, so Paulie lowered his body over Sebastian’s. The new situation brought their faces close once more and exposed Paulie’s ass to Marcus’s ministrations.

Sebastian couldn’t stop himself. He pulled Paulie in for another kiss, distantly acknowledging Marcus’s chuckle. “I think I would be jealous if I didn’t have this all to myself.” As he spoke, he caressed Paulie’s ass, and the ghostly feel of skin contact made Sebastian groan into Paulie’s mouth.

Marcus’s skillful touches vanished, but returned moments afterward. A slick finger rubbed against Paulie’s hole. As the digit entered their human mate, Sebastian continued to kiss Paulie, needing more, wanting more. The indirect touch didn’t satisfy him. He hadn’t claimed Paulie, so the sensations and emotions came muted, not as powerful as they could be.

Marcus skillfully prepared Paulie then gripped the human’s hips and lifted him away with no effort at all. Sebastian noted Marcus had at some point removed his clothing and took advantage of the opportunity to strip as well. As he did so, Marcus kissed Paulie, the meeting of mouths slow and gentle, a promise to unleash the genuine passion Marcus hid behind his calm façade.

Paulie’s legs went around Marcus’s waist as they kissed. Sebastian watched with greedy eyes as his wolf mate’s cock nudged against Paulie’s naked ass.

Marcus broke the kiss and looked over Paulie’s shoulder. As always, they understood each other. Sebastian grinned at his mate. “Go ahead,” he growled. “Fuck him. You want that, don’t you, gorgeous? You want Marcus to fuck your ass.”

“Yes,” Paulie replied breathlessly, arching his back, a picture of wanton need. “God, yes. Please.”

Marcus positioned Paulie over his cock. “Gently now,” he whispered. “Don’t rush.”

 Sebastian crawled at his mates’ sides, knowing the impetuousness of youth might push Paulie into hurting himself. “Lean on me.”

He helped Paulie push down against Marcus’s cock, holding the young human in check when Paulie would have impaled himself in one single motion. “Bastian,” Paulie cried, “please, let me…”

But Sebastian didn’t relent, and neither did Marcus. It took everything inside Sebastian to keep to the threads of his patience. He sensed the tight grip of Paulie’s ass around Marcus’s cock, and he knew he’d have never been able to hold back like his wolf mate did.

At last, Paulie was fully impaled on Marcus’s dick. Sebastian licked the sweat off Paulie’s shoulder and murmured, “Okay now. Ride him, gorgeous. At your own rhythm.”

He released Paulie and let him set the pace. Almost instantly, Paulie let loose. He was poetry in motion, sex and sin incarnate. His body accepted Marcus’s cock with little resistance, and the sight of it nearly made Sebastian come on the spot.

In a flash, Marcus flipped Paulie over on all fours, and thrust back inside. Paulie cried out, but he didn’t lose his balance. He looked up at Sebastian with lust-filled blue eyes. “Please…”

Sebastian didn’t need to be asked twice. His dick demanded release, preferably within one of his mates. Without hesitation, he rubbed his cock against Paulie’s lips, groaning as his human’s pink tongue came out to lick at the leaking tip. Sebastian allowed his mate to experiment for a few moments, but with each teasing lick, the need escalated even more.

But one thrust from Marcus made Paulie gasp and lose his focus. Marcus had allowed Paulie to get used to the new position, but with the renewed rhythm, Paulie proved to be unable to tease Sebastian further. He parted his lips, and Sebastian took the invitation. He pushed inside the wet cavern, threading his fingers through Paulie’s sweaty locks.

Sexual energy arched between them. As he fucked Paulie’s mouth, Sebastian felt like he’d died and gone to heaven. He simply let go, reveling in the way Paulie took him deep. With each of Marcus’s thrusts inside their mate, Paulie moaned, sending vibrations of ecstasy through Sebastian.

The rhythm between them became a symphony of carnal fulfillment. Together, they chased their orgasms. Sebastian was so close, and he could feel the pleasure soar inside his mates as well. He just needed one more thing to make the moment perfect.

His fangs descended, and he ached to sink them in Paulie’s flesh.

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