Trent's Torrid Tempter (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 21,151
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

Singing duo “The Torrid Ts,” Trent and Taylor, sing heartfelt love songs onstage, but despite popular belief, they aren't really an item in real life, only singing partners in performance. While working out in the gym one day, Trent meets Chase, who not only is a fan but is enthralled with the idea of singing to one's lover. It’s his ideal romance. Chase soon becomes Trent's real-life hot lover, and erotic sparks fly, as described in HOT detail in the book. Theirs is a passionate affair, not only sexually but emotionally. Chase even gets decked in a nightclub brawl on Trent's account.

Then Chase receives an anonymous letter containing a picture of Trent, nude, in the arms of another nude man. Has Trent been cheating on Chase? Is this to be the end of their searing affair, the end of all of Chase’s love dreams? Trent protests his innocence to Chase and insists the picture must have somehow been faked, and once again he declares his love for Chase, but that is just so much talk unless he can prove to Chase that the picture is a put-up job and he isn't two-timing him.

Will Chase and Trent be able to continue singing love songs to each other in real life, or is Trent fated to only sing of love onstage with his showbiz partner while Chase mourns his lost love in the background? Is a happy ending possible for this romance?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Trent's Torrid Tempter (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Trent's Torrid Tempter (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 21,151
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston

Story excerpt


Among the presents Trent had wrapped up for Chase were two more Jeanette and Nelson movies on videotape, and Chase, on opening them, broke into song. “Ah, sweet mystery of life, at last I’ve found thee,” he sang in Jeanette and Nelson’s exaggerated style. Trent joined him on the next line, also hamming it up, but then they settled into singing the song straight, and soon they were gazing into each other’s eyes as they soulfully duetted with each other. A kiss followed, and a warm embrace. “I really do love you,” Trent said when they finally broke off the kiss.

“I love you, too, babe,” Chase countered. “Have you given any more thought to our moving in together?”

“Lots of thought. There’s nothing I’d love more. I just don’t see it with this crazy career I have. This crazy, dumb, stupid, annoying career.” Scowling, he shook his head. “Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about quitting but…I dunno. It’s an awfully big move. It’s nothing I can do lightly.”

Chase listened but kept his thoughts to himself.

They spent the night together that night. The next day, while Chase worked two videography gigs, Trent got his bags unpacked, did laundry, stocked up on groceries, and did a few other errands. Then he called Taylor to discuss their upcoming schedule. They were booked for the upcoming weekend and had a number of other local gigs booked in the several months ahead. They had no out-of-town engagements, so there would be no need to travel, no need to be away from Chase. “That’s good,” Trent said to Taylor. “I really have been wrestling with whether to quit the act. Being away from the man I love is tough on me. Now I don’t need to make any quick decisions.”

“Would you really quit?” asked Taylor, a note of alarm in his voice.

“You don’t understand. You’re a loner by choice. I’ve seen guys absolutely throw themselves at you, and you’ve turned down some really prime examples of male beauty and charm. Well, I’m not a loner…and I’m in love. I’d like to not have to go on these out-of-town gigs. I’d like to work hours that are more compatible with Chase’s hours. I’d like a more normal life. It’s not just the traveling, even though that’s a large part of it.”

“I see,” said Taylor, but he made no further comment.


ADULT excerpt


The more of Chase’s cock Trent took into his mouth, the tighter Chase’s muscles grew. Trent felt every sinew, every fiber in him tense as he reacted to the demanding, insistent suction of Trent’s lips. Those lips were moving insistently downward, aiming toward Chase’s balls, though Trent wasn’t sure he’d be able to cram all that impressive meat into his maw. Chase presented quite a challenge!

He was ratcheting his hips up and down, faster and faster, and Trent realized that, despite the fact that he’d taken the edge off for Chase with that first orgasm, he wasn’t going to last particularly long this time either. “Get those clothes off,” Trent urged him, stripping his own clothes off hurriedly as well. Then Trent slithered a finger under Chase’s reseated buttocks and aimed for his asshole, jabbing upward and inward.

The finger was dry, but the hole was pulsating, and it gobbled up Trent’s finger with a minimum of resistance and, to judge from his reaction, no pain at all. Once inside, Trent probed and pushed and teased. “Oh my god!” Chase called out, but it wasn’t a complaint of pain. “That feels wonderful. It’s been so long.”

Trent returned his mouth to the crown of Chase’s dick, sucking his way down again until he had his nose in Chase’s soft nest of curly blond hairs. He smelled of gym-engendered sweat, but it was a clean sweat, a deliciously fragrant sweat, and it inflated Trent’s dick even farther than it had already grown. He still had one hand free, and he used it to rub his own swollen dick as his other hand busily powered the finger that was plumbing the depths of Chase’s asshole.

When Trent encountered Chase’s prostate and began rubbing that walnut-sized gland, it was all over for Chase. With a soft, surprised gasp, he arched upward, stiffened, and delivered once again. He trembled as the orgasm continued to shake his body, and Trent kept sucking, feeling the warmth of the cum flood his mouth in pulsating spurts.

“Wow! Oh…wow!”

“I take it that means you enjoyed yourself?”

“Yeah—a lot! But now I want to return the favor.”

“I’d love to let you…later or another time. Right now, though, I want that ass.” Trent hoisted Chase’s legs into the air, right there on the couch, and Chase swiveled around so his head was on the arm of the couch, then pulled his legs back with his own hands, exposing his rosy, pulsating ass pucker to Trent’s gaze…and his aim. The oldest lube in the world is spit, and that was what Trent used to lube up Chase’s ass. He placed his mouth directly at the crevice of Chase’s ass cheeks and extended his tongue to the tangy-tasting pucker hole, then swabbed around it before thrusting his tongue within the clench as far he could make it go. Pulling his tongue out, he positioned the tip of his dick at the entry to Chase’s ass and then plunged in with one quick motion.

Chase gasped and stiffened for a minute with the shock of sudden entry, but a moment later he was rocking with Trent, crying out “Ohhh!” in a voice that sounded like that of a mightily horny man and not like that of someone who had just gotten off twice in a row already.

Trent plunged deeper, deeper, and deeper. Three-quarters of his dick shaft was buried up Chase’s ass, but he clearly wanted more. Trent was happy to give him what he wanted, plowing deep, rutting like a bull mating a heifer. Soon he was plunging deeply in a quick rhythm, and Chase was rocking right along with him. Trent fed him dick meat so deeply that Trent expected to see it come poking out Chase’s mouth, but all that came out of his mouth were exclamations of rapture.

Reaching up, Trent started tweaking Chase’s tits. Chase reached for Trent’s and returned the favor. The cum load was rapidly boiling in Trent’s balls. He usually had better self-control than that, but after such a long dry spell, he knew he wasn’t going to last long. “Gonna—give—you—my—stuff—any—minute,” he huffed. “Got—a—hot—load—for—you.”

“Oh, yeah!” Chase urged. “Yeah. Yeah. Yeah! Do it!

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