Tied Up In Knots

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,500
0 Ratings (0.0)

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed menage and partner swapping themes.

Tied Up In Knots by Antonia Adams When Will wakes up to find he is naked and tied to his own bed, with no memory of getting there, he suspects it’s his jealous girlfriend’s idea of revenge. Earlier he let it slip that he quite fancied her best friend. He also remembers her saying her favourite fantasy is to tie him up, but what else does she have in store for him? Quite a lot it seems!

Rocking it Old School by Lynn Lake Hailey Logan had been playing with Eugene and Myron in a garage band – The X-urbanites – for two months now, and it was obvious to the music-serious 18-year-old they were going nowhere. The two boys were more interested in getting into her pants than getting any better, or any gigs. Hailey knew she didn’t have the diva-licious good looks of a Mariah Carey or Faith Hill – she was more punk than princess – but she had the drive and ambition, and a pretty good set of pipes. All she needed were the right men to help guide her along.

Good Neighbours by Angel Propps When Lisa and Chrissie meet their new neighbours, Jo and Marie, the foursome do not swap casseroles as a “welcome to the neighbourhood” gift, they swap partners and some very interesting toys. It gives the term Love Thy Neighbour a whole new meaning!

That Girl! by Landon Dixon ‘Fitz called her the hottest jazz baby of them all. And Dot Parker said she didn’t have “That”, she had “Those” – upstairs and down.’ She was Sara Button, wild child star of silent cinema, back in the day when America was on the greatest, gaudiest spree in its history. There’d always been rumours about Sara and the 1927 college football team known as the “Howlin’ Pack”. And one intrepid journalist was out to find out once and for all, before it was too late, if those rumours were true; by tracking down and interviewing the last surviving member of that fabled football team.

Alive by Clarice Clique The world has ended. Somehow, through luck or fate, Mara and Daniel have survived. All they have is each other. In the harsh landscape that now surrounds them, they find comfort and solace in each other’s embrace. But then they hear a message on the radio they salvaged. There are other survivors. They begin the long arduous journey to find them, unsure how their journey will end, yet knowing they have no choice but to search for these people. In Scotland they discover a group who freely share their bodies. Mara and Daniel are forced to question how far they’ll go to fit in with the last remnants of society.

These stories have also been published in Partner Swap ISBN 9781907761744 / 9781907761751

Tied Up In Knots
0 Ratings (0.0)

Tied Up In Knots

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,500
0 Ratings (0.0)
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The person on the bed still didn’t speak, but he could hear breathing. The soft edge of a finger ran down his spine from his neck to the top of his buttocks, then paused. He shivered, and immediately wished he hadn’t. There was no sense in letting her know she’d got to him. She knew he wasn’t a fan of these power games. Well, not when he was the one tied up anyway.
The finger resumed its gentle stroking. The finger became a hand, soft and smooth with long nails that scraped slightly. It had to be Sara. He breathed in, trying to catch the scent of her, but all he got was the faint smell of soap.
The hand morphed into two hands that rubbed and stroked his shoulders, circled the muscles below, moved down his back and finally came to rest on his buttocks; paused before pulling them gently apart.
Another little shift in weight. Another sound somewhere in the room, but before he had time to consider the significance of this the soft wetness of a tongue circled his arsehole.
Holy shit. He was suddenly more aroused than he’d ever been in his life. If this was submission, he was up for it. One hundred and ten per cent totally up for it. In fact, why the hell hadn’t they done it before? He arched back to meet the tongue, wanting it to go further, wanting more.
The tongue probed him, flicking and teasing, darting in and out, a soft little harbinger of joy. Then just as suddenly as it started it was replaced by a finger. He couldn’t believe the sensations as the finger pushed slowly in. He groaned.
At the same moment the hands started up again on his shoulders, rubbing, smoothing, circling, pummelling. Round and round, over and across his skin.
The significance of this didn’t hit him straight away. And then it did – smashing into him like a bucket of ice. If Sara was massaging his shoulders, who the hell had their finger up his arse?
He jumped away, his sphincter muscles tightening round the finger, but not managing to expel it.
There was a soft laugh from the door. Sara’s laugh.
‘Enjoying it, Will? Enjoying your spot of swapping are you?’
‘Jesus Christ, Sara …’ He reared up against his bonds. But he had no chance of getting away. ‘At least take the blindfold off,’ He was trying not to beg. ‘At least let me see …’
‘Who’s got their finger up your arse?’ Her laugh tinkled out. ‘Worried it might be Peter, are you?’
It could be Peter. Shit! He could have another man’s finger up his arse. He still had a raging hard on. Double shit. Did that make him bi like Peter? Not that there was anything wrong with being bi. He just – well – he just would have liked more say in the matter, that was all.
‘Maybe you’d like a cock up your arse.’ She was coming across the room. Her mocking voice was right by his ear. ‘That could be arranged.’
‘I don’t want a cock up my arse,’ he said quietly. Not sure it was the right thing to say. Not sure if it was even true. The finger was still there. He had the biggest hard on in history. He wasn’t sure what he wanted any more.
‘Take the blindfold off.’
‘What’s the magic word? ‘ She scraped a nail down his back and he flinched.
‘Take the fucking blindfold off,’ he said in a fit of bravado.
‘Wrong answer, Will.’
There was ice in her voice. He could feel his bravado slipping away. That probably hadn’t been the brightest move he’d ever made. He was, after all, totally at her mercy. And whoever else was in the room. He wasn’t even sure it was Peter and Julie.
What if it was someone from her past? She’d been texting a lot earlier. He hadn’t taken much notice – she couldn’t survive without texting her mates.
Sara had been into all sorts when he’d met her. It was one of the things that had attracted him. The danger, the edge.
He was on the edge now all right.
The finger was removed. He sighed. Ground his pelvis into the sheets. He was half disappointed.
‘Maybe we shouldn’t do this?’ That was Peter’s voice. It seemed to have come from the direction of his head. So he hadn’t had a man’s finger up his arse. Well, that was something.
‘No, you shouldn’t be doing it,’ he decided to appeal to his friend’s better nature. ‘Untie me, mate, can you?’
‘But it’s your ultimate fantasy – a foursome with you helpless and bound.’ Julie’s voice was breathy, excited. Julie was the owner of the finger. Now, she dropped a kiss on his arsehole and cupped his balls with her hand. Which was pretty exciting in itself, he had to admit.
‘And you haven’t said the safe word, Will. We’d stop if you said the safe word.’
What bloody safe word.
‘I think he wants a bit of cock,’ Sara said evilly. ‘How about it, darling?’ He felt her nail again. A casual scrape down his spine, digging in a little between his buttocks, toying with his arsehole. Jesus, why the hell was he so turned on?
How could he hate her and want her so much in the same breath?
Now she was between his legs squeezing something cold against his crack, lubing him up with her fingers and his body wanted it – despite everything he’d ever known about himself – all the preconceptions he’d ever had, his mind was as open as his body to the invasion. His mind welcomed it, longed for it.
He wanted cock. He wanted a rock hard shaft of man-meat up his arse.
‘Are you sure he’s up for this?’
‘Course he is.’ Sara’s voice was pure darkness.
A little moan escaped him. She was right. He did want it. He was rearing up, almost on his knees, pushing back against the hardness that was pressing against his sphincter. There were cool hands around his dick – foreign fingers, Julie’s fingers again, stroking his balls, pumping him up and down, but it wasn’t the fingers he wanted, it was invasion.
And as the hardness pushed in – a sweet explosion of pain – he yelled out but he also arched back to meet it. Who’d have thought it felt so good to have a dick up his arse. He’d never realised they were so bloody hard – so rock-like, so good. He breathed, gasped, yelped, quivered, existed in a red mist of ecstasy.
Julie’s fingers were jerking him off in perfect rhythm to the pounding his backside was taking. He was beyond thought now – beyond everything he’d ever known – as he gave himself up to the pleasure pain of what was happening.
His body betrayed him. He couldn’t stop himself. He was coming and coming and coming. He thought it would never stop, spurt after spurt after spurt, bursting out of him, soaking the sheets. A never ending stream of jism.
The cock eased out of him. More gently than it had gone in. The hands left his balls. For a few long moments he was untouched. Unravelled. Undone. After the red heat of his orgasm he floated in a white haze of contentment.
Then, to his surprise someone was untying him, taking off the blindfold. It was Peter, he realised, as he blinked in the light. His head still felt groggy. Even though he was free he didn’t feel like moving far. He stretched his cramped limbs and rolled over onto his side. It was like waking up in a porn movie.
Peter was naked, his cock semi erect. It was huge. Had he really had that up his arse? Julie, clad only in a thong, was smiling as she lay alongside him. Her breasts were now against his chest, her nipples very large very pink.
Sara was standing at the foot of the bed, naked but for her long black boots and an inscrutable little smile on her lips.
‘You’re a man of hidden depths,’ Julie said, kissing him on the mouth.

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