The Lady's Lesson (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,719
5 Ratings (4.4)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Historical Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M]

Cassius Wentworth, Earl of Chasten, has many carefree years of bachelorhood ahead of him—or so he thinks. Then he meets Lady Alise Ellington, the polar opposite of his ideal woman. She is too bookish, too opinionated, and too intelligent, but he can’t forget her. His obsession with her intensifies when he deflowers her during a morning ride in the woods beyond her estate. Unfortunately they are seen by her old enemy, and Cash has to track him down and make him pay for wrongs done to Alise.

Cash determines to prove to Alise that to really experience life she must live it, not read about it. With himself as arbitrator, he plans a ménage a quatre which will assist her in choosing a husband from two men who adore her and will also allow Cash to walk away. Will he teach her a lesson, or will he learn one?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Lady's Lesson (MFMM)
5 Ratings (4.4)

The Lady's Lesson (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,719
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I do love an english historical romance. I'd have to say the fist chaptor is a bit slow as its leading you into these characters but once they are all established and you know whose who it picks up and gets really interesting.



Their hands were all over her, and she writhed and giggled in appreciation. Cash licked a trail from sternum to pubis, then parted the lips of her cuny and probed with his fingers to test her readiness. She was wet and became wetter as Derry and Bridges each sucked a nipple. Derry’s little nips seemed to excite her.

Cash dressed his dick in a bladder. “May I sheath my sword, madam?”

“Up to the hilt, please. Do your worst as I cannot live another moment without its blade.” He rammed into her until he hit bottom, then paused to savor the moment. She was juicy and warm, and all his nerve endings jumped in response to the haven of her cunt. She pulsed around him, and he withdrew in alarm. Any more of that and he’d have ejaculated in seconds. He thrust back inside her, endured her contractions for mere moments before having to pull out to keep from coming. Over and over they teased each other. Then he found her sweet spot and rubbed his cock in and out and side to side within her.

She cried out. “Oh, yes, keep doing that, do it again and again.”  His cock seemed to swell with her cries, and he kept up the onslaught, trying to hold onto his sanity until she climaxed. With the extra stimulation of seeing and hearing Derry and Bridges noisily sucking her teats, holding off was becoming impossible. Derry bit down on a nipple, and her bottom rose and spilled its liquid honey over his appreciative cock. He let himself go, and they held on to each other until the spasms ceased.

Cash backed off the bed to remove the sheath. He watched in amazement as Alise took first Bridges into her mouth, then Derry. She went from one cock to the other, teasing each man to the brink then leaving to use her lips on the other erection. From one man’s cock to the next, she licked and sucked until Derry said, “Enough. I can wait no longer.”

“Gadzooks, I’ve dreamed of this for so many years.” Without any more preliminary, he hopped onto her and shoved into her. “I find I must savor this.” He bent back his head and closed his eyes. “Your cuny is like fine silk tightly wrapped around my cock, yet it infuses my senses with the warmth of wool.”  He remained in place, quite still for several moments.

“Ride me, then, dear oldest friend, ride me hard. Do not spare my little furry nether lips. Make them throb. Stab them with your mighty dagger.”

He pulled out slowly and plunged again, pulled out and plunged until greed overcame his awe. Then he rode her with a whoop until he was spent and fell upon her, but he was pushed aside by Bridges.

“My love, I hope you are not too worn to receive me. Watching Derry delight in fucking you has made me uncommonly hard and giddy with need.”

“I am ready for you, love. Come here.” She reached down and stroked his rod, and before it could enter her, it went off in her hand. He moaned. “I am mortified.”

Cash patted his back. “Do not be. We are all overstimulated and need a cooling draught. You will have more dances, we all will.” He scooped the disappointed Alise into his arms and slid her, toes first, into a warm bath. Bridges rushed to kneel at her side. He washed her with a soft sponge. He paid particular attention to her full, lush breasts. When she stood, he lifted her out and set her on his lap, dripping wet. There, on the floor, she impaled herself on his ready cock. Her breasts bounced as she raised her bottom and ground down upon his cock. Cash brought over the bowl of clotted cream Cook had provided and swirled some around each nipple. He licked cream from one teat, and Bridges sucked off the other side. Alise began rhythmic thrusts of cuny on cock, making Bridges moan and call her name over and over until he shook with his release. She pulled off of him and stood.

Cash wrapped her in a huge damask square, mentally chiding Bridges for not letting Alise come first. She took the bowl of cream and applied it to his cock, then bent to suck it off him. He came quickly and raised her to her feet and ate cream from her cunt to give her the climax she had missed with Bridges.

Derry brought cups of spiced wine. He fed Alise a poached pear. Juice dribbled down her torso, and he licked it off her teats. “Now we each have had her, let us orchestrate a tableau whereby we may all fuck at once.”

“Excellent idea.” Bridges flew to the bed and began arranging pillows. Derry gave instructions. “Cash, you have been patient while we plundered the lady, therefore you must have another turn.”

Cash obediently lay across the bed, and Alise climbed atop him as Derry directed.  Cash was ready for her and thrust into her cunt with as stiff a rod as he had ever had.  Derry instructed Alise to bend forward on all fours and raise her ass as much as she could without dislodging Cash’s dick.  

Derry took position behind her. “You all know the way I prefer to fuck.  Bridges, when we have begun, you kneel at the side and ready yourself for her mouth. Are you comfortable, darling Alise?"

“I am delirious with anticipation but a bit frightened by your breaking in a new orifice, Derry. Will it hurt much?”

“It will a bit at first. I will prepare you as Cash has thoughtfully provided lotions and creams for the purpose.” He dug into a jar with his fingers and applied it. “Feel the coolness around the hole? Now, I will massage inside you with my fingers. Do you feel the pressure?”

“Yes, it is rather nice.”

Cash groaned. “It is much too nice being inside her with pressure stimulating my cock from both sides. Do hurry and engage yourself, Derry.”

“With pleasure.” Derry slid his cock slowly in as she gasped. He waited for her to quiet, then rammed it in. “Sorry Alise, I cannot wait.” He rocked and rocked inside her, and she picked up his rhythm to pulse around Cash’s cock. Bridges waited until she opened her lips for him and fucked her mouth as if it were a cunt.

All four moaned in ecstasy as they swayed to the beat of tribal drums only they could hear. 

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