Tower of Secrets (MF)

A Siren Adult Fairy Tale 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 15,000
1 Ratings (3.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romantic Suspense]

After one look, Sebastian wants Marina , but can their love overcome a tower of secrets?

Sebastian Montclaire is used to getting what he wants, from women to business. What he wants now is the patent on a revolutionary computer code. One look at the inventor's daughter has him questioning which he wants more.

He has no idea Marina Bennett is a proverbial princess in a tower and only true love can ever free her.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Tower of Secrets (MF)
1 Ratings (3.0)

Tower of Secrets (MF)

A Siren Adult Fairy Tale 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 15,000
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

4.5 FLAGS: "I liked this short story.. Though I wanted to hang Sebastian by his toes when he did what he did to Marina knowing what he was doing to her, she showed a true sign of love-forgiveness. This book is a hot, sexy, read." -- Melisa, Euro-Reviews

4 STARS/Orgasmic: "The sexual intensity begins on the first page of Tower of Secrets and doesn't let up until the end. Marina may be sheltered, but she knows her body, and she knows what excites her. She is a modern-day, erotic Rapunzel, locked in a tower by her father to keep her away from men. Sebastian may not have to climb up her hair to reach her, but he fits the fairy tale prince image just fine. He is an alpha male with a capital A, one who knows what he wants and who won't let anything get in the way of possessing the woman he loves, both physically and emotionally. Together, Marina and Sebastian are explosive, and even though their relationship began to develop over instant messaging, it reaches its peak in real life. Every good fairy tale needs a villain, and Marina's conniving, vindictive father fits the bill perfectly. This quick, searingly hot read makes a perfect bedtime story-especially if you're not going to bed to sleep." -- Lucia Nelson, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"Ms. Lucas writes a moving tale of a young woman imprisoned by her bad tempered father. Isolated practically since birth, Marina knows little about the outside world. All she knows is her father's intense wrath and his keeping her locked inside the house's Tower room. She longs for companionship, even that of someone coming through a computer. Therefore, seeing her cyber lover in the flesh thrills her, forgetting to fear her father discovering their internet liaison. Marina gives herself fully to Sebastian's passionate skills, cherishing their time together while hoping they never separate. A Siren Publishing novella, Tower of Secrets gives the reader a compelling emotionally charged story, while delivering sizzling sex. Ms. Lucas' earthy characters ignite the pages. Sebastian Montclaire always gets what he wants, making obvious his desires, whether in business or the bedroom. Showing up on the inventor's doorstep, he demands to purchase Bennett's computer code, while intending to find his elusive online lover so they may continue their affair, in the flesh. Sebastian gets more then he bargains for once he sees Marina, her innocent beauty threatens to steal his heart. A riveting tale, with captivating characters. Ms. Lucas pleases her readers with brisk, vivid suspense while imparting a poignant romance." -- Pamela, Romance at Heart

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Marina was crazy with desire. She ached from it. She was so wet and needy she could barely control her urges.

Fuck me.

She could think the word, but she’d never said it before and couldn’t force it past her throat. Sebastian said it to her—repeatedly some nights. She’d never brought herself to type the words back, but that’s all she could think right now. She arched off the bed, pressing her breasts toward his touch, needing him, moaning from that need. Her gaze locked with his, sensing how badly he wanted her. It shone in his eyes. So why didn’t he just fuck her?

His hands ran the length of her body. She closed her eyes as he roamed from her shoulders, over her breasts. He touched her nipple and she felt contractions begin in her womb, arched wildly, but it wasn’t enough. She wanted...needed, so much more.

“Please. Please.

Thrashing wildly against the bed, crazed with passion, she didn’t realize at first he’d begun to move away from her. As he slid down her body, she whimpered from the loss of his touch, his heat. She missed the hard press of his cock. Even through his pants she’d felt it, undeniably wanting her.

“No, don’t leave me.”

“I’m not, princess. Shhh.”

His low tone calmed her fervor. She watched as his gaze took in all of her. No man had ever seen her naked before. For this man, she wanted desperately to be appealing. His tongue ran across his lips. She moaned.

“Touch me.”

His growl sent shivers along her skin. He lowered himself between her legs, pressing her thighs wider. She swallowed hard, watching him. For the longest time, he just looked, just examined her, eyes full of lust and raw need. She wanted to squirm, but couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. When she could no longer bear it, she closed her eyes, felt his hot breath on her labia.


She hated him for making her beg, hated the throaty need in her voice, hated that she was so lost to the moment that she didn’t give a fuck what happened after.

She felt his finger first. She pressed deeper into the mattress to keep from flying off it while his fingers brushed her soft wet folds, separating them, tantalizing her. Feeling she would die from this, she laughed, so thrilled to finally be having these feelings, this experience.

When his mouth closed over her labia, his tongue now moving between her folds, she moaned deep in her throat, bit on the heel of her palm to keep from screaming out in raw pleasure. It was like being outside her own body, the intense pleasure he brought her almost too much, but if he stopped she’d never forgive him.

She moved her leg along his arm, hooking it over his shoulder, feeling his nails bite into the soft flesh of her ass as he pulled her closer to his mouth and ate her voraciously until she couldn’t see any longer.

Behind her closed lids she saw patterns of white and black. Her head began to spin. Her thighs spasmed with every pass of his tongue until finally she crested the enormous wave, screaming out in sheer ecstasy that nothing ever prepared her for—not even Sebastian’s patient explanations about how relations between man and woman worked. After experiencing this, she began to wonder if maybe Sebastian’s inexperience matched hers, because nothing he’d ever told her came close to this.

Wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her, slowly ebbing, leaving her unable to move, barely able to breathe. She lay on the bed, limp. Emotions rose, cresting, reeling from everything he’d done to her body. Her heart ached for this man she didn’t even know.

He knelt above her, unfastening his pants. She smiled weakly, not entirely sure how she was going to participate in this part. She reached for him. His gaze locked with hers. She wished he’d say something, anything that would make her feel a bit less vulnerable, but the hunger in his eyes spoke volumes and comforted her soul.

“You are the most incredibly passionate woman I’ve ever known.” He reached for her hand, kissing the palm. “I’m going to love you so completely, you won’t be able to remember your own name.” He came down atop her, his face an inch from her own. “I’m going to leave my presence on you so thoroughly, you won’t find another man to ever satisfy the way I can.” He kissed her near senseless. “The way I will.”

Her breath still not entirely recovered, she lay waiting for his claim on her body to become permanent. He kissed her mouth, re-igniting a flame that hadn’t really waned. At first she thought the pounding on the door was merely the pounding of her own heartbeat. Until…

“Marina, open the goddamned door this minute, you ungrateful bitch!”

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