Sienna's Submission (MFM)

Men of Kinsey 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,197
22 Ratings (3.9)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Contemporary Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Consensual BDSM, spanking, sex toys]

God, the dreams are getting worse and worse every night. I can’t stop thinking about them during the day now, either. Maybe if I quit reading those erotic novels Brianna keeps giving me I might be able to get a good night's sleep.

Mikhail and Sasha Dalhousie are every woman’s fantasy. Well, at least, every sane woman. Sienna wants to show them there is more to her than what they see at the office. Sasha and Mikhail want their little PA more than anything. But she’d been through a rough marriage, and what they need to give her may be more than she can handle. Once they get her to do them this "favor," they will be able to show her their world. If only they were the only ones who want her…

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Sienna's Submission (MFM)
22 Ratings (3.9)

Sienna's Submission (MFM)

Men of Kinsey 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,197
22 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Awesome! BDSM and menage, oh what a mix. And a series, I cant wait for the stories of the other Doms and the Subs. This was an amazing book so looking forward to the others.
Barefoot Okie
Really good read, well thought out characters and story line. Sienna grew from a frightened woman into a woman who could stand up for herself. As her submission to Sasha and Mikhail grew so did their love for each other. Sienna became strong enough to, finally, right the wrongs done to her and other women of the town. This book makes you wish for more men like these and more importantly more towns like this one. Recommend.
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "I love it when author’s dive into the fantasy of a woman being pleasured by two men. I love it even more when those men are identical twins. Add a little Dom/sub action and I am simply a happy gal. Debbie Bailey hit the mark for me with the Men of Kinsey series. In this first installment, Sienna’s Submission, Mikhail and Sasha Dalhousie are introduced as a powerful duo both in the business world and in the bedroom. Sienna is their quiet but sexy personal assistant and has been unknowingly taunting her bosses for almost two years. Every day she comes to work wondering what it would take to get her bosses to notice her. After finally getting over an physically abusive relationship, she simply does not have the nerve to find out. It has been years since she has had sex or any other physical contact that did not involve being beaten. She is damaged and fears that she is not good enough to gain the attention of such a perfect pair as the Dalhousie twins. What she does not realize is that each day they watch her come in and wonder if she would ever accept them together outside of the work place. They have a secret and worry that Sienna is too fragile to handle what they have to offer. They are Dominants and have been looking for the ideal submissive woman they can share together for the rest of their lives. Sienna is simply perfect for them. The problem is, she doesn’t know it yet. When the perfect opportunity to bring up their lifestyle presents itself, Mikhail and Sasha give Sienna the chance to see how truly interested they really are. The question is, will she take the chance? This story was a quick one but with a very emotional backstory. Sienna suffered quite a bit of abuse at the hand of her ex-husband and he is still around throughout the story. The abuse is farther spread than Sienna realizes and an entire rings of abusers is in the midst. This presents the opportunity for the Dalhousie men to show their protective side but also allows Sienna’s character to grow and strengthen as a person to get past her fears. I love how the author empowers her and shows that women can overcome such obstacles and find happiness. Sasha and Mikhail do their best to show Sienna how beautiful she is and how treasured she deserves to feel. Let’s face it, doesn’t every woman deserve to feel treasured! A beautiful shorty story for the beautiful women that read them." -- Alyn Love, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

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“Fuck, Mikhail, she is so sexy with the plug in her ass,” Sasha said and ran his hand down her spine and across her lower back.

“We need to get out of the shower so that we can give our little sub exactly what she needs. And I think that need is to be fucked by her Masters.” Mikhail smiled and turned the water off.

Walking with a butt plug in her ass was something that Sienna was totally unprepared for. Her whole body shook with the need to orgasm. It was the most erotic thing that she had ever felt. If only it could be like this with them for the rest of her life, she would never ask for another thing from the universe.

“Masters,” she said quietly, trying to stop her body from shaking but having very little luck with it. “I don’t think I will be able to walk to the bed and not orgasm before I get there.” She smiled shyly at them.

Quickly, Sasha wrapped her in a towel and roughly started to dry her, realizing, of course, that every movement he made and every time he touched her brought her even closer to the edge.

Just when she thought she couldn’t stand it and was going to give in, he picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bed, setting her down gently in the middle.

Both men had dried themselves off and were now standing at either side of the bed. Mikhail was the first to climb on the bed and start caressing her as he removed the towel to reveal her to them.

Not to be left out, his brother joined in from the other side, bending down to take her mouth in a kiss that was meant to relax them, but the taste of her short-circuited his brain. Angling his head, he licked at the seam of her lips with the tip of his tongue. As she parted them for him, he deepened the kiss, plunging his tongue into her mouth and running it along her tongue.

Mikhail moved so that he was between her legs and lightly traced up the inside of her thigh. She gasped into Sasha’s mouth when Mikhail’s fingers swiped through the folds of her pussy.

“Sweet pea, you are so wet and ready for me. Do you want to feel your Master inside you? Do you want me to fuck you, little one?”

Sasha lifted his lips from hers long enough for Sienna to cry out, “Yes, Master, please, fuck me.”

Mikhail lifted her legs so that they rested on his hips. He could see her juices dripping out of her and wanted nothing more than to plunge hard and deep into his little sub. But he didn’t want to scare her. Slowly, he moved so that his cock was at the entrance to bliss. Grabbing the base of his cock, he began to push into her. It was pure heaven. She felt like a fist around him as he pumped further into her. Her softness and the way her pussy gripped his cock was testing his control to its maximum. He had wanted to go slowly the first time, but the feel of her tight pussy on his cock made him lose his mind, and he plunged into her hard and fast.

He could hear Sasha groan as he left her mouth and moved with stinging nips down her neck to the luscious curve of her breast. His hand moved up along her stomach until it rested on the underside of her breast. He watched as her already-beaded nipple tightened more in anticipation of his touch. Raising his head from the upper mound, he lifted her nipple up to his mouth and sucked hard, soothing any slight discomfort she might have felt with his tongue. She cried out at the sensations the two men were building in her.

Sasha could feel that Mikhail wasn’t far from exploding, watching as he moved faster in and out of their beautiful sub’s body.

“Holy fuck, Sasha, she is so incredibly tight. With the plug in her ass, she’s even tighter.”

Mikhail’s breathing was coming in gasps as he quickened his pace even more.

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